Top Oregon Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Oregon Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 24.18
Allstate 7.6
Geico -
Travelers 2.53
Progressive -
Farmer's Insurance -
Liberty Mutual 12.62
Nationwide 2.12
MetLife -
Kemper -
Farmers Insurance 16.16
Country Financial 5.11
Copeland Group -
USAA 6.2
American Family 4.69
Westfield Insurance -
National General -
Horace Mann Educators Corporation -
American National Property and Casualty Company -
Century National -
Country Companies -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Safeco Insurance -
American Strategic Insurance -
American Family Insurance -
The Hartford -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Westfield Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

So far the only thing we can say we really like about this company is our premium price and what it covers

National General Home Insurance Reviews

Every agent and representative I spoke with on the phone or through email was courteous and very knowledgeable about my policy. They have all been extremely prompt in returning messages and phone calls and giving my answers I needed to make decisions. Everything was signed digitally, so I didn't have to miss work to come to their local office and sign forms,

Horace Mann Educators Corporation Home Insurance Reviews

They are generally prompt and fair. They give us individualized attention and try to make the paperwork as easy as possible for us. I like that I know with whom I'm speaking when I call and that she knows who I am by name.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

So far the company has been fine. It offers good coverage. I think the premiums are fine. Their online presence is good. The claims process was easy and they need a payment on my claim. I would know the other insurance company denied the claim after the hailstorm to other homes in the area. Some covered it and some did not. Mine did

I like the policy itself which is straight forward and relatively uncomplicated. The website is easy to use and I like the various ways by which I can make premium payments.

The interaction/communication with my insurance company has been very good so far. I have yet to file a claim but I've called my bill a few times and they were very helpful.

There is nothing yet that I dislike this company. They seem great, I am sure at some point we will hit a snag with them like any company but so far nothing.

I like how easy it is for me to quickly find how to submit a claim on the website, and I like that I can file a claim on the website. It is also easy for me to find all this information you're asking for on the website as well - finding my policy and the policy details was easy for me to do quickly on the website. Travelers gave us the best amount of coverage at the best price. Our deductibles are pretty good. It is easy for me to receive immediate responses from customer service when I make a claim. They call and email almost right away and are great at answering questions and getting more information for me if I need it.

American National Property and Casualty Company Home Insurance Reviews

I don't like the cooling off period for the 25% premium refund if you file a claim and it gets paid out.

American Family Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I've never actually met my insurance agent in person, and have no idea where they are physically located. Other than this small caveat, I am pretty darn satisfied with the insurance overage I have, and my insurance representatives.

Country Companies Home Insurance Reviews

Very satisfied. I would recommend them to anyone looking. I can't say that they are better than others but I can say that they take care of their customers.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I like how the company makes sure you know everything that you're covered for and make sure that you get all your answers on one phone call. I like how the price is in my budget and not too high.

I like the company's interaction and communication they will inform on time the monthly instalment

My favorite parts of this company are definitely the mobile app. I find it to be very convenient to address issues as needed and when I need to from where ever I am.

The service to the client is good although sometimes the people who attend are a bit odious and it's wrong just for that

I like the rates they over me, I enjoy the convenience of the website that is offered to pay my bill online. I also like that the staff and customer service is excellent. They are knowledgeable and always ready to help.

I like his transparency and honesty, I like his ability to solve the problems of his clients and he meets all the needs

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Amica customer service is one of the best among other insurance companies I have called in the past or even had. The customer service reps are friendly and very helpful in finding the right coverage and not more than you need. I really like that about Amica.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They were able to get us the best price for bundled home and auto. Very easy to work with and I was able to switch over to them through phone and email without having to make a trip to their office. They always reach out to us to make sure we are getting the best deal.

I like the history that I have had with this company for the past 5 years since I switched with them. They are easy to reach and talk to at any time when I have a concern about anything in general. I also find it easy to navigate on their website.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I just haven't had any real interactions with my insurance company. Between this company and my old company, I haven't had a need to communicate with them.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I don't really dislike the company at all and I am keeping them because they have been such a great company for me and I would even recommend them to anyone that asked if I could

In this comparison the other insurance company’s coverage are not better than in our company coverage. My company coverage is much better.

I haven't had much contact with customer service, so I don't have much experience to make a judgment but the one time I did speak with them they were polite and helpful.

I like all about this company overall because they provide us with everything very honestly. I really love this company overall.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I like that the company is straightforward and honest. They treat everyone equally and fairly.

I have never been one to use mobile apps, however my main gripe with this app, is the fact that, although user friendly, at times it seems as if there is 'too' much information available at one time.

The interaction is minimal and but thorough when needed. I do not like unnecessary communication. My needs are met without excess time.

I love this company and can't say enough about it. The best insurance company I have ever had to deal with for anything and I have dealt with a lot of them.

American Strategic Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The coverage is great and the price is very competitive. I am very satisfied so far with American Strategic Insurance.

Country Financial Home Insurance Reviews

Communication is always swift and accurate. They are always polite and kind and very helpful. If they have to respond to the scene it is always within 24 hours.

I actually have never had any bad experience with Country Financial. The only downside was they were remodeling their office when I first signed up. That's finished now and was a very, very minimal complaint. I really can't ask for anything more.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I am very satisfied with the coverage I get for my home at an affordable price. I am even more impressed with the customer service that my insurance provider offers. If I ever have an issue they always help me to get everything straightened out right away.

The insurance company has been consistently good throughout the ~20 years I have been using them. They have provided multiple types of policies for me, at excellent rates, with great service, when needed.

