Top North Carolina Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top North Carolina Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
Allstate 7.02
Nationwide 11.54
National General -
Progressive -
Travelers 2.55
USAA 7.6
Foremost -
Erie Insurance 5.61
Geico -
Utica -
Liberty Mutual 3.78
Amica -
MetLife -
Homesite -
State Farm 18.8

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I have to repeat, the people are why I stay with nationwide. They have always been friendly and helpful when I needed them to be.

I would appreciate more customer loyalty. Lower policy amounts and smaller premiums would always be appreciated. when you've been with a company for quite a few years they really should have it reflect in payment schedules.

National General Home Insurance Reviews

National General is a really good company to do business with

There's not too much that I dislike about the company

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

I neither like or dislike them. As I said I had to have insurance and went with the first company I recognized. I do like the TV ads though. Flo is a funny lady and the ads are creative and constantly changing.

I do not have any criticisms but then I have not needed their services. There are no specific dislikes for me but that could change if I need to file a claim.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

I like my insurance overall. I have never had to file a claim. The communication I receive is adequate for my needs.

I have no reason to dislike my homeowner's insurance company. I have never filed a claim and I feel I get good coverage for the premiums paid.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

I like the fact that they are not as expensive as some of the other companies, and that they are very easy to communicate with. They have always been polite and helpful, and I feel as if I can trust them.

I have not really run into anything about USAA that I dislike. As I mentioned earlier, we have not had to file a claim, so I don't know what that experience would be like.

Foremost Home Insurance Reviews

I like the way they stay in touch and how easy it is to get answers to questions I may have. They are easy to contact and they stay in touch with me every month.

I have never had a claim, so I worry what will happen when and if I ever do. I am unsure of how they will be if I file a claim and then it will be too late to change.

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Erie Insurance seems to be a good choice for Home Insurance. It's a large, safe company. Their website is fast and easy to use. Their communications are timely and their premiums are competitive.

My only dislike is the one I have with all insurance companies and that is that the wording and clauses in the policies are somewhat hard for the typical person to understand.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I like that I can do everything online and do not have to call an 800 number or go to an office and waste time. My only real negative on the company so far is the cost.

My biggest dislike is the cost. It is good when compared to the offering of other insurance companies, but it's a lot of money.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, I like the stability and simplicity of the company. As I stated earlier, they are also always very friendly during our interactions

I want more from my company from a big name that backs me with insurance. I want the comfort of knowing I'm covered.

Overall, I will be looking to price shop around and confirm that I getting the best price for the services being offered. I also may be looking to see if other companies offer other incentives

That I think their prices are too high as well as I feel there are better companies out there on the market.

Utica Home Insurance Reviews

I like that this company offers good coverage and competitive rates. The few times I have had an issue it was resolved promptly.

See above. The website needs to be updated. Right now it looks like something out of the 1990s. There needs to be more interactive features.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

As I said before, they have always been fair and helpful. They treated us with respect and did not try and sale, sale, sale.

I'm not sure. I am satisfied. They are a bit more expensive than some of the other companies in the area. I would like them to lower their bundled rates if possible.

Amica Home Insurance Reviews

They have excellent customer service and have been a true pleasure to deal with; they are knowledgeable, quick and thorough.

Absolutely nothing; I have probably had 10 or more claims in the last 25 years and they have NEVER let me down; they may be pricey, I don't know because it doesn't matter to me.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

Well it's an insurance company so i don't really have an opinion other than my interaction with them and that so far has been really positive

There is nothing that I can say I personally dislike about the company other than the fact that they are an insurance company.

Homesite Home Insurance Reviews

They have great communication, and I could not be happier with the way they handled my claim from beginning to end.

I have no problems with my insurance company at all, no complaints. I would not change companies if asked to.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

I really don't have many complaints. I do feel like the premium is a little higher than it could be, but maybe it will go down in the future. I feel like the website and the people are a big plus. I also feel really confident that it is a great company with a great reputation and if we ever did have a problem, they would back us up and be able to help us.

I feel like the premium is too high. I also thought I had to wait on hold a little too long to speak with a representative the one time I did call but maybe I was just calling at a bad time.

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