Top Pennsylvania Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Pennsylvania Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
Allstate 13.98
State Farm 17.91
Progressive -
Nationwide 8.63
Travelers 6.66
USAA 3.89
Esurance -
Liberty Mutual 8.45
Geico -
Erie Insurance 15.58
Amica -
MetLife -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Communication with the representatives has been phenomenal. I feel like they care about me and my home. I wish I would have switched to Progressive years ago.

My premium was higher than I would have liked. I plan on asking for a lowered rate when I renew my policy in July.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

i like that they are quick to respond and seem to want to help

i dislike that they don't make it a point to actually help they just stall things until you get tired of waiting

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

I like the company. My rates are good. I hope they are helpful if I ever need it.

Nothing really to dislike. They send me the information I need. And they don't upsell

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

The prices are cheaper which goes a long way and the interactions we have had with their representatives have all been pleasurable as everyone is nice, friendly and helpful in going through the different processes.

I really do not have anything negative to say about USAA at this point. We have moved more and more services to them as time has gone on due to the experience and professionalism provided. I recommend this company to anyone that is eligible.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like that esurance can offer lower rates because they cut out the middleman and are an all online company. They were the cheapest rates I could find.

I dislike that my deductible is quite high, to get such a good rate. They didn't have great options for lower deductibles. I didn't like how picky Esurance was when I first signed up. They sent a home inspector out, and gave me a whole list or "repairs" that needed to be done on my home in the dead of winter, or said I would be dropped from their insurance. My home is in excellent shape, and no other company ever said these repairs were needed. I had to file an extension because I couldn't do these repairs in the dead of winter. It was stressful, but I got them done and haven't had any problems with the company since.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

The company is reasonably priced and the staff is willing to provide excellent service. They do a great job figuring out what my needs are at the present and future times.

I dislike that the prices could be a little lower than they are overall. I would like more information provided online as well to the specifics of different plans.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

i like the fact that they are super responsive and have a great app. Also, the customer service, when I call them on the phone, is quick and easy.

nothing. I can honestly say that there is nothing I dislike about my insurance company.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

It may not be the least expensive company offering insurance but you really do get what you pay for, the coverage is comprehensive and the service has always been outstanding. I am sure if I ever do have to file a claim there will be no hassle and it will be done quickly as is every other interaction.

I am very happy with my insurance company and have not looked elsewhere since buying the home. They met my needs with good customer service and what more could I ask?

Never had an issue or a problem. I have a local agent who is very good

I have had nothing happen to dislike the company, though I have filed no claims as of yet, everything I have needed has been handled quickly and efficiently. Representatives I have spoken to in the local offices have never been anything but friendly and helpful.

I don't really dislike anything about the company, at least not that immediately comes to mind. They send occasional emails that are not necessarily relevant but I am not extremely bothered by that.

I do not have anything that I dislike with Allstate. I have never had an issue

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The company is based in my city so the company is amazing definitely looks out for the customer

There is nothing I dislike about the company the service is great

Amica Home Insurance Reviews

I am not very satisfied with the level of interaction and premium increases. I will likely be getting quotes from insurance companies next year.

I dislike the level of available communication. I do not like the premium increases especially when I have had no claims. I do not like that after 8 years I have a blah view of my insurance company.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

Great coverage, great policy info and price. They just need to make the website more user friendly and accessible

Like I said before it's mainly the website. It needs to be faster, less clunky, and with more options. That and policy printing.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

It is a trusted national brand. I like having an agent over just using a website.

I like the customer service and that nothing has changed. It is a very consistent company and they care about their people.

Nothing really, but I guess the rates could always be less.

Nothing really. No complaints so far, the company is trustworthy and I really like it.

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