Top Tennessee Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Tennessee Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 24.79
Allstate 7.53
Erie Insurance 3.9
Geico -
Liberty Mutual 7.49
Progressive -
Farmer's Insurance -
Travelers 3.52
American Home Shield -
Nationwide 4.11
Grange Insurance -
MetLife -
Farmers Insurance 4.13
American General -
Country Financial -
Amica -
Westfield Insurance -
National General -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Safeco Insurance -
State Auto -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Westfield Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They have excellent customer. service skills and are all individually good people in their own rights.

National General Home Insurance Reviews

It's an insurance company...they are what they are - a necessary evil in life. My present company provides the services for which I pay the premiums. There is nothing specific to like or dislike about the company.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

Again they are average. They only communicate when premium is due or when I have to call and get some information. Their answers usually are more than satisfactory.

The company is great. They process my payment on time and if I have any questions, I call my local agent.

Besides the fact that they do not cover, I have no complaints. They are very cordial and they have covered every claim we have ever sent to them. They also had prompt service and have reasonable prices.

Nothing yet. They are a reputable company and so far for us, they are doing a fair job.

Grange Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

What I like about them is the price point and the fact that they offer monthly payments which a lot of companies at least around here do not offer for my credit

So far no claims have been made so I really haven't had to deal with them over the phone too much I just don't like that it's all outsourced now

I like how they are professional in all areas. They treat me like a valued customer every time I contact them. There is nothing more I can ask for.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

Overall I think they are one of the best insurance companies out there, They make everything simple for your access, You pay a very reasonable price.

I like the cost for what I'm getting (including coverage for personal belongings lost) and the fact that I can lump all of the insurance policies that I have into one place.

The company is okay even though I haven't had to place any sort of home insured claim. My premiums and deductibles could be a little lower but I personally wouldn't change to another company unless it was cheaper by a substantial amount.

I like the feel of the company and how welcoming they are. They're also really relaxed and they don't pressure you into getting covered you truly don't want.

I like that the company is correct and that it helps me with the security and tranquility of my home

I really do not dislike much about my company other than the occasional slow wait time on the phone.

There isn't anything we dislike about them as of this time.

Sometimes, agents can overlook things and are not necessarily trained as well as they could have been. A little more attention to customer service would be nice to ensure that your clients are getting everything that they've paid for.

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I have been with this company for many years. I have never had an issue with the company. Affordable prices.

I like that it is huge. They will never go bankrupt or fail they are too big to fail and the government will step in if necessary.

The company always keeps customers in the loop of any changes that are going to take place so that there are no surprises. They send a monthly newsletter to your home with some good valuable information.

The premium is excellent. I have shopped around in the past and by far Erie beat the "other" competitors pricing by a lot. They are very affordable.

I am satisfied with my insurance company at this point in time. They seem to be doing a great job from the communication we have had.

I feel that I receive very good service from the local agent. I feel that I receive a great value with my premium. I have not been able to find the same coverage for less elsewhere. They provide what I am looking for; prompt service, immediate updates at a reasonable price.

There is nothing that I dislike about the company. I have no complaints at the moment.

Some things that I dislike about the company is that they do not include loss of use within the policy. That would be something I would like to have in the future.

There isn't anything I really dislike. I wish the premiums were lower.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they have been the cheapest and their customer service is really good. Their options for getting in touch with them are also very good. Overall I am happy.

American Home Shield Home Insurance Reviews

They have great customer service and their representatives are clear and knowledgable about their systems and products. The prices are always the lowest quoted from agents I've met and their stellar AM Best rating keeps me feeling in good hands.

I like that my home insurance company offers rate bundling, provides broad coverage, and has excellent customer service that is responsive and clear when I have a question or issue that needs resolving.

Pretty much what I have been saying all along. They cover me without fighting me, they have great customer service, and they have a very rapid response time.

Their products are very confusing. Maybe it's just me but home insurance is very complex and I do not fully understand what I am buying. I wish they did a better job at explaining what is covered in simple terms, rather than rely on me reading their complex policies.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

What I like the most about the company is their attentiveness to our needs. We always feel like we are treated as very important and a high priority.

There's not much to say here. I guess our premiums could be lower, but they are already better than what we expected.

AIG Home Insurance Reviews

I like my local agent, and I like that the company was ultimately quite fair in the amount that they offered for our claim.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

There is nothing that I dislike about this company. They have been pretty good to me so far and I appreciate how they work with me.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I really like their premium rates and customer service they are with me in tough times, and there is nothing I could complain about

The thing I like about the company overall is that its easy to understand policies, no gimmicks and fair in prices

I don't really use the website/app. I only use it for paying the bill and for that purpose the site is fine to navigate.

I like Farmers, because they are responsive, reasonably priced, are very knowledgeable of the business, I like it that a coworker referred me to them saying they were a good company. Word of mouth say more about a companies reputation than any amount of advertising..

