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Lowell, MA homeowners insurance is about $867 to $1,174, about $72-$97/month. Our in depth guide shows customers can save as much as $408 by comparing different quotes. Enter your zipcode below and click “GO” to get multiple free quotes.

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Latest Home Insurance Reviews

Ameriprise Financial
May take a while to get help when you need it the most
I would rate Geico a 5 because their really did save me money. Because I am not paying for an agent I was able to save about $50 a month.
State Farm
I feel that I am getting a very fair policy compared to some of the offerings I saw while shopping. I feel that it is fair and I do feel like I am well covered in case of an emergency.
I would recommend them just of because of their coverage and how fast and easy they are to deal with. It also depends on the area and how different the rates are.
I would recommend progressive because their plans are in variety and you can choose your own payment plans by how you want to pay. Also when you make a claim they respond within 24 hours.
I would rate this insurance provider a 5 as we are completely satisfied with our service. Our insurance provides all the coverage we need as well as is reasonably priced.all Customer Svc Reps have been great.
There are other providers I'm sure with a lower price, at least somewhat. However I guage the price to be decent.
Farmer's Insurance
Farmer's insurance has a positive and professional reputation which is important to us. it's key to having a trustworthy insurance company when it comes to your home insurance.
Electric Insurance
I don't like the fact that my company is not local therefore i am unable to just go to their office to talk to them or pick something up from them.
Liberty Mutual
The website is fast and easy to use. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It's easy to find my policy number and any other information about my policy.
Liberty Mutual
I like that the website and app are so useful and convenient. It makes me happy that I can find the info that I need without having to call someone.
Homesite Insurance
I feel that it is a competitively strong premium and that we get what we pay for. We had State Farm before and that didn't go over so well.
State Farm
My friend is my insurance agent and is able to return my calls whenever I call. I don't even need to wait on hold with national reps.
American National Property And Casualty Company
I think the price is competitive and I know exactly what is covered. My insurance agent is experienced and knowledgeable.
It is very easy to get a customer service representative on the phone, and they even call back to answer questions they were unable to answer at first.
I wish it was cheaper but customer service is amazing and the website is very user-friendly which is great for my family as we're always running around and don't have time to search
Ameriprise Financial
The company offers a good product at a great price. I do not trust other insurance companies because of Ameriprise.
We have had an extremely high level of service while not being forced to pay a very high monthly premium. We plan to stick with AAA for the foreseeable future.
Safety Insurance
I would like to find cheaper insurance without losing the benefits I currently have.
I have already recommended allstate to my brother, hes an agent and now owns nearly 10 homes that he rebuilds and rents out
Yes there customer service is awesome. I like that there rates are very good and competitive
I am a long time customer for AAA. I have never had any issues getting a claim processed or making a change to my policy. I would recommend them for those reasons alone.
Homesite Insurance
I have nothing to say negative about the company
Safety Insurance
they are very easy to use, they actually care for our well being, the only thing that was negative was our high double
Marion Mutual
your service in general and your options that cover the needs

Lowell, MA Homeowners Insurance By Home Value

Lowell, MA Home Value Total Homes % of Total Average Lowell, MA Homeowners Insurance
Less than $50,000 320 1.0% $102
$90,000 to $99,999 199 1.0% $408
$100,000 to $124,999 867 4.0% $469
$125,000 to $149,999 1,336 7.0% $591
$150,000 to $174,999 1,480 8.0% $703
$175,000 to $199,999 1,728 9.0% $816
$200,000 to $249,999 4,538 26.0% $979
$250,000 to $299,999 3,670 21.0% $1193
$300,000 to $399,999 2,967 17.0% $1519

Top Home Insurance Agents Near Lowell, MA

Home Insurance Company Near Lowell, MA Homeowners Insurance Agency Near Lowell, MA Address
NA Wood & Associates Insurance Agency 32 South Common St, Lynn, MA, 1902
NA Conte Insurance Agency Inc 579 Pleasant Street, Paxton, MA, 1612
Travelers Brown & Brown Of New Hampshire 93 WASHINGTON ST, DOVER, NH, 3820
Liberty Mutual Independent Hic Insurance 725 LAFAYETTE RD, HAMPTON, NH, 3842
Liberty Mutual Independent Platinum Insurance Agency Inc 418 Massachusetts Ave, ARLINGTON, MA, 2474

Lowell, MA Home Insurance Agents for Top Companies

Cost Of Homeowners Insurance By Street Near Lowell, MA

Streets in Lowell Area Homeowners Insurance Cost
Malden Ave, Rosemont St, Enfield St, Dover Sq, Lura St, Nicole Dr, Vaughn St, Rogers Ave, Berry Rd, Hereford Pl$1,018
O'Brien Ter, Lamb St, Brookings St, Kianthi Dr, Colwell Ave, Harris Ave, Dumerle St, Court Ave, Butman Rd, Cheney Pl$1,031
London St, Ursula St, Sanders Ave, Willie St, Forestview Ave, Belle Ave, Rockingham Ave, Thorndike Rd, Lund St, Karen St$1,032
Harlem St, Keene St, Mansion Dr, Homestead Rd, Tyng St, Aiken St, Lupine St, Riverby St, Middlesex Park, Read St$1,002
Bailey Ln, Manahan St, Crowley St, Gerson Ter, Dempsey Pl, Ready Ave, W Albert St, Westboro St, Starbird St, Lowell Research Center Dr$1,026

Lowell, MA Home Insurance Savings For Senior Occupied Homes

PlaceSavings For Senior Occupied Homes
Lowell$152 to $155

Lowell, MA Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts

Place 1 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 2 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 3 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance
Dracut town, Middlesex County, Massachusetts $155 $207 $311
Chelmsford town, Middlesex County, Massachusetts $158 $210 $315
Tewksbury town, Middlesex County, Massachusetts $158 $210 $315

