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Top Louisiana Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 27.79
Allstate 11.9
Geico -
Progressive 3.86
Liberty Mutual 7.06
American Family -
Farmer's Insurance -
Nationwide -
Travelers -
MetLife -
USAA 5.52
Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Company -
Farmers Insurance 1.84
Westfield Insurance -
American National Property and Casualty Company -
Safeco Insurance -
The Hartford -
American Strategic Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
National General -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

American Family Home Insurance Reviews

The company could provide more information on the policy and offer an estimates calculator for their policies. Their offerings are very transparent and that is what I like about the company.

American Family Insurance employees about American Family ... Also, I like always being busy and having problems to solve. Pros.... If you want a job or good insurance company this is the place for you! ... Overall the work atmosphere is conducive to growing an employee from within the organization.

The customer service for American Family has always been great. I am always treated with a lot of respect and the people are very friendly and helpful.

I like how responsive they are, and how friendly and competent the staff seems to be every time I have a question or a concern. They are quick to return calls with answers to my questions.

there is no dislike, no one will give any bad feedback about this insurance company because here in my city the workers are so good I don't know about other places

Westfield Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

As discussed above, I do not like their website and dislike the fact they don't have a mobile application. They need to improve in that area if they want to continue to be a successful company in the future.

AAA Home Insurance Reviews

The insurance office is ten miles from where we live. Easy to go in and talk with a representative with any question. They do travel planning and you can even renew your driver's license.

We have search a lot about the claiming benefits and we have to get the confirmation before claiming approval. This procedure is just a little bit long.

I would recommend AAA to my family and friends. I think it does the basic, and depending on your rep, whether or not they will go above and beyond.

They listen carefully about our problems and try to analyze our complications. We can almost get confirm that, our complaint will get rectified.

I have no negatives thus far about the insurance company. Saving me money for equal coverage. I have yet to file a claim, but so far so good. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

Everyone I spoke with while transferring all of my policies over was extremely helpful and very warm and friendly. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

I like the coverage I get and the peace of mind know in the case of unforeseen circumstances in being covered.

We switched insurance providers this year, so I am currently quite pleased with the service. I haven't had this insurance policy long, I hope to not need to make a claim, but should I need to, I am hoping it will be a good experience.

I would say they offer some of the best rates I've personally seen, and are very prompt at sending out information about your insurance and explaining your policy.

I have only had one claim, but in that time I spoke with several people. It was like dealing with robots. They had absolutely no empathy or sympathy to the situation and zero desire to act quickly.

The website is difficult to navigate. Finding policy documents, what's covered or not is very difficult to find. If it's something I'm paying for I think, what I need should be readily accessible.

I do not like the way in which you can choose one of the services that are needed to open and close the safe

I dislike the customer service aspect of the company. Not only do they know very little about my house, their response time takes way too long and usually takes me contacting them multiple times before I get a response.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

They work with me on payments and are so personal to me. They know me by name and welcome me to come in whenever I have a concern

As mentioned previously, USAA is always helpful to service members and knows the difficulties that we face. I appreciate their customer service and genuine concern anytime I've ever called for assistance.

I have never had a problem with Nationwide. They gave me a decent policy when I bought my house, and I have never thought to change that. Of course, because I don't actually pay the bill (the bank does) this is not something I think about. But I have had the same policy for 5 years.

Sometimes my company give pressure to their workers to get extra production, at that time we think this company not worth like that.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Overall I like my company they are very friendly, fast, and caring. I always feel I can count on them.

I feel that overall my insurance company strives to do the right thing with my policy by means of finding extra discounts for me. In addition, they are always available to address my questions or concerns.

With respect to any dislikes regarding Progressive, I wish that Progressive would offer more opportunities for discounts for existing customers from time to time. In addition to, the sending of text notifications for bill payments or inquiry confirmations, as do some of the financial institutions that I am a customer of.

It is very simple to maintain my policy and there is not much likelihood of anything surprising happening

Progressive usually has great customer service, and the price is very competitive for the market. I choose it for both home and car insurance.

I don't really have anything bad that I can say about the company, I have never had a bad experience with them so it would be unfair to say anything negative about them.

I feel that the premium is a bit high in regards to how much is spent annually, but when you break it down to just being a little under 20 dollars a month, it doesn't seem so expensive

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

I don't like that I can't chat with them online, calling and holding is something I dislike a great deal.

My husband trusted and loved their customer service. We never filed a homeowner claim. He knew his agent worked with him for years. His agent also passed.

My interaction was very nice and easy. He was very knowledgeable, and gave me personalized service. His advice to me were sound. And I was very satisfied.

Customer Service by far is the best with Travelers. The claim adjuster was personable. Overall a good company.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

I like most likes about the company. The insurance both home and auto have been good as far as I can tell.

I don't like that they are not local, I have to have everything mailed or travel at least an hour for service.