I love the company and its history. I think that they have covered many people in bad weather conditions.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I havent had to use them for anything yet but so far when I got the insruance it was the most cost effecient.

Overall, it's an honest and respectful company, no hassle ever. They're very hospitable whenever I had a situation which needs to be resolved.

No negative issues with the company so far, hope it stays that way and I never have to claim anything from them.

I like my insurance company because I have not had any issues which is great. If I had issues, I would replace them with another company. My insurance provider is fairly quiet until they need something from me which is how I like it to be.

I havent had to use them for anything yet but so far when I got the insruance it was the most cost effecient, yet I have heard other family members telling me they have had hard times with their claims.

I like this company simply because it has been an easy process to change to them a couple years ago. Alson, the rates were better for better coverage. The company is a large stable one too.

Too hard to get in touch with.Too expensive considering the value of our home. Have not upgraded enough with technology, internet.

The only complaint I have is the amount of spam I receive from them. If I wanted to buy more things from them I would contact them.

State Auto Home Insurance Reviews

They've never done anything to change my opinion of them and if my agent thinks they're good for me, I trust his judgment.

American General Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they take the time to make sure all the claims are taken care of correctly. They either come out or send an inspector to check out the work done on all claims and make sure it was fixed correctly and they also make sure it looks right not wanting it to look like you had work done and didn't fix the entire room.

I dislike that at times they can take the liberty of hiring their own contractors because sometimes they can have a busy schedule and want to rush the work and you have to micro manage them to make sure they aren’t cutting corner. I think if they would allow me to find someone locally I would have a better chance at getting better service and maybe saving them some money in the long run.

Country Financial Home Insurance Reviews

I really enjoy its easy to use format and how simple it is to navigate it. It is also very pleasing to look at.

I wish their web presence was better than it currently is and a mobile app would be nice as well. Other than that, I think their management and staff are a little old and reluctant to try out new things which will hurt them in the long run.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

the company is n different from any other company, I need insurance so therefore i have it, i try not to use it but if i do need it i have it.

I feel that they provide sufficient communication with regard to policy changes, new products, and new services. They don't inundate me with email, mailings, of phone calls.

I have not had anything that I disliked about this company. They are the best and probably one of the best customer service places I've had to deal with

I guess if I had to pick something it would be cost, but I don't think that I would get a better value from anyone else.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

I think the company is solid and reputable across the board. Of course, no one company is perfect and All-State can definitely stand to improve in a couple of departments but I feel good knowing I have the coverage I do.

I wish that premiums weren't so high and I wish that my plan covered more. I also wish that Allstate offered more incentives to keep me as a customer, like discounts for long-time customers and various deals for bundling different services.

Have never visited the mobile app, but the website seems to have all the information I need if I have any questions. Nothing spectacular though.

I like the company policies and their housing loans and educational loans and other loans, claiming process, communication with customers and responses to the customer

We found this plan in particular to give us the most coverage for the least amount of premium

Very easy to use. I like my agent and his team I've always had great service. It's also nice to know that the back office is always there to if I need them.

I particularly appreciate the customer service provided by this company. I switched from a different insurance company where everything was automated. With Allstate, I talk directly to one of two people in my agents office and this increases confidence and makes the process much easier for filing claims when necessary.

I don't know if it could be anywhere else, because besides for the coverage I'm not sure about, I don't know what else to go towards an overall I suppose it's fine

Allstate is easy to understand, easy to get a hold of if have a question or issue. The one time we had to file a claim they were easy to work with and processed our claim quickly and fairly.

So far, the customer service I've experienced with them has been very positive. They're well known and can answer my questions.

I am constantly receiving emails and letters in the mail from them letting me know when the next payment is due or offering some other kind of umbrella insurance for extra protection.

I like the ease of using Allstate's website and mobile application, the customer service that is provided both over the phone and in person, the rates and discounts that the company provides and the cost of my plan and its premiums.

Allstate could have much better online services for checking on your account, changing your information and getting quotes online. They need to improve both their online and app options for both auto and home insurance.

I have been with Allstate for over 20 years. i like this company because if i have problem i hear back for someone in hours not days.

I really like Allstate they are probably in my top 3 choices of best insurance companies I have ever dealt with and plan on sticking with them for the rest of the loan on my home

I like that the website is easy to use, it is easy to talk to my agent and I have no worries about the coverage except the cost may be.

Overall, I like that the company took a chance on us after our previous company dropped us. I like that my entire property will be covered for whatever I may need in the future and I hope to stay with them for a long time.

There isn't really anything I don't like about Allstate. Maybe it would be better if I could talk to a real person 24/7, but other than that everything is perfect.

The company could provide better services and features. There could be more interactive or online services provided and more explanation in the types of coverage available.

The site is not very user-friendly. The set up is slow and unclear, and the commands are ineffective. This often results in loops. The colors are pleasing. They are better on the phone, customer service is good.

Amica Home Insurance Reviews

Well, in a world when all you here is how the insurance company is out for only themselves, that is not the case with them. They put me first and was always looking out for me.

