Top Nevada Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Nevada Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 20.41
American Family Insurance -
Allstate 10.37
Progressive -
Geico -
Farmer's Insurance -
Liberty Mutual 7.33
Travelers 4.73
USAA 6.15
Nationwide -
MetLife -
Farmers Insurance 15.76
Garrison Auto and Property Insurance -
Amica -
Universal Insurance Co of North America -
Westfield Insurance -
National General -
American National Property and Casualty Company -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Safeco Insurance -
Country Financial 2.14
Century National -
Westfield Insurance -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Universal Insurance Co of North America Home Insurance Reviews

I am overall very satisfied with my current insurance policy. I very much appreciate the fact that they have a local office.

Westfield Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Overall there are so many things that I like about Western Reserve Group. Their premiums are fair, their customer service is incredible and they offer extra coverages that most companies do not.

National General Home Insurance Reviews

At this time I am completely satisfied. Their price was excellent. I have had no claims so I do not know what will happen if I have one

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

Liberty Mutual gives us what we need, which is home and auto, for a price we can afford without overcharging us. Our tune might change if we have to ever file a claim with them.

They are average in trying to reach them. Sometimes I have to call back again. Once reached they are helpful and informative and seem like they really want to supply good answers.

I like the company website. It is easy to navigate and all my information is readily available and easy to access.

There is nothing really to dislike. I have been satisfied with all of my transactions with them.

American National Property and Casualty Company Home Insurance Reviews

The company is efficient and pays claims in a timely manner. I feel confident that if I ever have an issue with my home it will be taken care of.

American Family Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

insurance is required, not sure if the choice does I like them or not, I do appreciate excellent customer service.. would love to develop a long-term relationship with a company. just not a fan of how the insurance process is played out. Makes no sense to not be able to pay for all the damages and then maybe have to leave them because they raised my rates for a claim.


I am satisfied with the insurance company because we have never had to file a claim. At this point, they are simply getting paid for coverage.

It is very helpful and they provide more offers for home-related policy. The security is so high and the data is kept confidential.

American Family has insured our home for over 25 years. The agents that we have had are very friendly and helpful and when we had a claim, were there to help and move things along quickly. The rates are fair and the coverage is good

They are a good company, they try to treat people right. Agents work are for the people that they have signed up for coverage. Phone support seems to be pretty smooth.

I dislike the company because of the worst behavior of the company and it deliver the worst making of the home insurances and refundable amounts It provides the greater amount of the delivering charges and making of the additional instructed fees to the home insurance to the customers.

I am very much satisfied with my insurance company. because it's interaction, the premium is very good

They provide pay for damages include piping,electricians and some of the extra hold things.They provide more offers.

The company is great so far. They are easy to work with and they are able to send me stuff on time via email or mail.

They provide pay for damages which include piping,plumbing, and some electrical oriented process. It provides more offers.

The customer service that we get from our insurance company has been great overall. Anytime that we have questions are concerns they are more than happy to speak with us and explain. The homeowners rate that we have are lower than other quotes that we have received, but the bundled rates make them the same as the other insurance companies. We will definitely stay with them just for customer service alone because that is hard to come by now days.

I dislike that they are not very modern. They need to update themselves and be on track with other companies

The price seems good, but the lack of help on the internet such as chat features, online bill pay

I appreciate the attentiveness provided to me during the sales process and that they did not hinder the purchasing and closing of the home. They always seem attentive and provide thorough responses to my questions and needs.

I like how cheap the premium is for the company but I also like how most things are done online. I can look up my policy or use the chat to ask a question.

I believe the insurance company is focused on customer's needs and assists in planning for the future. Local agent suggests what we need, such as roof protected again hail damage, and provide us with options.

I like that this company actually seems to care about its customers. The other company involved in this recent claim didn't even do a full assessment of the damages - and would stop returning calls for weeks at a time. I was happy that our company, at least, was attentive to our needs.

The data will be lost sometimes.The app used for this company is not so up to accurate.

The assistant of the insurance agent has personally "harassed" me for my spouse and my stepson several times. She has used information they gave her to manipulate me or what I found to be customer service bullying. A recent example is that she contacted me about our life insurance policy, a day after my husband was complaining about how he pays the mortgage by himself. Then, she said that "typically two people pay the mortgage." Another time, she was "harassing" me indicating I should give my car to my 19-year-old stepson, lying and stating that is what she did with her car that just happened to be the same make and model as mine. These little odd "coincidences" happen way too frequently with the assistant and makes me seriously question her integrity and the professionalism of the business.

in this sometimes the contact between the company and the customer is not so accurate. The pay for damage is sometimes low.

