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Top New York Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 13.83
Allstate 14.42
Homesite Insurance -
Geico -
Erie Insurance -
Ameriprise Financial -
Farmer's Insurance -
Liberty Mutual 8.27
Safeco -
Travelers 8.95
Finance Insurance -
Farmers Insurance -
Nationwide 2.7
Narragansett Bay Insurance Company -
MetLife -
NY Mutual -
Progressive -
Ameriprise -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Safeco Insurance -
Homesite Insurance -
Esurance -
Ameriprise -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Safeco Home Insurance Reviews

A very simple, to the point company. They have never tried to oversell us coverage that we don't need, we receive minimal amounts of paperwork from them and they set up / renewal process is very easy.

Every year when the renewal is sent they have upped the coverage amount without explanation. I have no other companies to compare it to so I don't know if this is normal.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

As I wrote previously, the premium amount is good. The online website is excellent for use. The customer service is excellent as well. When I had a claim after a hail storm I was fully covered and paid without any delay or problems.

I have no complaints and have had no problems with Travelers since coverage started

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I like them over all. They have a great response time and everything seems super easy. I wouldn't switch off of them at this point because the service is very good.

I like very much the companys website. It is very convenient to me. I will get information always

i like that they give a discount for renters insurance since i have my car insured with them.

geico might have the best rates but it is still expensive

We have a large amount of coverage with a pretty low monthly rate. The service has been good and we have never had any issues that would make us want to change.

I like the website. I like the ease of comparing policies and purchasing online. I like the name; it has a good overall reputation.

There really isn't anything that I don't like. I might find more out if I actually compared them to others, but like I said, they do for me what I"m looking to have done. It really isn't too negative.

Finance Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I liked this company so much because I believe in them and their things.I liked the quality of things and also I like their website.

I liked this overall because I always buy good quality things in this company.I trust on this company.

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Erie is a solid company that takes care of their people. They charge a fair amount for insurance coverage, and provide peace of mind in return. We've been with them for more than 15 years, and I don't see us going anywhere else.

I had Erie Insurance for over 15 years and have always been satisfied with them. It is easy to get in contact with an Agent and they have always been friendly and responsive.

I like that they are easy to talk to and can answer any question that I have about my policy or if someone else needs a policy they can help them out as well.

The customer service is friendly, sympathetic and knowledgeable as well as available 24x7. They also got back to me in very timely fashion after researching answers to my needs

My premiums seldom increase. My agent has handled what few claims I've made quite competently. Billing is efficient. I particularly like their quarterly billing plan.

As stated previously, I think their communication could use a little improvement. Also, I know that if we were to move and take out another home policy, the new policies have a surcharge after one claim. That's a bit of a disappointment. People purchase insurance so they can use it.

Ameriprise Home Insurance Reviews

Overall I've been pleased with Ameriprise. I have not had a reason to dislike them. I do hope if I ever have to file a claim in the future that my feelings about them will not change.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

One thing that I really dislike about the company is how huge the company is. I would rather prefer if it was a smaller company.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The company itself has no real faults that I have had, but my insurance agent is not a great representative for them.

I do not have anything that I dislike about them. I believe the only issue is that when contacting them sometimes I have to go through a few people instead of getting directly to who I want to talk to.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They have been super nice and affordable compared to others. They are always there to help when I need it or just have a simple quick question.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They will call you if anything is needed or if they have new policy updates available as well as discounts for being an existing customer

I am satisfied with Farmers. They have excellent customer service and good rates. They are also hard to get approved with due to the strict policies and I like that.

I do not like that they do not have an app. It would be extremely convenient if they did have one so I could manage my account online instead of calling.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I like the company's customer service as well as their policy I think that it is a fair policy for what is being covered and how much I'm paying I would recommend this company to my friends and family.

I like how easy the company was to sign up for using their mobile app. The design is very clean and easy to understand, and the price is good.

What I dislike about the company overall is that the customer service people can be a little combative sometimes but I am quite good on the phone so I have always gotten my way it usually just has come down being able to talk to the manager of the company and they always give me what I want so all in all there are more positives than negatives about this company I would still say their customer service is good that it just needs a little bit of improvement.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

My agent is nearby and is familiar with my needs, and again -- I can't stress this enough -- the staff at the office is top-notch. I always end up having a personal conversation with them when I go in to make changes to my policy and that's just fantastic customer service, I think. It's very rare in this day when everything is so depersonalized.

I question the decisions from the parent company regarding automatic payments (they just started charging for that service) and I think the minor glitches on the website need to be looked at.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

I like that this company is there 24 hours a day when I need them. I know that I don't have to worry about anything and that my insurance company will take care of everything if I need to file a claim. They make things easy for me.

I love the customer service I’ve received. I also love the speed at which they handle questions and claims if needed.