American National Property and Casualty Company Home Insurance Reviews

I wish their website was more modern and there was more information available about claims and coverage online,

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I wish I knew my insurance agent more. I am used to the local insurance agent you go to to get coverage.

The Hartford Home Insurance Reviews

The Hartford offered a competitive price when I put my insurance out to bid last year. Billing is made easy and a discount is offered if you use more than one product line with them. When calling, you can speak to a real person! I did have to file a claim and found that process to be easy and fast.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I think this is one of the best insurance companies I have dealt with. I would not change them and think I will be with them for a long time indeed.

There is nothing that I really like about any insurance companies. I think it is mostly a scam and that they are so willing to make you pay for a service that they have no intention of ever paying out.

I really do not have that much interaction other than the constant advertising for this new product or that and the desire to get more money from me somehow. otherwise, the insurance company is in the background

They are great due to their incredible customer service and have always been there when I need it!

I enjoy the ease of use offered through the app and the price given to me by my insurance rep

I like my company because overtime they offer perks. I have not stayed this long with a company to experience this.

Its cheap. Its reliable. It doesn't bother me - autopayments, auto renew, etc. I don't ever think about them. They are well known. They've been in business forever. I trust them.

I do not really have any issues with the company I currently use. I think their prices are very reasonable and hope nothing changes in the upcoming future.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Customer service, response rate should be better and quality of services should be improved

I have been very pleased with my decision to go with Farmers. I have downloaded the Farmers app to my iPhone and use it to keep up with my 3 policies that I have. The mobile app has been easy to navigate and use. If I misplace my insurance cards I can go on site either print new ones are use the digital copies.

I believe that it is important to have your policy explained by someone over the phone with knowledge about the policies offered. They have the knowledge and give you the numbers right.

Overall, communication could be better for first-time homeowners. I largely do not understand the technical jargon that comes from insurance papers every month and would appreciate more simplicity when it came to that aspect. Other than that, the company is fine.

I am very satisfied with the coverage provided to me by Farmers insurance, it is overall much better in the customer service department and offered me much more coverage for a lot less money than my previous insurance policy with Allstate. I like that I am always able to reach out to a representative and talk to them about my policy.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

I like the service we get, our agent has always helped when we have questions. Helped us combine auto and home to save more money.

I like the size of it. It will not fail, it is too big to fail. It is very efficient and I have never had any issues with it. I think the prices are very good.

They are a caring company that I feel is very trustworthy and looking out for my best interest. They bundle my package to save me money

They are a solidly average insurance company. I would like to shop around for a better price but I do not want to compromise the quality of my homeowner's insurance.

What I dislike about the company is the lack of deductions that they offer. I believe my policy is too expensive and they can do more to lower the cost my annual premiums.

The claim service is not all that it is cracked up to be. The ads on TV stretch the real truth somewhat. It was the cheapest insurance we could find at the time that we bought the home but the deductible is high.

The premium is a bit expensive compared to others in my area but you pay for what you get and I wanted a more "premium" coverage so I paid the price. They do have affordable packages for your budget.

I like the fact that they are a nationally sized company. I have had no reason to dislike them so far.

They always send bills out in a timely manner and allow for a few weeks before the bill is due. I like that a lot because it helps with the budget.

I have not directly spoken with anyone from the insurance company. I can't say for sure whether they will be very friendly when I do need to submit a claim or ask a question.

I like that Allstate has been around forever. My sales agent is getting ready to retire.he lives locally.a part of our community.

It is a very good insurance company overall and the offers were very attractive as well they are really providing more advantage to your lifestyle

Overall I am very satisfied and will most likely use Allstate for life. The good coverage and low premiums are hard to beat.

Everything about the company is great. They have a clean website and they are easy to talk to. They also had a very customized plan to fit what I want, no less no more.

Friendly service, helpful and informative. Prices and quality of services are reasonable for the coverage I am getting. Payments are made easily.

I wish my premium was a bit lower, but you get what you pay for. As I mentioned I don't mind paying a bit more for better business values and customer service.

The only thing that I didn't like was they did not pay for my client's equipment that was at my business when it was burglarized, other than that it is a good company.

There are very few things that I could say that I do not like about the company, but the only thing that has affected me has been some problems that I have had with telephone attention to the client

I liked all the communication keeping me happy as a costumer. What I dislike is how the communication can be confusing.

I don't like their communication style, their prices, nor their constant need to charge us more and more every year for insurance.

Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

There is nothing that I dislike about this company. I have had no complaints or issues to speak of and the rates just cannot be surpassed.

I switched from another company and am saving over $400 a year for the identical coverage. I am very pleased with the savings and hope to never have to file a claim.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they aren't always trying to sell me something else. I'm tired of companies trying to get me to buy more.

They were able to offer a bundle package for home and auto thus making our premium cheaper so that was a positive.

