Top Illinois Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Illinois Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 32.97
Allstate 12.43
Geico -
Country Financial 8.75
Homesite Insurance -
Erie Insurance -
American Family 5.55
Safeco -
Nationwide -
Progressive -
Travelers 2.8
Country Companies -
Liberty Mutual 4.97
Homesite Insurance -
Grange Insurance -
Farmer's Insurance -
Meemic Insurance -
Farmers Insurance 6.09
MetLife -
Cincinnati Insurance -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

American Family Home Insurance Reviews

they really seem to care about their customers. they have always been polite and thoughtful during my interactions with them.

they have a lot of customers, so sometimes I feel like I may be being a bother to them if I come to them with a question.

Safeco Home Insurance Reviews

We did an exhaustive search to find this policy and I am really happy with the coverage and cost we are paying. I felt like state farm was ripping me off.

I really did not talk with them during the search so I do not know them like I knew state farm. But I am not looking for friends...

AAA Home Insurance Reviews

So far I have known and my analysis I have found this one is most convenient insurance company for my need.

Customer service handles customers very smoothly and provides great help, if we have any doubts they cleared briefly.

I like the app and website very much. It is very user friendly and also adaptable. I can find the information that is related to my policy.

I wish it was a little cheaper because I feel I am throwing away money, but it's been pretty good since I have had it, especially with bundling.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

I think the company really devotes its time to the consumer of their services. They have been more than willing to assist me with coverages and making sure that I have both the best price and the best coverage and these two intersect.

My only complaint is not having a physical office closest to me that I can walk into and talk to someone. Sometimes it's easier for someone to explain it to me in person so that I know I get it.

Homesite Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Not much, got the opportunity to close on house 2 weeks early and hadn't got insurance yet, they were the first to respond with a half-decent price.

The company's website is useless, it can only be used to pay bills, purchase more insurance or upgrade existing insurance. Nothing can be canceled or reduced, and there is no listed contact info for questions and cancellations.

No way to contact anyone. Policy auto-renews with no way on the website to stop it, no email address, no phone number, just auto-renews. Next year I’ll just stop payment via my bank.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

I have not needed them but they send bills and receive checks and answer phone calls on time which is all I want.

There is nothing I dislike about it except maybe that the premiums have risen over the past couple of years more than I would have liked.

Grange Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

What I like is that they will take people of all credit ranges and give them a pretty fair rate and they have a pretty good website if I need to reprint any documents

Country Companies Home Insurance Reviews

Very good. Best service I’ve had so far. They are very helpful and they will try their best to please you and any issues you may have

Nothing really. They are nice but sometimes takes a while to pick up when wanting a fast experience.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

Great cost and coverage for my forever home. So far, so good as they have been fantastic anytime a natural disaster is nearby and answer every question I have of them.

Nothing so far. They haven't done anything negative towards me over the two years we've had them. They leave us alone when we want to be left alone.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I like that this company is always there when I need them and I don't have to have different companies for different things.

I like that is very easy to log on to the website and look at all your information. I am glad to see what options are available for me.

I like the company very much it is very convenient and useful to me

I dislike that they could be a little cheaper but from the service they provide, I feel that they are worth it.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I haven't really had to use the customer service feature for this company. If I have any questions I just go to my insurance agent to get the answers.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

They handle my claims effectively and timely.

The insurance company clarifies policy by sending semi-annual reports by mail. In the reports, I can identify my coverage, benefits, credits, and deductibles at a glance.

I like their communication process and also customer care region they give respect to the like their communication process.

I don't know that I know what the premiums are from other companies so much so to comment on comparisons with them. I would hope I’m getting a fair market price.

Poor communication, poor service, poor website. Annoying staff!

There really isn't anything I dislike about it. But I have never had to place a claim. That is probably why I have had no problems. Sorry to say. It is very large and you can get lost if you don't watch it.

I do not have anything I dislike about my insurer. I would prefer to stay with this insurance company in the future unless a significant savings were offered by a competitor.

Meemic Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

There is nothing that I dislike about the company. Maybe there is the point that the company is smaller so it doesn't have any advantages compared to larger companies. The price point makes up for all of it.

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

other than ripping me off for claims, they have been stable for homeowners insurance here for 18 years. They are steady and you know what to expect when dealing with them.

The most important thing is that they are quick, no waiting and that they pay out. They don't give you any hassles or try to chew you down on amounts. They are professional and reliable.

I dislike the way they treat you and sort of make up things to lock you into their company and make sure you cannot get a lower rate elsewhere by falsely making claims against you.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I suppose that even if I am not super enthusiastic I don't necessarily dislike anything but the junk mail. To be honest home insurance isn't something I think about very often so I guess I should!

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

I like the personal touch that is offered by State Farm. They make me feel like their customers really matter. I feel like I am not just a number to them, but an actual human with real needs. I feel like I am getting the service that I pay for.

I like that they have really low rates and provided my family with great coverage and added an additional umbrella policy.

Overall, it works for me. Insurance is never a happy subject, as it is a needed expense, but one that one hopes to never have a need for. In my case the limited amount I have needed them they handled everything well, they communicate at a level that I appreciate, and everything has gone smoothly for 18 years.

Overall, State Farm has been good to me and to this day I have no issues with the company or my agent in general.

I like that my local agent is backed by a large, well-established company. I feel if I ever did need to file a claim, I would be treated fairly and would receive prompt attention.

The one thing I dislike is that my policy has gone up each year. I would like to find out why It keeps going up in price. Also, I would like more discounts.

I do not like the tiny office that my agent works in. It's a shoebox that needs windows. I don't like that may rate could be better.

Have no problems; therefore, nothing to dislike

I dislike the fact that the company used to give rebate checks to individuals that had an auto policy and we claim free for either six months or a year. The discount that is applied to the policy does not seem as generous as the discount that was given via return check.

There is nothing of note that I dislike about the company. Sure other companies might say they can save me money- they can't, I've checked. They can't provide better service, and they all seem to have a need to have obnoxious sales reps bother me, so State Farm is okay.

I think the only big issue would be it is a large insurance company so there is potential to get lost in the cracks.

I dislike that the company seems to sell my information to other agents within their own firm. I also dislike that the premiums are so much higher when I have never filed in claim in 20 years.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

My only reason for switching to MetLife is because the rates were the lowest I could find. Other than that I feel that all insurance companies are the same. MetLife Corporation for the years of loyalty and protection for our family. We have been clients of MetLife Corporation for more than a decade. Through tough times and good, MetLife has been by our side

Cincinnati Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The only thing that I dislike is their local claims adjuster. He just isn't a like-able person. Having said that, his being un-likeable is his problem and not mine and when I have to deal with him, I just deal with him and move on. It is just a part of life having to deal with people like this and it isn't a significant enough problem to even worry about. The only other complaint that I would have about Cincinnati is that after an auto accident in January - an accident that was my fault - they raised our auto rates. Since this was the first and only auto claim that we've had - ever - it irritated me a little that even after having only this one claim after all these years, they raised our rates.

Country Financial Home Insurance Reviews

it is a great company, it really does care about the customers at the end of the day. It is quite bit pricey on the wallet But you absolutely do get what u pay for and it is so worth the customer service and overall service you receive

I like that I have my own agent who I truly believe has my best interest at heart. I do like the web interface as it makes life easier and it is super easy to use.

I cannot say that I dislike anything at all about this company even with it being pricey a bit it is a great happy company, I love it!

Just like everything I wish I could have the same Quality of Service with the less financial cost to me. I do wish that I would be contacted more about when I could reduce my insurance level on older cars and such.

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