I dislike the company for the overall discomfort of the customer sacrifice and non comfortable for the amount provisions, and not fund providing to the customers, It is very much amount of the customers to deliver many of the impacts to the company. It makes the very irritation about the company

The only negative thing that we have experienced with this company is the agent turnover rate. We have had several different agents since being with them, but they all have been good to deal with. We are not sure if this is just insurance in general or if it is company related.

Not much. They could be a little more transparent on the front side about the cost of certain actions and what is and is not covered by the policies. Find that they will omit details that could cause questions to be asked

The biggest problem I have had is that I have had to deal with a number of different agents for the company over the years. The company has a way of moving you to different agencies and just when you get used to one agent and know them, you have to deal with the next one

I like the coverage and the payment system is fairly seamless. The information is accessible online, and the insurance payment has been steady over time.

Sometimes they make the rush to pay the claim. The data will be lost for some time.There is no well protective security.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

This company is great. I'm very satisfied with them, that's why I haven't changed insurance companies in years. I plan to keep this company for a while now.

I really like the affordable prices that they offer and I really enjoy how easy it is to make my payments and keep up to date in case I could cut a better price on my coverage.

The company is like all the others. They all offer the same coverage at the same premium. Seems average due to the area where I live. Overall, the company works for now. Nothing enticing, nothing bad.

I feel very satisfied with my insurance company is highly competitive and very responsible I feel very happy with this company

I have both my cars,motorcycle and home insured with them best part of company i live is the US based customer service always use them and they give me good rates.

Compared with other companies, GEICO is one of the best because it offers insurance of all kinds and gives you the peace of mind that is needed

I like that they make insurance easy and I like that they have the best customer service out of any insurance I've ever been with.

I dislike insurance companies, generally. I am not a huge fan of it. It's an undesirable premium/cost to pay to account for possible damage/destruction to the home. It's hoping for death in order to get a huge payout... Seems like an awful way to live life.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

It's easy to use and get information quickly when I need to. I can find the documents I need also very fast when I need them, which is nice and easy.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I think that the company offers a good service at a competitive price.

The company has raised its price up a bit in recent years, and after talking to them on the phone they reassured me that this rise in cost was needed since all the premiums were going up.

Garrison Auto and Property Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Not applicable. I've never filed a home insurance claim. Fortunately, nothing has happened that warranted a claim, at least nothing that would cost more than the deductible to fix.

The company seems to depend on its local agent to provide information. It is not 24/7 so at nights, weekends, holidays, I have no one that can look up information on my policy or provide me with direction.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like that I have access to my insurance company 24/7. It is nice being able to have them there when I need them.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Overall I think that my company is affordable and there is no issue with that. I also like the fact that they have a great service history and I have read many good feedback's from other clients.

The company's website is easy to navigate on either PC or mobile app. The areas are clearly marked and easy to understand where I need to go, to get the information I am looking for.

They are changing to another company and I am unsure of what this will mean.

They cover manufactured homes. When I had to make a claim for a damaged roof, they worked well with us

I have never had any problems with customer service with farmers, they're always very nice and answer all my questions if the person I'm talking to doesn't have an answer they find someone that does

I have been in my home for about 4 years now and have not had the opportunity of submitting a claim however in the processing of obtaining a insurance for our new home that was built Farmer's Insurance was the best company in shopping around.

I like the premium, the customer service, and the communication received when we have had an inquiry. Overall we are very comfortable with them

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I like the cheap rate and the fact that it's fairly hassle-free. I signed up online and it was easy. I feel that we have a good amount of coverage on our home.

I dislike the fact that they didn't cover my claim, which I feel was completely valid. I don't understand why I have insurance if they're not going to help when I need it.

Liberty Mutual has always been my favorite company to deal with. (Insurance company) Liberty is always understanding, and reasonably fast when it comes to questions, claims, and any request that I have for them.

The premium is one of the lowest I have found for the coverage I can get from them. Others tend to cost a heck of a lot more

Joining the company was easy. I was able to do everything on the phone which is critical to me as I work full time. I left another company because they required an in-person meeting that I didn't have time for.

