Top Michigan Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Michigan Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 17.93
Allstate 9.01
Foremost Insurance -
Auto Owners -
Progressive -
Frankenmuth Insurance -
Geico -
Wolverine Mutual Insurance -
Liberty Mutual 5.1
Meemic Insurance -
Travelers -
Farmer's Insurance -
Blackmoore Rowe -
OceanPoint Insurance -
Esurance -
Michigan Farm Bureau -
USAA 2.97
Foremost -
MetLife -
Hanover -
National General -
Horace Mann Educators Corporation -
Grange Insurance -
Universal Property and Casualty -
Finance Insurance -
Safeco Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Donegal Mutual Insurance Company -
Farmers Insurance 4.04
Peninsula Insurance -
Nationwide -
Auto Owners Insurance -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

National General Home Insurance Reviews

So far everything has been good with the company. The agent is very good, and their website is easy to use. There is nothing to complain about.

Horace Mann Educators Corporation Home Insurance Reviews

The company is one of the best insurance company that l have known, they are true to their words and have kept their values.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

Sometime while making payment it takes long time

I think the premium is about $150 too high considering we live within a mile of a fire station and 2 miles within another station

The large scale of a very large company is sometimes imposing and you wonder if the service would really take care of a singe policy holder of if they even care

Blackmoore Rowe Home Insurance Reviews

The company is good, effective and affordable. I'm very pleased with how well they work and how kind they all are. It's very much like a family atmosphere in there.

They can be a drive sometimes since they're located in the next town over. So generally we try to call them and try not to drop in too often, although both are welcome there.

Grange Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

What I don't like about the company is that they will need to give me a better rate now that my credit score has improved and I can start looking around at other companies

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I like Geico mainly because I can do most of my insurance dealing online and don't have to speak to anyone. I HATE talking to an insurance agent and will do just about anything to avoid it.

Well, it's an insurance company so of course, they're not really popular with most people, including me, but this one has been ok the whole time I've used them .

There is nothing at all that I dislike besides the rates which are a little high but are well worth it because of the quality they provide!

I like that they are always willing to help and answer all my questions. they don't give me any hassle about added extra stuff that I don't need to my policy and always call back in a timely manner

I do not dislike anything about this company. They have worked well and I have had no problems with this company in the time I have used them.

Universal Property and Casualty Home Insurance Reviews

I filed a claim with the hurricanes last year that they did not pay and now a year later when it is time to renew they are calling wanting pics showing that I made repairs on damages that they paid out or they wont renew the policy. I think that is crazy that they waited a year and even crazier since they did not pay to repair the damage.

Finance Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the interaction/communication of your insurance company because they all are work very hard.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

My insurances customer service and claims process have made me a loyal customer. Though they are not the cheapest homeowners insurance around I believe they are the best company for me.

Wolverine Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I love that they are so easy to work with and their staff is so friendly. They always help me with any questions or concerns I have and they have an agent that lives less than a mile from my home which is even more convenient. They are so great, I have referred many people to them that have also raved about their superior service.

I think they are a good competitive company that would only get better if they improved their technology on their website.

so far so good. If I have to file a claim and the task is difficult, then the number might change. I'm glad for the coverage that I have though, it is good and handy. I'd rather be covered and not need it than not be covered and need it.

I really don't dislike anything about them. I do wish that I wouldn't be charged a processing fee when I pay my premiums. It seems silly to charge me to pay them.

I think that if they improved their website or had an app that I could look at on my phone I would rate them a perfect company. Not much frills with the company which is fine by me I guess if the price is right.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Each investment accounting client works with a dedicated Investment Accountant to help with account specific and industry related questions. Playing an active role in the overall Client Service team, our Investment Accountants are knowledgeable about each client’s unique need.

Donegal Mutual Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

When we were closing on our house the bank required that we have more coverage than most companies would agreed to. Downeast came through and gave us the coverage we needed to close the deal.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I give it a four if do don't have to file any claims or call them, they keep the payments low, if I have to contact them then a 2 because I get nowhere most of the time.

OceanPoint Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I cannot express any dislikes about the company because we have not had a negative experience with them.

Overall, we are completely satisfied with our insurance company. Thankfully we have not had a claim. Customer service is professional and always fixes our issues or answers questions.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like how quickly and efficiently they resolve any problems. They treat their customers kindly and with much respect. I can count on them for a quick response to any issue or question.

I wish they actually had brick and mortar locations. Dealing with someone online or over the phone is very un-personal. It is nice to talk to people in person sometimes.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I dislike having to wait on hold for longer than 10 minutes. It is always frustrating and annoying to have to wait so long.

I bought my homeowners insurance with my mortgage so I'm not really sure how it compares to other companies but they have been very good to me so far. I also have not had any claims so I can not comment in about that.

