Top Maryland Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Maryland Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
USAA 10.35
State Farm 18.96
Allstate 12.58
Erie Insurance 11.24
Geico -
Liberty Mutual 8.45
Progressive -
Farmer's Insurance -
Travelers 9.86
Nationwide 7.9
Penn Mutual -
Assurant -
MetLife -
Kemper -
National General -
Mutual Benefit Group -
Universal Property and Casualty -
Finance Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Farmers Insurance -
Safeco Insurance -
State Auto -
Peninsula Insurance -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Kemper Home Insurance Reviews

They give me good coverage at the best prices and they have good customer services, their website is easy to navigate and has all the info I need to know to check the status of my account

National General Home Insurance Reviews

They offer the lowest rates in the state. We have gotten quotes from many other companies and no one has ever come close. Their communication is great. We also have our auto insurance through them as well.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

I am able to get everything I need from the company and their staff has been nothing but coverage. I would really like to be able to do more via the website though.

The only thing I dislike is that I can't make changes to my policy online. I have to call in for everything. This is vastly different than my experience with my car insurance company (Geico).

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

They have provided fairly good, reliable service

I feel there should be more information. And be less boring. I don't feel there is much going on the website

I like the service provided by the company agent always. They are helpful and charges are also very less compared to others.

One time a worker was disrespectful to me and I had to report him. This was unfortunate because he did good job explaining everything to me.

The company is always ready to make an appearance whenever I need them. I wish more companies had this mindset with their customers because it is great.

Prices are very good to pay and control the price of the room, are very favorable for customers who want and want, are very quick to answer and may be of your choice.

The monthly bill is fairly high, and the deductible should be much lower.

Mutual Benefit Group Home Insurance Reviews

I like the local insurance representative who sold me the policy, they are fairly responsive and easy to deal with. I like that they have a website and I can pay online in installments.

Universal Property and Casualty Home Insurance Reviews

I am just dissatisfied the way that they do things. I have had them over 20 years and have filed a claim 2 times and both times they have given me issues like it was the end of the world asking them for help

Finance Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the whole company I never dislike anything about this company because everything is being very well in this company.

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like this company because of its relative cheaper installation premium. The company responds their customers in a quick way. The rank of the company is good locally.

My policy covers all that I need and what I am looking for in a policy. If I need to change something it’s a quick change no problems asked they just do it for me.

Erie is easy to work with, cost-effective and efficient. They treat you like a person, not a commodity and they are proactive and forward thinking about their interaction and culture

The Erie website is easy to navigate, writing is large and bold and colors are used well to help identify features

I do not routinely shop around for insurance coverage/premiums. I am satisfied with my current premium and believe it to be reasonable.

Overall the price is good and fair. I can't speak towards claims. I have not had any issues so I would say four points would be the correct answer for them.

I think the website and process could be updated. There's really no excuse to not have an updated website as you can get one for cheap nowadays.

The website of the company is too simple to use. There is no enough related information available there. The company seems not very professional compared to the top insurance companies.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They have great customer service - whenever I had a question, I would call and they wouldn't leave me on hold for a long time. They were extremely helpful and kind!

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I dislike that the prices keep going up. I think it's the car insurance that is causing my home insurance premium to raise up this year when I renewed.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The company has competitive insurance rates and does provide the homeowner with a statement about a month prior to payment being due.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I don't call much. But I like the ability to chat on the website. They are friendly and flexible and open on Saturdays.

It works well enough, but I wish they had more advice columns about what coverage you should choose. It's a good barebones site but nothing special.

I never dislike anything about this company overall because I always trust this company. I love this company so much overall.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I have never had a claim so that's a good thing but I am very satisfied with their services so far. Overall I think they offer a fair rate and competitive rate.

1 for completely satisfied due to the fact that they bundle all my other insurance with Geico and give me a extensive discount.

5 I really have not had a issue with anything that liberty has done. I did have USAA at one point and they had terrible customer service. Overall the customer service at Liberty Mutual has been fantastic.

Overall the company is providing me with excellent service. We would recommend them to our friends and family and will continue to use them as long as things don't change.

There was a point when our roof need to be replace and they told me that we need to do it within 60 days which seemed reasonable. Then a week later we got another letter saying they had cancelled us. That was obviously contradictory and really upset me. When we had the roof replaced they were quick to restore our policy though.

