Top Wisconsin Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Wisconsin Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 16.55
Allstate 4.26
Farm Bureau -
Erie Insurance 3.84
Geico -
Progressive -
Liberty Mutual 3.76
Country Financial -
Meemic Insurance -
Farmer's Insurance -
American Family 21.7
Alliance -
Travelers -
West Bend Mutual Insurance -
American Family Insurance -
Rural Mutual Insurance Company -
assurant -
Germantown -
Wisconsin Mutual Insurance -
National General -
Grange Insurance -
Safeco Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Donegal Mutual Insurance Company -
Integrity Insurance -
Farmers Insurance 3.42
/home-insurance-california/ -
Lenox Mutual Insurance -
Acuity -
Nationwide -
MetLife -
Esurance -
Peninsula Insurance -
MAPFRE Insurance -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Alliance Home Insurance Reviews

They just know how to keep the customer happy. They are fast and efficient and they know what they are doing, and they always seem happy to hear from us

the only thing i can think of that i am not fond of it sometime the price can fluctuate, but other than that it seems pretty straight forward

National General Home Insurance Reviews

The only thing I don't like again is the limited options on their website. Other than that they are a great company.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

I only have one interaction with the customer service. It was a nice interaction. The person was very courteous, and know what he was saying.

There is nothing I dislike about this company. I would have a hard time finding anything wrong with this company overall. I'm very satisfied

Grange Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

What I dislike is that they have a lot of hidden things in the policy that I didn't notice at first and of course having customer service calls answered in India

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

It is well established respected and has an above average customer care setup. They are easy to deal with.

We are very happy with our insurance company and would recommend it to our family and friends. It's a good reliable company the works and assists yours with any problems you might incur.

Their website is frankly quite "meh" and often times one needs to call for info. They also seem pricey to me now that I got thinking about it.

I wish I could file a simple claim like when my roof started leaking and needed to be partially replaced and looking things up online and speaking with more experienced homeowners I made it a point to fix it myself and save money till I could afford to replace the roof. Filing a claim is pointless because their either won't pay or they will drop you and other insurance companies will not give you coverage,

I dislike the procedure of the documentation as it takes alot of time and is very hard process.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the great customer service. They make me feel like I'm a unique customer and are always catering to my needs.

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

My insurance company is mediocre and will never go above and beyond, but it does provide the insurance that you need.

I have had this insurance for a very long time. I also have my car insurance with the same company. The office is local, and if I am having any problems, they are right there to answer them for me. They are very reasonably priced too. I am completely satisfied with this company. I also have my car insurance with them, and also I bought a life insurance policy from them too.

Once you get insurance, your insurance agent forgets all about you. when you call in you have to wait on hold or the agent is never in. Hard to get ahold of.

Frankly, I don't use the insurance company's website because all the information I need is included in the policy, itself. If I require service I contact my local agent.

I rarely have had any need to process insurance claims. But when I did, my agent has demonstrated competency in handling and resolving my requests to my satisfaction.

I am sorry, there is nothing I do not like about Erie, I would recommend them to anyone and I have recommended them to many of my friend's relatives and neighbors, and I will continue to

They're easy to work with and friendly. They don't bother me when I don't need them and they got us a good deal on insurance for first-time buyers. They have decent coverage and because they are easy to work with if I ever need to make a claim I have no doubt I will have no problems with them.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I don't like that they outsource their customer service. I do not like the fact that they make appointments and don't keep them, its almost like you can't have a job to get your claim

Donegal Mutual Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

The one thing I am satisfied about is our premiums have not increased since we bought the policy.

Integrity Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I think their premiums are a little bit on the high side and I wish that they would simplify the information that they send me into more meaningful data.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The service and value are wonderful. The piece of mind that comes with dealing with them is amazing. I have never been happier with an insurance company.

/home-insurance-california/ Home Insurance Reviews

The cost was affordable. I also liked the ability to bundle with our car insurance. I do like things all in one place

West Bend Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Accessibility. I feel like it's hard to get the information I need in a timely manner which makes me wonder what would happen if I did file a claim

I have never had any issues and premiums have not jumped or done anything crazy. In the past, we've had insurance companies require us to do silly little things to our house to stay covered and given us a short window in which to do so.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I really like the fact that I can call anytime and there will be someone there to pick up the phone. It seems to me that they are fully prepared to file a claim for you at any time.

