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Top Nebraska Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 25.17
Farm Bureau -
Allstate 5.37
Geico -
Progressive -
Liberty Mutual 3.94
Farmer's Insurance -
Nationwide 7.19
Travelers 2.8
Stillwater insurance Group -
MetLife -
Farmers Insurance 4.64
Kemper -
Westfield Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Plummer Insurance -
Safeco Insurance -
Black Ridge Bank -
Finance Insurance -
National General -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Kemper Home Insurance Reviews

They are inexpensive and they provide excellent service to me. That's a win compared to many other insurance agencies that I've worked with in the past.

Westfield Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I wish there was more of an online presence. I wish it was easier to access account info online. I wish it didn't cost so much.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Although I could probably save money if I bundled other insurance premiums with this company, I have trust that this company will take care of me if things go bad.

We are provided with a great agent that does very well at addressing any concerns we have. We have also been very satisfied with the amount of coverage we receive for the cost of our insurance.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they kept the rate they said they would keep, and that they discount our monthly service since we have auto insurance with them.

They act fast and provide a human touch to the insurance field. I have been satisfied in all instances of the claim process and will keep them for years to come.

I will keep them for a while because they have excellent rates, they have good customer service and their process is really easy. I think that's what they should offer, and they are a good company.

They are so large that sometimes it's hard to get in contact with who I need to. For example, I have to go through many options to reach a human

There really isn't anything I don't like about Progressive. Their prices are fair, their claim process is easy and quick and their representatives understand my concerns.

Their only bad point is that their phone lines can sometimes be busy, wait times are a bit much (5 mins or so) and their offices are not really close to my home (around 6 miles). However, none of that is really negative.

I don't dislike Progressive. I wish the rates were a bit lower, but overall I am quite satisfied with my company.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they are friendly and knowledgeable. I like that they are always there when we have questions or concerns. They don't bother us with lots of calls or emails about "how are you liking this or that, would you like to add change coverage, etc."

I've had the company for 6 years now and I am going to stay with them for a long time. The premium is great, service is incredible, and filling a claim would be quick and simple. They are a wonderful company!

I dislike that they haven't changed our rate in over 5+ years. We have not had to file a home claim and the premium remains the same.

The only complaint I have about the company is they get our bill to us without alot of time to pay it. Because our insurance is paid through our mortgage that caused a difficulty one year because the bank did not have the turnaround time it needed.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

It is clunky, slow to load and has limited options compared to others.

I do not have a dislike for the company. The time I interacted was great. I do not think there is anything to dislike about travelers.

Isn't a question asking pros and cons the same thing as asking what I like and dislike about the company? The survey seems redundant. I like they're cheap.

They have met my needs and covered all claims filed. Coverage is excellent.

Farm Bureau Home Insurance Reviews

I like the fact that it is more locally oriented and is a co-op. It is a national company, but with local divisions. I get to vote on directors, etc. Also, when I call, I'm talking to a local person usually, and not someone in another country who I can barely understand.

I would suggest anyone use this insurance company. I feel like they truly care and have never had any issues out of them at all.

I like that they are friendly when I go in. I like that it is local to me so if I ever need to file a claim I can just drive over to them and sort it out.

Very fast replies to my claims and communications as well as getting payments directly hand delivered to you.

I've been meaning to shop around as from talking to others I'm paying a little to much but I like the agent and the times I've had a claim they came right away and were very fast and thorough with repairs.

This is actually very hard for me to do. I can't think of anything they said or done that I dislike about the company. I'm just being honest.

We get insurance magazines from our insurance company that are interesting. We also get surveys from them for coverage updates. Also holiday cards and follow up letters are very nice to get.

I like the coverage of my insurance company. I think I get good coverage for the price I pay. The people that work there are nice and they have a good website.

I don't dislike anything about this company but insurance, in general, is a rip-off for people like me who never have claimed.

Its local, I can go in at any time. They have good rural coverage, which some other companies do not. I feel confident that they will help me if I have any trouble at my house.

Calling to get a quote and coverage was easy and quick. Everything took less than 20 minutes and all information was emailed to me immediately.

My insurances company is reasonably priced and professional. Even though it is part of a larger company the local office is run like a small business. I consistently interact with people that I know and am able to get things taken care of in an enjoyable way.

I don't like the fact that the premiums are higher than what I was paying with my previous carrier, and the deductibles are also higher.

Farm Bureau's pricing is higher than other insurance companies that I have dealt with in the past. The company does not seem to be quite as technologically advanced as some.

The rates seem to be increasing every other year. I would understand it if I kept adding value to my home but I haven't added any additions or increased the value. The insurance company doesn't give me a reason other than inflation.

We will stay doing business with them as long as they have a local agent, if they abandon our local office we will start shopping for insurance elsewhere

We had a death of someone on our property, our policy said they would pay $50,000.The claim agent come out here they the insurance would not pay

I honestly cannot think of one bad thing to say about my insurance company. It's true that great.