I do not like that we do not have a local agent. It would be nice to have someone local that we could talk to about some of our concerns with our premium increase and could help us tailor our coverage so that it is more specific to our needs.

We switched to Liberty because they could keep our premium lower than other companies, however after only one year they raised the premium significantly. Had to phone other companies to see if they could match and when they did Liberty came down in price.

State Auto Home Insurance Reviews

Not too much, other than their online bill pay. I wish they would accept my credit card company too, other than that (which is pretty minor) I have all positives.

Peninsula Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The website experience is disappointing, but more frustration comes from the customer service experience, specifically in reaching my assigned representative and getting answers. I can only imagine the aggravation it's going to be should I ever need to file a claim. Hopefully, the lack of communication and response now are because my issues and questions have not been severe.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I am satisfied with this company & it is the only company that I have ever had in my adult life.

I dislike the idea of having to buy insurance at all but that's not my insurance company's fault.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they have great customer service and they offer a great price. They offer full coverage for a lower price than anyone else. They don't contact me too much or too little. I have never had a problem with them.

They have been our company for over 30 years for different types of policies; homeowners just for 14. They treat us with respect, provide excellent service, and are always looking for ways to save us money on the premiums.

Overall USAA has been great. All claims were handled quickly and efficiently. Customer support has been great, and banking has been easy.

usaa has always offered me low premiums on auto and home and life, and cater only to the military, which i love. i am part of their community, and they treat us with high service and excellent rates. just as consumer reports! (make America great again!)

It is a really great company and I would recommend it to anyone who qualifies to be under this coverage. Great, great, great!

I have had 3 different companies and claims through all over 33 years. I like this one the best as they are less stringent with their prerequisites.

Overall, for the price that I pay, I am very satisfied with my company. I wish that the coverage included theft for no additional charge, but that is my only complaint.

I love that USAA provides the lowest premium, the best service, and top notch quality when dealing with disasters and filing claims.

They are very professional and knowledgable. The agents make sure you are getting the best deal and offer suggestions for your policy that can beneficial to you. They are a dividend company so if they make money they pass it on to customers at the tiscali new year.

I like how easy to use the website and app is and I like how knowledgeable and helpful the customer service reps have been so far for me. There have been no issues so far with the company.

USAA spends a great deal of time and money training personnel to provide excellent customer service and it shows. We have always found the company to be both responsive and fair. A recent claim proved to us how far they are willing to go to satisfy their customer.

The communication is very good. Not only can you provide messages on their website, they call, send emails, and eventually, they will engage you at your home.

I have never been disappointed. Their premiums/coverage beat others hands down who have tried to lure us away over time. USAA is responsive, and their staff is always respectful. Claims have always been handled in a timely manner without hassle.

Not many physical branches available. Would be nice to talk to someone face to face at some point during the claims process.

Every time I have called they have answered, they call me by my title and they are very professional. They are also very fast.

This premium is different because with it being USAA they help the military family's out. It makes me feel like someone has my back

They make you feel important, there is no waiting. They will ask how you're doing and make personal connections.

Overall price and ease of use have been the most simple processes. Price is almost always going to be number one when it comes to any kind of insurance policy and they were the lowest.

I like that I do not have to think about it. There is no I wonder or I need. It is just built into the cost of the monthly payment, rock, and roll.

I like how they offer rates lower than other insurance companies to service member families. I like that they are respectful and helpful and appreciate service members sacrifices.

There is nothing I dislike about this company and that is why I chose to do business with them in the first place

I really have no complaints about USAA. They have treated me very well my entire time with them. All of their services have been top notch.

They have really great customer service. Their reps are knowledgeable, offer ways to save money on my premiums while getting some additional coverages. It is very easy to handle things by phone or through their website.

They offer excellent policies and rates with a very helpful and competent staff. I have lots of room for comparison asl shopped many different agencies when searching for a homeowners policy.

They have a great customer service ethic and work constantly to improve the customer experience. I do not foresee ever leaving this company.

I have had them for 20 years and have had no problems with the company

I have not found anything that I dislike about the company thus far. USAA is the best provider for home insurance needs based on my knowledge.

We have had this company for over 20 years and I have great difficulty finding anything that I dislike about the company.

I strongly dislike the random premium changes. Our car insurance went up $12 a month with no explanation. No new tickets and our vehicle are already older so it does not like the value went up. I also strongly dislike how hard the website is to use. I'm so tired of having to reset a password every time I use it because it goes defunct just before you need your new auto ID card.

