Homeowners Insurance New York

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Average Homeowners Insurance in New York: $630

Median Home Price in New York: $319,000

New York homeowners insurance rates in December 2013 stood at an average of $630 as compared to $680 in November 2013.

Insurance Premium Saving Tips in New York

  • Bundle your insurance:

    Bundling home and car insurance in New York with the same provider will have approximately $63 to $95 of savings in New York

  • Safety Systems:

    Having safety systems at home can save up to $110 in New York

  • New Home:

    If your home was built within the past 10 years in New York, you could save up to $126

  • Senior Discounts:

    Senior citizens (55 or older) in New York could save approximately $126

Homeowners insurance cost by coverage

Insurance rangeAverage homeowners insurance cost($)
$49,999 and Under275
$50,000 to $74,999472
$75,000 to $99,999500
$100,000 to $124,999517
$125,000 to $149,999544
$150,000 to $174,999592
$175,000 to $199,999657
$200,000 to $299,999909
$300,000 to $399,9991,338
$400,000 to $499,9991,747
$500,000 and Over2,574

Renters insurance cost by coverage

Insurance rangeAverage renters insurance cost($)
$13,999 and Under117
$14,000 to $19,999126
$20,000 to $25,999146
$26,000 to $31,999168
$32,000 to $37,999168
$38,000 to $43,999204
$44,000 to $49,999220
$50,000 to $74,999259
$75,000 to $99,999 363
$100,000 and Over637

Average homeowners insurance by county

CountyHome Insurance Cost
Richmond County$558 to $754
Nassau County$561 to $759
Wyoming County$499 to $675
Schoharie County$506 to $686
Jefferson County$504 to $681
Monroe County$505 to $682
Rensselaer County$512 to $694
New York County$619 to $842
Ulster County$522 to $707
Suffolk County$549 to $742
Bronx County$546 to $739
Cattaraugus County$496 to $670
Schenectady County$510 to $690
Albany County$518 to $700
Queens County$560 to $757
Allegany County$493 to $668
Chenango County$498 to $673
Kings County$577 to $780
Erie County$504 to $680
Westchester County$572 to $773
Madison County$502 to $679
Yates County$502 to $679
Greene County$512 to $694
Rockland County$557 to $755
Essex County$506 to $688
Columbia County$519 to $703
Chemung County$498 to $673
Chautauqua County$496 to $671
Cayuga County$499 to $676
Wayne County$500 to $677
Montgomery County$499 to $676
Saratoga County$521 to $704
Seneca County$498 to $674
Livingston County$502 to $679
Orange County$531 to $718
Ontario County$505 to $683
Putnam County$547 to $740
Steuben County$497 to $672
Broome County$500 to $676
Delaware County$504 to $683
Fulton County$499 to $677
Oswego County$498 to $673
Orleans County$498 to $672
Otsego County$505 to $683
Clinton County$503 to $680
Oneida County$500 to $677
Niagara County$499 to $676
Sullivan County$512 to $694
Hamilton County$510 to $690
Lewis County$499 to $677
St. Lawrence County$496 to $671
Herkimer County$498 to $673
Onondaga County$505 to $681
Schuyler County$498 to $674
Tioga County$500 to $677
Genesee County$500 to $676
Dutchess County$533 to $720
Franklin County$498 to $674
Washington County$506 to $686
Cortland County$499 to $676
Warren County$514 to $695
Tompkins County$510 to $692

Recent home insurance reviews

Company: Amica Mutual Insurance Company,
Location: None

I am a female renter in my 50's so my policy is for renter's insurance. It is with Amica Mutual Insurance Company. There is no coverage limit to my dwelling and other structures. The policy covers 15k Personal Property, 4500 Loss of Use, 300k Personal Liability and 1k Medical Payments to Others. I receive all of this for $111 per year. This includes a discount for bundling with my auto insurance, paperless bills and autopay. On a scale of 1 to 5, Amica is a solid 5. I like their professional, friendly and knowledgeable level of customer service. I love the fact that I receive rebates on both policies. I cannot think of anything negative to say!

Company: geico,
Location: nassau county

I am a male, age 23, single, live in ny, i live in a single family home, i live in nassau county, yes i bundle home and car insurance. The closest fire station to my house is about a 7 min drive. i have a $1000 deductable. No i dont have a pool. Yes I have an alarm system. my current insurance provide is geico. I rate geico at a 3 rating. I have had this insurance company for about 2 years. Its okay. all insurance companeies arent great. The house i live in was built in 1990. I dont have an agent. I got the insurance through the actual insurance company.

Home Insurance Monthly Trends

The below graph compares New Yorks home median prices against, renters and owners home insurance average rates in New York.

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