Overall I really like this company. They are very proactive and provide exceptional service. I have not had to file a claim yet so I cannot accurately evaluate them on claims

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

The ease of dealing with this company via their website and telephone is just so awesome. I rarely have to call them for clarifications, as the website is so well done that I generally can find the answer I am looking for. My account is at my fingertips. They are fair on their rates considering I live in Florida and homeowner's insurance can sometimes be difficult to obtain. They have never faltered in their excellent service.

After complaining I asked for a refund on the first month we were charged the higher price, and they said they were unable to give a refund for that, however, going forward they could charge the lower amount.

They appear to be competitively priced. I have not had to file a claim or deal with any sort of billing or other issues. They appear to do as good a job as anyone else.

I just don't like paying for homeowner's insurance in the first place as I think it is too expensive no matter how you look at it. I also have to pay flood insurance separately and I wish insurance companies would include that in our homeowner's policies. So that really isn't a slight or negative against Liberty Mutual, but the insurance industry in general.

Do not point out something in the whole survey that has annoyed me, so I have nothing to contribute about this opinion since everything in the company was favorable and I have been comfortable with their respective responses to me.

Michigan Farm Bureau Home Insurance Reviews

I am very pleased with the customer service, response time, and cost of my current insurance company. I am also pleased with how amiable and helpful the agents I have had are.

The only dislike I have with my current insurance company is the ease of use (or lack thereof) of their website. The website is clunky, not well organized, and hard to navigate.

Auto Owners Home Insurance Reviews

Overall I think they have friendly customer service with representatives who treat you with respect and understanding. They are also cost-effective, and time efficient. I did not feel like I was being rushed through anything, nor like they were lacking quality in restoration to save money, which was a huge concern to me.

It is kind of a no-frills operation but at the end of the day they are very fair with us, they don't raise our premiums every year when we renew and are always honest with us and give us accurate information.

They do offer a better rate than any other providers in the area. The discount that they gave us to insure our vacation home was unbelievably affordable compared to other providers.

I guess I will know when I need them, for now, I have no issues and I have not had any meaningful interaction with them

I dislike that I do have to go through an agent and can't deal with the company directly. If I have an issue in the middle of the night I have to wait until business hours to contact someone at my local insurance agency in order to get anything done or file a claim.

I don't think the insurance should be this high, it bothers me because the taxes are not cheap either and the combination of the two makes it really hard to become a homeowner it almost makes more sense to rent.

Peninsula Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I cannot think of anything that I dislike about their services. They have been very reasonable in price and accommodating to my insurance needs.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

The only drawback that I would mention is the fact that finding a branch is sometimes difficult. Being able to talk to someone face to face would be beneficial in some cases, but most interactions are done online with USAA.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

Sometimes I feel like their rules and policies are a little bit strict. If feels like some claims you must jump through many hoops for approval and submit several documents. That can be frustrating, especially when you need help quickly.

Quick response time. They get back to via the online portal very quickly if you have a claim or a questions about any of the services they provide to us. The customer service team is always very respectful of my husband's time in the military and the time my father served. In order to receive insurance from USAA, you must have some family connection to service and they recognize how important that is to everyone.

Foremost Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Knowledgeable, quick, full of the answers, easy to work with, overall terrific company. I am completely satisfied with this company and the way they handle claims.

Still new with the company I am not sure about the overall experience. I just do not like the monthly bill.

So far it seems the insurance company is a top rated company and the customer service that I have received so far has been excellent.

Nothing, with the exception of having our policy available to review on their website. You can make payments and review past payment history, but you can't access your policy. That would be convenient for the snowbirds who travel home during the summer months.

The only thing that I dislike about the company so far is their website. The website seems to not be up to date as most other companies.

There really isn't an easier company to do business with in my opinion. Hurricane Irma caused extreme damage and anyone who had Foremost was especially pleased with their claim. Not so much the other guys. I always say you get what you paid for. If you go with a company who charges 1/3 the premium of Foremost, then they are going to pay your 1/3 the claim amount. With Foremost, you pay higher premiums, but when you need them to pay the claim, they do so and at full value. They don't nickel and dime you to death.

They send me info when it is needed but do not spam me. The employees are polite and easy to get ahold of. The coverage is comprehensive at a competitive rate.

The monthly fees are hard for me. I wish they had some kind of program for people that can't afford insurance. Since they are the only one that covers this type of home, you would think that the discounts would be more considerable.

I dislike the monthly bill of 72.00 I feel that is too much to pay for a house that was built in 1988.

Foremost Home Insurance Reviews

I like the way they stay in touch and how easy it is to get answers to questions I may have. They are easy to contact and they stay in touch with me every month.