This company had a good reputation and from reading reviews, it seems to have a good history of settling claims in a timely manner. They seem to have several coverage options to choose from and I like that.

This is one of the best insurance companies I've ever used for insurance, but you have to be living in a rural farming community to really appreciate it for what it is.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

The ease of fetting insured and the fact that they do not bother me with unnecessary surveys and questions.

I do not have any negative experiences to report. For this reason, I am unable to provide any useful information about things I dislike about the company.

I am very happy with the company overall. Have no complaints and only good things to say about them, have always been very helpful, fair price and excellent customer service.

I have not filed a claim so i can not say that i find any thing to dislike.

Lenox Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The company charges me very less premium. It is easy to file a claim on the app. And people I've known have successfully claimed easily. So it gives me a peace of mind, that one day if I ever were to claim, I would have no issues with these guys.

Acuity Home Insurance Reviews

Easy to deal with, always available if I have any questions or concerns. The people are friendly and never seem to be bothered by any questions or concerns I may have.

Country Financial Home Insurance Reviews

The rates are good, and that is the saving grace of this company as their customer service has been below average and the fact that they cannot seem to keep a representative on a long-term basis is a bit concerning.

We have had so many different agents assigned to us do to turnover in the company that often we do not know who to contact and even if we get a contact the are geographically not very near to us.

The service center for claims is very fast. Is a well established company. The company has very competitive rates.

My insurance agent has never contacted me even after we have submitted a claim. They have my name wrong in their office database and I have had a policy with the company for 40+ years.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

Even though I get a discount for being with the company a long time, I think I pay too much. There are things in there I don't feel I need. They say they are included in the discount. I think I would rather have less for less.

American Family Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They can be a little pushy about upgrading to more expensive policies, which I don't like. I want to stick with my usual policy.

They have always come through when we needed a repair of any kind to the house, which I am very very pleased with and would recommend to others looking for a policy.

Rural Mutual Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

I like that it is a local agent that I am dealing with. I also like that the company is based in my home state instead of across the country. I like that they work with farmers and other local businesses because they seem to really care about the businesses in our state instead of just large corporations.

The only thing that I sort of dislike is that in order to purchase home and auto insurance with them, I have to be a member by paying a membership costs about $50 a year. I don't use any of the benefits offered by the membership except the ability to purchase insurance so I question is it useful to me.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

I'm sure I could find a better deal that saves me more money, but I think this plan is almost ideally perfect and has been adequate and sufficient thus far

I like that's it is local and affordable. There isn't anything else I like about it.

Ease of use is the highest thing. I feel they are very sensitive to my needs. It is very nice to have multiple financial things through one company

I like everything about it from there customer service to their great prices and friendliness. I highly recommend using all state for your home insurance

Every time I have called with a question, they have always been very helpful and able to solve my problems. They are very nice.

So far there is nothing that I have found that I do not like about the insurance company. They have always responded greatly to my needs and the price is fair.

The website and app are great. The app even lets you take pictures of damaged areas to hasten filling times. You can view all your policy in real time. If you have any problems they have a step by step guide on how to file. I enjoy this simplified approach it makes it easier for me and for them and speeds up the whole process for everyone.

I like having everything in one place. I like knowing the people at the agency and I like the way the auto claims that we have filed have been handled. I like having a large, reputable company that I know will be there for me. In other words, I am in "good hands" with Allstate

They are a very large company and in large companies, you can get lost in the paperwork. It can become very impersonal and hard to find answers.

Insurance is always too high but it is something we need. I routinely compare costs with other companies but there would have to be significant savings to switch. It's too much of a hassle.

I haven't really had anything to complain about as of yet they have taken care of anything I have requested and have been very responsive to my needs

Overall, I think Allstate is a great company. I think they have the best interest of their customers in mind and do a great job to make sure everything is communicated and is very transparent.

The company has good customer service. When I have had questions , they were able to answer most of them. Initially the way the policy was listed was difficult to understand and the options were not so clear, but after awhile I was able to determine what was the best fit for me.

I like the effectiveness of communication. Very good with words and that is a keen selling point when doing surveys like this.


They could offer some more perks or benefits, such as discounts, and could also fix their app to work more efficiently

I don't like how they charge for every small thing and that my deductible is so high. They also will not admit they are at fault for a mistake they made and will find a way for you to still pay for their mistake.

