Top Virginia Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Virginia Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 19.29
Allstate 9.67
Geico -
Erie Insurance 5.81
National General -
Travelers 9.02
Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company -
Safeco Insurance -
Alfa Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Donegal Mutual Insurance Company -
Farmers Insurance 2.43
Esurance -
Farmer's Insurance -
Liberty Mutual 5.98
Peninsula Insurance -
USAA 16.52
Capital one -
Progressive -
Alpha Alliance -
Direct -
Nationwide 8.5
Grange Insurance -
MetLife -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the helpfulness, ease of access and changes to policies. It's always a simple process in any dealings I've had with them.

I would question the amount of money that is spent on national TV advertising their product. Spending a lot of money advertising product.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

I like that the customer service reps are helpful and knowledgeable. The wait time is short

The insurance adjuster doesn't communicate with the other party (neighbors) well and they really try to lowball what they want to pay out, making it difficult to get quality repairs done

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I am satisfied with my company. They are pleasant to deal with and offer a wide range of services. I have never had a real issue with them and I believe that if something bad ever happens with my home, they will protect us and give us the money we need.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

People response very quick and helpful

I don't dislike anything although it would be nice to pay even less than I do. I don't pay attention too much to this all and my wife pays the bills more than I do.

Alpha Alliance Home Insurance Reviews

What I like most about them is that they are a simple, efficient company who takes customer service very seriously. I never feel apprehensive about calling them because they do everything possible to handle any issues with as little inconvenience to me as possible.

Though I really have no complaints, one thing that I do think they should do is send out a mailer once or twice a year with news about their products. Not receiving unwanted mail or e-mail is very nice considering I get so much of it from seemingly every other company I deal with, but it would be nice to be reminded about what products and additional coverages they offer.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

They hit the sweet spot in terms of price and performance for a company. I'd recommend them to anyone.

The only thing I dislike is them requiring a hard copy to be sent for changes made to the account. I only need e-mail and in-app notifications/messages.

Direct Home Insurance Reviews

great customer service, great premiums, fast response time to claims, phone and online very friendly and courteous, great customer service hours

Grange Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

What I like about grange is the fact that they are cheaper than pretty much everyone that I called when I had a bad credit score so that was a great value

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

It seems like the average insurance company, I also do my car insurance there and I get nice discounts.

I like the quick payment.

The size is overwhelming, You can get lost in the phone tree if you are not careful, if you find a person find their number.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews


They are very professional and caring. My claim was handled in less than a week. Awesome company glad to be a customer.

I like the communication channel. I can contact them directly with their toll free number and clear my doubts. The thing I don’t like is that I have to wait too much on call before I get connected to the agent

Overall there is nothing I dislike about Geico. Sometimes if you call at a certain time of day it takes them a few extra minutes to come on line but that is all.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, I like the history I have had with the company and with the agents even though it has changed hands several times. They are quick to respond and to pay fairly.

I have been with them for a long time. They are a trusted brand and an industry leader. The people they hire are generally professional and effective in handling all my need. Very rarely do I have an unsatisfactory interaction with their agents. The features and coverage they offer are on par with their competitors. The claim process and making online payment is relatively pain-free and even less tech savvy individual can easily handle it on their own

I am not sure that there is really anything that special about the company other than they provide the insurance for the price they agreed upon.

Overall, I do not like how difficult Allstate makes it get a full roof replacement when there is hail damage. They only want to replace the portions of the roof that are damaged even though this will not look right and the whole thing needs to be replaced. I have heard of other insurance companies that do not cause the hassle Allstate does with the roof claims.

I don't like how they increase my premium after 1 claim even though I claimed free for years. I also didn't care for the push to switch to paperless. The wait time to talk to an agent on the phone can be long during peak time. I also hope they never outsource their call center to oversea.

Capital one Home Insurance Reviews

There are several things we like about USAA Ins. We like the pricing, the customer service and how they are dedicated to active duty and veterans of the military.

We have not had 1 bad experience with USAA so there is nothing that we dislike about them.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

My insurance company is very friendly, helpful and amazingly priced. I have no need to change or move around and I do not plan to do so ever

They have slowly increased their rates over the years. However this year it took a large jump adding almost $40 to my bill. Property value has increased but it not that much compared to previous years

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I haven't had a bad experience with my insurance company, probably why I’ve been with them for over 20 years. I guess if I really had to choose a dislike it would be lower premiums and deductible.

I had outrageous premium quotes before and I chose them because they had great policies for the cheaper premium and haven't had a problem

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they're very competitive with/cheaper than the other policies I have shopped around. My agent is great at making sure I am taken care of in any way they can and keep it personable with me given it's a large company.

They were very quick to send out an adjuster when I had to make a claim after a hurricane and the amount they paid for the damage seemed fair

The office is great to deal with. They don't make me feel stupid and I can talk to them at any time..

Very satisfied. I would rather a lower premium but despite my loyalty, it seems to rise slightly every year. Otherwise, I am happy with the service provided.

I like the professionalism and the courtesy of the insurance company. My needs have been met and I would not change insurance companies.

I am very pleased with every part of my experience with this insurance company. They have great customer service.

Only thing I really dislike is that they're a larger company so it has some of the pains that come with that (i.e the clunkier website, having to wait to speak with a rep on the phone if I ever need to call something in). Overall I don't have much negative to say.

I wish my deductible could be lowered without such a large increase in my monthly payments

I have not had any claims so I only have positive things to say about the company. I have not had any negative interactions thus far.

I wish I could purchase new coverage directly over the website without having to go through an agent. That would make everything much easier, but in the end, that is not that big of a deal

The only thing I don’t like about this company, is that I can’t add or delete my own cars on site.

I would like to see more discounts offered for long time customers who have not filed claims, or some other kind of discounts.

There really isn't anything I don't like. I think it's great.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

The only issue I have as stated previously is with their app. You can't really access the Dec page and all coverage on the app. The reliability of the app could use some work also.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

They are very friendly to me on the phone. They have an outstanding phone application that I can use to answer about 80% of my questions. When they process a claim (I had a car accident about a year ago) it was within a couple of days, and it was painless. Before USAA I was a member of a very large insurance company (I'll mention the name) that was short, unprofessional and took forever to process a car accident claim. That is why I love USAA so much.

This is not a unique dislike, but I don't like it that I have to pay a deductible at all. I would rather that my monthly payments were a little higher.

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