Top Virginia Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Virginia Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 19.29
Allstate 9.67
Geico -
Erie Insurance 5.81
Farmer's Insurance -
Liberty Mutual 5.98
Progressive -
Travelers 9.02
Nationwide 8.5
USAA 16.52
Grange Insurance -
Westfield Insurance -
Alfa Insurance -
Assurant Specialty Property -
MetLife -
National General -
Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company -
Direct -
Safeco Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Donegal Mutual Insurance Company -
Farmers Insurance 2.43
Esurance -
Peninsula Insurance -
Capital one -
Alpha Alliance -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

National General Home Insurance Reviews

Honestly, I think for what I pay my coverage is very good. I hope I don't have to file any claims but when I do I know I won't have to worry about much.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

People response very quick and helpful

What I e Really truly enjoy the company overall is their commitment to their customers. This is marked by their first in class customer service and great attention to detail.

Prices are the best out there. Easy to use. Great communication and friendly service.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

They are based in Florida and I don't have a sense of how big, reliable, friendly, etc they are.

Direct Home Insurance Reviews

great customer service, great premiums, fast response time to claims, phone and online very friendly and courteous, great customer service hours

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

They are very professional and caring. My claim was handled in less than a week. Awesome company glad to be a customer.


I like the communication channel. I can contact them directly with their toll free number and clear my doubts. The thing I don’t like is that I have to wait too much on call before I get connected to the agent

Overall, I like both insurance carriers. I have had others in the past but they weren't as helpful or polite.

Communication with intrusive has never been easier. .They answer all your questions and do there best to solve the problem before you hang up the phone

The premium is slightly expensive. Also for whatever reason, the app always requires me to sign in and won't remember me device or username.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they were able to beat my current price and that communication has been ok so far. I really like the online chat feature to be able to handle most things.

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

It seems like the average insurance company, I also do my car insurance there and I get nice discounts.

I like the quick payment.

The company was well represented by it's employees. From the sales person I worked with to the customer service representative that answered my questions, it was a good experience.

Communication has always been good. Friendly, timely and proactive. I have nothing negative to say about Erie insurance company

It's an insurance company. It's big business. Insurance costs are way high and I think could be available for much less.

Very smooth operating and best cost around. I was easily able to get the policy that's right for me and they ensure they I am most happy with everything as well.

Alfa Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

It has its privilege, it is good and safe. Not every other company can meet your expectations

At this point, I have not had any negative interactions with the company. I like their local presence and that it is local people who respond.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Amica communication is perfect all the way down to sending greeting cards for specials occasions. when there is a change in anything with the company the customers are the first to know about it.

Donegal Mutual Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

I like the company because it has a good reputation, offers good services & fair premiums, pays claims it a timely and pleasing fashion and has very good packaged covers.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the helpfulness, ease of access and changes to policies. It's always a simple process in any dealings I've had with them.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

They hit the sweet spot in terms of price and performance for a company. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I had outrageous premium quotes before and I chose them because they had great policies for the cheaper premium and haven't had a problem

I haven't had a bad experience with my insurance company, probably why I’ve been with them for over 20 years. I guess if I really had to choose a dislike it would be lower premiums and deductible.

I have my own personal agent and even when it switched to someone knew, all of the files and notes were transferred. I never felt any inconvenience from that. The payments are extremely easy to make, not because of the price but because of the payment system.

I don't like the fact that you can't add/drop autos online. It has to be done in person. The office has extremely limited hours so I have to take off work in order to get there during their hours. However, the rates can't be beaten. I try every 2-3 years and can't beat them. So I take the inconveniences in favor of affordable coverage.

Personal contact and quick resolution of open questions. If my main contact isn't available, someone else picks up the work within the same workweek, typically.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

My insurance company is very friendly, helpful and amazingly priced. I have no need to change or move around and I do not plan to do so ever

It is basic, no frills. It duplicates the functions available through the website. It links to my camera app so I can easily send photos to back up claims.

I like the insurance company overall because our claims have been handled quickly and correctly, the first time. We received acceptable amounts of money. These amounts were what we expected, but policy owners never truly know until a claim is settled.

I like that the company is user-friendly, respectful of my time, and offers competitive premiums. This is the combination of things I require, and lack of these things moved me to leave my past insurer.

I don't specifically dislike my insurance company. However, I do dislike paying for insurance that I will likely never use, and that will likely cancel my policy should I ever need to use it.

Peninsula Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The ease of services and the amount of coverage is very reasonably priced. I also like working through my agent to handle these affairs.

Assurant Specialty Property Home Insurance Reviews

The only thing I dislike is that at some times, getting through to management can be a complete hassle. In addition, talking to the sales people can be a pain point as well.

I like that the services are good, and the premiums and deductible are relatively low for what I have to pay them for.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I am satisfied with my company. They are pleasant to deal with and offer a wide range of services. I have never had a real issue with them and I believe that if something bad ever happens with my home, they will protect us and give us the money we need.

I am very happy with my insurance company. Overall I have a great experience and have received great customer service from my insurance company. It is a very good relationship for me and it works nice and smooth.

I like the company because my parents used it and when the house became mine, they helped with the transition.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

They are very friendly to me on the phone. They have an outstanding phone application that I can use to answer about 80% of my questions. When they process a claim (I had a car accident about a year ago) it was within a couple of days, and it was painless. Before USAA I was a member of a very large insurance company (I'll mention the name) that was short, unprofessional and took forever to process a car accident claim. That is why I love USAA so much.