Only thing I can say I dislike is the price it my be a tad bit high but other than that I am happy with their service

assurant Home Insurance Reviews

The thing I like the most is my reduced premiums. This has been a great help in keeping more money in my pockets. I feel like I'm generally the insurance industry is not very transparent. But so far National General has been.

I don't dislike them at all. I may have reason to in the future, but I'm such a new customer that they haven't had time to aggravate me yet.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

So far I have liked working with them overall, but there are some things I would like to see change. I will look around again to see if others can beat their price.

Germantown Home Insurance Reviews

The company came highly recommended by a close family member after they have been with the company for a period of time and have had claims submitted and no problems. I wanted a company that was going to be competitive and easy to work with in a situation if a claim were to arise.

I haven't had any issues to date. I felt I have done my necessary homework and shopped various companies in order to make an educated decision.

American Family Home Insurance Reviews

What we like is that we have a local agent to deal with, one who, in theory, knows what is happening in the community.

The company should stop trying to sell other products. If we have told the company we don’t want any other insurance, why does it keep sending us junk mail?

The interaction is good but it is far too often in my opinion. I would like less interaction with my insurance agent but he is always pleasant when we interact.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

They are a well-known name and I feel that if I had an issue that they would take care of it. But, I can't say for sure because I haven't had a claim. I probably would shop around for home insurance but I don't give it a priority.

I dislike them per se but I just haven't had a whole lot of interaction with them. I'm not sure that other insurance companies would provide better service or not. I have a feeling that the customer service that I received from my insurance company is indicative of most insurance companies out there.

They are so amazing and AFFORDABLE. they make sure you explore all of your options and keep updated!

The company is very good. They work with you to make sure you get the insurance you need for the budget that you have. The best part is you can bundle all of your insurance policies with them into one discounted policy.

I like that the company has a very friendly staff. I also like the coverage they offer me I'm very impressed by what they cover for $300.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

about the only thing I don't like about them is they need to work on customer service a bit more. getting help can take some time sometimes.

Farm Bureau Home Insurance Reviews

Great customer service, agency staff that treat me like their oldest customer, good coverage at a good price.

I like that this company has local offices that I can go visit at any time and they handle any issues I have promptly. I like that they return phone calls and answer any and all questions I have right away.

They are fast and easy to work with. Friendly and helpful. They are good at updating you on things that have changed.

I checked online at other companies pricing and it was much higher then what I am currently paying. I'm not sure why it was so much higher but it was a few hundred dollars more then what I am currently paying.

Customer services are very helpful and friendly. They are quick to help with problems and solutions. They don't make you feel like it’s a burden or annoying to help you.

I like that the company handles business in a professional and friendly manner. The prices are reasonable and our agent treats us like a friend. When we needed to make a claim there was no hassle or unfriendly treatment from the company.

I covered this on the last question as well but the agent locally is very personable and personally came out to handle my damage claim. I haven't called the office many times as I usually deal online but everything is a breeze and when I have had contact they are lovely.

I've been well taken care of and have recommended them to colleagues. I deducted 1 point simply because they are a little higher than competitors but you get what you pay for with most things.

It's very user-friendly as far as seeing your policy details and coverages. Very easy to navigate and compare options and coverages you may want as well.

The annual fee. That the man felt a little sexist, or at least that he thought I was particularly ridiculous. I'm sure they laughed when I left.

I like that I am dealing with local people who live and work in my area. They seem genuinely concerned to keep me happy as a customer.

Overall I like their friendly attitude and timeliness. When I need something they are always there.

We are very happy with them, there are some things we don't like but that's every company. Its things we can get passed and move on from, They are overall a very great company and they really make you feel like family.

The only thing I can possibly dislike about the company is that I can't do my business with them through the website. However, I wouldn't change that, because it would change the things that I like about them.

You are not able to get quotes online. You can't make any changes to your account or policy online. Their website layout is not made neatly. It can be confusing.

I dislike a little that the website is a little much for me to navigate and that I think more should be covered in my policy, but I also understand that with my monthly payment, it seems pretty fair.

I feel like their communication is lacking a bit, but that's just a small hill. It isn't anything that makes or break, They just need to get more information out to the customers and make you feel more included in certain aspects.

I dislike one of the employees at the front desk. She can be rude sometimes, but shes not always there.

