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Madison, WI Insurance Rates:

vHome Insurance undertook a detailed analysis of the cost of insurance in different cities of the country. This analysis helped in narrowing down the list of the top home insurance providers in Madison, WI. The average cost of insurance in Madison, WI is $757. The following analysis stresses the importance of comparing multiple quotes. Enter your Zip Code in the banner below to get instant home insurance quotes.

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Average Home Insurance Premium in Madison, WI

National Average Premium State Average Premium Madison Average Premium
$1,438 $685 $757

Madison, WI Homeowners Insurance for Different Coverages | Back to Top

Coverage Type Home Insurance Cost($)
$100,000 To $124,999 401.86
$150,000 To $174,999 447.86
$175,000 To $199,999 562.42
$200,000 To $249,999 680.56
$250,000 To $299,999 982.91
$300,000 To $399,999 1,328.06
$400,000 To $499,999 1,660.01
$500,000 To $749,999 2,124.82
$750,000 To $999,999 2,456.82
$1000,000 To $1499,999 2,705.82
$1500,000 To $2000,000 2,905.02

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Top Home Insurance Agents Near Madison, WI | Back to Top

Home Insurance Company Near Madison, WI Homeowners Insurance Agency Near Madison, WI Address
Erie Baer Insurance Services Llc 1406 Business Hwy 18-151, Mount Horeb, WI, 53572
State Farm Kris Stanton 910 8th Ave, Baraboo, WI, 53913-1247
Farmers Nolan Anderson 105 E Main St, Waunakee, WI, 53597
Liberty Mutual Independent Sg Insurance Agency Llc 101 ALPINE PKWY STE 101, OREGON, WI, 53575

List of Madison, WI Home Insurance Agents by Companies

Madison, WI Homeowners Insurance Rates Based on Claims Filed | Back to Top

A discount of $90.84 on the home insurance premium is offered to Madison, WI homeowners who have no previous history of claims filed, Madison, WI homeowners with one claim have to file an additional home insurance rate of $61, while Madison, WI homeowners with 2 claims have to pay $91 more for their home insurance premium.

Type of Claim Homeowners Insurance Cost Increase/Decrease($) Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
No Claim Discount -91 666
One Claim +61 818
Two Claim +91 848

Madison, WI Homeowners Insurance by Zip Code | Back to Top

Zip Code Median Home Value($) Home Insurance Cost($)
53705 284,600 734
53703 272,100 704
53717 271,500 767
53711 245,800 719
53715 236,800 767
53719 228,400 767
53718 224,000 734
53704 183,400 766
53714 171,300 768

Factors Affecting Home Insurance Premiums in Madison, WI

Madison, WI homeowners pay an average home insurance premium of $757. Homeowners in Madison, WI can lower their home insurance premiums by considering various factors. vHomeInsurance lists the factors that could help homeowners reduce their home insurance premiums.

Madison, WI Home Insurance Premium Based on the Number of Bedrooms | Back to Top

Bedroom Size Average Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
2 Bedroom 582
3 Bedroom 624
4 Bedroom 956
5 Bedroom 1,414

Madison, WI Home Insurance Premiums for Different Deductibles | Back to Top

Madison, WI Homeowners with a deductible of $500 pay a higher amount for home insurance, while Madison, WI homeowners who pay a deductible of $2500 pay a lower amount on their home insurance, as seen in the table below.

Deductible Type Average Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
$500 Deductible 748
$1000 Deductible 677
$1500 Deductible 637
$2000 Deductible 578
$2500 Deductible 544

Madison, WI Homeowners Insurance Premium Based on the Age of the Home | Back to Top

Homeowners in Madison, WI pay a much lower home insurance rate if their homes are newly constructed. Homeowners with homes that are older than 50 years pay a much higher rate on their home insurance premium as seen in the table below.

Home Age Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
Newly Constructed Home 537
Year 30 Old 768
Year 40 Old 777
Year 50 Old 786
Above Year 50 793

Madison, WI Homeowners Insurance Cost Based on the Construction Type of the Home | Back to Top

Construction Type Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Fire Resistive 98 659
Masonry 38 719
Brick 38 719
Superior 76 681
Hail Resistant Roof 23 734

Top Saving Tips on Madison, WI Homeowners Insurance | Back to Top

Madison, WI Homeowners can earn discounts on homeowners insurance based on the construction type of their home. Homes that are built using damage-resistant materials are considered a safe bet for home insurance companies. Madison, WI Homeowners can also choose to bundle their home and auto insurance policies to further reduce their home insurance premium. Apart from this, senior citizens also receive substantial discounts from home insurance companies. Homes equipped with home security devices are less prone to burglaries. As a result, Madison, WI homeowners receive attractive discounts from home insurance companies.