Lowell, MA Area Home Insurance as a % of Housing Cost

PlaceHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes with mortgageHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes without mortgage
Lowell, MA4.5%13.9%

Lowell Renters Insurance as a Percentage of Rent

Lowell Home By Monthly Rent Total Homes % of Total Estimated Monthly Income To Afford Rented House Including Renters Insurance
Less than $200 394 1.0% $366
$200 to $299 1,655 8.0% $816
$300 to $499 1,547 7.0% $1266
$500 to $749 2,697 13.0% $1941
$750 to $999 4,887 24.0% $2691
$1,000 to $1,499 7,565 37.0% $3816
$1,500 or more 1,565 7.0% $5466

Lowell, MA Home Insurance Costs With Deductible Scenario

Low DeductibleHigh Deductible
Yearly Lowell Homeowner Insurance Premium Example $1,300$900
Out of Pocket Expense During Claim$1,400$3,400
Total Home Insurance Premium for 7 years + Out of Pocket Expense for Claim $10,500$9,700
Net Savings to Lowell Home Owner from High Deductible Plan $800

Lowell, MA Home Insurance Costs With Home Replacement Value Scenarios

Scenario Lowell, MA Home Replacement Value MORE than Home Value Lowell, MA Home Replacement Value LESS than Home Value
Replacement Value $186,500 $125,000
Insurance Premium based on Replacement Value $1,800 $1,200
Risk Exposure from Under Insuring Coverage Unnecessary Home Insurance Coverage of $41,500 Risk Exposure from Under Insuring Coverage is $20,000
Premium Impact Insurance cheaper by $200/year Insurance costlier by $400/year

Example Lowell Homeowners Insurance Comparison Table to Compare The Cheapest Quotes

Insurance Company AllstateChubb Group of InsuranceState Farm
Monthly Premium 200119163
Year Built 199419481994
Home Details 5 Beds, 4 Baths4 Beds, 2 Baths3 Beds, 2 Baths
Coverage Amount $300000-$350000$250000-$300000$200000-$250000
Deductible $500 Deductible$5000 to $10,000 Deductible$500 Deductible

Sample Home Insurance Rates for Lowell, MA from Consumer Reviews & Surveys

Year Built Home Value Roof Type Sqft Number of Bedrooms Deductible Premium Premium Months Siding Type Smoker/Non Smoker
1999 215,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 1,660 4 $500- $1000 Deductible 460 4 Fiber-Cement Siding yes
1944 180,000 Composition Roof 1,710 2 $2500-$5000 Deductible 650 5 Vinyl siding No
1944 535,000 Tile Roof 3,780 5 $1000-$2500 Deductible 3660 10 Fiber-Cement Siding No
1947 400,000 Tile Roof 3,800 5 > $10,000 Deductible 920 8 Stone Siding No
1943 505,000 Metal Roof 4,580 5 $500 Deductible 1520 5 Wood siding No
1947 345,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 2,330 3 $500- $1000 Deductible 1310 6 Fiber-Cement Siding yes
1992 235,000 Metal Roof 2,340 4 $1000-$2500 Deductible 1020 10 Stone Siding No
1949 320,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 3,150 4 $2500-$5000 Deductible 260 2 Wood siding No
1993 190,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,720 2 $2500-$5000 Deductible 260 3 Stone Siding No
1942 260,000 Shingles Roof 2,090 3 $1000-$2500 Deductible 1690 12 Fiber-Cement Siding No
1999 355,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 2,890 5 $1000-$2500 Deductible 670 5 Stone Siding yes
1943 335,000 Metal Roof 2,330 3 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 1700 9 Brick siding No
1942 120,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 1,210 2 $1000-$2500 Deductible 280 4 Fiber-Cement Siding No
1941 510,000 Slate Shingles Roof 4,920 5 > $10,000 Deductible 760 4 Wood siding yes
1997 155,000 Composition Roof 1,080 2 $1000-$2500 Deductible 890 9 Wood siding yes
1990 260,000 Tile Roof 2,300 4 > $10,000 Deductible 310 4 Brick siding No
1945 330,000 Wood Shake Roof 2,370 4 $500 Deductible 2000 12 Brick siding No
1946 135,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,340 3 $1000-$2500 Deductible 280 3 Brick siding yes
1992 405,000 Membrane Roof 2,990 4 $500 Deductible 1000 4 Stucco siding yes
1995 405,000 Slate Shingles Roof 2,970 4 $500 Deductible 2490 7 Stucco siding yes
1995 135,000 Tile Roof 1,340 2 $500 Deductible 830 10 Wood siding yes
1944 170,000 Wood Shake Roof 1,580 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 390 6 Wood siding yes
1947 100,000 Tile Roof 900 2 $2500-$5000 Deductible 260 6 Wood siding yes
1944 280,000 Metal Roof 2,170 4 $500 Deductible 230 1 Stucco siding yes
1992 230,000 Wood Shake Roof 1,780 3 $1000-$2500 Deductible 380 3 Stone Siding No
1940 255,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,680 3 $500- $1000 Deductible 1060 7 Brick siding No
1943 190,000 Tile Roof 1,760 2 $1000-$2500 Deductible 180 2 Fiber-Cement Siding yes
1943 400,000 Metal Roof 3,970 5 > $10,000 Deductible 940 7 Brick siding No
1996 345,000 Wood Shake Roof 2,290 3 > $10,000 Deductible 530 6 Brick siding No
1980 355,000 Shingles Roof 1,989 4 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 260 1 Vinyl siding No

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