Overall great though they lack in-person customer service and agents. The phone and online support are overall great though.

The company really cares about their client and provides exceptional service. They know how to treat people and are knowledgeable about what they are doing.

great customer service

I like that the company has been in business for a very long time and they cater to everything that is military.

USAA also excels in customer interaction, every notice is proactively handled via mail / email and you are constantly aware of the status of your accounts both checking/savings/credit and insurance and home/auto loans.

USAA's only real flaw is that they don't have branches in any practical sense. They do have some kiosks in certain cities like Washington, D.C. but that is basically it. They compensate for this with their excellent customer service and providing ATM charge fee rebates for every ATM transaction.

USAA has been there for us through active military service and now veteran status. The service has always been top notch fro the accidental overdraft to the renter's insurance claim for a house fire.

I am satisfied with my price, my coverage, and their customer service online. When I have a claim, they are good about getting me what I deserve to make it right and get it looked at ASAP to get the process started.

I like how easy the site is to use and how reasonable their prices are. The reps are also very friendly

USAA Also covers my auto insurance as well as home, valuable property insurance. They also cover me as a bank. I have a credit card via them as well. I love USAA Overall.

I dislike how the company only allows military people, however, this is a small complaint. It is their way of Giving back to those who have served.

So far I like the company, but I haven't had to deal with them except for that one time. They are paid out of my escrow by my mortgage service, so I don't really know how they'd react if I had a claim.

As I said before, I have had only one interaction with the company, and it seemed to go very well. The agent I spoke to was courteous, professional, and we took care of business.

I like that I have easy access to all the information. Not sure there is an app, but I periodically check things online.

What I like most about the company's website is the ease of use to pay and track bills. Also, it provides a quick way to look at my credit rating and it makes very easy to submit claims.

It seems to be fairly reasonable. When I was purchasing the house, I did a lot of research, and finally, our realtor recommended we go through a local insurance broker. I told them how much I wanted to pay and they matched me with this.

I have only had to deal with the company once when there was a small discrepancy between what my mortgage company paid and what they were owed (it was only a few dollars). They sent a letter, I called, and they took my debit card payment over the phone. It was professional and to the point.

The only thing I dislike is not having someone to call 24/7. I may have to look into that, we were unprepared when the deer hit my husband.

I really like this company and I am glad to be a customer with them. I also have my car insurance through this company and they are very affordable and do a wonderful job being very communicative about everything.

USSA is a great company. Premiums are reasonable and they truly care about their veterans. They take their time with customers and take time to explain things. Accessing your documents is very easy and they are consistent day today.

I have not found anything that I dislike about our insurance company. I have only had positive experiences with them.

They provide great services and a multitude of products that I need for my life. I can access all of my accounts in one place, even non-USAA accounts. The service is fast, friendly and reliable.

Love the company very much, overall I have never had an issue with them for any reason and would recommend them to any person.

what I like about the company is how amazing the customer service has been. The app and website are easy to use and they made the filing a claim very simple. I do think we will stick to this company for as long as we can.

Very satisfied with all points of service. Had an incident where my ex-husband (newly separated)was trying to cut me from insurance and a representative tracked me down to open my own policy so I wouldn't be without coverage and then they were concerned about my safety from my ex-husband.

good in general I like everything that provides the time of expenses and damage coverage

I don't like that I do not have a home office for my company. If I need anything from them I have to mail it or fax it. I can't just walk into their office and do what I need to do.

I sometimes feel that the company is a little lax in their professionalism. Being a small company in a small town seems to promote a certain type of attitude that could be construed as incompetent. I often have to call back to resolve issues or have something answered.

I do not dislike much. Mostly what I dislike is that their app is in need of an update. It is not the most attractive or easy to navigate the app.

The office is in San Antonio Texas. This helps to provide lower cost by not having to support offices, but also makes it difficult sometimes to get to people. That is why I am grateful for their awesome online and telephone systems.

They only serve the military. They have tons of discounts. They are not owned by the big corporations. They are always helpful when disaster strikes the areas.

Although a good company, don't have a physical branch or location in my state. Would be nice to talk to someone face to face if necessary.

I also don't like that our premiums for both home and auto have doubled in the past 2 years with no claims and no accidents.

Narragansett Bay Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

They have their ducks in a row. The home or auto claim process is easy and quick. I have my own personal agent who handles my files from start to finish which is very nice.

I like the interaction I have with my insurance company very much. They reach out to me about 2 or 3 times per year just to check in and make sure that everything is going well for myself and my family.

Homesite Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I think its fine, but I haven't really shopped around for others

I have had no problems, but really no experience

Overall, they have been great! Easy to deal with and to reach. I feel like if we had something major to occur that there would be no problem getting help as soon as possible.

Overall I think the company is great, they have good employees who are helpful and quick to accomplish what I need.