I have never had a claim, so I worry what will happen when and if I ever do. I am unsure of how they will be if I file a claim and then it will be too late to change.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

they are good at what they do, which gives me confidence that things will work out. They are a large stable company that will be in my city for the near future.

Overall, the insurance company is quite good. I like them. They provided consistent results and never give me a hard time with my issues.

I feel like this is the best company for me because they cover all my needs without changing a lot of money. I feel like this company is for the people and you are getting a fair deal. I have never had an issue with Allstate.

I thought there was a cash back program for saving drivers but I haven't received any details about that yet. I'm not sure if it really exists.

The company is well known. Competitive prices. Agent in town and available to answer any questions.

There is nothing that I dislike in particular about Allstate. They have never done anything wrong to me and have always been there if I needed them.

My insurance company seems to want to interact with me about any issues I may be having frequently. They seem to always care about my needs.

The first thing is that the company is in the same city of my house that at the time of a doubt I can go to your company also respond effectively and quickly

The company provides good coverage for the area and home. The agents are pleasant to deal with and make you feel like someone that is an appreciated customer.

They are very fair and have been reliable. They are knowledgeable, and I have no reason to complain. If a different company could offer more, I would look into it but I am not currently looking.

It adds up quickly during the year, and in most years, I don't feel that I am getting any type of benefit from this insurance coverage. But I suppose there will be a time when I will make a claim and then having paid into my plan will pay off.

I like the fact that whether it is my local agent, they are knowledgeable about our policies and the toll-free number, I can understand them and they can understand me.

I dislike that I cannot go online and interact with my account or an agent to update or review my policy. I would like to receive incentives or new packages online as well. I would like to see articles on how to be proactive on home safety issues.

Allstate has been a great company to work with. We have had them for a very long time. We like that they give multipolicy discounts and always provide excellent customer service. Always very responsive.

it is hard to think of anything. Their rates have creeped up, but that is due to the legislative climate in this state.

There isn't anything I dislike.

I do not like your tardiness, in general, I do not like that it responds very slowly and that it takes to get the benefits

Allstate operates not nearly every state and the District of Columbia. All of their claims service is run through the Farmers HelpPoint claims system, although they do provide their own customer service. The company’s headquarters is in Wilmington, Delaware, but they have not offices in various locations to serve their customers.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

Like other insurance companies, they charge your premium including your credit score. I do not think that is right or fair.

Everything I liked except their customer care's frequent call. Apart from that their customer service and way of approaching is too good.

Hanover Home Insurance Reviews

I like the fact that they are prompt in getting the claim reviewed and processed. The process was very easy and I was totally satisfied with the outcome.

I think the only disappointment I had was the fact that if you are late with your payment they add a $25.00 late fee. This is way too much.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

We are broke from our giant house. I am happy overall because they are cheap and have decent customer service.

It is good. It has decent coverage. I know it is not the best but pretty good.

Overseas call centers are annoying when they do not speak English.

they are easy to get a hold of when i have questions. they keep me informed on any issues or deadlines with my policies. they also offer a wide variety of ways to get a hold of them.

I dislike the fact we have to renew our policy just about every 6 months and there is always a price jump for some reason. I believe it is because of the area we live in.

There is nothing I dislike. It has been a positive experience so far.

Auto Owners Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They wrote me a plan when everyone else denied me. They have been extremely helpful to me as a first time home buyer.

Meemic Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I love the price points that this insurance company offers and I also love how easy they are to work with and I can tell they are not the kind of company that would try to jip you out of your money.

I like that they offer reasonable rates attached to our mortgage and that they are local and easily accessible.

Overall, I think this company is an excellent choice for our homeownership. I don't feel as though I am being treated unfairly as a new homeowner and have so far enjoyed having them to rely on.

They are ready to help at any point. Adding my car onto the auto insurance was very easy and had an excellent rate for Michigan for no-fault insurance.

I like this insurance company because they are local and because I'm able to get assistance if needed and speak with the same person through my process.

Frankenmuth Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Responsiveness, time and accuracy, has been exceptional for both claims and attending to ordinary business or questions.

Always responsive and typically available when I call. If I need to leave a message, a callback is received quickly and often the answer is available at that time.

I shopped other companies last year and this was the best premium available. I am also very pleased with the customer service and responsiveness to claims.

There is really nothing that I dislike. I would like to see more robust coverage for tree damage, however, their coverage is comparable to what is available from other insurers.

While the website is efficient and has always worked when I have accessed it, it is a bit confusing to figure out where to go on the page to complete a task.

The company is responsive, offers good products and pricing, and resolves claims fairly and quickly.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

I've explained above. Same Good claim payment, premiums reasonable, friendly and helpful staff.

