Top Minnesota Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Minnesota Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
Farm Bureau -
Allstate 5.41
State Farm 26.2
American Family 14.03
Integrity Insurance -
Nationwide 2.78
Safeco Insurance -
USAA 3.44
Grange Insurance -
Geico -
South Central Mutual -
Northstar -
Farmer's Insurance -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

American Family Home Insurance Reviews



Integrity Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like my company because they are always very informative and helpful with whatever needs that I have and I don't have to worry about my home.

AAA Home Insurance Reviews

So far I have been very happy with this company. Service has been outstanding and the rates seem to be pretty competitive

I really can not think of anything I dislike about the company. I have been every once in awhile pushed products that I was not interested in but as soon as I say I am not interested they no longer bother me about them

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

this company has been very helpful! I would definitely suggest my friends and family ( which I have) to at least get a quote from them.

There is truly nothing that I can complain about. I'm seriously satisfied with nationwide and don't have a bad thing to say.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, I like the willingness that they have to want to work with me. They don't pass me around or make run around in circles. They help you as best as they can.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

I think they're a great company and they're very friendly. They offer great support and a great service, and on top of that their prices are cheaper than other companies.

I think sometimes they could be faster to respond to things and I'd like it more if they had actual branches because I have a lot of business going through them. Having to always talk to someone on the phone is kind of a hassle sometimes.

Farm Bureau Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, the customer service is superb and the agents are extremely friendly. It is very easy to get a hold of my agent if needed. I wish there was better pricing at my premium.

I like the customer service, the friendly demeanor they have when they are in despair and upset. I like the price points and I don't feel like they are trying to get over on me.

Overall, they have been pretty decent, they are not the worse insurance company I have ever worked with. I will continue to do business with them until I find something better.

I wish the website was a little more user-friendly and offered more for the customer to view on their policy. I also wish the pricing for homeowners insurance was a little more inexpensive.

I dislike the website offerings, I dislike having to go in person to do ANYTHING related to my policy. If they could just update their website to be more member-friendly that would be great.

Grange Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Really the only thing that I can say is a main positive of this company is the cheap amount of the insurance and the monthly payment option

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

They are attentive to my needs, offer great coverage and affordable premiums, and they just seem to really care about my needs as a homeowner.

I don't seem to dislike anything about them to be honest. I have car insurance with them, as well and I have not had any problems on that too. I like Geico for all my insurance needs.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I don't like their website but other than that I really have no complaints so far about my insurance company.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

I do like it somewhat because it is one of the better options, as well as the amount it covers, is significant.

It was easy to go through the steps to become insured with them, and I've never had issues with them about anything.

They are responsive, provide good rates, are competitive and the service is excellent. I am very happy with Allstate.

I do not enjoy the customer service, nor the very high premiums that continue to rise.

I don't dislike anything about them. I've had little interactions over the years, as there has never been a case where I needed to make a claim, and they've always been helpful and friendly.

There is nothing I don't like about the company.

South Central Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they are a very small and local company and that they pay claims or answers questions very fast.

I dislike that the company does not have a website so I could communicate or see what other services they have.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

The company has been good thus far. We have been with them for many years and overall they have been easy to work with. We haven't had to make a claim which doesn't give me any input on that process.

What I like about the company from the day is that they always made sure that my interest was the highest priority.I appreciate that greatly and not just about money or stats.

Overall, the company has been very responsive and professional. I know I can trust them with anything

The company is a larger company and while it tries to be personable with its customers it can come off as being distant/cold. The policy is ok in my opinion and I would be willing to change if a lower offer was available.

Nothing has made me dislike this company to tell you the truth. Best offer I think I ever invested in.

Northstar Home Insurance Reviews

I think they are a good insurance company. They may be a little behind in the times as far as technology. For me, I don't really care however as long as I get a good value.

I think what I dislike about the company overall is that they may be a little old-fashioned. They don't give me a discount for paying premium in full.

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