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Montgomery, AL Insurance Rates:

vHome Insurance undertook a detailed analysis of the cost of insurance in different cities of the country. This analysis helped in narrowing down the list of the top home insurance providers in Montgomery, AL. The average cost of insurance in Montgomery, AL is $1093. The following analysis stresses the importance of comparing multiple quotes. Enter your Zip Code in the banner below to get instant home insurance quotes.

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Average Home Insurance Premium in Montgomery, AL

National Average Premium State Average Premium Montgomery Average Premium
$1,438 $1,168 $1,093

Top Home Insurance Companies in Montgomery, AL | Back to Top

The following is a list of home insurance companies that provide the best home insurance quotes in Montgomery, AL.

Company Name Coverage $70,000 Coverage $150,000 Coverage $200,000 Coverage $350,000
Allstate $1,052 $1,262 $1,640 $2,264
USAA $2,272 $2,726 $3,544 $4,890
Metlife $1,685 $2,022 $2,629 $3,628
Farmers $634 $761 $989 $1,365

Montgomery, AL Homeowners Insurance for Different Coverages | Back to Top

Coverage Type Home Insurance Cost($)
$100,000 To $124,999 1,063.67
$150,000 To $174,999 1,443.07
$175,000 To $199,999 1,599.99
$200,000 To $249,999 1,990.35
$250,000 To $299,999 2,867.11
$300,000 To $399,999 3,871.7
$400,000 To $499,999 4,693.82
$500,000 To $749,999 6,008.09
$750,000 To $999,999 6,946.86
$1000,000 To $1499,999 7,650.93
$1500,000 To $2000,000 8,214.19

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Top Home Insurance Agents Near Montgomery, AL | Back to Top

Home Insurance Company Near Montgomery, AL Homeowners Insurance Agency Near Montgomery, AL Address
State Farm Alex Bowden 1804 W 2nd St, Montgomery, AL, 36106-1504
Travelers Robinson Group Llc 1521 MULBERRY ST, MONTGOMERY, AL, 36106
State Farm Shane Anderson 5289 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery, AL, 36116-1104
Nationwide Stephen W Nelson 2800 Zelda Road Ste 200-2, Montgomery, AL, 36106

List of Montgomery, AL Home Insurance Agents by Companies

Montgomery, AL Homeowners Insurance Rates Based on Claims Filed | Back to Top

A discount of $131.16 on the home insurance premium is offered to Montgomery, AL homeowners who have no previous history of claims filed, Montgomery, AL homeowners with one claim have to file an additional home insurance rate of $66, while Montgomery, AL homeowners with 2 claims have to pay $131 more for their home insurance premium.

Type of Claim Homeowners Insurance Cost Increase/Decrease($) Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
No Claim Discount -131 962
One Claim +66 1,159
Two Claim +131 1,224

Montgomery, AL Homeowners Insurance by Zip Code | Back to Top

Zip Code Median Home Value($) Home Insurance Cost($)
36104 77,600 1,027
36108 72,000 1,027
36107 69,700 1,060
36110 64,000 1,106
36105 60,800 1,060
36117 186,300 1,038
36106 162,900 1,033
36111 132,300 1,107
36109 118,400 1,106
36116 110,800 1,038

Factors Affecting Home Insurance Premiums in Montgomery, AL

Montgomery, AL homeowners pay an average home insurance premium of $1093. Homeowners in Montgomery, AL can lower their home insurance premiums by considering various factors. vHomeInsurance lists the factors that could help homeowners reduce their home insurance premiums.

Montgomery, AL Home Insurance Premium Based on the Number of Bedrooms | Back to Top

Bedroom Size Average Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
2 Bedroom 1,013
3 Bedroom 1,592
4 Bedroom 2,315
5 Bedroom 3,256

Montgomery, AL Home Insurance Premiums for Different Deductibles | Back to Top

Montgomery, AL Homeowners with a deductible of $500 pay a higher amount for home insurance, while Montgomery, AL homeowners who pay a deductible of $2500 pay a lower amount on their home insurance, as seen in the table below.

Deductible Type Average Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
$500 Deductible 1,080
$1000 Deductible 977
$1500 Deductible 920
$2000 Deductible 835
$2500 Deductible 785

Montgomery, AL Homeowners Insurance Premium Based on the Age of the Home | Back to Top

Homeowners in Montgomery, AL pay a much lower home insurance rate if their homes are newly constructed. Homeowners with homes that are older than 50 years pay a much higher rate on their home insurance premium as seen in the table below.