The tables below contain the complete list of discounts that Madison, WI homeowners can take advantage of to increase their savings.

Madison, WI Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts and Senior Citizen Discounts

Discount Type Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Bundle Discount 144 613
Retiree Discount (Senior Citizen Discount) 106 863
Newly Constructed Home 220 537

Madison, WI Home Insurance Discounts for Home Safety Devices | Back to Top

Home Safety Devices Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Deadbolts 106 651
Fire Extinguishers 53 704
Smoke Detectors 106 651
Sprinkler System 83 674
Fire Alarm 38 719
Burglar Alarm 68 689
Lightning Protection 23 734

Latest Home Insurance Reviews

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I would highly recommend Farm Bureau. They are so easy to work with. They will help you get just what you need and at a cost you can afford.
Liberty Mutual
I had a great experience with customer service with Liberty Mutual on my most recent claim where a tree limb fell and did damage to my chimney.
I would definitely recommend Nationwide to anyone that asked me or in any reviews. They have treated me good so far, so I've not been shopping around for any other coverage.
My home insurance policy is like any other one: they are just here to make you pay and then when they have to pay out , it's a nightmare
I would rate them a 4. I receive a multi policy discount bc I also have my car insurance with them but I feel the prices for all the insurance companies are high since its a required insurance.
Erie Insurance
I would recommend Erie Insurance is someone asked, based primarily on the ease of doing business with them.they are easy to deal with in person and overall their agents are very helpful.
Progressive is unique in that it is all done by yourself through an app. I tell them how much i need covered and how much value i have and they give me a payment based on my coverage.
I selected Geico for their competitive rates. I shopped the quote to several other companies and could not match coverage and rate.
I have renter's insurance with Progressive. I signed up using their app and it was extremely simple. Haven't had to interact with anyone since then, so no complaints here.
State Farm
I have state farm for my apartment rental insurance. i like that they do automatic payments for my premium each month. it is convenient and the $20 is a good value.
Farm Bureau
I do not like how some of the receptionists are not very professional. they required some more training to handle customers
American Family
I love the office staff and how knowledgeable that everyone in the office. they all have a property and auto license and they all know how to solve issues rather than transferring you over to someone else.
Farm Bureau
The people are nice, but again you must go in person to even see about your policy coverage etc. It is very annoying.
I do not like that billing since done directly through escrow with the mortgage company. The process is done "backstage" and we rarely see any paperwork, summaries, and/or policy notifications on our policy.
Farmer's Insurance
It is easy for me to talk to a person when I need and I have not had any issues with this company, overall it has been a fine experience over the years.
Farm Bureau
Overall I'm happy with my coverage/the product offered. I'm happy with the price I pay and my options for deductibles. I'm also overall happy with the service that I have received from various members of the company.
Safeco Insurance
I don't have any true complaints about the company. I have no bad news to report on my company.
I shopped around for insurance and this wound up giving me the most coverage with the cheapest premium so I think that is the best for me.
Farm Bureau
I like the fact that it has an alternative chat area to contact the company after hours.
American Family
It is truly an understatement to say that I love my current insurance company as I like their simple and easy to use the mobile app, their mostly bill, their customer service, and the overall great quality of service they give me.
Statefarm refuse to replace my roof. My neighbors had their roofs replaced after a storm by their insurance companies. I don't Allstate for home insurance.
Farm Bureau
One thing that bothers me is that when I leave NC for work they are harder to reach. Others have not heard of them as well, and bigger insurance companies often call me to try to sway me to get insurance from them.
Liberty Mutual
I like that the company is friendly, not too much in your face with advertisements but gives you access when you need them. They are available and affordable for me and my family.
Farmer's Insurance
Can't really say that I dislike anything but High Payment.
Any time they need to be contacted, I do not have to wait very long and all of my issues have been resolved in the first contact. Their website and app are intuitive and easy to use.
I don't really have anything nice to say. I've been a customer for a very long time. I've had one claim, which was not settled to my satisfaction.
West Bend Mutual Insurance
Premium and deductible were even lower than Geico which is why we switched. Get a bundle discount because of home and auto.Also get a discount.
Wisconsin Mutual Insurance
Overall, I really like the open communication, honesty, and attention to detail. The company really tries hard to make sure that customers feel empowered and cared for. Overall, that is the biggest draw for me.
The company covers by home, car, and rental insurance needs without any problems.
Farm Bureau
I like that the insurance office is small and I can always get a person on the phone to answer a question. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly. Phone calls and e-mails are returned promptly.
Wisconsin Mutual Insurance
Really good policy that covers flood insurance as well at good price.