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Top New Jersey Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 11.12
Allstate 9.31
Geico -
National General -
Travelers 4.86
Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company -
Finance Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Farmers Insurance -
Liberty Mutual 8.94
Weichert -
Foremost -
Narragansett Bay Insurance Company -
American Family 4.1
Progressive -
New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company -
Safeco Insurance -
Esurance -
Farmer's Insurance -
Nationwide -
MetLife -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

American Family Home Insurance Reviews

Very organized and easy to use website for all the needs such as filing a claim, checking the status of a claim, and checking out different resources.

At the moment there are no complaints and dislikes about the company. Maybe in the future problems will arise but for now it is smooth.

AAA Home Insurance Reviews

I like interacting with them because they are kind and reply to me quickly. I have never had an unpleasant experience with them.

This company communication is much better, they guided me well and resolved all my issues

The app and website are very useful and it was very clear to find the information about my policy and other related FAQ's

We can easily access the customer support by the way of phone, chat, and by mail. Their response is quite satisfactory.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Progressive offered the lowest premium, which is what made me buy insurance from them in the first place. They have an easy to use website and app. Their customer service has also always been extremely timely and helpful, including the claims rep assigned to my account when my roof was damaged.

I haven't really found anything to complain about with Progressive yet, and I've had homeowners insurance with them for over five years. The one thing that bothers me a little is that it usually takes them a little longer than I would expect to send my new policy documents when I renew each year.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

We had business with them for over 20 years. I like how easy is the claim process and also the agent we deal with is great.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

like I said before, they have good customer relations. They are able to answer any inquiry you have. Their apps are easy to use.

none I can think of right now. overall, I am very satisfied with travelers.

Weichert Home Insurance Reviews

Overall I do not have much interaction with the company but I appreciate that they are tied to the real estate agency I bought the house from who also is my mortgage broker. I do feel like I have some leverage with people within Weichert so that if I really needed them I could get results.

I have very little interaction with my homeowners insurance company. They do not proactively communicate and lines of communication are a little bit fuzzy because of the layers of brokers and agents that I don't really understand.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

I would not be looking to switch my homeowner's insurance company in the future. I feel they really value me as a customer. I even think if I received a cheaper quote from somewhere else, they would work with me to keep me as a customer.

NJM Home Insurance Reviews

I really like this insurance company as they give good coverage for an affordable payment, I can combine auto and home for a discount I also like the fact that the company is fair with good rates. The claim filing process is easy and so is the monthly payment plan, good discount for home and auto.

There is nothing that I do not like, I love this company, easy to deal with, and I would never change.

Foremost Home Insurance Reviews

It suppose to be a top company. I still do not understand their billing process. Some people have total me they pay more so I guess it is a good deal .

The billing schedule is strange. The prices go up every year. I was told by other companies after hurricane hit new jersey this was the only company that would cover a mobile home. I guess they have as monopoly in the industry not sure about that.

FMI Home Insurance Reviews

They seem highly reputable over all and expect good things if I ever need to actually make a claim

Their is little to dislike however I guess there could be some options given to lower the rates long back, recently they have not given

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I like the prices overall and I like what they offer. they are very convenient and I received my quote very fast

There is nothing that I don't like about this insurance company. I have never had a negative experience with this insurance company.

I feel I might be paying a larger amount than I would with other companies but this company keeps me feeling good about the relationship and offers amenities that other companies cannot.

I dislike that the app is not easy to use and I think that they should hire more competent people for their customer service team

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I was highly disappointed when I had to change to a different insurance coverage because the premium is about 1/2 times more then what I was paying for previously. But I have to have insurance and this insurance company was better than some of the others.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

It is very active and approachable. Many of the people that work there are great and I have never had an issue. I rarely check the website, to begin with, so I do not think it is fair to use that in regards to my satisfaction with the company

It's a trusted brand who follows through. I had no trouble filling a claim or being paid for that matter

Overall, I feel that the company has handled all of my needs well and provided me with a valuable service.

good friendly people. glad I have gone with them after all these years. hope to stay with them for awhile.

They don't bother you too much, but when you contact them, they are always quick to get back to you. Very nice and considerate.

I can't say I disliked anything. I have had this for over 10 years with great experience. I guess the downside would be the website, but that does not bother me really

I dislike their cheesy commercials for the most part. They try and make needing to file an insurance claim funny

The only thing that I dislike so far is the monthly premium that I have to pay. I feel it is high considering that I have not had any claims.

I don't like how they don't answer their phone when you call. Most of the time they will have to call you back.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I do not dislike anything about the company. We do not have the traditional arrangement where we meet regularly or talk but I am fine with that.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I would like it if their rates were more competitive. Right now, since all of my insurance needs are bundled with them, I am willing to forego an $80-$100 price difference with competitor insurance companies and stay.

There is no personal relationship with the company. If there is ever a need that I need to file a claim, I feel I will be dealing with an unconcerned rep in a call center somewhere, who will have no familiarity with me until he/she reads into my account.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They have given me better prices than my prior company, the application process was pretty easy. When there was some trouble getting my mortgage company to recognize the new policy, they helped me with that contact.

Overall there isn't much that I dislike. I would appreciate more incentives or discounts.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

The claims process is very good. The customer center is very good. This what you get with a big and well known company.

Overall it has been a hassle-free and easy experience. No problems at all. All of my questions have been answered anytime I have asked them.

Even though they are hard to get in touch with sometimes, State Farm seems to have most of my things covered for a pretty good price for my area.

I like their values and their service. I like that the company is only two blocks from my home and my representative is extremely professional

They have many local branches and it is easy to stop by and get services or questions if you have them. They are a big company so have many resources

My agent is constantly keeping up with me and making sure I have all the coverage I need

I like the local office, and the service we get there. They are able to answer any questions we have, or quickly find the answer if not. I also like how they stay out of our hair for the most part, and do not bother us with adding new lines. The coverage we get from them is amazing, and I have yet to find another company who offers everything they do, coupled with the service.

The staff is very much helpful and at the same time their claim processing procedure is also fast.

The only dislike that I have is the office is located 30 minutes from my house. It is a bit of a drive to go there’s. However, all the good things outweigh this.

Sometimes I dislike always having to go through my agent for my questions. I would prefer to just ask online 24/7.

Their service at times is hard to reach and they fail to listen to voice messages. This is the only negative.

Automatic rate increases on premiums are the worst thing. Unsolicited sales call about other services are also annoying. Fishing for more information to raise rates is also annoying.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

Customer service of this company is too good. Customer support is available for 24/7. We will get a solution within that day

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