Liberty Mutual has always been punctual, professional, and polite when contacting them. Always available, consistent updates, and never any 'attitude' or leaving customers feeling as if they were a 'bother.' Attitudes go a long way when dealing with insurance companies.

the delay in paying and approving all the reports verifying each information for the case, the wait was very long

The friendly and happy atmosphere during our interactions seems to be very pleasing. I don't use the website but like everything else about the company.

i dislike the price. it is fair, however, i hate paying for any kind of insurance. it basically gambling and ive never been much of a gambler

The discounts could be better. Especially when you have a policy for many years and have no claims. I think that's the only thing I dislike about the company.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I do not wish to change my insurance provider anytime in the future, I think that says enough about what I think about the insurance company. I really do like them.

The prices could be lower but I understand that I am getting excellent service, and their prices are industry standard as well.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

I really appreciate this company that we have overall. I feel like I have a complete sense of security with this company as I can live my life without a weight of worry on my shoulders wondering if my livelihood would be threatened because of a certain incident occurring

I appreciate many things about the company. I enjoy the reliability, the convenience, and the localness of the workers and offices. I like many things about my insurance company.

This company is good to me. I have had no issues and I like the customer service they have provided.

When I had a claim, they took care of it pretty quick and were happy to help with any issues that arose. They handled my claim professionally.

The company offers insurance for the house which is needed. Other than that there is no aspect of the company that they are good at.

I know there is a better insurance but I just do not have the time to go through the process of changing policies

There is nothing really that I would dislike. The only thing that I can mention is a long wait when you call their claim department.

They always process the claims fast and do not give you any troubles. You can tell that they work for you. Great service for your money.

They are always available when I need them. When the office is closed I can call their 24-hour line and have questions answered. They are very good at email communication as well which is valuable to me because I work a full-time job.

There can sometimes be a lot of disconnect between the insurance agent and state farm as a whole. Prices also go up with some premiums without warning, it would be nice to get a reasoning for this increase. The increase is usually only a few dollars so it's never really enough to merit its own complaint. But I am satisfied overall.

Our current insurance with State Farm has never given us any issues or surprises. They are super friendly and knowledgeable and seem to cover more than previous insurance places and I really love how much they seem to care about providing us with great service.

I am very happy to have chosen them and will continue to do so as long as I own my home. I pay a fair price and they are always nice and super helpful. I see no reason to give them anything other than a perfect rating. I am very happy with my policy.

I like that the company has been in business for a long time, they have a name you can trust. I like that they are nearby, and they seem readily available if we need to make an appointment or call with a question.

I feel that the coverage meets my needs, the premium is reasonable to me so much so that I do not plan to shop around at this time. The service I have received from my agent has been good and met my needs as well.

When I changed to them, they saved me a lot of money over my previous company. I felt a rapport with my agent and his staff.

Just haven't had any issues with this company at all, however, I would like cheaper premium seems little high

Overall good service, can only talk about my enrollment since I have not had to file any claim yet, hope never, Good customer service, no hidden fees.

This is not a direct criticism but more of an unseen circumstance or anxiety regarding uncertainty, but I worry that in some cases, if we were to become involved in a certain incident, we may have a long and painful process with this insurance company before we get compensation for our damages.

The only things I dislike about the insurance company is the many paper correspondences I get. It is not only environmentally negative but the few vital pieces of mail they send get lost in the mix.

There is nothing I dislike. The only concern I have is that I live in a rural area and it is a pain to get to the office when I want to go there.

While I believe their premium is a little high, that's the only complaint that I have as their coverage is top notch and is tough to beat.

Again, I wish the mobile app regulated with real-time updates to account and that I could speak with someone 24/7 via a chat feature online.

There is nothing I dislike about the company I have been with them for over 20 years, I have gone to other companies for a short time and always go back to them

There is not enough information to say there is something that I dislike, I would say prices, they are extremely high for the coverage provided, but based in the zip code I think is normal because of hurricanes, etc, etc

I do not like the political stances that have been taken by State Farm because no company should do so

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

I am satisfied overall with MetLife. I have had the insurance on two vehicles and my new home for approximately 1.5 years. We built our home and completed it this year. MetLife provided the construction insurance as well while we were building it and we turned it into homeowners insurance once the house was completed.

I appreciate that they price matched my premium in 2017 to earn my business after Mapfree decided to try to increase it by almost 100.00.

The overall service and rate that I have with MetLife appear to be good. I am always interested in a better deal and they will begin reviewing my rates next month. If it increases drastically, I will start to compare rates again.

American Strategic Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the fact that they treat us like people, not just customers. When we call, they know who we are and we don't have to give tons of information and explanation to multiple people to get things done.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I wish the premium was lower, but compared to other companies they have remained the cheapest I can find, but they still offer the coverage I am looking for.

National General Home Insurance Reviews

I do like their customer service reps, their website, the brand, and their overall approach. They are always friendly and professional whenever I call them, regardless of the reason.

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