Top Missouri Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Missouri Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 25.77
Allstate 3.98
Shelter -
Geico -
Liberty Mutual 8.93
Progressive -
Travelers -
Farmer's Insurance -
American Family 15.23
USAA 4.17
Nationwide 4.63
Safeco -
Alfa Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Farmers Insurance 8.07
Columbia -
MetLife -
Armed Forces Insurance -
Kemper -
National General -
Safeco Insurance -
Safety Insurance -
Ashley Swegle Agency -
Country Financial -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Kemper Home Insurance Reviews

They have easy to navigate website and their customer service is very good. They have reasonable prices with a good amount of coverage.

Safeco Home Insurance Reviews

I like the fast communication I have with the staff overall. They respond to emails or phone calls whenever I have a question or need to make a change.

They send confusing correspondence that does not always match my bill. That may be headquartered sending our automatically generated mail so it is not a big deal.

National General Home Insurance Reviews

It's an insurance company...they are what they are - a necessary evil in life. My present company provides the services for which I pay the premiums. There is nothing specific to like or dislike about the company.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

The car insurance was more expensive before discounts. There were home discounts for my new roof.

I like the financial stability and accessibility of the company. They are established and known in the marketplace. The coverage fits my needs.

I liked being able to bundle my car and home insurance and getting my car insurance discounted.

What I dislike about the company overall is that the premiums are high for what you are getting overall. I also wish they would have a much larger range of things that will be covered.

They sometimes subcontract out the claims work to 3rd parties. The quality is hard to keep a handle on with a subcontractor. When there are a lot of regional claims, they can get overloaded and slowed down.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

This company is great. I'm very satisfied with them, that's why I haven't changed insurance companies in years. I plan to keep this company for a while now.

Not sure about what other companies charge for their premium, I have never researched that.

I like that they answer any question that I may have and they are very fast if anything bad happens.

i think my home insurance is very good and better than some of the others

The company is local, so an agent is always within reach. They treat each customer as if they are the most important customer to their business.

There is nothing that I don't like about this insurance company. I have never had a negative experience with this insurance company.

Alfa Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

There is nothing I dislike about this company, great customer service, great premiums, fast response time to claims I can't find a company that has been as good to me as them.

The only thing that I didn't like was I sent an email and it didn't go through. I checked the next day and had to resend the email. That could have been a server glitch on my side or there's.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I'm not sure what I like at this time as I have only had the policy for one month. I do like that they offer discounts when you bundle with auto.

Amica is a great company. The company has a great web site for customers to access. The company has great customer service. Finally, the company offers low cost policies to their customer base.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the level of customer service provided and the way they keep me informed. I like the way they try to make things as user friendly as possible for their customers.

I would like to see further steps to increase their customer service representatives, because wait times on phone calls can be a bit ridiculous. I also would like to see more incentives for saving money, perhaps a discount for being a long-term customer or further bundling discounts that make it truly worth utilizing.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The experience with the selling rep not returning my calls after he made the sale makes me unhappy. I know its this person's job to sell, but even a return email would have been nice.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They are always courteous and treat you like family, when you ask them questions you will receive exact answers from them, they are very knowledgeable.

It's affordable and ties in with my car insurance so it's less work when paying bills.

It's a nice reasonable premium considering the value of the house and the amount of coverage. The deductible is reasonable as well.

I listed these things above already in detail but the customer service is friendly and efficient and I pay a good price.

I think the company has a good image and I like their commercials, however in real life, it is difficult to get anyone to answer my questions and my personal representative is pushy and rude.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I dislike the constant mail, and that the premiums and deductibles keep going up, even though I haven't filed a claim.

I like how they are nationwide, so I don't have to worry about reliability and locality. There are agents all over the country.

In spite of everything they answered for my payment, I had differences with the company and they delayed too much but they paid me

Overall, the company is average at best to me. I feel if I put in the effort, I could get better service, better quality, and better price for my home. I do not believe I have the best of it all when it comes to home insurance because they can improve in communication and price of the insurance, but it is not like it is draining money from me either.

I had started shopping for all new insurance coverage when our daughter was going to get her drivers license. This company gave the best rate for actually better coverage for home and auto than others I had looked at.

I wish there was more transparency about why the bills are increasing. If the agency could show me their method of determining my rate that would be great.