Home Age Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
Newly Constructed Home 820
Year 30 Old 1,109
Year 40 Old 1,121
Year 50 Old 1,135
Above Year 50 1,145

Montgomery, AL Homeowners Insurance Cost Based on the Construction Type of the Home | Back to Top

Construction Type Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Fire Resistive 142 951
Masonry 55 1,038
Brick 55 1,038
Superior 109 984
Hail Resistant Roof 33 1,060

Top Saving Tips on Montgomery, AL Homeowners Insurance | Back to Top

Montgomery, AL Homeowners can earn discounts on homeowners insurance based on the construction type of their home. Homes that are built using damage-resistant materials are considered a safe bet for home insurance companies. Montgomery, AL Homeowners can also choose to bundle their home and auto insurance policies to further reduce their home insurance premium. Apart from this, senior citizens also receive substantial discounts from home insurance companies. Homes equipped with home security devices are less prone to burglaries. As a result, Montgomery, AL homeowners receive attractive discounts from home insurance companies.

The tables below contain the complete list of discounts that Montgomery, AL homeowners can take advantage of to increase their savings.

Montgomery, AL Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts and Senior Citizen Discounts

Discount Type Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Bundle Discount 186 907
Retiree Discount (Senior Citizen Discount) 153 1,246
Newly Constructed Home 273 820

Montgomery, AL Home Insurance Discounts for Home Safety Devices | Back to Top

Home Safety Devices Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Deadbolts 120 973
Fire Extinguishers 87 1,006
Smoke Detectors 98 995
Sprinkler System 87 1,006
Fire Alarm 87 1,006
Burglar Alarm 98 995
Lightning Protection 33 1,060

Latest Home Insurance Reviews

I would recommend, I have been satisfied and believe If I had a need for a claim that it would be quick and easy like my car claims. However if I ever had a claim that went differently than expected.
State Farm
I am quite please with the competitiveness of state farms rates. My deductible to premium ratio is very easy for me to afford.
American Modern Insurance
We haven't had any problems since we sign up with american modern. no fishy business or small letter weird clauses.
I am extremely satisfied less one point -- insurance companies in general will offer a lower rate to get people on board, then that rate rises and rises no matter how long you've been a customer.
Liberty Mutual
Have always been very satisfied with Liberty Mutual. They are very easy to get in touch with and responses to inquiries are always prompt and efficient.
Nationwide is a great insurance company that takes care of their customer's needs. they are always there to be on your side.
State Farm
I would recommend this company because I have had others tell me their insurance premiums have all gone up without any notice.
Farmer's Insurance
price is reasonable and the customer relations are commendable. there has mot been one time in the last eleven years that i have had a problem with my policy or agent.
I’d recommend Allstate to home owners looking for get insurance because they seem to be very reliable and have amazing customer service. Allstate is always giving back to its customers.
I haven't shopped around for a few years, but when I did the last time, I found our policy to be competitively priced with the other insurers. I wouldn't complain about our rates, though a discount is always appreciated!
State Farm
I love that they are part of the fabric of the neighborhood, participate in community events, know the faces and names and that they have a very accessible office
State Farm
I hear that response time can be very bad, like one instance where a tree fell on a statefarm customers house, and it took a very long time for a claims adjuster to come by. the customer also had no electricity and gas for a whole week and statefarm apparently didn't care about it.
I like that their mobile app is easy to use and my ability to resolve an issue can be solved at many convenient times for me. The CSR team are also good in resolving any kind of issues
State Farm
I feel like I pay a very high premium. In comparison to other insurance companies, I pay much more in premiums each month.
State Farm
They are always reachable over the phone and even during off hours, their call center staff is friendly and helpful they really make you feel better after something bad happens.
American Modern Insurance
I like that the company has worked with me to get me a reasonable premium. I like that I can pay online and pay by credit card, and that the amount due can be broken up into several payments throughout the year. I haven't had any issues with this company.
Liberty Mutual
Overall I feel my money has not gone to waste as it has with other insurance companies, they offer a great service and I plan to stay with them.
I don't really have anything that I don't like about them. They seem to be very good and caring. I hope I never had to File a claim with them.
State Farm
I can't think of anything I dislike about this company, I have used them for years for auto and now they're insuring my first home and I appreciate the ease and friendliness.
They seem fine, but I don't feel like I am able to really evaluate them until I have to deal with a claim. But they payment process was really easy.
Safeco Insurance
I'm sure they can do better, but it's the cheapest I could find. I don't get how one company is more expensive than the other for the same coverage.
State Farm
I would recommend this company to someone that is looking for an insurance company that is reliable and very customer service oriented. This is the main reason ive stuck with this company even though ive had better rates else where
State Farm
State Farm is a great company, we are very happy with the service, and would very happily recommend it to anyone
Farmer's Insurance
I can recommend this policy because it cover most parts than other policy companys and their premium plans are comfortable
They have always been nice, rates haven't increased over the years, they are a reputable company in the industry and provider low deductible options. Plus I can spread out my annual premium in monthly payments via escrow.
Amica Mutual Insurance
I'm not sure what I like at this time as I have only had the policy for one month. I do like that they offer discounts when you bundle with auto.
If the cost of premium keeps rising, I will have to consider a change in insurance coverage and what is covered. These insurance coverages might be extended in my limited understanding, but I wish it was easier on my budget.