Top Texas Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Texas Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 21.49
Allstate 12.68
Geico -
American Summit Insurance -
Liberty Mutual 8.16
National General -
Safeco Insurance -
Alfa Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Esurance -
Allied Mutual -
Travelers 3.67
RVOS Insurance -
Blue Cross Blue Shield -
Pronto Insurance -
Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Company -
Saferoad Insurance -
Progressive 2.19
Texan Insurance -
Farmers Insurance 10.91
Farmer's Insurance -
Nationwide 3.02
MetLife -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they are a very hands-off company. Communication only occurs when necessary without any spam mail.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, the company is pretty good. The only downside is that the website is not very user-friendly which can make it hard to use.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

I am satisfied with the level of service without a doubt although I have never had to put in a claim yet. I think they have done a good job overall but I do wish the prices were a little lower (but that would be said with any company)

I guess the only thing I can say that I dislike honestly would be the price. I know insurance is necessary and even required in some cases but it sure is expensive. I understand why this is so but I think that we could all use cheaper insurance across the board. I am paying out quite a bit (at least I think it is) in the home, auto, health and life insurances.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I really do wish they would send us paperwork about our policy and the premiums as consistently as our car insurance. I also wish the premiums were a little lower, but again they are on par with other companies so I know we are not getting screwed.

RVOS Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The main thing that I like about this company is that they will ensure a home wherever it is. They do not have a requirement for needing a home to be near a fire hydrant and that is a plus for homes that are in rural communities as they lack fire hydrants.

The main thing that I dislike about this company is there yearly increase of rates without prior notification. They send out the increase in the renewal statement. I think that if they are going to increase rates they need to notify the customer at least two months before the renewal is due. I also do not like having to contact my agent for everything. I would like to just call the company in order to get questions answered.

QVE Home Insurance Reviews

It is a very easy company to do business with they are always open to receive phone calls. Every time I called it I had a person on the phone in a flash

They have a really high deductible. That is not really their fault but the fault of the plan that we are in

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

Everything has been good so far. I shopped all the major insurance companies in my area and Esurance offered me the best deal.

The only knock I have is my premiums on both my home and auto were bumped up a bit from the initial quote they gave me. My wife was in a minor accident a few years back and once they saw that it bumped up the prices a bit. I understand the auto, but bumping up the homeowner's policy seemed like bull crap to me.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I really like everything about them They are reasonable on their rates, they pick up when I call and I haven't had an issue with them yet

They are awesome when I need to call and change anything.

It was slow in time of handling businesses

There really isn't anything that I dislike. They really know what they are doing and I would recommend them to a friend in an instant

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews


I like that the company is family focused and the agent that I have dealt with seems to genuinely be a nice person and he wanted to help me and my family.

The only thing I do like about Allstate is that with them I do not have to worry about anything because I am 100% covered no matter what happens

Again, I am overall satisfied by the insurance company that I am currently using. The responsiveness about inquiries into policy questions could be a little quicker. However, other aspects of the service are well done.


I don't like the monthly cost and think that it is too high for the coverage that I get I would like to get it lowered if possible but for right now I am still willing to pay it because they met all of my needs.

I really do not like how pricey they are. Allstate has really dug a hole in my pocket over the years. They also have terrible customer service. 2/5

This goes back to the responsiveness of inquiries that I have had about policy questions that I have had. I wish the live question feature was a little bit easier and smoother than currently constructed. Thank you.

Allied Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

As someone who has multiple policies to cover my main residence and rentals, I have a diversified need, ranging from low to high risk properties. They are able to provide for me products to fit my needs. I feel their higher end products are a bit lacking, but the majority meets and exceeds my needs. Additionally, many of my complaints could be solved by trying for a different policy for my main residence, one that would better fit my needs.

Their higher end products just don't cut it for me. I have gotten quotes from other companies and they are better in what they provide, and cheaper. I have thought about going in with that information to cut a better deal. I would prefer to work with just one company for all of my policies. But I am not sure if I will be able to get a better deal.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, I am very satisfied with the customer service of the company. They have always been responsive and very helpful.

Overall, I really dislike the company's mobile app. It would never properly load on my phone and was very frustrating.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

Never have any problems minus the one time I explained earlier it has been good and I like the company overall I think they are good and have great customer service.

I have absolutely zero complaints about the company other than the fact that it's insurance, which is just a big scam and I don't agree with at all. I don't think insurance should be mandated for anything but that's life

Only the one problem I had earlier wit the random 11 dollar charge but it was cleared up and they told me why and it wasn't too bad overall. Great company and I will stay with them for awhile.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I live in a small town and I personally know my insurance agent. The customer service is excellent they are like a good neighbor

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

They are friendly and down to earth, they listen and do not try to get out of paying you, your money.

I really like this company and feel very loyal to them. I'm read to compare prices but I'll probably still stick with them. They have always covered my damage with no hassles.

Easy online access: You can get quotes online, and also access your account online for convenience. This is very friendly to the insurance holders

I really like that I feel like I truly have someone representing me. I can pick up the phone or drop by the office and immediately get the help I need or the question I have answered. I also like that they are so proactive, calling me directly instead of via mail or electronic means of communication.

I like how they are nationally known, I don't want a fly by night place. I also like how they are with their customers most of the time when there is a problem or question. I also like that I can call them most of the time anytime and someone is there.

This company, by allowing me to bundle my auto policy with my home policy, is helping me save a lot of money which is great for budget-minded people like myself. They are super friendly and knowledgeable about their product. They make me feel like family when I speak to them, whether in person or on the phone.

I like the fact that the company stands behind their reputation and offers superior coverage for a decent rate. They aren't the cheapest, but as in many things, you get what you pay for. With State Farm we know we are paying for peace of mind, as they have proven to us time and again with the claims we have had to file in the past.

They are reputable, they have experience, they have been in my community for decades, they know insurance and the homes here.

cost seems a bit steep for this area as my parents has the same policy and they pay about 250 .

The only thing I don't like is my new rate on my new car. It seems like it jumped way up from what it was with my older car. There really is nothing else to dislike with this company.

It is expensive but I understand that is what it costs to live in a nice home. I wish it costed less.

I wish that the rates were a little bit lower. I realize the excellent customer service that I get makes up for that but it would still be nice to not have to pay as much as I am, especially knowing that there are lower rate providers out there.

The need overnight customer service people, not just claims or sales. I really don't like that if say I get off work at 3am I can't get ahold of someone.

There is absolutely nothing I dislike about the company. If there was one thing I'd have to dislike, it would be the location since they happen to be located across town from where I live, but that's just being picky.

There isn't anything that I dislike about the company. Locally, I haven't heard any complaints about them, except for people complaining about rates. In that case, again, you are getting a premium product so that cost may be a little more. For me, I prefer knowing that my home and personal property are protected as well as it can be.

The prices could be lower, this would be nice, but I understand it is a trade off for their excellent service.

American Summit Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I don't really know how my premium and coverage compare to other insurance companies as I have not shopped around for many years. When I speak with friends and relatives, they seem to pay similar amounts for similar coverage.

We had a water damage claim a few years back and the process from my first phone call to the end was excellent.

They were there when I needed them and never any issue at all thru the entire claim process. My premium even went down a few dollars the following year.

Texan Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Overall I really like the company. I did call a few months ago with some questions about some mold that showed up in my home. They were very helpful even though mold is not covered under my current policy.

There isn't anything I really dislike about the company. I think the deductible is kind of high but it seems average in this area. I guess for the value of the home it all evens out.

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