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Top New York Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 13.83
Allstate 14.42
Geico -
Erie Insurance -
Homesite Insurance -
Safeco -
Travelers 8.95
Finance Insurance -
Farmers Insurance -
Liberty Mutual 8.27
Nationwide 2.7
Narragansett Bay Insurance Company -
Homesite Insurance -
MetLife -
NY Mutual -
Progressive -
Ameriprise -
Ameriprise Financial -
Farmer's Insurance -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Safeco Home Insurance Reviews

A very simple, to the point company. They have never tried to oversell us coverage that we don't need, we receive minimal amounts of paperwork from them and they set up / renewal process is very easy.

Every year when the renewal is sent they have upped the coverage amount without explanation. I have no other companies to compare it to so I don't know if this is normal.

AAA Home Insurance Reviews

This is most affordable premium when compared to other insurance company, they provide the best premium structure and affordable schedule for payment.

I don’t like AAA sometimes because their offices are very busy. I don’t like how I have to wait in line in the offices. I also feel restricted because my house is bundled with my car insurance. Sometimes I wish I can keep my house insurance and shop for a different car insurance to get a better price.

Communication is fine because they send me information in the mail and give me plenty of time to respond. In addition, I like it because I can respond either by mail or online. The letters are also clear about what my policy is and how much my payments are.

There is really nothing to dislike about the company. Our experience with AAA has always been positive and the products they sell are very competitive

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Their online quote tool was very specific and so I was able to get a fairly accurate quote when I was shopping for home insurance. Their bundling options were great as well.

Payment options are limited. It would be more convenient to pay monthly but that is not an option. Being able to spread out the payments makes a smaller hit financially whenever I pay.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

My agent is nearby and is familiar with my needs, and again -- I can't stress this enough -- the staff at the office is top-notch. I always end up having a personal conversation with them when I go in to make changes to my policy and that's just fantastic customer service, I think. It's very rare in this day when everything is so depersonalized.

I question the decisions from the parent company regarding automatic payments (they just started charging for that service) and I think the minor glitches on the website need to be looked at.

Homesite Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Slightly too expensive, there are cheaper ones, there are better ones, many are cheaper and better, but this one was the fastest and their service is good as of now.

My only dislike is they don't have a proper customer service and provide no details to contact them.

No contact is possible. Nothing on the website, nothing on the policy. No phone numbers, no emails. All emails say, no response and the phone calls are blank on the caller ID.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

As I wrote previously, the premium amount is good. The online website is excellent for use. The customer service is excellent as well. When I had a claim after a hail storm I was fully covered and paid without any delay or problems.

I have no complaints and have had no problems with Travelers since coverage started

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

I like that this company is there 24 hours a day when I need them. I know that I don't have to worry about anything and that my insurance company will take care of everything if I need to file a claim. They make things easy for me.

I love the customer service I’ve received. I also love the speed at which they handle questions and claims if needed.

Overall great though they lack in-person customer service and agents. The phone and online support are overall great though.

The company really cares about their client and provides exceptional service. They know how to treat people and are knowledgeable about what they are doing.

USAA also excels in customer interaction, every notice is proactively handled via mail / email and you are constantly aware of the status of your accounts both checking/savings/credit and insurance and home/auto loans.

USAA's only real flaw is that they don't have branches in any practical sense. They do have some kiosks in certain cities like Washington, D.C. but that is basically it. They compensate for this with their excellent customer service and providing ATM charge fee rebates for every ATM transaction.

I don't like that I do not have a home office for my company. If I need anything from them I have to mail it or fax it. I can't just walk into their office and do what I need to do.

They only serve the military. They have tons of discounts. They are not owned by the big corporations. They are always helpful when disaster strikes the areas.

Although a good company, don't have a physical branch or location in my state. Would be nice to talk to someone face to face if necessary.

I also don't like that our premiums for both home and auto have doubled in the past 2 years with no claims and no accidents.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I like the company's customer service as well as their policy I think that it is a fair policy for what is being covered and how much I'm paying I would recommend this company to my friends and family.

What I dislike about the company overall is that the customer service people can be a little combative sometimes but I am quite good on the phone so I have always gotten my way it usually just has come down being able to talk to the manager of the company and they always give me what I want so all in all there are more positives than negatives about this company I would still say their customer service is good that it just needs a little bit of improvement.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I like them over all. They have a great response time and everything seems super easy. I wouldn't switch off of them at this point because the service is very good.

