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5 Stars
The ease of services and the amount of coverage is very reasonably priced. I also like working through my agent to handle these affairs.
5 Stars
The overall price that I pay versus the services/coverage received, to me, makes it worthwhile. While I have not had to file a claim or really had to pursue any major issues so I can not really speak to that, what I've dealt with thus far can occasionally be frustrating, but not enough to make me want to give up this pricing.
5 Stars
The website experience is disappointing, but more frustration comes from the customer service experience, specifically in reaching my assigned representative and getting answers. I can only imagine the aggravation it's going to be should I ever need to file a claim. Hopefully, the lack of communication and response now are because my issues and questions have not been severe.
5 Stars
I cannot think of anything that I dislike about their services. They have been very reasonable in price and accommodating to my insurance needs.
5 Stars
I like that we were able to settle our claim and all things involved in filing the claim very quickly and without any drama. It is also very apparent that our premiums have not escalated in the years that we have been insured by them.

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