There is not an in person office for USAA, but that doesn't bother me much, it was just the worst I could think of.

The only thing that I could dislike is that they do not have a local offices.

Grange Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

What I like about grange is the fact that they are cheaper than pretty much everyone that I called when I had a bad credit score so that was a great value

Here is the problem with customer service can you say outsourced? that's the biggest Issue that I have you always talk to a foreigner when you want an American

I like everything about my company. They offered me affordable coverage when other companies wouldn't at all so no complaints here.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, I like the history I have had with the company and with the agents even though it has changed hands several times. They are quick to respond and to pay fairly.

I have been with them for a long time. They are a trusted brand and an industry leader. The people they hire are generally professional and effective in handling all my need. Very rarely do I have an unsatisfactory interaction with their agents. The features and coverage they offer are on par with their competitors. The claim process and making online payment is relatively pain-free and even less tech savvy individual can easily handle it on their own

I am not sure that there is really anything that special about the company other than they provide the insurance for the price they agreed upon.

Overall, Allstate has been a friendly and courteous company to deal with. Anytime I’ve ever needed anything, they have been there to help me through the process.

overall I feel that allstate is one of those best bang for your bucks company's where my dollar really stretches and I get a phenomenal bit of coverage for my home and auto

In general, I like it, the good service, the customer service, how accessible is the insurance policy and the benefits they offer

in my opinion it is one of the most reliable companies in the market, and its plans are adjusted to my needs, its service in general I liked it a lot

Customer service is great, they are always friendly and helpful and if they feel they can save you money they do not hesitate to offer advice,

Other than I think the auto premiums are too high there is nothing that I dislike about this company. I have no interest in switching if that is the purpose of this hit

It's easy to navigate but trying to figure out where the breakdown of everything is difficult. Also, it takes forever to even find the pdf on the site.

Communication from this company is good, they came out within two days to evaluate the value of a house and give quotes for insurance and worked with us to find the best value and coverage we needed.

i loved there customer support system I Love "AllState" when I had a problem you went out of your way, you have a top executive call to make the problem go away,I am in good hands.

My insurance company is honest, reputable and stable. The information they provide to me is clear and concise. All employees of the insurance agents have been polite and professional.

I am satisfied with how the customer service has been along with the premiums. The claim process was easy and the website is up to date.

Capital one Home Insurance Reviews

There are several things we like about USAA Ins. We like the pricing, the customer service and how they are dedicated to active duty and veterans of the military.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

I think I pay more to use MetLife as compared to a smaller insurance company with less overhead. But the service and comfort of knowing I had good coverage are worthwhile. I know my claims are covered.

they make it easy to pay, communicate, and get more information on our claim. They are very informative and competent staff and I greatly appreciate our premium being deducted before taxes

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

I like that the customer service reps are helpful and knowledgeable. The wait time is short

Often then the initial purchase, I never really had to deal with the insurance company for home insurance needs. Given this, I'd give this a "3", as I have no idea as to its quality or accessibility.

overall I am very pleased with my insurance company, they provide fast and friendly answers

I have had the same insurance company for many years and I have never at this time found anything that has made me unhappy with my choice nor has I found anything that I dislike.

I like the customer service. I am always able to speak to someone if and when I have a question.

Alpha Alliance Home Insurance Reviews

What I like most about them is that they are a simple, efficient company who takes customer service very seriously. I never feel apprehensive about calling them because they do everything possible to handle any issues with as little inconvenience to me as possible.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they're very competitive with/cheaper than the other policies I have shopped around. My agent is great at making sure I am taken care of in any way they can and keep it personable with me given it's a large company.

They were very quick to send out an adjuster when I had to make a claim after a hurricane and the amount they paid for the damage seemed fair

The office is great to deal with. They don't make me feel stupid and I can talk to them at any time..

Very satisfied. I would rather a lower premium but despite my loyalty, it seems to rise slightly every year. Otherwise, I am happy with the service provided.

I like the professionalism and the courtesy of the insurance company. My needs have been met and I would not change insurance companies.

I am very pleased with every part of my experience with this insurance company. They have great customer service.

They always answer the phone, but hardly ever call back if requested.

There is nothing else to say that I haven't already covered in this survey. We love our insurance policy and company and have no problems with it.

The representatives at the insurance company worked very quickly when there are certain problems. They call the customers back to provide answers if the answer is not readily available when the customers call in.

They cover a lot and takes care of things when the times come and that gives me relief.

Our experience with interaction with State Farm has been stellar. They have always been very professional and excellent in providing us with as much information as we need and have handled our claims in a very timely manner.

Our premium is the best we have found and we searched for quite some time on different companies who offered similar policies. When researching most of the other companies had a very high deductible that if we had any problems we wouldn't be able to even afford the deductible, let alone the policy itself.

I compare and look around and I think that pound for pound I get the most for my money. The price is competitive and the customer service is great

I honestly do not dislike anything about them.

I believe all of my previous answers would indicate my reasons for liking the company overall.

They could have allowed me to claim storm damage to the home even though I was not living at the home at the time. It wouldn't have cost them much to make the few repairs I needed to be done.

I have had state farm for over 20 years. They cover my home and auto. I have heard they are one of the more expensive but they provide good coverage from what I have witnessed.

Primarily we like the pricing on our policies and the discounts provided for multiple lines of insurance through them. We also like the quality of customer service interactions.

I have no issues with my insurance company. My auto premiums are lower than any other company I've ever tried, by a substantial margin. My home insurance is reasonable when compared to premiums of other people I know.

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