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Milwaukee, WI Insurance Rates:

The average cost of home insurance in Milwaukee, WI is $780.9. vHome analyzed multiple home insurance quotes in Milwaukee, WI to narrow down the list of the cheapest insurance companies in Milwaukee, WI. vHome stresses the importance of comparing quotes from multiple companies to narrow down the best one that suits the consumer’s needs. Enter your Zip Code in the below banner to get instant home insurance quotes.

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Average Home Insurance Premium in Milwaukee, WI

National Average Premium State Average Premium Milwaukee Average Premium
$1,438 $685 $780.9

Milwaukee, WI Homeowners Insurance for Different Coverages | Back to Top

Coverage Type Home Insurance Cost($)
$100,000 To $124,999 762.89
$150,000 To $174,999 1,007.17
$175,000 To $199,999 1,156.27
$200,000 To $249,999 1,346.44
$250,000 To $299,999 1,972.84
$300,000 To $399,999 2,594.35
$400,000 To $499,999 3,409.53
$500,000 To $749,999 4,364.19
$750,000 To $999,999 5,046.1
$1000,000 To $1499,999 5,557.53
$1500,000 To $2000,000 5,966.67

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Top Home Insurance Agents Near Milwaukee, WI | Back to Top

Home Insurance Company Near Milwaukee, WI Homeowners Insurance Agency Near Milwaukee, WI Address
Travelers Clavette Insurance Agency Inc 11000 W JANESVILLE RD, HALES CORNERS, WI, 53130
Erie Dominguez Insurance Agency 2016 W Howard Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, 53221
Allstate Ivan Eddy 708 W Rollins Rd, Round Lake Beach, IL, 60073
State Farm John Kurhajec 1125 Main Street, Union Grove, WI, 53182-1302
Travelers Long Insurance Management 6830 W VILLARD AVE STE 170, MILWAUKEE, WI, 53218

List of Milwaukee, WI Home Insurance Agents by Companies

Milwaukee, WI Homeowners Insurance Rates Based on Claims Filed | Back to Top

Homeowners in Milwaukee, WI with no claims filed get a discount of $101.52, whereas homeowners with one claim have to file an additional home insurance rate of $55 while homeowners with 2 claims have to pay an additional $109 for their home insurance premium.

Type of Claim Homeowners Insurance Cost Increase/Decrease($) Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
No Claim Discount -102 679
One Claim +55 836
Two Claim +109 890

Milwaukee, WI Homeowners Insurance by Zip Code | Back to Top

Zip Code Median Home Value($) Home Insurance Cost($)
53218 99,200 726
53204 88,800 790
53205 78,800 791
53206 75,000 791
53233 73,300 791
53217 298,000 726
53203 293,000 792
53202 230,300 750
53220 167,500 791
53227 165,500 792
53224 161,600 791
53221 160,100 757
53235 158,800 742
53222 155,700 791
53219 154,100 734
53208 146,600 726
53223 144,600 757
53225 143,200 792
53212 131,000 750
53210 125,200 734
53209 115,800 726
53216 113,900 790

Factors Affecting Home Insurance Premiums in Milwaukee, WI

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Milwaukee, WI is $780.9. Various factors could help homeowners lower their home insurance premiums. vHome Insurance lists the factors that could help homeowners reduce their home insurance costs.

Milwaukee, WI Home Insurance Premium Based on the Number of Bedrooms | Back to Top

Bedroom Size Average Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
2 Bedroom 416
3 Bedroom 781
4 Bedroom 1,665
5 Bedroom 2,342

Milwaukee, WI Home Insurance Premiums for Different Deductibles | Back to Top

Homeowners with a deductible of $500 pay a much higher amount on their home insurance premium, while homeowners who pay a deductible of $2500 pay a much lower amount on their home insurance premium as seen in the table below.

Deductible Type Average Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
$500 Deductible 772
$1000 Deductible 698
$1500 Deductible 657
$2000 Deductible 596
$2500 Deductible 561

Milwaukee, WI Homeowners Insurance Premium Based on the Age of the Home | Back to Top

Homeowners in Milwaukee, WI pay a much lower home insurance rate if their homes are newly constructed. Homeowners with homes that are older than 50 years pay a much higher rate on their home insurance premium as seen in the table below.

Home Age Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
Newly Constructed Home 586
Year 30 Old 793
Year 40 Old 801
Year 50 Old 811
Above Year 50 818

Milwaukee, WI Homeowners Insurance Cost Based on the Construction Type of the Home | Back to Top

Construction Type Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Fire Resistive 109 672
Masonry 39 742
Brick 39 742
Superior 78 703
Hail Resistant Roof 23 757

Top Saving Tips on Milwaukee, WI Homeowners Insurance | Back to Top

Homes built using sturdy materials, which are highly resistant to damage, receive substantial discounts on homeowners’ insurance. Milwaukee, WI homeowners can also bundle their home insurance policy with auto insurance to receive more discounts. Apart from this, home insurance companies tend to provide discounts to homes equipped with security features that make them less prone to burglaries. Senior citizens residing in households earn a considerable amount of discounts on homeowners insurance.

The tables below contain the complete list of discounts that Milwaukee, WI homeowners can take advantage of to increase their savings.

