Top South Carolina Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top South Carolina Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 22.58
Allstate 10.58
Geico -
Liberty Mutual 4.53
Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company -
Farmers Insurance 2.9
Progressive -
Travelers 5.35
USAA 8.15
Esurance -
Anderson Insurance -
St. Johns Insurance Company -
Field Insurance Group -
Safeco Insurance -
Farmer's Insurance -
MetLife -
National General -
Nationwide 5.48
Grange Insurance -
Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Company -
Finance Insurance -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Having never made a claim, I can't say how well or bad the company functions as a good insurance company. So far the coverage is good for the price I pay.

They never underpay. I’ve never been cut short on any claims that I have had to make.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I am pretty indifferent with State Farm. I have never filed a claim but when the time comes and I need to reach out for assistance I think it's going to be an interesting phone call considering I really don't have any idea about the insurance process.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Low prices on insurance. Very helpful when contacting them. No hold times to get ahold of someone to ask questions.

There is nothing that I dislike about my insurance company. I had not had any bad experiences with them at all.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

I am not sure what I like about the company. They are your generic insurance company. I am glad I haven't had an auto claim through them I don't know how they would handle it.

I haven't had any particularly bad experiences, but I also haven't had any outstanding ones

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

I think they're pretty good, but since I've never had to file a claim I'm not completely sure. They've been good with other insurance aspects so I hope they'll be fair when the time comes for me to file a claim.

My home insurance company's website and mobile app could be a little better. Buttons are small and formatting is weird.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

It is the lowest rate I can get from an insurance company that I have found so far, but it keeps going up.

Every interaction I have had has been great so I have nothing bad to report about them!

Their website is very easy to use and is very helpful as an option for customer service!

Nothing particular stands out as being bad. It is just "blah." Nothing stands out as being good, either.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

Overall the company has been great to work with, easy to use, a user friendly website, and the customer service is exceptional. I am content with the rates and have not seen ridiculous price hikes.

The only down point to this company is that it is all online and my feelings are sometimes based on assumptions when I do not truly know what the organization looks like or how the employees are treated.

Grange Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Where to begin, first the bad customer service, then followed by the fact that they have all kinds of hidden fees in the policy and forget getting them to pay you when you have a claim

Anderson Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I mean, there isn't much to say. I'm grateful they provide coverage. I wish they would be more proactive in reaching out after natural disasters---hell even the bank holding our mortgage sent us a nice letter saying we could delay paying our mortgage for a month or two if we needed after Irma. We didn't take them up on it, but considering a national bank cared enough to send a letter, you'd think a relatively small insurance company would put forth some of the same efforts.

I think I covered most of it by them. I mean, I like that it has a smaller feel to it. I like that someone---a real person---answers the phone when I call. Otherwise, there isn't much to say.

Field Insurance Group Home Insurance Reviews

There premium is cheap so I like that. I like the website. I like the water restoration team they used and the adjuster that came out.

When we filed a claim it too forever for them to pay out. It also was difficult to get the agent on the phone.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

I like the customer service and prompt attention to my needs. I have had really good experiences with them.

I love my insurance company. I'm goanna stick with them for as long as I can. I did my research and no other company seemed appealing to me.

Very satisfied with the company as a whole. We are just checking around to see if anyone has a better rate, but will probably stick with them.

The company offers a good customer service and the staff is very much polite while communicating with its customers and clients.

I do not like that the premiums continue to rise, I don't understand what makes it more expensive. I think it does not need to be more expensive.

The only thing I dislike about the company is that they do auto payments so even if I don't have the money in my account they will put a hold on it and still pull the payment through and overdraw my account

I have no dissatisfaction with this company.

Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

The customer service is really. They communicated with me throughout my home buying process. They explain in great detail about my coverage and why my premium is that cost.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

Not too many dislikes, however If I could choose one thing to change or modify, it would be the price point. Lower deductibles, lower premiums, and an increased cost of coverage at the same or a lower price. Also, the verification process when you call in. Perhaps an automated verification process so you can skip giving your social security to an associate every time you call in.

Due to my location, age of my home and crime statistics in the local area, my insurance company offered a fairly reasonable premium compared to other companies that were hundred's above the quote I received.

I didn't like that I had to get a physical for life insurance but most companies require that so it was something that I had to expect anyway. I wish it were easier to get life insurance than having to wait for blood tests and such, but that is for protection I suppose.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I am not sure about this. I do not know what to say for this. I did not look much at other insurance companies.

The only thing I have to say I dislike about the company is the steep premiums I have to pay for insurance. And the fact that the premiums seem to raise on a yearly basis.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

The company is very responsive to me and my phone call. I can call with questions and concerns and they will be there to answer me.

As I outlined earlier, I think I get a very fair rate. Thankfully I've never had to test the claim process for my home insurance. The people are friendly.

I like everything about the company, there is nothing to not like. I've been with them so long though I suppose it should be expected.

I like the fact that the company is nationally owned, but has branches that are locally owned. This makes it convenient to visit a branch.

I like how friendly and helpful all the employees are, they are good at their job and try to offer you the best rates. They let you know when and if a discount is available.

I like that it is a well known company, this makes me see it as a good and experienced company. The people are great and helpful, they take their time to explain things to you and are always there to help with any issues or questions you may have.

I like the company they are very professional and get the job done in a fast manner. I like how they offer a huge line of insurance products to fit my family's life.

I like that they have good coverage at a good price with the bundling discounts. I've only filed a car claim before and it was fast, and my rates didn't go up.

They are very tough to get in touch with and are not the easiest people to call, let alone get in touch with via email or online messaging.

I dislike having to go through so many steps to log into my account. I understand that security has its value, but remember my device and just let me do a one-step log in already. It's very frustrating.

I don't really have anything particularly bad to say about State Farm. In general, I recognize insurance as a necessary evil. Do I like paying nearly $2400 per year for a service I've never really used? No, I can't say that I do.

The only possible thing I could say I dislike about the company is that my agent's office is good ways from my house. But I never have to go there unless I get a new car so that's pretty rare. If I had negative feelings I probably would have shopped around for a better deal before now, but I'm really quite satisfied.

Certain branches don't have very good customer service. I was with one branch that gave me a different rate and didn't treat me so well. I moved to another branch and lowered my bill and had great customer service.

I wish they had more discount options. I don't have 20 words to describe my point

There is nothing that I dislike, so far my experience with this insurance company has been very pleasant and I have no complaints.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

I like the affordability and quality of customer service.

I mostly dislike how much the yearly premium is. I feel like it's a lot for the home I live in, and I'm not sure it should be that high.

Finance Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I just love this company because I always trust on this company they are very honest and faithful. I never compared the premiums I am sure they give the best

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