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South Hill, WA homeowners insurance is approximately $509 to $690, about $42-$57/month. Our complete research indicates shoppers can save as much as $239 by getting many quotes. Enter your zipcode below and click “GO” to get multiple free quotes.

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Latest Home Insurance Reviews

While we have not filed a claim and I have no experience with the claims side of this company, I 100% endorse our current carrier for home owner's insurance.
I would recommend Progressive because they are the cheapest insurance company that I found when I was comparing different options. They also have been very helpful when I have contacted them.
I have been with Traveler's insurance company for almost 14 years and service has been very good. I am satisfied and will stay with this company.
The company insurance policy provide the premium and deductible to the home insurance for the coverage. It is more help full to the people and satisfied more
Another reason that i've enjoyed nationwide was that the agent that set me up he was very kind and helpful to get me an instant quote so i didn't have to wait a long time
State Farm
They send the bills way too early, to the point that they are easily forgotten by the due date.
State Farm
2. they are always friendly and helpful when we call. they give us as much pertinent information as they can and if they cannot answer our questions immediately will email or call us within a day with our answer.
Liberty Mutual
I like how the hold is not really that long. The people are always really nice and are quick to answer any questions I have.
I would really prefer all communication to be electronic, but some documents simply have to be mailed, which I see as an irritant.
I have not really found much to dislike about the company. The only very small issue that I have had was that they seemed to want me to physically drive in and discuss my policy with them once a year. I would rather do this another way, such as by email or by phone.
Safeco Insurance
I would definitely recommend it is a very complete and accessible service for all besides being in the right moment when we need your attention is very good
Farmer's Insurance
I've never had to file a claim but the people have always been nice and helpful in changing policies and adding different types of insurance.
State Farm
I would recommend State Farm because I don't have anything negative to say about them. They have helped me when I needed it and I think the price is fair.

South Hill, WA Homeowners Insurance By Home Value

South Hill, WA Home Value Total Homes % of Total Average South Hill, WA Homeowners Insurance
Less than $50,000 770 6.0% $53
$100,000 to $124,999 238 1.0% $257
$125,000 to $149,999 356 2.0% $323
$150,000 to $174,999 852 7.0% $383
$175,000 to $199,999 1,126 9.0% $443
$200,000 to $249,999 3,152 26.0% $533
$250,000 to $299,999 2,695 22.0% $652
$300,000 to $399,999 2,596 21.0% $832

Top Home Insurance Agents Near South Hill, WA

Home Insurance Company Near South Hill, WA Homeowners Insurance Agency Near South Hill, WA Address
State Farm Craig Johnson 22035 SE Wax Rd Ste 12, Maple Valley, WA, 98038-8543
Allstate Jim Bannon 4411 Pt Fosdick Dr Nw Ste 301, Gig Harbor, WA, 98335
State Farm John Hreha Jr 2554 Locust Ave W Ste D, University Pl, WA, 98466-3561
Farmers Spencer Neff 101 S Meridian Ste C, Puyallup, WA, 98371
Allstate The Stenmoe Agency 1833 Auburn Way N Ste P, Auburn, WA, 98002

