Top Nevada Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Nevada Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 20.41
Allstate 10.37
USAA 6.15
Geico -
Progressive -
Liberty Mutual 7.33
Amica -
Farmers Insurance 15.76
Nationwide -
Travelers 4.73
American National Property and Casualty Company -
Safeco Insurance -
American Family Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Westfield Insurance -
National General -
Century National -
Farmer's Insurance -
MetLife -
Garrison Auto and Property Insurance -
Country Financial 2.14

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Amica Home Insurance Reviews

The premium is a little high but the customer service makes up for it. I also hear the claims handling is really good

I wish they would try to keep the premium increases down every year or at least explain in my renewal why my premium went up.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I think that the company offers a good service at a competitive price.

The company has raised its price up a bit in recent years, and after talking to them on the phone they reassured me that this rise in cost was needed since all the premiums were going up.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

It is good. It has decent coverage. I know it is not the best but pretty good.

It is good. Everything is all right except they over-rely on call centers.

I like the company because they are very affordable. I enjoy that there is not much fuss involved with setting up insurance with them.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I am not sure how good State Farm is. As I stated above I went with the first company that offered me insurance and got back to me first. I am not too familiar with insurance processes and I needed to move into my home as soon as possible at the time. I am not going to seek other deals from other companies since I don't have the time nor the patience to learn what I am being offered. I usually have trust issues when it comes to salespeople.

I do not dislike Nationwide, I dislike the agent and his lack of interest and knowledge.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

Liberty Mutual gives us what we need, which is home and auto, for a price we can afford without overcharging us. Our tune might change if we have to ever file a claim with them.

They are average in trying to reach them. Sometimes I have to call back again. Once reached they are helpful and informative and seem like they really want to supply good answers.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

Premiums are reasonable. Service is reasonable, They treat me with respect and discounts.

I like how available and proficient USAA is. They have really kept their technology tempo up to speed. Everything is really easy.

There is not much I dislike.

I have nothing bad to say about USAA. They have always done a great job for me.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

This company is great. I'm very satisfied with them, that's why I haven't changed insurance companies in years. I plan to keep this company for a while now.

I really like the affordable prices that they offer and I really enjoy how easy it is to make my payments and keep up to date in case I could cut a better price on my coverage.

The company is like all the others. They all offer the same coverage at the same premium. Seems average due to the area where I live. Overall, the company works for now. Nothing enticing, nothing bad.

I dislike insurance companies, generally. I am not a huge fan of it. It's an undesirable premium/cost to pay to account for possible damage/destruction to the home. It's hoping for death in order to get a huge payout... Seems like an awful way to live life.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

They've been around a long time, and seem pretty nice. If I need them, they're there. If need be, I can bundle with my car insurance.

As long as the customer service is good and they do what they say they are going to do when i need a new air conditioner or something i'm ok with them i haven't had any problems with them in the few years i used them.

It's a big name, so you know you'll at least get some of your coverage in worst case scenario (there's a sense of built-in trust with name recognition).

They are there whenever I need them and I don't have any issues with them as of know

The only thing I don't like is how much random mail and email they send me on a weekly basis. It's way too much and can get annoying but I just disregard them anyway.

their premiums seem to be a bit higher than i'm used to but my house is older so it is somewhat justifiable. That being said i don't like their app it's terrible and the website confuses me.

It's a big name, so you can be easily looked over or screwed over. They have the power of money and attorneys to bully a customer around.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I like the cheap rate and the fact that it's fairly hassle-free. I signed up online and it was easy. I feel that we have a good amount of coverage on our home.

Liberty Mutual has always been my favorite company to deal with. (Insurance company) Liberty is always understanding, and reasonably fast when it comes to questions, claims, and any request that I have for them.

I dislike the fact that they didn't cover my claim, which I feel was completely valid. I don't understand why I have insurance if they're not going to help when I need it.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Overall I think that my company is affordable and there is no issue with that. I also like the fact that they have a great service history and I have read many good feedback's from other clients.

The company's website is easy to navigate on either PC or mobile app. The areas are clearly marked and easy to understand where I need to go, to get the information I am looking for.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

I like the idea that the company is a big corporation. There are issues with smaller insurance companies, I do not like being scammed, overall everything seems fine with the choice.

I like their willingness to help, their efficiency and their clear and caring communication. Their intrapersonal communication is great.

They seem to be a good company and I expect they will be there if I ever have a claim. Hope never have to use them

I like that they do exactly what they set out to do. I don't get any unsolicited phone calls or mail. Its nice and simple.

I am happy with my insurance company. They have been around a long time, I do not like it when they try to get me to purchase things like WHOLE LIFE insurance, or offer a credit card, but I like them overall an have been with them for years.

I like that they were responsive and helpful when I was purchasing the policy, and that they did all of the work on my behalf. I only had to sign the papers and everything now is automatic.

I don't really have any dislikes about the company. I do not usually experience any issues with the insurance company, I guess the only issue is that they would call me to make some adjustments.

Claim department takes a long time. I had an incident with pipes a few months a ago and the claim too a month long, which cause a big problem for me.

There isn't much that I don't like. I guess the payments could always be lower, but I feel that we get a good deal so I'm not complaining.

I worry that they may eventually drop us due to their standards. They have been reluctant to process claims in the past. They also didn't give enough to cover claims as well in the past.

I can't say there is anything I dislike. They provide a service that has served me well so far, and I have no complaints. It is about the right amount of interaction.

Oh I put that up top, just their overselling. I do not want to be called over and over for a product I don't want. I had to be rude finally and say I am not interested in whole life quit trying to sell it to me. (I had said no several times)

I really can't think of any reason to dislike the company or the agency. They have a good reputation, so if I ever do need to file a claim, I suspect it will be easy and fair.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

I love that my bills are accessible 24/7 and that a representative is always available, no matter the time. They are always courteous and professional.

I am unsure what I dislike about the company. So far, the biggest complaint I have is the wait time in their phone queue and their automated phone system is aggravating at times, as it tends to loop you back and forth

Garrison Auto and Property Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Not applicable. I've never filed a home insurance claim. Fortunately, nothing has happened that warranted a claim, at least nothing that would cost more than the deductible to fix.

The company seems to depend on its local agent to provide information. It is not 24/7 so at nights, weekends, holidays, I have no one that can look up information on my policy or provide me with direction.

Country Financial Home Insurance Reviews

Not really sure about other premiums from different companies, i have been using the same insurance company for over a decade and have never had any issues with them.

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