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Top Georgia Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 28.06
Allstate 12.79
Progressive -
Travelers 6.17
Geico -
Liberty Mutual 6.21
Grange Insurance -
American Home Shield -
Nationwide 3.86
Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance -
MetLife -
Safeco Insurance -
Farmer's Insurance -
Country Financial 3.02
Westfield Insurance -
National General -
Horace Mann Educators Corporation -
Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Donegal Mutual Insurance Company -
Farmers Insurance 2.9
Peninsula Insurance -
Amica -
Esurance -
Motorist Insurance -
Ditech -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Westfield Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

i like that they have an app because it makes contacting them very easy. i like the speed at which they handle claims and i like how nice and polite that they are. i also like the cost of my insurance

National General Home Insurance Reviews

They're a big company so stable, I know they'll probably always be there. It's Nationwide they're on your side, lol.

Horace Mann Educators Corporation Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they are small and local and I can speak to an actual local employee when I want to inquire about something. I also like that their prices are cheaper than most others.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

A big contribution given from the company side and happy to be in the insurance company as a valuable customer

It is hard to get discounts on my policy rates. Every now and then I get a customer representative that has a hard time understanding what I am needing.

Their customer service was very good. Receiving a quote was easy and they were very friendly. I called back two more times and again they were friendly and very helpful.

Travelers insurance has very good customer support service. They respond to all my inquiries very quickly. I get good rates on all my policies.

My insurance company has a great customer service department and they were the lowest as far as paying the premium than other companies.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

I like that our coverage is complete and we are covered in most instances. I also like that they communicate directly with our mortgage company at renewal so we don’t have to do anything to continue or pay for coverage it’s all included in our mortgage payment.

Grange Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they are easy to get a hold of, very personable, get me what I need in a timely manner without a headache!

At this point I think I could get better with my credit score improving but other than that it’s an okay premium but for sure higher than I had expected

I feel that its a bit high but it could be my fault since my credit score isn't the best and most people wouldn't give me a decent rate anyway

I have also bundled with car and umbrella policies and I am very satisfied with all 3 and I will renew again in September.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I like Geico primarily because of their easy to use app and the rates that they offer. Also the easy to find insurance cards always available on the app.

I have never really had to deal with the customer service portion of the website or in person. I have never had a claim or a complaint of any consequence

Anytime I have an issues or a question I can call our local agency and talk to the lady who set up our policy. I feel secure knowing they are always within reach and they return calls the same day we call.

The company just offers a little bit more incentive then its competitors.

Customer service and claim response were rapid and phenomenal. Everything I expected to be covered was. Every question about the process was answered, and some information I didn't consider was volunteered.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Safeco is very affordable and offers the specific coverage we need for our particular home and insurance needs annually.

I really haven't had any interactions with my insurance company. We have only been there about 2 years and haven't had any claims.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The premium I currently pay for the coverage I receive is exceptional compared to the other insurance companies I called. Others were asking for at least $1500 to $2000 for less coverage.

American Home Shield Home Insurance Reviews

It's typical insurance, typical service and I really don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. I just know that it's there and I am not paying too an outrageous amount so I guess I like them on average.

I've had a good experience with them, and their communication and tech friendliness has worked out well for me. They've allowed me to have a protected home for a number of years, which I'm thankful for.

This is a relatively small company with actual agents and adjusters locally which makes for easy customer service CD e and prompt, efficient claim service.

It would be nice to know more options to lower my rate, and sometimes its hard to find information about that and the insurance company doesn't proactively tell us about ways we can reduce our insurance bill.

Donegal Mutual Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

We've had no issues. They have worked quickly and effectively on our behalf and are very affordable.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Farmers offer bundles for my home and auto which save me money and streamline my insurance needs as much as possible. The customer service is good and the response is quick. No company will ever be perfect but farmers are as close as I have found in my limited time.

Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

My insurance company is fast and reliable. I have never had an issue with them and they always treat me well and try to get me the best price/service

I think the best part about my company is the agent. he has helped me from day 1 and I can always email or call him to get something changed or resolved quickly.

If I had to dislike anything I guess it would be the price. I'm sure my price is close to everyone else. But its a lot of money to pay

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I have heard from my Farmers Insurance agent that the automobile rates may be going up in 2018. I will see how much of an increase occurs and compare to other carriers.

I have never had any problems with someone from farmers not returning my calls, every person I've talked to has always communicated well with me

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews


They entered us into a three-way call with another company to help us compare prices.

For the premium I am paying and the coverage I receive, I feel like I'm in good hands with Liberty Mutual.

I like everything in general, the customer service, how fast and effective it is to solve the problem, the situation in which I have been affected, the truth is what I really love, the work of the liberty company

I don't really dislike anything about the company. I've visited their office and some of their employees have a group-think mentality but that might just be the culture of that specific office and not a criticism of the company.

Peninsula Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The overall price that I pay versus the services/coverage received, to me, makes it worthwhile. While I have not had to file a claim or really had to pursue any major issues so I can not really speak to that, what I've dealt with thus far can occasionally be frustrating, but not enough to make me want to give up this pricing.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

they work with me on payments and are so personal to me. they know me by name and welcome me to come in whenever I have a concern

What I like about this company is that they are available when I need them and when I call them they make sure that my questions are fully answered to their best abilities.