Safety Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they have bundled my car and home insurance into one bill. They are also extremely easy to work with for the few claims I have had to make. They are extremely responsive and are able to process everything relatively quickly!

Ashley Swegle Agency Home Insurance Reviews

The process is extremely seamless and the pay is affordable. There are multiple pay options as well just in case someone does not have the means to purchase the whole policy out bright in the beginning.

Country Financial Home Insurance Reviews

Multiple policies through them and never had any issues. I like their breadth of coverage. Every employee I've interacted with has been pleasant. Their hours are perfect - plus my personal agent will work outside of normal business hours to be flexible with my schedule. Premiums are very competitive for all insurance products.

Columbia Home Insurance Reviews

I give it a 4 because the price is so high, but I guess it is high everywhere. Insurance is just high period.

Like I said before, I haven't had any dealings with them over claims, thankfully. The price is a bit high in my opinion. I deal directly with my sister so I don't deal with their customer service.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

The website is easy to navigate and find policy documents. The mobile app has been extremely easy to use when needing to quickly show proof of insurance.

Wonderful people and great customer service. Never a problem and always willing to help.

Nationwide could be a be a bit more affordable especially considering how long we have been with them. Just recently they have added another fee to our bill that seems to be out of sheer greed, a trait I despise in dealing with companies.

Shelter Home Insurance Reviews

I'm satisfied with the coverage and the people that I have to deal with. Everyone there is always very nice and takes time to make sure everything is going well. I like that I can always talk to someone too.

They are a great company. Great deals when you bundle everything up. Much cheaper than their competitors. They are also local.

I like how they always communicate with me really well and let me know what is going on. It's also nice that they don't try to jerk me around if I file a claim and things go like they should, things like that do make me like the company.

I feel like my rate is a bit high. I feel like I could switch and save some money so that is always on my mind. I don't like to overpay for anything even of the service is pretty good.

There's nothing that I really dislike about the company. They are cheaper than the others. They are local compared to others. They are friendlier than the others.

I know some people who pay less for their premium than I do. I don't like that too much and I know that when I filed a claim it took it a bit longer than I'd like for it to be settled so some issues with that.

Sometimes they pull my payment out of my account twice by mistake

I like that they have good customer service and good prices.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

The company is wonderful. Their banking, investing, home, auto, and life insurance is combined to simplify things. They are friendly and take care of their customers.

Their website is easy to use and makes tracking claims and policy information very simple and easy. Communications we do get are stored so they can be reviewed at a later time.

We've been treated very poorly, and they clearly have no interest in actually honoring the contract they have with their customers. We plan to cancel our policy and never work with this provider again in the future.

There really is not anything that I dislike about the company. They have been exceptional in all of their services to us. We never even have a long phone wait.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

They are prompt, polite, and a great value. They've really gone above and beyond for me in the past, beyond what I expected from an insurance company.

Allstate has been reliable for all the years I have used them with all the services, and they always keep me informed about any applicable discounts and whatnot.

There was nothing that I disliked about the company.

Big companies think that we owe them to use their company. Allstate is no different. I feel like they are overpriced and act a little uppity.

The agents are friendly, knowledgeable and competent. They are always on hand to deal with any problems I might have or questions I might ask. The rates are reasonable and their communications are frequent but not TOO frequent.

The company is pretty good, I have not have any major problems with them. This is my 3rd company I've worked with and they have been overall great to use. Premium and coverage is about as good as I would like.

The company is seemingly well respected and well represented nationally, seems to be solvent, and has representatives in local areas.

Allstate is probably best known for its home insurance policies, but the giant company offers a variety of financial services. With its massive reach, wide range of products and many local agents, it's a good choice for consumers who want an accessible one-stop company.

we switched to this company because our previous company kept increasing rates and it was causing our house payment to increase since this is escrowed into the payment, the previous company also kept increasing car payment.

Allstate's customer service is definitely one of the best that I have ever dealt with. And when saying that, I mean both customer service by phone and the physical customer service that I receive when I visit my local Allstate office.

I am comfortable with Allstate. I know, for the most part, what I am getting. However, as I said before, I am sure I can get something cheaper, but I really don't want to deal with the hassle. I will probably stick it out with Allstate for as long as I'm living in my current home.