South Hill, WA Home Insurance Agents for Top Companies

Cost Of Homeowners Insurance By Street Near South Hill, WA

Streets in South Hill Area Homeowners Insurance Cost
14th St SE, Austin Ave, 43rd St SE, 70 Ave E, 60th Avenue Ct E, Bath Rd E, 39th Street Pl SE, 31st St SE, 138th Avenue Ct E, 149th Street Ct E$613
125th Ave Ct E, Mount McKinley Ct S, 163rd Stct E, 170th Street Ct E, Mesa Verde Ct S, 101st Avenue Ct E, 211th Street Ct E, 134th Avenue Ct E, 174th Street Ct E, Olympic Blvd S$594
103rd Avenue Ct E, Wildwood Park Dr, 89th Ave Ct E, Crystal Lane Loop SE, 184 St E, 105th Avct E, 205th Stct E, 31st Pl SE, Hillsboro Dr E, 33rd Ave SE$610
66th Ave Ct E, 117th Ave Ct E, 25th Avenue Ct SE, 88th Avenue Ct E, 99th Avct E, 127th Stct E, 193rd Street Ct E, 104th Ave Ct E, 139th Ave E, Griffin Dr E$606
71 Ave E, 34th St SE, 137th Ave E, 43rd Ave SW, Crater Lake Ct S, 213th Street Ct E, 143rd Ave E, 118th Avct E, 167 St E, 39th Avenue Ct SE$601
S Fork Rd E, 98th Avenue Ct E, 24th Avenue Ct SE, Rampart Dr E, 203rd St Ct E, 135th Avenue Ct E, 131st Stct E, 172nd Pl E, 86th Ave Ct E, 179th Street Ct E$609
171st Street Ct E, 159th Pl E, 135th Ave Ct E, 139th St E, el Paso Dr E, 70th Ave Ct E, 143rd Avenue Ct E, 204th St Ct E, 79th Avenue Ct E, 85th Ave Ct E$596
129th Avenue Ct E, 129th Avenue Ct E, 81st Avct E, 123rd Avct E, 137th Stct E, 39th St SE, 206th St Ct E, 31st Ave SE, Crystal Ln Loop SE, 38th St SE$612
154th Street Ct E, 27th Ave SE, 132nd Street Ct E, 197th St Ct E, 169th Ave Ct E, Kings Canyon Ct S, 220th Street Ct E, 32nd Avenue Ct SE, 139th Ave E, 126th Stct E$614
139th Avct E, Graham Rd E, 152nd Stct E, 135th Ave Ct E, 187th Street Ct E, 177th Stct E, 132nd Ln E, 186th Pl E, 183rd Street Ct E, 152nd St Ct E$596

South Hill, WA Home Insurance Savings For Senior Occupied Homes

PlaceSavings For Senior Occupied Homes
South Hill$89 to $92
Summit View$88

South Hill, WA Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts

Place 1 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 2 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 3 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance
McMillin CDP, Washington $77 $103 $154
Summit View CDP, Washington $74 $99 $148
Orting city, Washington $74 $99 $148

South Hill, WA Area Home Insurance as a % of Housing Cost

PlaceHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes with mortgageHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes without mortgage
South Hill, WA2.6%9.0%
Summit View2.71%12.11%

South Hill Renters Insurance as a Percentage of Rent

South Hill Home By Monthly Rent Total Homes % of Total Estimated Monthly Income To Afford Rented House Including Renters Insurance
$500 to $749 240 5.0% $1916
$750 to $999 970 21.0% $2666
$1,000 to $1,499 1,732 38.0% $3791
$1,500 or more 1,516 33.0% $5441

South Hill, WA Home Insurance Costs With Deductible Scenario

Low DeductibleHigh Deductible
Yearly South Hill Homeowner Insurance Premium Example $1,300$1,100
Out of Pocket Expense During Claim$1,900$2,900
Total Home Insurance Premium for 8 years + Out of Pocket Expense for Claim $12,300$11,700
Net Savings to South Hill Home Owner from High Deductible Plan $600

South Hill, WA Home Insurance Costs With Home Replacement Value Scenarios

Scenario South Hill, WA Home Replacement Value MORE than Home Value South Hill, WA Home Replacement Value LESS than Home Value
Replacement Value $286,000 $209,000
Insurance Premium based on Replacement Value $975 $700
Risk Exposure from Under Insuring Coverage Unnecessary Home Insurance Coverage of $31,500 Risk Exposure from Under Insuring Coverage is $45,500
Premium Impact Insurance cheaper by $150/year Insurance costlier by $125/year

Example South Hill Homeowners Insurance Comparison Table to Compare The Cheapest Quotes

Insurance Company Liberty MutualNationwide InsuranceChubb Group of Insurance
Monthly Premium 665054
Year Built 199420091988
Home Details 3 Beds, 1 Baths4 Beds, 3 Baths5 Beds, 2 Baths
Coverage Amount $250000-$300000$300000-$350000$400000-$500000
Deductible $500 Deductible$5000 to $10,000 Deductible> $10,000 Deductible

