Top Ohio Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Ohio Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 21.48
Allstate 10.93
Auto Owners -
Geico -
Erie Insurance 5.11
Safeco -
National General -
Travelers -
Grange Insurance -
Pike Mutual -
Marion mutual -
Farmers Insurance -
Cincinnati Insurance 3.9
Safeco Insurance -
Liberty Mutual 8.25
westgate insurance company -
CIC Agency -
Nationwide 8.06
USAA 3.32
MetLife -
Progressive -
American Modern Insurance -
Auto Owners Insurance -
Allied Insurance -
Farmer's Insurance -
American Family 3.1

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Safeco Home Insurance Reviews

We really like Safeco because we had a very good experience with our roof. They came out the day after we called and after the roof was inspected we got a check that day, minus the deductible. The company was very easy to work with and helpful.

Right now we have no complaints about our insurance company. Our recent claim was handled quickly and went very smoothly.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

I am very satisfied with the company. They are very easy to contact with any questions or concerns, The prices are great for the amount of coverage.

So far I haven't found anything I dislike about the company.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I have never had insurance with any other company. I would not know what the other company’s price are.

easy to claiming process of the amount respect our staffs see my house suddenly process

I really cannot think of anything that I do not like about the company. They are wonderful and the prices are great.

Pike Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I like the fact that they are a fairly local company and that they would give me coverage at a fair price when others wouldn't

I don't like the fact that one of their rate increases seemed unfair to me. I also don't like that they haven't contacted me at least once over the past 5 years.

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like everything about the company. I will tell whoever will listen to me how happy I am with Erie. I have sent many people to Erie and they have now switched. They just go above and beyond for their customers and treat them with respect. They are really the best out there.

My insurance company is there for me when and if I need them. They provide me with the answers and polices that I need. The customer service and agents are very knowledgeable and know their stuff.

There is nothing that I dislike about this company. As I have said, they are truly one of the best around. Their premiums cannot be beaten for the amount of coverage that you get. I really cannot write anything that I dislike about them because that would be me just making something up.

Allied Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Nothing in particular. The only thing they could do better would be to lower my rates or give me better coverage at no extra cost. Until I have to interact with them for some reason, these are the only criteria I can really judge them by.

Marion mutual Home Insurance Reviews

The insurance company is very friendly and they are also very helpful. They also go out of their way to get you good deals.

The only thing I don't like is that they are constantly checking in and expect you to upgrade stuff on your house.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Again I like our agent in particular. He has treated us like family from day one and shows genuine concern for our needs when it comes to insurance.

I don't really have anything to complain about when it comes to this company. I have always had a pleasant experience when dealing with them.

Cincinnati Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the fact that the company is friendly and the customer service representatives are wonderful. I also like that they take the time to explain my coverage to me fully, even before I bought it.

I don't like that the website is clunky and I get my bill way too close to the deadline so I feel pressured to pay immediately. I also don't like how pricey the insurance is despite the low value of my home and car.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

My insurance agent is always available to talk to if I have questions. If he is away from the phone when I call, he always gets back to me in a timely manner.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I like the good customer service and the added benefit of roadside assistance. they always answer quickly and are very helpful. Always ready to answer questions

I think their rates are increasing and will likely surpass other companies soon. it will be likely that we will switch in the near future because of the price creeping upwards.

westgate insurance company Home Insurance Reviews

Erie insurance has had an excellent reputation for over 20 years. They keep on growing and want to care about their clients.

There is nothing I dislike about Erie Insurance. They satisfy my needs all the time. They want to make my experience a great one.

Auto Owners Home Insurance Reviews

I am very satisfied with the insurance company, and a good part of that reason is because we have an excellent agent and the insurance agency is very small and local.

I feel like I don't quite have enough control over my interactions with my insurance policy because I have to go through my local insurance agency - which operates on kind of limited hours. Also, my local agency does not have any way for me to interact with them on the web,

The only knock on customer service is that we have to go through our local insurance agency instead of being able to deal directly with the Auto Owners Insurance Company. This can create gaps in pertinent information.

I don't really have many complaints about the company thus far. If anything, I would say they need more available on their webpage and mobile app and would like to see more options for lower deductibles.