I like very much the companys website. It is very convenient to me. I will get information always

There really isn't anything that I don't like. I might find more out if I actually compared them to others, but like I said, they do for me what I"m looking to have done. It really isn't too negative.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They will call you if anything is needed or if they have new policy updates available as well as discounts for being an existing customer

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

WHat I like about the company is that they truly want to help you and your family become financially free. I love that about them,

it has great customer service and great prices.I like the amount of money that i got the chance to save

They offer good coverage for a decent price. They have always answered any questions I have and are always nice to deal with. I wish my payment was a little bit lower but overall they offer coverage in the event something would happen to my home.

When my parents' basement flooded and there was dangerous mold, the cost would have been astronomical. The insurance company covered it all and the coverage did not go up. That is why I chose this company for my own home.

I like that the company has 24 hour call line along with the website to access any documents needed. I also like that I can see how my driving is with the chip.

So far nothing. A few years ago I would have had plenty to say but not now. looks like they worked out the kinks.

I can proudly say that there is nothing at the moment that makes me dislike all state.they are great

I wish they had cheaper policies and higher coverage for what they quoted my house as. I feel like they need to come reassess the values of the homes in the neighborhood and property values to insure us for more money in the event something happens to our home.

I don't quite understand why my policy is less than the full value of my home, but I guess that is the norm.

I don't like the wait times on the phone and the billing system for when you have policy increases. It limits you on shopping around if there is an increase.

Ameriprise Financial Home Insurance Reviews

I don't really have anything that I dislike. It's very intuitive and the security is great.

I haven't had any issues with the customer service. I would call and immediately get a live person who is knowledgeable.

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Erie is a solid company that takes care of their people. They charge a fair amount for insurance coverage, and provide peace of mind in return. We've been with them for more than 15 years, and I don't see us going anywhere else.

I like that they are easy to talk to and can answer any question that I have about my policy or if someone else needs a policy they can help them out as well.

As stated previously, I think their communication could use a little improvement. Also, I know that if we were to move and take out another home policy, the new policies have a surcharge after one claim. That's a bit of a disappointment. People purchase insurance so they can use it.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The company itself has no real faults that I have had, but my insurance agent is not a great representative for them.

I do not have anything that I dislike about them. I believe the only issue is that when contacting them sometimes I have to go through a few people instead of getting directly to who I want to talk to.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

What I like most about the company overall is how in the end they really come through. The process at times might be bumpy and stressful, but once things are settled they do it right, they take care of the customer first and are able to focus on what is needed and get the job done.

I like that I get personalized coverage and great customer service for a very affordable price. All of the interactions I have had with this company have been positive.

Its great and everyone are very responsive and whenever we are in need they just come forward to help us

The premium that I pay is very much reasonable as compared to other companies at the same coverage. I like this point.

We did not shop a lot, but the premium was within 10 dollars a month as opposed to other companies. It was on the higher end in terms of options.

I feel like their website is not as accommodating to the mobile interface as most. It works still with my phone, but definitely not completely mobile friendly. I often have to zoom in and out to select certain options as the links are so small. Also I often have a hard time getting logged in, and the password recovery takes a long time to go through. I very rarely visit the online page very often for this very reason.

The company's customer service is very good and they explain in brief each and every policies and ask us to choose the best policy for us to pay the amount.

The website and app are very good applications to know about all the information about my policy. Especially that policy options and detailed information. But few updates needed in payment gateway functions. Because of laggy and page loading problems occurs while proceeding the payment is annoying.

Yeah I like everything in this company. Because this is trustworthy. Good value for money. This

The interaction is very smooth and clear. I really like their customer service and interaction with customers

I don't dislike anything. I don't think I have had a bad experience yet. Only thing I am not crazy about is the semiannual calls for reviewing my policy. If I want more insurance, I will call them.

There is not much I dislike but if I had to choose one thing I was disappointed that for me to obtain car insurance with this company I would have had a much higher premium than what I am currently paying. I would have appreciated if they could match my current policy rates.

I mostly dislike the initial part of the claims process, it seems like they have inexperienced adjusters that are highly skeptical and that makes things extremely stressful. Ultimately it takes getting higher level staff to address the issues and resolve them in a timely and satisfactory manner.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

The company is good to work with. It seems the reps I talk to are empowered and knowledgeable. I dislike when reps have to put you on hold to answer basic questions. This does not really happen with MetLife.

Anything I dislike is usually related to price. It started with a good price and has slowly crept up over the months. I will look around before renewing.

AIG Home Insurance Reviews

The representatives of the company are very polite and helpful. They know what they are doing. They well explain about they help to fill the forms.

NY Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

The company supports some non-profits from our area. They operate in the background and you don't have to think about it.

Steadily rising rates and not much to show for it in terms of activity from us. Never had a claim but the rates continue to increase steadily

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