I don't have any issues with them. I know in the future this might change, but as for now, I am satisfied with them and have recommended them to my family and friends.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

The pricing is comparable to others but I wish I was paying less then what I am paying currently. I feel like it is always going up and never going down.

I like everything, I have not had any problem with the company

I have no complaints with the customer service. We recently had homeowners claim and it was handled very promptly and satisfactorily.

AIG Home Insurance Reviews

Their premium is slightly greater compared to others. They don’t have an office in my city.

It’s very easy to use and user friendly. I can manage all data from the app. The process of renewing and claiming all I can do from the app.


The price of the policy is good for the coverage. I have not had to file a claim so everything seems fine. There is some improvement in the customer service and access areas.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

They are a very ethical company who I feel offers good prices for what they cover and offer to their customers.

They are friendly and accessible, they seem easy to deal with and not overly expensive to have for the coverage they offer.

So far, there is nothing I dislike about Progressive. I switched from State Farm.

They gave me the best deal of all of the companies I researched. They were the most amiable to me and my family.

I like that they have all my insurance bundled and given a discount for doing so. They can't be beaten by any other insurance company that we could find.

I have not had much experience to draw on, but I feel like they could be cheaper, the coverage could cover a bit more, and they could always be nicer.

I do feel like I could be able to pay a little less, but that's mostly wishful thinking.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

They are a simple to work with the company and not some faceless corporation. I know my agent and he knows me. You can't get better service than that.

From a company standpoint, I am very satisfied with State Farm. Though premiums are little high, the coverage is fantastic and customer service is superior. They don't mess around on claims. They pay; and they pay quickly.

I really like dealing with my agent, I like how easy it is to get information, add/remove/change a policy, and I like that the agency knows me and my family well.

I like the fact that they have always worked with me and they seem to be honest and professional in all their dealings with me.

It seems to do what it has to do and it is not that bad in price. It has good coverage and they are not that much of a hassle to work with. They really know what they are doing.

This company has been honest with us when we had to use it for our cars and haven't had any problems with this insurance company.

I don't expect much from them. I see their commercials all the time and know the "personal touch" is just some bullshit. I tried to file a claim and they could have cared less.

Seems like I get a pretty fair deal for what I'm paying. I've shopped around and they are in line with what other companies charge around here.

They over promise and under deliver. Their spokesperson tells us that they will put a personal touch on claims, but in reality you are just put on hold and then not afforded the coverage when you call to use it,

I like the bundled deal I am receiving currently for my car and home insurance combined. The price is great at this time.

I like that good and efficient at the time you do your work in a quick and orderly way all well at the time of arriving and leaving

Overall, the insurance company is a good solid company. The company I use is one of the most well known corporations in the community and also one of the priciest. A person does get quality with their purchase.

The company makes everything really easy and the customer service is excellent. I also like that the company offers great discounts that lower my premiums.

I haven't had any experiences that I dislike; maybe lower my prices more

They were responsive to my attempt at a claim after a storm and their prices aren't too bad. I plan on sticking with them for a while.

The one thing I dislike most about State Farm insurance service is the fact that their premiums tend to be about ten percent higher on their homeowner's policies. I feel that this price difference is made up for in customer service.

Our experience with State Farm customer service has been top notch. We have never had an issue with them and have had to make several claims over the years with natural disasters and accidents. They have always come through and had far exceeded our expectations.

I like that they have an app that works well, and that they have offices all over the place so someone to talk to is never too far away.

The company is great, I have never had any problems. I will use them going forward.

Easy to work with, fair pricing, and I have auto insurance with them too so I like the bundling.

They are there when I need them. They do not pester me with phone calls or letters trying to sell me new coverage. I like the people I deal with.

My only issue is with my local agent. As stated earlier, he rarely goes above and beyond what is expected. He takes my business for granted, since I've been with him for nearly 20 years. I may change my local agent. But, other than that, I have no other problems with State Farm.

The only thing that I dislike is the cost of the insurance products, I am sure I can find similar products for a cheaper price elsewhere.

One time someone at the office keyed something in wrong. So we lost our bundle discount. I didn't know until I got a bill and had to call to figure it out.

Well, I have a general distrust of insurance companies and I know that regardless of how 'good' they are, they will most probably try to cheat you out of as much as they can. That being said, I can't say I dislike anything about State Farm as they have always done reasonably well by this family

Overall, I dislike that they only seem to succumb to the world's need itself instead of verbally fighting (with words). Other than that I think I can see them wanint go tchange with that Jake from State Farm thing.

I imagine they could lower their premiums now and then since I rarely use their services. But each year the price goes up incrementally.

It's a bit more pricier I think. but other than that it makes sense because they do cover and they know what they are doing. Other than that I have nothing against them.

I have heard bad things about this company, which worries me a little if we needed to use it for a big, major crisis. I worry they might not cover all we think they do.

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