The only dislike is that the premium goes up when it is time to renew. I think longtime customers should receive some type of discounts because we stay with the same company instead of switching companies.

I don't like that there are no local representatives to meet with personally. Everything is conducted online or over the phone.

I dislike their claims communications online because that part of their website is somewhat confusing, but that's about the worst thing about USAA.

The main thing I don't like is that it is a pain to deposit cash because there are no local banks. I don't deposit money that often so it's not huge but I would like the process to be easier.

I like the personal attention you receive. Until you actually need something it can feel like you are lost in the shuffle but once you reach a representative and speak to them it seems like they really try to help.

I only dislike one thing that this company does. They do not have any brick and mortar stores where I can go into and talk to a person. Instead they make our rates cheaper by not having to pay for a place for their employees to work.

usaa has always offered me low premiums on auto and home and life, and cater only to the military, which i love. i am part of their community, and they treat us with high service and excellent rates. just as consumer reports! (make America great again!)

Penn Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, it's a good premium, and the company reputation is good. But I have to be honest, I put more faith in my independent insurance agent than any company. I have switched companies more than once at his suggestion, either to save money or get better coverage.

They don't offer discounts for not filing a claim. I live in a low-risk area, and I think that should count for something

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they work fast when you file a claim. My basement flooded and I called All-State and they fixed my carpet in under 2 weeks.

Again the best price around for condo insurance and they understand my needs on what I need for insurance and their office is two floors above my condo in the same mixed use high rise.

Overall the company is fairly cheap and mostly nice people. The cover everything I need to be covered.

The customer service is not that great and it is a little tedious to file anything with them.

When I needed them they were there at my home when they said they would be and I really appreciated that.

Overall I give to them a 5 nothing really stands out that I can say is bad they are a great company

it protects our property against damage from fire, smoke, storms, vandalism, theft and other hazards...

I don't have too much experience yet with this company's site. I visited their site initially when I signed up with them, but since I have become a customer, I have not been to the site at all.

I trust the company and that's why I stay but I miss having an agent that actually tried to help me instead of just taking my money.

I think the premium with Allstate is a little high. But as long as we have good coverage, I'm happy.

Allstate is a fantastic company, they offer rewards for being claim free and keeping your home safe!

customer service has always been great. anytime I call my agent he is very responsive to my calls and will take the time to answer any questions I have and will get me the info I need.

Well, I wish they could provide coverage to me for free! So I guess the only thing I dislike is that I have to pay for the coverage. And I guess it is kind of frustrating in a way that I pay premiums year after year after year with no claims and I never see that money again!

Although this company has many things which I wished they would change. they are inexpensive and attempt to do their best. The salespeople they have are not the best but other than that I enjoy the service.

I like the customer service and technology this company has to offer.

I really cannot think of anything that I do not like other than maybe the company jingle which can be annoying at times.

They are not good at explaining things to me in person and feel like they are not nice. but then they also don't give me a good coverage as what I heard other companies do

The only thing I dislike is I wish it was a little cheaper because every 6 months it's been going up higher each renewal time. So I'm worried that'll even get higher and higher.

Well at one point I thought they were a bit unfriendly and the receptionist was an old ugly lady that was unpleasant to look at an deal with but she is gone retired and the agents seem much friendlier as the years have passed and I enjoy chatting with them now. customer service is a vital skill to have in this business. I think they improved upon this

Assurant Home Insurance Reviews

I appreciate being able to pay my bill online and call someone when I have a question or concern about the policy.

The company makes mint off of payments people provide, however, they do not pay out as much. It would be wonderful if insurance companies would kick-back some of their profits if claims are low. Assurant is a typical insurance company.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

They give me different options like email and calling, but I wish they had more options like chat on their website which I would prefer to use compared to other options.

I like that the company is friendly and simple to use. They provide a good service that makes me feel secure about being insured in my home. I don't think that I am paying an excessive amount either.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Their customer service has always been excellent and their rates are good compared with others in the area.

Bundling home and auto is helpful, and is one less thing to have to remember. I haven't had any problems with the company.

I am very grateful for the customer service members that I have communicated with via the telephone they are all very nice and willing to help with any questions or concerns I may have.

How long the automotive voice recording is. It drags on and makes giving them a call unbearable

I can't say I dislike anything about the company. I would of course like a lower rate, but I don't fault the company for the rate. We seem to have higher rates overall in NJ.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

Overall the company's customer service is very good. It is their agents, whose customer service needs to improve.