I don't really have anything that I don't like about it so far. I have used Geico auto for a couple of years and just recently bought homeowners insurance through them (Liberty Mutual)

Country Financial Home Insurance Reviews

Not really sure about other premiums from different companies, i have been using the same insurance company for over a decade and have never had any issues with them.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I am not sure how good State Farm is. As I stated above I went with the first company that offered me insurance and got back to me first. I am not too familiar with insurance processes and I needed to move into my home as soon as possible at the time. I am not going to seek other deals from other companies since I don't have the time nor the patience to learn what I am being offered. I usually have trust issues when it comes to salespeople.

I like the insurance company. I do not have any complaints. I would potentially shop around if needed but I like them and I am good to stick with them as long as they affordable.

I do not dislike Nationwide, I dislike the agent and his lack of interest and knowledge.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

Premiums are reasonable. Service is reasonable, They treat me with respect and discounts.

I like how available and proficient USAA is. They have really kept their technology tempo up to speed. Everything is really easy.

There is not much I dislike.

I have nothing bad to say about USAA. They have always done a great job for me.

Century National Home Insurance Reviews

being local is a plus fast response every time and quick payment all the time

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

They've been around a long time, and seem pretty nice. If I need them, they're there. If need be, I can bundle with my car insurance.

As long as the customer service is good and they do what they say they are going to do when i need a new air conditioner or something i'm ok with them i haven't had any problems with them in the few years i used them.

It's a big name, so you know you'll at least get some of your coverage in worst case scenario (there's a sense of built-in trust with name recognition).

I feel in the past couple of years the service has diminished. My last claim, I did a lot of work that the agent should have done. The agent created a lot of confusion and caused unnecessary worry.

The website is for global company, not my local insurance agency so it makes it difficult to navigate to find the information I need to contact my local agency

They are there whenever I need them and I don't have any issues with them as of know

They're easy to deal with on the phone and in person. The employees are professional and knowledgeable.

Great price for the coverage, it was truly unbeatable. Talking with my agent is easy- they quickly respond via phone or e-mail. Have helped me answer all my questions and helped me find the right coverage for my needs.

I am overall very satisfied with them. I have a personal relationship with them, so I am usually very well taken care of.

Both my parents and I have been with the Allstate company for as long as I can remember. Our home insurance company is very helpful and not once have I ever felt uncomfortable or pressured when dealing with them.

If I had to pick something minor, it's the frequency of what I would call spam emails (in the sense that they are mass marketed and not directed to me personally).

they are friendly, local and very responsive. They always are there to help and follow up if issues arise.

They cover my home because other insurance companies will not

The only thing I don't like is how much random mail and email they send me on a weekly basis. It's way too much and can get annoying but I just disregard them anyway.

their premiums seem to be a bit higher than i'm used to but my house is older so it is somewhat justifiable. That being said i don't like their app it's terrible and the website confuses me.

It's a big name, so you can be easily looked over or screwed over. They have the power of money and attorneys to bully a customer around.

Amica Home Insurance Reviews

The premium is a little high but the customer service makes up for it. I also hear the claims handling is really good

I wish they would try to keep the premium increases down every year or at least explain in my renewal why my premium went up.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

I love that my bills are accessible 24/7 and that a representative is always available, no matter the time. They are always courteous and professional.

SO far this is the first claim I have had with MetLife and it has been a fairly painless process. A little stressful with the water damage but the insurance company has provided a good quote to cover the costs of repair. Also covers loss of use for the time the repairs are going on.

I am unsure what I dislike about the company. So far, the biggest complaint I have is the wait time in their phone queue and their automated phone system is aggravating at times, as it tends to loop you back and forth

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

It is good. Everything is all right except they over-rely on call centers.

It is good. It has decent coverage. I know it is not the best but pretty good.

I like the company because they are very affordable. I enjoy that there is not much fuss involved with setting up insurance with them.

The only thing that I really dislike about the company is that you cannot transfer insurance to other states without easily.

easy access to services and agents both by phone and website. 24 hour contacts available, Quick payouts when needed. Excellent customer service

I like the customer service and the reasonable price they offer. They also insure my property that is in storrage, not just my home.

There is nothing that I dislike about the company because I simply have not had a single complaint to present to it because they have a great system of work and organization.