The company is very easy to deal with and gets things are done when needed and quickly. The customer service is nice and efficient.

Slightly too expensive, there are cheaper ones, there are better ones, many are cheaper and better, but this one was the fastest and their service is good as of now.

I like that there is coverage and I can get a good price to pay that is affordable for me.

They are very hard to get ahold of and they don't always explain things the best and kind of go around what can be done based on what they want.

They are local they got me a great price and a great product plus they are just nice, helpful, educated and willing to explain it.

My only dislike is they don't have a proper customer service and provide no details to contact them.

No contact is possible. Nothing on the website, nothing on the policy. No phone numbers, no emails. All emails say, no response and the phone calls are blank on the caller ID.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

WHat I like about the company is that they truly want to help you and your family become financially free. I love that about them,

it has great customer service and great prices.I like the amount of money that i got the chance to save

They offer good coverage for a decent price. They have always answered any questions I have and are always nice to deal with. I wish my payment was a little bit lower but overall they offer coverage in the event something would happen to my home.

When my parents' basement flooded and there was dangerous mold, the cost would have been astronomical. The insurance company covered it all and the coverage did not go up. That is why I chose this company for my own home.

I like that the company has 24 hour call line along with the website to access any documents needed. I also like that I can see how my driving is with the chip.

I like them overall but I would be open to trying out a different company if they offered better rates.

Everything is good, it is quality, every time you need it they are there to help you at any time and at any time they solve you.

I like that allstate representatives are available whenever I have an issue or a general question. I like their high level of professional.

I like allstate. They are very friendly, and very convienent and considerate. I like that they are very well known and reasonably priced compared to others

They offer good rates, but some of the benefits they advertise are normal to other insurance companies, in other words, I'm not really paying for a premium.

I dont like that since they are a well known company I feel like a lot of their offers or policies takes advantage of the customer since they know they are at the top list of companies . Other than that I think its fine

I really like Allstate and their service and they have great customer service.

They really try to save me money. I know that's counterintuitive, but I am building a relationship with them. They know I will remain a customer if they treat me right. I like that in an insurance company!

Well, they came to seem to put me in contact with someone who can answer a question without transferring me a half dozen times. They charge me too high a premium considering I live in a good neighborhood with little to no crime, no fires have occurred here, and everyone keeps their trees trimmed back from his or her fences.

The premiums are outrageous considering the amount of coverage i have, and the customer service is lacking.

I have been with them for a long time and get a multi policy discount

So far nothing. A few years ago I would have had plenty to say but not now. looks like they worked out the kinks.

I can proudly say that there is nothing at the moment that makes me dislike all state.they are great

I wish they had cheaper policies and higher coverage for what they quoted my house as. I feel like they need to come reassess the values of the homes in the neighborhood and property values to insure us for more money in the event something happens to our home.

I don't quite understand why my policy is less than the full value of my home, but I guess that is the norm.

I don't like the wait times on the phone and the billing system for when you have policy increases. It limits you on shopping around if there is an increase.

Homesite Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I haven't had a chance to interact with the company so I don't know

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

The company is good to work with. It seems the reps I talk to are empowered and knowledgeable. I dislike when reps have to put you on hold to answer basic questions. This does not really happen with MetLife.

Anything I dislike is usually related to price. It started with a good price and has slowly crept up over the months. I will look around before renewing.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

What I like most about the company overall is how in the end they really come through. The process at times might be bumpy and stressful, but once things are settled they do it right, they take care of the customer first and are able to focus on what is needed and get the job done.

I like that I get personalized coverage and great customer service for a very affordable price. All of the interactions I have had with this company have been positive.

The premium that I pay is very much reasonable as compared to other companies at the same coverage. I like this point.

We did not shop a lot, but the premium was within 10 dollars a month as opposed to other companies. It was on the higher end in terms of options.

The interaction is very smooth and clear. I really like their customer service and interaction with customers

I think it is a bit antiquated. It not very user-friendly in my opinion. You must enter your banking information every time.

I think that I am paying a pretty fair price, considering all the resources that the company provides for me. There is not much left to be desired, but perhaps the premiums could be a little lower than they already are.

Its great and everyone are very responsive and whenever we are in need they just come forward to help us

I feel like their website is not as accommodating to the mobile interface as most. It works still with my phone, but definitely not completely mobile friendly. I often have to zoom in and out to select certain options as the links are so small. Also I often have a hard time getting logged in, and the password recovery takes a long time to go through. I very rarely visit the online page very often for this very reason.

The company's customer service is very good and they explain in brief each and every policies and ask us to choose the best policy for us to pay the amount.

The website and app are very good applications to know about all the information about my policy. Especially that policy options and detailed information. But few updates needed in payment gateway functions. Because of laggy and page loading problems occurs while proceeding the payment is annoying.