State Farm is an excellent insurance company all around. If you are willing to spend just a bit more money than some of the cut rate or online only providers you can get real customer service from a local person. You can't beat being able to call, text, email, or even just drive to the office of the person handling your issue.

My agent is very friendly and competent, and her staff is likewise very responsible and responsive. The company gets very good reviews, even if its premiums are on the high end.

I am insured and if I ever have a claim I will know more about how they handle it at that time.

Getting started with this company has been a bit difficult. It appears the sales agent I am working with just started and has been having problems getting the paperwork right which has made me pay more.

I like that the rates are at least average and that they are the most local agency to me.

I love our home office in town. They are one of the main reasons we have not switched companies. They have been available night and day, and answered any and all questions we've had. They are friendly, and good at explaining the coverages in a way we understand. It's hard to put a price tag on good customer service.

While I do get some mail asking me to buy new products, I never get calls. If I miss a bill, I may get a polite text or email, but they don't bug us a whole lot. They are more of a 'come to us when you need help' sort of office, and I really like that. Also, when we had a claim a few years ago, they were very clear and quick with staying in contact with us throughout the process.

I have never used any company for home insurance except state farm. They provide extraordinary service

I like the company overall because they have that small town feel for a large company and can provide me with everything a large insurance company can. Their customer service is very personal and I don't dread having to make a call for a claim.

The first thing I liked about State Farm was their professionalism. I think the world of our agent and his team. I also find that the customer service representatives are extremely helpful, but don't over-step. If they cannot answer a question, they direct you to your agent. I think the prices are very fair, not nickeling and diming us to death. I wouldn't change insurance companies for either our cars or our home.

State Farm is the best choice for homeowners who are looking to find the cheapest rates for home insurance. State Farm’s low rates, combined with its national coverage, mean that homeowners

it's fairly easy to navigate and get to where you need to go but did have a few little confusing parts that took me a little bit to figure out.

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. I am able to see my policy details, make a claim, and make a payment. My Home and Auto policies are accessible.

I have always been happy with being a customer of State Farm insurance. I have been with them since we first bought our home and had them before with renters and car insurance. We have never had the need to file a claim, but I feel if and when we do they will be responsive.

the premiums for state farm is very reasonable compared to other home insurance companies I have tried before in the past.the prices are affordable

I get notifications when needed, so that's not that bad. Payments, reminders, letters via email. It's not bad at all.

Overall, I love the customer service and the insurance rates. I love being able to call and they know who I am rather than just a number calling. They value everyone's business and make you feel like you belong.

My only dislike would be a better program for customer loyalty. I have all of my insurances bundled (Auto, Home, Trailer, Boat) but I do not receive a very good discount for customer loyalty.

There aren't many things but I do not like about my company they have a great support system I could only say that the one thing I would change is after filing a claim for them not to call so much to make sure everything is okay

I have had a great experience thus far, pretty satisfied with my plan and the premium. have never had to file a claimant the process was pretty easy to go through.

They do not really reward loyalty. I have been a customer for a long time and instead of being rewarded my premium has gone up a little each year. They also automatically renew your premium at a super high rate unless you log in and cancel the renewal and then contact them to negotiate the rate. It's sneaky but seems standard in the insurance business today.

After making a second claim in over 10 years, they raised my deductible significantly. Even though neither claim was due to anything I did. What good is insurance if you are going to be punished for using it?

I wish they would be more upfront about what they will and won't cover. It's good practice to be open and honest about what you need to ask for when you are getting coverage. not to be told that you will only cover that if the person specifically asks for it when they sign up.

Customer service is slow and does not follow up on issues that you brought to their attention.

The rates are exorbitant. I don't see any logical reason why 2 insurance companies offering exact same coverage have a difference of 40-50% in cost.

I had auto insurance with them for many years, but once I had an accident, they increased my premium because they didn't give me no-accident discount. So I switched company. and I might switch my home insurance to another company too.

Unfortunately, the high-end customer service provided by State Farm does cost a bit more money. In my opinion, the extra cost is fair and does not outweigh the incentive.

The premiums tend to be high. I dropped auto insurance from them because other companies offered up to 80 cheaper per month.

The company offers the best homeowners insurance rates across several states, including some of the nation‚As largest like Illinois and California.

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