CIC Agency Home Insurance Reviews

The most important thing for me with my insurance company is communication and ability to handle my claims effectively and timely. So far I have had no issues with either of these.

I do not know much about the actual company. My communication has been over the phone or via e-mail. I have not shopped around for other prices so I do not know how competitive they are. I do know we switched car insurance from USAA to CIC and it was a much better cost for the same coverage.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I like the coverage amounts through Nationwide. I think they provide good comprehensive coverage and that's why I've stayed with them.

I dislike the premiums through Nationwide. It seems very high even though the coverage is good. I may look elsewhere in the future.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

I like that I have easy access to everything I need online, and I have multiple ways to contact my insurance when I need to. I can change my coverage to meet my needs, and they always respond quickly and thoroughly.

I don't have anything that I dislike about USAA. I have been using them for insurance for years, and I've always been very happy with what I get from them. I've never been able to find the same level of service for the same price from any other insurance company.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

Good and very nice people. Not too expensive, the cheapest that I could get in the area. Also quick with claims and reasonable.

I feel like I couldn't get a notice when my bill goes up. Every year my bill increases but j never find out about it beforehand.

The appearance of the website is very much professional. The color scheme of the website is very much elegant and good.

Customer service has always been excellent. They are always there to answer questions and seem to want to take care of my needs.

I think the downside is the size of the company. Sometimes they might be a little impersonal and difficult to deal with if you need to file a claim,

It’s not that descriptive, and everything is not clearly mentioned. It should be attractive and useful, even it is not useful

You have to wait for them to call you back. They don't answer the phone when you call. It takes them around a couple of hours to call back.

I have had them for over 20 years I cannot find a reason for disliking them.

ASI Home Insurance Reviews

The company offers me cheap premiums and great customer service. I am sure my claim free history, and long history has much to do with this, but it's comforting knowing I am not paying an arm and a leg now, and I have coverage if something does happen in the future.

I wish I could use my phone to participate in usage-based insurance. I would feel better if I could open my app and see how I have been doing but then also give comments about what was going on when I was driving which could be taken into consideration for my rates.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

Generally speaking, I get great prices, service, and support from Metlife. I do not see myself changing company's anytime soon as I have no complaints.

There is nothing. Generally speaking, I get great prices, service, and support from Metlife. I do not see myself changing company's anytime soon as I have no complaints.

American Family Home Insurance Reviews

I am quite satisfied about the company.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

I've been with progressive auto for about 7 years, and the rates were great. Going down every single year. So when I bought my home insurance the premiums fell even more. What's not to like about it?

The only negative thing is their website for home insurance, it just shows what You have and when You've paid. Some basic explanations of the coverage. That's it - no quotes in there.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

Overall I like State Farm, that is why I have been with them over 20 years. I appreciate their professionalism and honest with my questions and claim. I am happy with their plans and their discounts.

The claims process is very good. The customer center is very good. This what you get with a big and well known company.

I am at level three satisfaction because while they have completed the claims with a fair enough dollar amount it hasn't always been without some level of annoyance and slower than I would like. They are nice at our local office and I know they are not going out of their way to be troublesome, I feel like they may also be waiting on the home office and that causes delays.

I wish my rates were a bit lower, but all in all I can't complain because I have not found any other company that could give me lower rates than what I currently have now.

The premium is very competitive when compared to all other companies, I don't see much difference.

Giving fast customer services while transfer the amount in a timely manner

As stated previously I called them about busted pipes, they were very helpful over the phone. The process is very easy

I had an emergency situation where 2 pipes broke at my home. I called the customer service everything they alerted my local agent. They got in touch with me the next day.

I have never had a claim and prices do not go up very much

I would prefer that the mobile app be a little better about being faster and contain more information that I need. I would prefer that my agent be easier to get a hold of, rather than having to talk to a 1-800 agent. I also dislike that it takes a lot of paperwork to file a claim.

The insurance rep is not helpful. The company should be offering ways to save money more often. They need to be more customer helpful.

The only thing I dislike about the company is their lack of promotional discounts or even just reaching out to customers, in general about anything to deal with the policy.

Overall I have zero complaints about my insurance company. They have never given me a problem with anything and have always been very accommodating.

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