I like the products and services offered by Allstate. I like the friendless and efficiency of the customer service reps. I like the Allstate website.

we have been with the same insurance company since we have owned a home. Never had a problem, but they are always friendly and have good service when we need to change something. We get good prices from as much as I can tell and talk to real estate agents before purchases we usually pay less than expected.

I don't think there's anything I dislike about the company, except maybe the fact that I have to deal with the hassle of insurance at all. That's not really on them, though.

Obviously, it is always possible to get lower rates. I often hear of peers who pay much lower rates, so I often wonder if I could get lower rates by switching.

Just don't like my premium amount.

I liked all of the service very much. The setup was great and easily accessible.

I liked all of the service that was provided in such a good manner keeping me happy as a costumer.

Over all this company only provide all facilities to customers in all purpose

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

They have a good reputation and so far every interaction with them has been very pleasant. I've never had a problem.

I like the service and how easy it is to get claims reported and settled. I also like the premium.

American Family Home Insurance Reviews

I have complete confidence in American Family Insurance. Their prices are very reasonable and their services are above average as for the Insurance industry. We are very happy with the company.

I like how accessible they are. I can use the website or call up my local agent at any time and get an immediate response. It's super easy to make changes to my insurance plan as well.

I do not have a lot of like when it comes to my agent. My insurance agent contacts me far too often and does not do a good job describing insurance to me.

I think the premium that I pay is very reasonable for the coverage that I receive for my home. I do not dread this payment at all.

I really can not think of something I dislike about American Family Insurance. We bundled our insurance and they give us peace of mind at great prices.

AAA Home Insurance Reviews

Overall reputation of AAA is good and prices are average. Their website is very good and I have never had any major problems in dealing with the company.

I have called around to other insurance companies, and my premium is generally lower than other companies, especially because I bundle my auto insurance. Although, as far as I am concerned, the premium still seems somewhat high.

Good value for what is paid. Covers a lot of unforseen events. Great customer service always.

Because AAA has a lot of claim representatives it seems like they trip over themselves when they help their customers follow up on their claims. I have personally experienced this issue and sometimes it gets a little aggravating explaining myself so that the person I am talking too can write down additional notes on their log system. But they are personable when I talk to them. Sometimes too personal because they try to interject their personal aspect of the situation. Whenever I file a claim I want the work done and less time on the phone. Some representatives would rather establish a relationship over the phone rather than getting the job done. But I do like the fact that I can communicate with someone from AAA anytime of the day or night and on any day of the year.

The communication that I have with my AAA representative is of the highest quality. I can ask specific questions about my policy coverage whether it be auto or home insurance issues. The thing that I do not like about my representative is that he doesn't seem to have any type of email etiquette. I do like straightforward and concise answers to my questions. But my representative takes it to another level that sometimes is a bit abrupt and terse in his answers. Sure he gives me the answer that I am looking for but there seems to be no sort of salutations or any type of informal acknowledgments that I think are important in a type of written communications. That doesn't take away from the fact that I get the information that I am looking for. Beyond that, I do like how responsive he is to my questions.

I recently switched because I thought my premiums were too high. When I switched my home and auto I saved over $500 a year. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

They are always available, always helpful and very reasonably priced compared to others. They allow for discounts for 100 different things which keeps me coming back to them always. Never had an issue with the amount of time anything takes to do.

I rarely get any information on update to coverage options or options for financial savings. The information they send just wants more of my investment into their other products. For a better company I may bundle, but not with my current insurance provider.

There is really nothing I dislike about the actual company. I do dislike insurance overall because it is so expensive and such a sham.

Pretty much the only thing that I like about the company is the price per month that they offer me. If it wasn't such a good deal and such a pain to find a different company, I would've done that long ago.

The customer service is lacking severely, turnaround for claims is quite long, and though it is a budget friendly price I believe for what I'm getting it should be even cheaper.

I dislike that the company can be hard to reach at times when I have a quick question to ask.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

I like that the premium is cheaper than most reputable insurance companies I really have no interaction with them other than that

I can't say that I dislike the company because I have never really had to have any interaction with them other than paying my bill

Everyone that I have had contact with has been kind and knowledgeable. They are committed to serving the customer and do not make you feel like a number.