Sample Home Insurance Rates for South Hill, WA from Consumer Reviews & Surveys

Year Built Home Value Roof Type Sqft Number of Bedrooms Deductible Premium Premium Months Siding Type Smoker/Non Smoker
2004 360,000 Tile Roof 2,930 5 $2500-$5000 Deductible 180 3 Stucco siding yes
1987 380,000 Membrane Roof 2,380 4 $1000-$2500 Deductible 360 4 Stucco siding yes
1981 255,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,660 4 $500- $1000 Deductible 170 3 Vinyl siding yes
2013 215,000 Tile Roof 1,770 3 $500 Deductible 50 1 Fiber-Cement Siding yes
2011 365,000 Slate Shingles Roof 2,320 4 $2500-$5000 Deductible 340 5 Brick siding yes
2005 355,000 Membrane Roof 2,300 5 > $10,000 Deductible 190 4 Vinyl siding yes
2008 240,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,500 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 320 9 Wood siding No
2009 195,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 1,610 3 $500 Deductible 670 10 Fiber-Cement Siding yes
2013 445,000 Shingles Roof 4,110 5 > $10,000 Deductible 130 2 Stone Siding No
2011 390,000 Membrane Roof 2,730 4 $500 Deductible 870 9 Stucco siding No
1988 270,000 Shingles Roof 2,230 3 > $10,000 Deductible 260 5 Vinyl siding No
2005 355,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 2,290 4 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 380 6 Brick siding yes
1980 455,000 Composition Roof 2,910 4 $2500-$5000 Deductible 70 1 Wood siding No
1993 345,000 Wood Shake Roof 2,890 4 $500 Deductible 600 9 Fiber-Cement Siding yes
2014 295,000 Slate Shingles Roof 2,070 3 $500 Deductible 180 2 Wood siding yes
2006 355,000 Composition Roof 2,270 3 > $10,000 Deductible 540 12 Stone Siding yes
1987 235,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,940 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 430 12 Stone Siding yes
1999 420,000 Wood Shake Roof 3,390 5 $500- $1000 Deductible 1400 12 Brick siding No
2014 245,000 Slate Shingles Roof 2,220 4 $2500-$5000 Deductible 410 8 Fiber-Cement Siding No
1997 215,000 Shingles Roof 1,990 4 $2500-$5000 Deductible 250 7 Vinyl siding No
1989 360,000 Composition Roof 2,980 5 $500 Deductible 60 1 Stone Siding No
2009 240,000 Tile Roof 1,650 3 $500- $1000 Deductible 250 5 Fiber-Cement Siding No
1982 225,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 1,630 3 > $10,000 Deductible 240 9 Stone Siding yes
1985 400,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 2,620 4 $1000-$2500 Deductible 480 8 Stucco siding yes
1994 255,000 Composition Roof 1,960 3 > $10,000 Deductible 70 2 Wood siding yes
1997 310,000 Membrane Roof 2,260 3 $500 Deductible 530 7 Vinyl siding No
1995 250,000 Shingles Roof 1,650 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 60 1 Vinyl siding yes
1984 220,000 Membrane Roof 1,730 4 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 250 9 Wood siding yes
1986 605,000 Tile Roof 4,710 5 $500- $1000 Deductible 110 1 Stone Siding yes
2013 255,000 Tile Roof 1,710 3 > $10,000 Deductible 100 4 Fiber-Cement Siding yes
1989 150,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 1,260 3 $1000-$2500 Deductible 250 7 Wood siding No
2003 175,000 Wood Shake Roof 1,630 5 $1000-$2500 Deductible 270 7 Vinyl siding yes
1989 560,000 Shingles Roof 3,660 5 $2500-$5000 Deductible 750 9 Stucco siding yes
1996 295,000 Slate Shingles Roof 2,090 3 > $10,000 Deductible 330 8 Wood siding yes

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