Top Maryland Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Maryland Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 18.96
Allstate 12.58
Progressive -
Nationwide 7.9
Travelers 9.86
USAA 10.35
Liberty Mutual 8.45
Geico -
Erie Insurance 11.24
Assurant -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Their customer service has always been excellent and their rates are good compared with others in the area.

I can't say I dislike anything about the company. I would of course like a lower rate, but I don't fault the company for the rate. We seem to have higher rates overall in NJ.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I am satisfied with this company & it is the only company that I have ever had in my adult life.

I dislike the idea of having to buy insurance at all but that's not my insurance company's fault.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

I am able to get everything I need from the company and their staff has been nothing but coverage. I would really like to be able to do more via the website though.

The only thing I dislike is that I can't make changes to my policy online. I have to call in for everything. This is vastly different than my experience with my car insurance company (Geico).

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

usaa has always offered me low premiums on auto and home and life, and cater only to the military, which i love. i am part of their community, and they treat us with high service and excellent rates. just as consumer reports! (make America great again!)

usaa has always offered me low premiums on auto and home and life, and cater only to the military, which i love. i am part of their community, and they treat us with high service and excellent rates. just as consumer reports! (make America great again!)

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I have never had a claim so that's a good thing but I am very satisfied with their services so far. Overall I think they offer a fair rate and competitive rate.

There was a point when our roof need to be replace and they told me that we need to do it within 60 days which seemed reasonable. Then a week later we got another letter saying they had cancelled us. That was obviously contradictory and really upset me. When we had the roof replaced they were quick to restore our policy though.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

They have provided fairly good, reliable service

The monthly bill is fairly high, and the deductible should be much lower.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

Overall the company is fairly cheap and mostly nice people. The cover everything I need to be covered.

I like that they work fast when you file a claim. My basement flooded and I called All-State and they fixed my carpet in under 2 weeks.

Again the best price around for condo insurance and they understand my needs on what I need for insurance and their office is two floors above my condo in the same mixed use high rise.

The customer service is not that great and it is a little tedious to file anything with them.

The only thing I dislike is I wish it was a little cheaper because every 6 months it's been going up higher each renewal time. So I'm worried that'll even get higher and higher.

Well at one point I thought they were a bit unfriendly and the receptionist was an old ugly lady that was unpleasant to look at an deal with but she is gone retired and the agents seem much friendlier as the years have passed and I enjoy chatting with them now. customer service is a vital skill to have in this business. I think they improved upon this

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like this company because of its relative cheaper installation premium. The company responds their customers in a quick way. The rank of the company is good locally.

The website of the company is too simple to use. There is no enough related information available there. The company seems not very professional compared to the top insurance companies.

Assurant Home Insurance Reviews

I appreciate being able to pay my bill online and call someone when I have a question or concern about the policy.

The company makes mint off of payments people provide, however, they do not pay out as much. It would be wonderful if insurance companies would kick-back some of their profits if claims are low. Assurant is a typical insurance company.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

Overall the company's customer service is very good. It is their agents, whose customer service needs to improve.

State Farm is an excellent insurance company all around. If you are willing to spend just a bit more money than some of the cut rate or online only providers you can get real customer service from a local person. You can't beat being able to call, text, email, or even just drive to the office of the person handling your issue.

My agent is very friendly and competent, and her staff is likewise very responsible and responsive. The company gets very good reviews, even if its premiums are on the high end.

I am insured and if I ever have a claim I will know more about how they handle it at that time.

I had auto insurance with them for many years, but once I had an accident, they increased my premium because they didn't give me no-accident discount. So I switched company. and I might switch my home insurance to another company too.

Unfortunately, the high-end customer service provided by State Farm does cost a bit more money. In my opinion, the extra cost is fair and does not outweigh the incentive.

The premiums tend to be high. I dropped auto insurance from them because other companies offered up to 80 cheaper per month.

Getting started with this company has been a bit difficult. It appears the sales agent I am working with just started and has been having problems getting the paperwork right which has made me pay more.

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