Peninsula Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like that we were able to settle our claim and all things involved in filing the claim very quickly and without any drama. It is also very apparent that our premiums have not escalated in the years that we have been insured by them.

Meemic Insurance Home Insurance Reviews


The Meemic website is really easy to navigate. I enjoy the fact that it's easily accessible and there is also always someone there to assist you if you are having trouble finding something.

I can call whenever I have questions. Documentation of new services or paperwork needed is sent quickly and without much hassle.

I think it is an excellent company, but with all insurance, we are paying for everybody. Cost keep rising for a service that I never use.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

I dislike the company as a whole on a small level because claims take too long. They also want to lock you into what repair places you work with, and if you have your own repairman that you like, they might at first refuse to deal with him.

They have always been very dependable and always got back with us as soon as possible when we needed them.

State Farm is a very reputable insurance company. It meets all our family's needs and although their rates seem a little high compared to others, we are very pleased and would not switch at this point.

Overall the company is great, the agent who cares for her policyholders, great office help they help with paperwork and everything when need be, I mean couldn't ask for more.

Given that we don't have many other choices, I'd say State Farm performs pretty well as an insurance company. The agents around here are all very helpful.

The company’s policies are good and the insured amount and the premium levied are reasonable.

It's a bit of date considering how modern web pages look. I would like them to update the look and feel to make things easier to find.

I do not like our premiums. I feel like they are entirely too high for the lines we have with them, and the coverages we have. I am also not a huge fan of the insurance cards...they are a bit flimsy and smear when wet.

Well interaction between them and mostly they spend more than an hour with us

I feel that the premium we have with State Farm is a good price. I recently shopped for other coverage, and the premium was much higher with the other companies.

At this time there is nothing I do not like about the company. I have never filed a claim so I'm not sure if they would be easy to work with or not.

I appreciate that the claim representative who helped my family was compassionate and understood State Farm policy in such a way that allowed her to explain everything to us in layman's terms. The process was expedient and pleasant.

The company has been in business for a long time and has processes in place to handle claims. I like that the claims I have filed are processed and paid for without any haggling or dragging of feet on their part.

everyone else wanted to charge me over $1000 for a premium because of where my home is located and buildings around it

I like that State Farm is a large insurer with a broad network. I also like that I can bundle services with them. And I like having an agent who can assist me with issues.

There is really nothing that I can say that I dislike our insurance company. They have done everything that I would expect them to do.

customer support is on point. very friendly, prompt and helpful. no complaints so far after 2 filed claims. app and website are organized and easy to use.

They have a strong history in the industry and have proven to be reliable. They will be there when I need them, I don't have to worry.

It's a one-stop shop! And lets you bundle home and auto for great discounts. The rates are fare and fairly stable. I've been a loyal customer for years now and feel that we have a bond.

I like my agent and his staff, the company itself is pretty much on average for my needs with other companies I have used or have gotten quotes from.

I've always had good experiences and the rates seem to be about the same as any other company. Good customer service I really don't have much experience with other companies

My experience is freaking awesome with my homeowners insurance, they are very polite and sensitive to my needs.

The payments were not spread out as much as I would have liked. Being on a budget, and having excess costs involved with the items needed fixing, I would have appreciated more leniency on that.

I really do not like that the company sends my bill to the bank first then I get a copy, should be the other way around I think but that's just me.

I have no reason to dislike them. They are a reputable company, and the only thing I can think of is my general distaste for large corporations in this day and age. They have too much power in general, but I find little if any reason to dislike this outfit other than that general opinion.

the customer assistance and paperwork seem to be a drag but that's just how the ball roll when you are trying to make a claim.

I can't say that I dislike anything about them. They have always been good to us. It may change if we ever have a claim to go to them with.

State Farm is an excellent insurance company. However, I feel their rates overall are quite high compared to say, Geico. I wouldn't switch though.

I do not dislike the company at all. I am very satisfied with it and will continue to use it.

Wisconsin Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, I really like the open communication, honesty, and attention to detail. The company really tries hard to make sure that customers feel empowered and cared for. Overall, that is the biggest draw for me.

I like that it has a good value policy, an easy website, and excellent customer service. Overall I am very happy with them.

MAPFRE Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Out of all the insurance companies, Mapfre provides the best customer service and are VERY responsive. They don't try to fight/dispute claims if they're legitimate. They'll process them quickly so that you can get the repairs done right away.

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