I dislike the lack of online usage. They have a very limited site online and this makes it difficulty when I am trying to pay my bills online.

Stillwater insurance Group Home Insurance Reviews

Their website is simple and easy to navigate. Whatever I need is easily found and the instructions on their site are very clear.

Due to the rates and customer service offered, we are extremely satisfied. Thanks to a broker, they found Stillwater who accepted our application.

They are very responsive and get back to us immediately or within an acceptable amount of time for any inquires we have.

I am satisfied with my home insurance company at this point. I have not had to file a claim yet, however, the premium that I am paying and the amount of coverage that I receive is very good compared to other insurance companies.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like their customer is really good and easy to get a hold of when I need them. I like that they have been the cheapest option when it comes to the premium.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews


there is not much I dislike about the company other than what I may have said above in the customer service portion of this survey

It is easy to use and the customer service has been good so far. They seem to be open a lot and have good hours to call during the evenings. Overall a very positive experience.

Customer service has always been helpful to me, every time I have contacted them for any issues.

I like how easy it is to communicate with the company, I like that my rate stays the same, and I like how I can do my auto pay and everything right from my phone.

I use them for car insurance because they have good payment plans. I have them for my home insurance because they offer a bundle discount.

I don't like the phone support and customer service, it is outsourced making it difficult to get a satisfactory conclusion to any problems.


Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

A few years ago I have some damage in my backyard and the company was extremely helpful and I loved how easy it was to solve my issue.

Good friendly people. Glad I have went with them after all these years. Hope to stay with them for a while.

We love the fact that it's a nationwide company, but our agents treat us like we are their only customers. They provide personalized service without any hassle and with a smile!

I like that they are a known company and I pretty much know what to expect from them. They are not unknown and too small and have to worry they will go out of business.

I am offered a great amount of coverage for the premium that I am paying. Customer service is excellent and I believe if I ever needed to file a claim the process would be very straight forward.

what i like about the company is that they will work with you if you don't have to much money to work with, they have great plans and the plans are affordable as well.

I think it is a good company a great price and I like the fact that I can always get the answers I need so I think overall they are great,

The coverage and pricing is superior to any company I researched, and customer service is spectacular.

We had the choice of purchasing a policy with a much lower premium with Allstate compared to the options that were available with other companies at the time I originally began looking for insurance for our home.

The mobile app is easy to use you can upload pictures if damage to a base quote. App connects you to live chat with a representative if needed as well. You can also obtain quotes from the app.

I don't have much communication. Occasionally they send an offer for different insurance (life insurance, etc.). If I call or email, they are always helpful. Otherwise, I don't hear much from them, which is fine by me.

I like the size of the company. I don't think they will go bankrupt. They are probably too big to fail. That makes me happy, knowing that I will have my company around just in case.

I am satisfied with Allstate and would recommend them to anyone. I have used them for many, many years for renters, home, auto, life. They are trustworthy, a good value for the premiums I pay.

I love Allstate so far especially coming from grange who really was a bad company to deal with and they wouldn't cover anything that I needed

I wish they have special offers more often. As a loyal customer I would like to have more discounts and other benefits.

I appreciate the work that this company does to find appropriate discounts and am fond of the service, price, and overall feeling of comfort having insurance through them.

There is nothing that we dislike about our insurance company. If we disliked the company, we would not be giving them our money each month.

This isn't necessarily their fault but insurance here is so expensive. I think flood insurance should be immediately covered because we live in a flood zone. Air conditioning is also very important but it's an extra.

The major dislike is the fact that it isn’t the cheapest route that I could go. There are other companies where I could get the same coverage for less.

Plummer Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Our insurance company allows us to combine both home and auto insurance into one policy. The company is also very responsive when we contact them about policy changes or updates.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Safeco has a good reputation and did handle my One claims smoothly. The premium is reasonable and My policy was not surcharged for the claim

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I never had any issues, it was a simple process to add them as the carrier. Rates were low for a long time, even beating out when bundled with other products.

My new insurance company is quick to respond to me and handle my requests. On top of that, I am paying less for more coverage than I previously had.

Overall Liberty Mutual is a wonderful company to purchase homeowners, renters, and car insurance. I have been with them for many years and they take the customer seriously and treat you with respect. I have recommended them to my family and friends.

I like the website as I can view all relevant information and policy documents as well as make payments and view billing information. It has all the functionality I need.

It's a little pricey, especially for having no loss experience. Maybe I'll market them this year.

the over all review is this company is extremely good for the home insurance process

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Available for asking questions and I will get prompt answers in return

Limited hours, limited online services.