Progressive is an upfront and honest company with employees who make the effort to educate their customers on the benefits and services offered by Progressive that may fit their needs.

I pretty much enjoy everything the company has to offer. The overall professionalism they display is unmatched by any other company out there.

I do like the layout, the colors and the drop down menues can really help to send you in right direction

Armed Forces Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The service of the company is very good, and my friends have the high opinion of the company.

What I dislike is that the premium is comparatively higher and they charge heavily for late payment.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

they are a well working company that does the necessary and doesn't require higher purchases

It's a solid company that offered me the best rate on my house that didn't seem like a shady company.

The company is very reliable, understanding, the rates are reasonable and very informative about the coverage of the type of insurance you are inquiring about

Personal service at the local level. I have not contacted the home office.

Overall, I like the friendliness of the staff and how helpful they are when I have had to file an auto insurance claim. I have been offered a great discount on all of my insurance through them/

I am pretty satisfied with my insurance company. I will say that if we got better rates somewhere else we are not married to our company. We usually look for the best rates and the best premiums and go with that. If at some point in the future we find someone who will do anything to help us out then we may stick with them despite being a tad more expensive, but at this time in our lives we are more concerned about cost.

The are friendly and always so helpful. The stay in constant communication and get things done in a professional and respectable manner.

I just don't agree with some of the rates offered to me. In some cases involving changing vehicles, I was sure my insurance would be cheaper. And with the bundle home and auto discount, I don't really see much of a discount.

Awesome customer support, hands down the best of any major insurance provider. Reps are always warm and cordial and very knowledgeable about the products and services. Good stuff!

I like that they are easy to deal with when I have an issue with my policy. I like the rates that they have as well.

The company is very friendly and they make my life easier

They provide friendly customer service and are quick to respond with any emergencies. I like the family style local business vibe they give off.

State farm was a little bit pricier than other options. But I believe in the long term, it is worth it due to the exceptional customer service they provide.

I like the cost of using the services of this company. I would rate the as a 4 out of 5 since I am very satisfied with the goods and services they provide.

What I dislike about the company is that they can be a little standoffish at times and that is annoying. Also they don't integrate well with modern technology.

Sometimes the in-house representatives are rude and ruin the whole experience. Their mobile app doesn't work properly most of the time. They continue to send paper documents even though I keep requesting them to stop.

They offered me a good deal because I have my other insurance policies through the same company.

I like that they have new deals pretty frequently and they let me know this right away. They are always straightforward.

Paper communication is always confusing. I feel that statements should be broken down in a better way that I can always understand what each item means and what the item is about.

The only bad thing about the company to me is their local office is a bit hard to get to due to its location on a dangerous road. The company has nothing bad I can say about it other than this.

With the premiums, responsiveness, and care that the company puts into myself and my stuff, I am more than satisfied to keep them as my insurance company.

Great communication, great sense of family, easy claims process, everything from start to finish is great. My rates are highly reasonable and I am more than satisfied.

We are very satisfied with State Farm. They haven't given us any problems.

The company is highly professional and truly cares about you as an individual. I've never had any bad experiences with them. They also offer good coverage and premium, as well as several ways to reduce the cost of insurance.

I really don't dislike anything about them they are always helpful and nice maybe insist have to pay my premiums lol but that is not their fault

The fact that we have only submitted a claim, but have paid for years and years and years, but STILL the premiums go up. Geesh, I hate paying for something I never use. So it isn't really the company I dislike, it is having to have insurance.

the person I had gone through had a few offices in town. I received a notification that they closed the office that I had been to when I started my account and that they were no longer going to be my representative even though they had other offices in town that were convenient to me.

the wait time when calling in is very long and could be a bit shorter

it takes a long time to get a person on the phone that can actually answer a question.

During my divorce, no parties were to be removed or allowed to change anything on the policy. They allowed my ex to remove his name in violation.

The only issue I have had with the company was with one of their claims reps when I was in an auto accident. The agent whom I spoke with on the phone actually implied that I had caused the damage myself. I did get it worked out with the insurance company

The only bad thing I have to say about my insurance company is that it is very large and sometimes I feel that it is not personal enough for my liking, but on the other hand there is always someone who can answer a question that I have.

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