They know us on a first name basis. They are very nice and helpful. They always let us know immediately about any discounts or increases and why.

It's true, they're not the cheapest company out there, but the customer service keeps me paying for it. Anytime I needed them, they were not only there, but able and willing to help - with a smile too!

I like that I have an agent that is local to me. I like that what I'm spending to keep my house covered, it more than adequate to what any damages that could be done would be paid for. I like that I can review my policy at any time, and change it over the phone, or online, or in person.

I love my company they offer great plans and great service. I haven’t tried with any other companies

I have never had a bad interaction with state farm. I have been with them my entire adult life. Everyone is friendly.

I am enjoying the wonderful service from State Farm and the smaller premium that I have to pay. I am happy with my switch so far. I wish I would have switched sooner

I like this company because they let you know everything you need to and the price is pretty good for what you get.

I do not dislike the company at all.

If we could get better customer service at our local office it would be great. Once in a while, our agent is in the office and when he is available we talk to him and get great service.

The company has been around for a long time has proffprofess and respectful employees and is always willing to help. Excellent approval amounts and understanding amount of time.

Ease of use. They give me peace of mind that if something were to happen I can count on them to fix it.

The agents take the time to answer all my questions, explain everything, address all my concerns, and make sure I am completely satisfied.

They had really good customer service. When one of my on my property trees fell on my neighbors house they did a great job of helping me get through the process. They were quick, efficient, and very friendly to talk to.

I like that my parents used this company to insure their home.

I dislike the attitude of the main person at the specific office that I insure my house through, so I prefer to speak with other people rather than her.

I dislike that it's not a local company. I also dislike their online services. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to get info about my insurance.

I work with one agent in particular that knows me and my needs. Also State farm is always the cheapest with best service/ coverage for everything I need.

I like that the agent is local, has been in the area for over 30 years. the office staff is awesome also.

I like that I change or update parts on policy whenever I want. I also like that it includes all structures, not just the house.

I find the website a bit difficult to use. When i forget my password, i have to re-remember how to reset it every time.

Easy to pay. Easy to get in touch with insurance agent. Reasonable prices. Covers most things that could go wrong with my home.

I think the rates are a little high. I have checked other companies though, for the same coverage that I have now, all other companies rates were higher than what I pay now.

The reps at the call center are okay when I've used them. I get more of an advantage in talking to my local agent as they're easy to access and a bit more friendly in general.

We have no problems contacting State Farm and receiving exceptional service. There has not been a time when we needed to contact them that they didn't have the answers we were looking for. If they needed to do further investigating on our topic, they called us back within a day.

It's an old company, trustworthy. So far, apart from the old site and the premium, it's been good. I feel that I won't have any surprises if I need to file a claim. Their agents are great, so far.

I really can't think f anything I don't like. Maybe they should have a better bundle for auto and house insurance and gave you a better discount then they do now.

They are reputable, knowledgeable, and solvent. They are one of the top insurance providers in the country.

Overall I would not change much about the company. They are friendly, polite, and offer a competitive service compared to other providers.

Insurance is a necessary evil, and I agree that it's a good idea to have it. But I've been paying for ten years, and I could pay for another 50 more, and I'm paying for the possibility of damage, and if there never is any, I get no return on it. So it's not the company itself. Other than that, the site constantly reminding me about bundle stuff. Which I don't need.

I don't dislike anything about the company. I' have been with them over twenty years and I would never switch. My agent passed away last year so I continue with the new agent who took over his agency.

It’s all about slow of working on this company and they also pay low thought the money. I really like to have a good company.

I am disappointed with my agent. I am not really sure what the purpose of an agent is. They pretty much refer you to corporate when ever you have a problem and just want to sell you additional policies. The premium is continually rising each year, even though they say you are getting a discount.

Like I said earlier, we have been with them for such a long time and have so many policies with them, they should be offering us a bigger discount. I know other companies who do this.

I like that no matter which city/office I visit that all the employees are super nice and willing to spend as long as you need to resolve issues you may have. I don't like that they never offer deals to retain old customers, but only offer deals to attract new customers. Loyalty should be considered when making deals too.

I honestly cannot think of anything to put in this section. I recommend State Farm to others.

I don't like that you don't get a higher discount for paying your yearly premium up front.

Their rates are really expensive compared to Esurance and GEICO. I wish I would have known that earlier. I can't imagine what my new rate will be once my new bill comes after the tree accident I have mentioned above. I might have to go insurance shopping soon.

They could modernize a little bit more. I feel like their app is lacking a bit and I would also like to see some of the perks that other insurance agencies have like accident forgiveness or safe driver bonuses.

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