They do not provide any interaction/communication other than my yearly bill. I am not satisfied with them at all but there are very limited options so I stick with them.

I love the fact that they are always open and always there for you

Westfield Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I have not had to file a claim at this point so I don't have as detailed an opinion as I would like. But the coverage seems adequate and they keep me updated on changes.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

I like the idea that the company is a big corporation. There are issues with smaller insurance companies, I do not like being scammed, overall everything seems fine with the choice.

The insurance agent that I work with are easy to communicate with and time I need anything they are responsive.

I don't really have any dislikes about the company. I do not usually experience any issues with the insurance company, I guess the only issue is that they would call me to make some adjustments.

I like their willingness to help, their efficiency and their clear and caring communication. Their intrapersonal communication is great.

They seem to be a good company and I expect they will be there if I ever have a claim. Hope never have to use them

I like that they do exactly what they set out to do. I don't get any unsolicited phone calls or mail. Its nice and simple.

I am happy with my insurance company. They have been around a long time, I do not like it when they try to get me to purchase things like WHOLE LIFE insurance, or offer a credit card, but I like them overall an have been with them for years.

I like that they were responsive and helpful when I was purchasing the policy, and that they did all of the work on my behalf. I only had to sign the papers and everything now is automatic.

I worry that they may eventually drop us due to their standards. They have been reluctant to process claims in the past. They also didn't give enough to cover claims as well in the past.

I am able to get through on the phone lines very quickly. I get the answers that I need quickly.

They are helpful when I do get them on the phone and they are quite reasonable for a homeowner's insurance. Although I may have my qualms with overall they are definitely looking out for us.

State Farm has been around forever, and anytime I do get mad at them (usually a premium raise) I will go check other companies online- but I can never find one that gives the same coverage for a lower price.

State Farm is a large group of insurance and financial services companies throughout the United States with corporate headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois. The group's main business is State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, a mutual insurance firm that also owns the other State Farm companies

My family has been with them for 40 years. The well-known company, very easy to work with. They care about you and always are there to help.

I love that there is a local office that I can walk into and talk to an actual human, who can meet my needs as I have them, or that I can just call into the office and speak to someone and my needs are usually met as well, and as I have been a customer there for a while, they know who I am, and greet me by name.

what I dislike is their higher price for all policies even if you have multiple policies with them they are still high price company.

The premium isn't terrible, but it isn't the best either. It hasn't gone up too much in the time I have had them which is a good thing.

I have not had a lot of communication with my insurance company, other than seeing the front desk person when I drop off my check at their office. But they are always friendly and ask if I have any questions.

The premiums are the main issue and I should probably do more research to secure a better deal.

I like this company because they been in Business for several years,Their customer service is great,Their claim processing is also pretty good. One thing that I am not too happy is their prices are much higher than other insurance companies.

My insurance company is the same one that I have had from my initial home purchase and I will not be changing insurance companies at any time in the near future.

The only thing that I could say that I don't like is maybe just slightly more covered on flooding and maybe a discount for being a longtime customer with no claims. Other than that it's hard for me to find things I don't like about them.

It did not take them long to come out and access the damages. State Farm wrote us a check and we were able to get the car fixed quickly.

I have no complaints. The premiums are acceptable, the customer service is top notch, and since I have never had to file a claim, I think that is probably helping me look at the company more positively. If I got denied for a claim, that might change things.

I like that the local office looks out for their customers, and they know what is coming and going on throughout the local environment because they live here too.

Claim department takes a long time. I had an incident with pipes a few months a ago and the claim too a month long, which cause a big problem for me.

There isn't much that I don't like. I guess the payments could always be lower, but I feel that we get a good deal so I'm not complaining.

They're a conservative company that values consistency and higher quality service and products over bottom-line price. Sooner or later, that may force them to either adapt, or lose market percentages based on their price competition.

I can't say there is anything I dislike. They provide a service that has served me well so far, and I have no complaints. It is about the right amount of interaction.

Oh I put that up top, just their overselling. I do not want to be called over and over for a product I don't want. I had to be rude finally and say I am not interested in whole life quit trying to sell it to me. (I had said no several times)

I really can't think of any reason to dislike the company or the agency. They have a good reputation, so if I ever do need to file a claim, I suspect it will be easy and fair.

Overall insurance rates in the US are outrageously overpriced. I believe they should be more reasonably priced for the value.

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