I couldn't compare it with other insurance companies since I haven't done any comparison recently,

I really like the service I get, the fact that I don't have to wait on hold to talk to a representative and the premium is the lowest I could find for our location. I get monthly emails making sure we are informed on different topics.

it's really very easy to use, it's also very self-explanatory, you don't get lost trying to find what you're looking for.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

If my rates haven't climbed so I high over the past year, I would be very happy with my company. I feel like a get a personal level of care from my local agent. I'm not dealing with a person I've never met. They have taken the time to get to know me and I'm willing to pay a bit more for that.

State Farm has been a great company for me. They have always answered my questions and never given me a hard time. I would highly recommend them.

I like that, when the time comes I can bundle all of my insurance with this company and have it all in one place, with one payment. I like the reliability of the company and the warm, kindness of my representative.

I became a customer of State Farm almost 20 years ago when I moved to Florida where my insurance at the time did not have coverage. State Farm was the cheapest I found and I am happy that they are such a well known and well-established company.

They have always been honest and clear with their communications

I like the feeling that I have coverage for my home and cars and my insurance company does that for me and addresses my needs.

I like the fact that it is easy to speak with anyone when you need them. They respond quickly when you file a claim. And everyone is helpful.

Best customer service in the industry and have a good lineup of products. Never a problem to have a company that's been around and will continue to be around.

I like the fair rates they charge me and the quick response when there is a problem. I like the discount they provide for having home and auto insurance with them.

When I bought my house they sent someone to inspect my roof. He said it was in great shape, but it leaked! He said it was a newer roof, but my neighbor said it was over 10 years old!

I like that, once I get in touch with them, they are very professional and quick. It just takes a long time to actually get in touch with a person in customer service.

You get what you pay for to a degree so they are more expensive than some other companies. Their webpage could also use a rebranding as it looks like it was built around 2010.

I will not switch to another company unless State Farm goes out of business. I have not found another company with the exceptional service we have received.

My premium is lower here. My family has been loyal customers for many years and I believe my discounts reflect that.

I like the consistency that my insurance provider has given us. For some insurance options, we may pay more, but I would rather pay a bit more and feel secure and taken care of by my insurance company.

There is nothing like that I dislike about the company. I have been with them for years and have never had a complaint.

I am satisfied with how easy they are to contact generally. The customer service, at least with respect to the things they directly control, has been good, and the representatives are pleasant to deal with.

I like that the company has worked with me in terms of meeting my needs and nothing too far beyond the bare necessities. I think the agent has been honest with me and always strives to keep my premium as low as possible while still having enough coverage.

We like that the company has always been helpful and honest and has always taken the time to make sure we are satisfied with everything. their rates are low and the coverage is excellent.

I can deal with the mail the comes from them but I don't know if I will stay with them if I get another year of high rate jumps. The rates increases seem very substantial. I feel like asking them to cut their advertising budget to keep my rates low.

I have not found anything that I dislike about the company. They have always handled me with respect.

I have not had any altercations where I can claim to dislike anything just yet. Some of the mail or alerts are a little annoying, but other than that I am overall pretty satisfied.

I have never had any issues with State Farm. Their prices are great, their employees are knowledgeable and friendly and their billing process is simple.

Maybe a bit hands off until you need them. I don't feel like I personally know any of them.

I'm not so fond of my premium, and I don't like the delay in claims, however, I want to believe that is just the nature of insurance, and that it's not my company in specific drawing things out.

I only dislike that they do not lower my premium based on the number of claims I have had in the past. I think that I should be rewarded for not using the insurance.

I don't really dislike anything. They get a negative reputation around, which concerns me a bit. I worry that I'm missing something important.

All of the staff, including the main agent, are very kind and polite. However, there are 2 that work there that make me call the 800 number more than going in. One is that rude woman I spoke about and the second is this really dumb guy. He's nice of course but has no clue what he's doing. He can't even apply for a payment correctly. He applied one of my payments to someone else's account and I was getting threatened with termination of my insurance. The issue was resolved and fixed but still though.

Nothing readily comes to mind. But on further thought I would like to see the company automatically review the policies for me and give me discounts if applicable.

I think that the rates are a bit higher than other companies but like i said its not a huge way and above price compared to others and the customer service still beats others.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

This company is making me remove trees and vines that have been around this house for 20 plus years. Other insurance companies never had a problem with the trees or vines.

Comparing to other companies MetLife company's home insurance premium amount is better. In other companies we need to pay more money.

I haven't had a claim so haven't had a good or bad experience.

Black Ridge Bank Home Insurance Reviews

The premiums are highly satisfactory. The coverage is what we need and I am happy with that. They offer different options for our coverage and it works for us and premiums go up but not a lot per year.

Finance Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the whole I did not dislike anything about this company.Because I trust in this company.

National General Home Insurance Reviews

There is nothing that I dislike. Maybe if I have a claim there could be some problems or concerns, but until then there is nothing to dislike.

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