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Average Homeowners Insurance in Ohio: $700

Median Home Price in Ohio: $119,900

Ohio homeowners insurance rates in December 2013 stood at an average of $700 as compared to $710 in November 2013.

Insurance Premium Saving Tips in Ohio

  • Bundle your insurance:

    Bundling home and car insurance in Ohio with the same provider will have approximately $70 to $105 of savings in Ohio

  • Safety Systems:

    Having safety systems at home can save up to $123 in Ohio

  • New Home:

    If your home was built within the past 10 years in Ohio, you could save up to $140

  • Senior Discounts:

    Senior citizens (55 or older) in Ohio could save approximately $140

Homeowners insurance cost by coverage

Insurance rangeAverage homeowners insurance cost($)
$49,999 and Under453
$50,000 to $74,999534
$75,000 to $99,999581
$100,000 to $124,999617
$125,000 to $149,999654
$150,000 to $174,999696
$175,000 to $199,999737
$200,000 to $299,999816
$300,000 to $399,999969
$400,000 to $499,9991,154
$500,000 and Over1,640

Renters insurance cost by coverage

Insurance rangeAverage renters insurance cost($)
$13,999 and Under130
$14,000 to $19,999157
$20,000 to $25,999173
$26,000 to $31,999188
$32,000 to $37,999191
$38,000 to $43,999212
$44,000 to $49,999219
$50,000 to $74,999248
$75,000 to $99,999 298
$100,000 and Over412

Average homeowners insurance by county

CountyHome Insurance Cost
Adams County$580 to $791
Seneca County$584 to $793
Stark County$597 to $809
Jefferson County$578 to $784
Wood County$611 to $828
Wayne County$603 to $817
Mahoning County$584 to $791
Sandusky County$590 to $801
Henry County$593 to $805
Muskingum County$590 to $800
Ross County$591 to $803
Lorain County$607 to $821
Lucas County$593 to $802
Delaware County$658 to $895
Gallia County$582 to $794
Clark County$589 to $797
Butler County$614 to $832
Hamilton County$608 to $824
Scioto County$578 to $786
Franklin County$612 to $829
Coshocton County$583 to $791
Hancock County$599 to $813
Huron County$594 to $805
Clermont County$614 to $833
Wyandot County$587 to $797
Fairfield County$618 to $837
Lake County$612 to $830
Marion County$584 to $793
Defiance County$589 to $799
Ashtabula County$591 to $803
Monroe County$578 to $788
Lawrence County$583 to $790
Morrow County$597 to $816
Ashland County$596 to $810
Logan County$595 to $808
Greene County$614 to $833
Jackson County$580 to $789
Madison County$607 to $827
Portage County$611 to $829
Fulton County$599 to $814
Pickaway County$607 to $826
Ottawa County$604 to $822
Fayette County$589 to $800
Shelby County$595 to $809
Montgomery County$593 to $803
Williams County$584 to $794
Putnam County$601 to $816
Harrison County$576 to $781
Van Wert County$578 to $786
Summit County$604 to $817
Tuscarawas County$590 to $800
Hocking County$590 to $804
Noble County$574 to $785
Meigs County$576 to $782
Medina County$626 to $848
Morgan County$578 to $787
Guernsey County$581 to $789
Clinton County$595 to $808
Richland County$589 to $797
Trumbull County$584 to $792
Mercer County$595 to $810
Holmes County$608 to $831
Geauga County$646 to $877
Athens County$593 to $806
Licking County$611 to $827
Allen County$587 to $796
Perry County$581 to $790
Crawford County$581 to $787
Belmont County$578 to $785
Hardin County$584 to $793
Warren County$630 to $855
Pike County$583 to $793
Brown County$593 to $807
Cuyahoga County$601 to $812
Carroll County$589 to $801
Washington County$589 to $798
Miami County$604 to $819
Paulding County$581 to $788
Erie County$604 to $819
Darke County$590 to $801
Highland County$585 to $796
Knox County$601 to $817
Auglaize County$597 to $813
Preble County$593 to $804
Vinton County$573 to $778
Columbiana County$584 to $791
Union County$620 to $843
Champaign County$595 to $810

Recent home insurance reviews

Company: Nationwide,
Location: Athens, GA

I pay 850.00 a year for my home owners insurance. My current provider is Nationwide. My coverage is around 100,000. I would give Nationwide a 5 as of right now. I am located in Athens, GA. I haven't been with Nationwide but a few months, and so far so good. Everyone is always so pleasent when speaking to me. I did have to call to request an extra copy of my policy and benefits and they were more than willing to help. The first time I signed up for my insurance, they came out and were so pleasent and knowladgeable. I do not have anything negative to say at all.

Company: State Farm,
Location: Wickliffe, OH 44092

Currently I pay $105.00 per month for home insurance. I have State Farm Insurance. My home is covered for $500.000.00. I love my insurance on level 5. I live in Wickliffe, OH 44092 a suburban area. I have been with insurance for 2 years.I like that they are affordable and accountable. I don't like the frequent mailings the send all the time.

I am 35. Male. Single. My house was built in 2004. It is a newly purchased home. I have a slate roof. I use this as my primary residence. I have 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. the sq. ft. of my home is 1772. It Is a dutch colonial. My house is less than a mile away from nearest fire station. No I do not bundle HOME AND AUTO INSURANCE. My deductible is $1500.00. No swimming pool. Yes I have monitored security system.

Home Insurance Monthly Trends

The below graph compares Ohios home median prices against, renters and owners home insurance average rates in Ohio.

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