Milwaukee, WI Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts and Senior Citizen Discounts

Discount Type Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Bundle Discount 117 664
Retiree Discount (Senior Citizen Discount) 109 890
Newly Constructed Home 195 586

Milwaukee, WI Home Insurance Discounts for Home Safety Devices | Back to Top

Home Safety Devices Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Deadbolts 102 679
Fire Extinguishers 86 695
Smoke Detectors 70 711
Sprinkler System 94 687
Fire Alarm 39 742
Burglar Alarm 70 711
Lightning Protection 16 765

Latest Home Insurance Reviews

West Bend Mutual Insurance
I would recommend West Bend Insurance because they have been a very good company to work with up until this point in time. They offer good products at an affordable price.
State Farm
Both the premium and deductible are competitive compared to other companies I have tried in the past. It is affordable but improvements could be made.
American Family Insurance
i will remommend because the have to be known for their services doing their job, as i said they always fix your problems
They are okay in their customer service. They answer our calls with a human and are generally okay. Very moderately satisfied.
first my thanks to this company because its give more offer to the customers thanks again to this company
State Farm
Very nice people who always have answers for all your questions. Fair rates and they always work with you. Been with them my whole life nd would not say a bad thing about them.
Travelers' policy offerings seem in line with other providers. I have no complaint in terms of what they offer. They offered exactly what I needed in terms of coverage.
The deductible was cheaper at Allstate compared to the other companies that I has talked to about what I expected out of my insurance
Farm Bureau
I have given up on checking on the premiums and deductibles of other companies since insuring with Farm Bureau. Their prices and deductibles are always the best.
Liberty Mutual
I am happy with Liberty Mutual and the fact that they were able to give me a rate $100 lower than my previous company. I rate them a 5
State Farm
I will definitely recommend State Farm, because they are very good company. They will always help their customers and support if they have any kind of issue.
Esurance's customer service is good considering it is an online insurance company. The company offers an 800 number to call whenever needed along with an email option through the app.
American Family Insurance
It is pretty much the same as what's offered by all the local options, a 500 deductible for most claims - seems to be the industry standard.
State Farm
They offer me more protection for a cheaper price than other companies, prices are really good and they offer protection with low deductible.
Erie Insurance
My premium with my insurance company is fair for what they offer. Ive always been able to pay it and I never have a problem.
West Bend Mutual Insurance
we have been satisfied with our insurance. the cost is very reasonable. that being said we've never had any issues requiring us to use the insurance.
American Family Insurance
When I think of what my insurance offers I am happy overall. They have what I would call all the bells and whistles. Like free towing
Very quick with claims. adjuster always showed up on time and helped me with all my questions. professional and courteous
State Farm
I don't like that my insurance company is constantly trying to find loopholes in my policy to get out of helping me and paying claims when they are wrong.
State Farm
I like that they have a twenty-four hours hotline and can be also reached via chat through the app.
Grange Insurance
Since I have been with this same company for quite some time, they have always been very prompt with their reactions to the claims we have made over the years. They try very hard to ensure we are satisfied with the outcome.
Pekin Insurance
Pekin insurance was very helpful in switching our homeowner's insurance coverage to our new home, on time, when my family and i moved into our new home in december of 2016.
Grange Insurance
I saved about $100 on my house insurance but saved $400 on my car. That is the main reason I switched.
Grange Insurance
I feel like it could be a little better and it's partly my fault because of my credit score being very low I don't get the best rates from anyone
Farmer's Insurance
I appreciate that my agent is always there for me. I can turn to him with any questions and he will be quick to respond and offer any advice and next steps should I need them.
American Family
The only thing that is messy is when we get a letter saying we haven't paid our premium because the trailer people haven't sent it yet.
State Farm
We live in a rural area without a close fire hydrant and our fire department is the volunteer so I understand the reason that it is more expensive than others.
Farm Bureau
The agents are always personable and easy to deal with. I can make insurance adjustments quickly and efficiently. Never have any trouble with this company.
State Farm
Their lack of digital customer service. I do like to be able to view/pay and ask questions in an online format rather than waiting on the telephone for a person.
American National Property And Casualty Company
the company is truthful and will pay claims in a quick manner, I do not doubt that they will pay any claims that I have
Farm Bureau
I like that I can pay my premiums online, but they have a local office that I can visit to speak to someone about any situation or concerns I have.
I have never had a reason to be dissatisfied with my insurance company. I think that I can rely on them if I needed to, and that's what's most important.
Erie Insurance
The premiums are high, but I don't know what other companies charge so I can't say that they are more expensive than other ones are. I guess homeowners insurance is just expensive overall.
We've had our claims handled well and quickly, and the premiums are in line with the best offerings when we shop around each year. We have a few claim items that make getting additional coverage difficult for a few more years, which has led to some annoyances when we need to extend coverage, but other than that things have worked out reasonably well.
State Farm
If there has been hail and we want the adjuster to see if there was damage, it counts as a claim on our account. I don't like that. Overall, though, I feel like State Farm will be there in an emergency.
National General
I would definitely recommend it to people who can not otherwise afford insurance, which is sadly so many people. It definitely gives a peace of mind to know you are covered in case of emergency.
I'd recommend it because they're easy to sign up with and to keep and they have reasonable prices depending on your needs.
There are several things that really are things in a clear and accurate way, but I have learned several things that are very good things.
Wisconsin Mutual Insurance
Overall, I really like the open communication, honesty, and attention to detail. The company really tries hard to make sure that customers feel empowered and cared for. Overall, that is the biggest draw for me.
If I had to say something about dislikes, I guess it would be that the price seems a little high and the website could be better.
State Farm
always handle my claims fairly, I know them so I can trust their recommendations, honest good people to work with
West Bend Mutual Insurance
The part that I dislike about the company is that they tend to be very hands-off with communication outside of when you get a claim. I get mailings every now and then, but I wish there was a way to know what is going throughout the month. I also wish they had a better app for claims. The app they have is more for information and less for services.
Wisconsin Mutual Insurance
i do not like a bit the policy he uses to reimburse money or replace an item that covers the insurance