Yeah I like everything in this company. Because this is trustworthy. Good value for money. This

We have been with the company for many years and never had any problems. I like the fact that all ,my policies are bundled together under one company.

We were able to combine home and auto under one insurance company which helped us same 100s of dollars a year in premiums

There agent's pages don't list individual reviews on them. So the company as whole is great, but you may get stuck with a bad agent.

They have been always very helpful and polite. Whenever I had a claim they made it very easy to file and did not give me a hard time.

The only downside is I live in a different city now and don't have the option to visit their office. That is not their fault though, they still provide excellent service.

I think it is fair and competitive I have looked around and feel like I am getting a big bang for my buck

I like how the price of what I'm getting is good and the people I talk to are easy to work with and understanding in my situation that I currently am in.

I like the price, I like the color of the application, I like the color of company website I like the logo of the company and ease of using it.

The prices probably are a bit higher than other companies. I would make economic sense to switch at some point in time or at least do some comparison shopping.

It is very easy to get a hold of an agent. They have a good comprehensive quote process. State Farm is very professional and has strong customer service.

State Farm is a very well known and stable company. I have used them for years and they offer great service to the customers. I would rate them a 2 on the scale provided.

I wish that prices were lower and that you didn't have to commit to a year's length to the policy. Also, I wish they gave long-standing customers a discount for loyalty.

overall I am satisfied. I would like to pay less but I won't sacrifice the coverage. so I am really stuck.

My insurance company is very friendly and they have great rates. They help me with any problem I have and they have good service.

I mostly dislike the initial part of the claims process, it seems like they have inexperienced adjusters that are highly skeptical and that makes things extremely stressful. Ultimately it takes getting higher level staff to address the issues and resolve them in a timely and satisfactory manner.

The insurance is good, and I had a good experience when I signed up. But every year the premium just keeps going up. It does not make sense and I am looking for another insurance company at the moment.

Their rates keep going up. I haven't had any claims in years yet the rates keep getting higher and higher. I am not a fan of that at all.

I do not like that it responds in a bad way to calls made on time and that are very strict when making payments

I don't dislike anything. I don't think I have had a bad experience yet. Only thing I am not crazy about is the semiannual calls for reviewing my policy. If I want more insurance, I will call them.

There is not much I dislike but if I had to choose one thing I was disappointed that for me to obtain car insurance with this company I would have had a much higher premium than what I am currently paying. I would have appreciated if they could match my current policy rates.

NY Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

The company supports some non-profits from our area. They operate in the background and you don't have to think about it.

Steadily rising rates and not much to show for it in terms of activity from us. Never had a claim but the rates continue to increase steadily

AAA Home Insurance Reviews

This is most affordable premium when compared to other insurance company, they provide the best premium structure and affordable schedule for payment.

I dislike that the website is not user-friendly and many times I have to call customer service for a simple payment.

I don’t like AAA sometimes because their offices are very busy. I don’t like how I have to wait in line in the offices. I also feel restricted because my house is bundled with my car insurance. Sometimes I wish I can keep my house insurance and shop for a different car insurance to get a better price.

Communication is fine because they send me information in the mail and give me plenty of time to respond. In addition, I like it because I can respond either by mail or online. The letters are also clear about what my policy is and how much my payments are.

I like the website and I like the mobile app because they are both user-friendly and they both provide an experience to help you find what you need and do what you need

I love how responsive their customer service is and how they are also very professional. I have very minimum co pays and always get mailed about anything that is being paid through my insurance.

Nothing I dislike. The interactions have been pleasant and there is just enough email communication. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

I have not had good experience with insurance companies in the past. I think the thing that I most dislike is the poor customer service I have experienced with my current company.

There is really nothing to dislike about the company. Our experience with AAA has always been positive and the products they sell are very competitive

This one is harder. I have never had to use the insurance luckily so am unable to see how easy they are to deal with at fulfilling their obligations. Ultimately for these reasons I have a 3 because to me that is mediocre which represents the unknown large piece.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Their online quote tool was very specific and so I was able to get a fairly accurate quote when I was shopping for home insurance. Their bundling options were great as well.

Payment options are limited. It would be more convenient to pay monthly but that is not an option. Being able to spread out the payments makes a smaller hit financially whenever I pay.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, the company is trustworthy and important for what it does for customers. Affordable insurance is a real possibility for a lot of people in good time.

Ameriprise Home Insurance Reviews

there is nothing at this time that I do not like about the company. the website is easy to use, the billing is handled by automatic payment so I have no issue

AIG Home Insurance Reviews

The representatives of the company are very polite and helpful. They know what they are doing. They well explain about they help to fill the forms.

Ameriprise Financial Home Insurance Reviews

I don't really have anything that I dislike. It's very intuitive and the security is great.

I haven't had any issues with the customer service. I would call and immediately get a live person who is knowledgeable.




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