Top Indiana Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Indiana Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 26.94
Erie Insurance 5.62
American Family 6.09
Progressive -
Geico -
Allstate 7.55

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

American Family Home Insurance Reviews

I do like that when you walk into their office they seem very friendly and accommodating. They all have smiles on their faces and they exude a hometown-like atmosphere.

They are a very big company. Sometimes seeing all their commercials on television makes you wonder where the money you pay for your policy is going.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

The company is forward looking and cares about its customer. I think that's very important for an insurance company (second home in the state). I choose a different insurer from GEICO because I want diversion.

I don't like that their customer service is average at best and varies from staff to staff. The training should be better.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I have yet to see how this goes, cause I don't want my home to be damaged in anyway, so I wish I'd never use their insurance, but anything could happen, for example, my house got strike by meteorite, then I'll ask them for a claim.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

I am completely satisfied thus far. I know some people have had bad experiences, but I guess it is always good and bad, and thankfully I've only good things to say.

A little pricey maybe. But Well worth it, with all that they provide to you and the assurance that they will be there for you, it's priceless.

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I am very satisfied with what I pay for the coverage and peace of mind I receive. I would not care to go anywhere else anytime soon. They have always been there for me when needed.

It seems like the average insurance company, I also do my car insurance there and I get nice discounts.

They are not located in the town I live now, they are located where I used to live. I like to support local places, and essentially this is local and small town.

Mostly my agent that works for the company rather than the company itself.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

It is a solid company that is straightforward and honest but knows their value and is not afraid to charge their customers for that value.

They are reasonably priced, great customer service.

Overall highly satisfied. Always there when needed, provide great products that we use, reasonably priced, and always there when we need them.

State Farm is transparent about all the costs of home insurance. They are willing to work with me and they make my life simplified by having a convenient web portal and by clearly keeping me updated on my insurance coverage via email.

I love the ease of signing up for my policy and how easy it is to ask questions and receive answers.

I like my agent more than the company. My agent has been really good and helpful. He has always taken my call or called me back in a very short time frame.

I like that they are loyal to their customers. Even if you were not the cause of an accident they will help as a go-between with you and the other company. They don't allow other companies to take advantage of their customers.

The price is high and sometimes it feels like you are just paying the company to get more money. I think that eventually, I will look for cheaper premiums.

There isn't anything that I dislike honestly

The only thing I dislike is there website and the lack of features they have. If I want to update any info or look up policy information, I have to call.

The only thing that I dislike is the high price of premiums. I think this will hold true with any home insurance company, or at least the ones I've looked at, so it's not a major complaint. The amount of coverage I get and the ease of use is well worth the price in my mind.

The one thing that I dislike about the company is they have weird office hours

They seem to be getting greedy and raising rates just to raise it. There is no rhyme or reason why my rates raise so much from year to year. I've only made one claim in 10 years, I pay on time, and I'm in a low-risk area. I just don't get it.

I really don't dislike the company. They have always been helpful and taken care of me. If I ever need help they are always there to help.

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