The company is wholesome and seems to care about their customers. They seem to take the customers as a priority and you are not nickel and dimed for every little thing.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

What I like is that they help service members but that they are also just a solid company in general. Anything that I need be it financial or insurance related they have someone there who will help get me to the right person and this makes them extremely valuable to me.

It's a good company that is not the cheapest, but offers the best array of services and superior customer service and communication. I would recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to sign up with them.

Century National Home Insurance Reviews

Its cost, the fact that it covers all the basic necessities that one looks for in an insurance for a reasonable price, the comforts of payment, and in spite of its delay in cases, they are responsible

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

I intend to be a lifelong customer of State Farm

I greatly enjoy the peace of mind they give with extensive coverage on my home and car.

I like that my insurance is simple. I do not need to constantly check on my policy, and the payment system is very simple and user-friendly. Customer service has been uncomplicated and helpful thus far.

They have always been very helpful and have not run into any issues with them whatsoever thus far. I will continue using them for the near future until something changes.

I shopped it a while back and they gave me a better rate when I added my vehicles to the policy. I think it is fair.

My old agent and his staff were very eager to help and I feel like I received good service. That is no longer the case.

Communication has always been good. they are sure to let us know if there are any changes in their policies and they will always answer any questions we have.

I like the ease of access when it comes to both Allstate's website and phone application. You can pretty much do everything you need to in regards to your insurance policy online without having to get in physical contact with someone who works for the insurance company.

there is not much we don't like about the company. Our previous company was terrible so it has been a dream to work with a company that communicates well and in a timely manner.

What I dislike about this company is the sheer size of it. It is huge. Thankfully I have not had to contact them and try to get money out of them, that will probably be difficult.

They satisfy the requirements of my mortgage lender and they're really good at collecting g money every year.

I like Allstate very much. I have no intention of shopping around because I am completely satisfied with their service. If they suddenly raised my rates for no reason, I may look around but not before.

It is solid company. They only do not have a good wind/hail policy, but I am okay with that as that is not a weather pattern we deal with a lot.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

The website is modern and easy to use overall. I am able to get the information I am looking for easily and like the overall look of the site.

Ideally, I would like to pay less. This is our first house so we went with the first offer. After doing some research we feel that we should be paying less.

I don't like that there is not a real agent.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

wow, we usually get a buck for each essay. this is so underpaid it's rude. would you work for a boss that pays less than min wage

I like everything about State Farm. They have great rates, friendly and knowledgeable agents, and are quick with claims. They have a very wide variety of insurance products and are very good at explaining them very simply.

I like the agents and the office and the service provided. They are competent, fast and efficient. They don't waste my time.

The insurance rep is not helpful. The company should be offering ways to save money more often. They need to be more customer helpful.

This is a large national company that handles its people very well. They get answers and support for you quickly and easily. No problems at all with them.

I like the customer service State Farm provides and the depth of information that is provided to me when I have questions about my options for coverage of my home and car.

I like that State Farm is a well organized and established company. I feel comfortable knowing that they are a reliable and professional company

I am very happy with this company. They not only offer great customer service but they are knowledgeable

The company seems good to me because they are a large operation and I feel safer dealing with a large company if something goes wrong.

The premiums are high and the office is far away from my actual home so it makes it inconvenient if I have to sign a paper or talk in person. It's a long trip just to discuss insurance.

They are easy to work with and offer good rates

Fast, efficient, and effective customer service. The company provides a great service at a very reasonable price. The company also is very helpful in taking care of any needs I have.

I feel like the policies could be less expensive. I was willing to pay more for a company with a solid reputation that State Farm has. I would purchase again though. There isn't much I dislike as I've yet to deal with an insurance claim.

State Farm offers great discounts for continued use, students, and multiple lines. I enjoy the people I have interacted with thus far and feel that I am well covered in the event of an emergency.

I like how updated and new the company seems. It seems modern and quick to do claims. They are very informative and very friendly. I wouldn't choose another company over them, due to all of the help they gave me.

Because of the positive traits that the company has like: the price, how long it takes to get a file claimed and processed, the ability to get stuff done and fair customer service,

I like my insurance company because they are very friendly. They get the job done quick and do not give you a hassle about anything. I had a check in my hand 2 days after I filed a claim.

Trustworthy, reliable. Good communication and customer service. Professional, friendly staff.

American Family Home Insurance Reviews

I like that the agent is in the community and really cares on what happened. I felt that she was really trying to protect the property and gave us the best product.

I like that they are always available to answer any questions I have in regards to our insurance plan. I would rate them a 4 out of 5. I haven't had to file a claim with them yet so I have no experience about that one.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Again I'm just starting out with these folks so am still somewhat unsure but I am confident that they will handle my needs to my satisfaction. Or I will be looking for another insurer. I love the commercials.

I don't like how long you wait on hold. Also, I really don't like that when someone answers the phone I usually cannot understand what they are saying and they end up transferring me to another representative and that takes time. I just don't like wasting my time when I call them.

The premium is much less compared to many of the other companies. For example, Statefarm was nearly $100 more.

They are by far the most affordable. I carry all of my insurance through them. I've never had any customer service issues. Overall, I'm very happy.

The company seems to be very stable and reliable from what I hear and that is what matters most. The price that I was offered was great and they seemed to be very interested in helping me as a first time home buyer.

The Hartford Home Insurance Reviews

The company is one of the most professional and prestigious in the country, itself is very efficient in what

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