What I dislike about them are their current insurance premiums and sometimes when I am talking to a customer service agent, I feel that their responses are somewhat mechanical.

The customer service is great, their website is super easy to navigate. The coverage provided to my liking. The claims department is awesome.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

I like how friendly the customer service has been towards me and how accommodating they seem to be in the event that anything in the future might go wrong. The customer service is ultimately what I am most happy about.

I have never had a problem with Allstate. I have been with other insurance companies and have moved around due to rate changes and such, but I have really never looked around after I joined Allstate. I guess I have a sense of security and that I will be taken care of.

My insurance company is everything I could ask for. The coverage is great, the service is excellent, and the convenience is amazing.

I like that the company is local. I am able to speak with someone quickly and have my issue resolved to my liking. I don't have to jump through hoops just to be transferred a million times just to end up speaking with someone who does not speak English.

I would ideally like more coverage but the price was more than I was willing to pay. I will be calling them about increasing coverage and keeping the price soon, as it will have been another year since my past claims and I may be able to get a better deal. I have a feeling they will work with me. I have had no major issues with Allstate so I am satisfied so far.

I dislike the constant emails and I feel that my policy is not the best. Since they were the only ones who would work with me I am grateful I got some kind of insurance but know that if something had happened this year I would not have had good coverage! I have no cause to really dislike them, but do wish they would stop the constant emails and trying to sell more products on the phone!

I am very thankful for the opportunity to save money on my premium without sacrificing any of my coverage. The agent and the employee that handle my policy are professional, kind, courteous and knowledgeable. It genuinely feels like they have my best interest in mind.

I like Allstate's customer service. They are always accessible and friendly. Also, they are very professional and answer all my questions quickly and accurately.

The promptness in taking care of my claim. It wasn't drawn out. It was solved very quickly and I could get the repair work done within the week.

the thing that i dont like of them is that they take to long to help me in my house problems.

what i like of them is that they help me solve all problems that i have in my home.


The only thing I can say about Allstate is that they are expensive, at least for me, and that their website could make things a little bit easier to navigate for folks like myself just trying to either pay a bill or locate a certain piece of information for a survey.

I don't have any dislikes about the company. Only thing I can think of is that we tried to bundle home and auto insurance and our premium for auto were much much more than what we pay currently with another insurance company.

it is very affordable that I can pay every month with my monthly income and all the bills that I have to pay

Amica Home Insurance Reviews

I think this company really goes out of their way to keep their customers satisfied. I think they are very genuine and wanting to help homeowners in any way that they can.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

I like that I'm paying $100 less a year but I'm not sure if it's worth it to have them come and tell me I have to rip out trees that are older than the house itself. I don't like that they keep employing someone who has an attitude problem and has had several complaints about him.

I have had other insurance companies in the past and this one isn't much different. The premium is about $100 less than my last company.

It is easy to navigate and has easy access to policy information. I can make policy changes online as well.

AIG Home Insurance Reviews

I think I am paying little high compared to others but comparing the quality of service they are good. I hope they reduce premium soon.

Their relation with customers are good. They are ready to serve 24 hours. The company cover almost all things.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

It's super easy to work with. I have never had an issue that just hung around for a long time, always resolved within a week. and my bills keep going down as I stay with them

The rates are average and seem to be priced about the same as other companies, they give lots of discounts that other companies don't.

I like that this company you can bundle your insurance for a lower rate overall. There are very friendly and informative if you have any questions or concerns.

I dislike that I had to wait a year before they would lower rates. We had a previous claim on our old home, due to weather, an act of God, nothing we did and our rates were higher because of that. That annoys me.

Never had a problem with the company. If I ever need to contact them or as a question, they're always friendly and helpful.

I love this insurance company. They are friendly, helpful and most of all, knowledgeable about my policies. They are available any time I need them and the rates are beyond reasonable.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

I love my insurance company because I know they have me covered.I think that the way they are as a professional company is what I like the most.

Motorist Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They got me a rental car and got it delivered to my house, got the car towed to a shop, it was deemed totaled so I didn't see it. they then went ahead and asked about every little extra feature and got me more money

Ditech Home Insurance Reviews

I like the communication and ease of access to their website. Never had a problem there and you cannot be upset about that. They also have a very friendly demeanor about them and I do appreciate that.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

Well, I have never had to file a claim so I might not have the whole story, but so far I have been treated fairly and the few times I have called them they have taken care of my issues without a problem.

The company is very trustworthy and has been around a very long time. I feel I won't have issues dealing with a claim if the moment came up where I need to do it.

I like the customer service solely. They are very dependable and timely.

I like their customer service. I like the simplicity of the app and online services they offer. The price is okay. They offer a good discount since I'm bundling with car insurance.

Good service and claims are paid in a reasonable time period. I also liked that they used quality materials to make the repairs keeping my values up.

Overall, I like the State Farm brand and the long range of services it offers. Again, I want to reiterate that the level of service received depends strongly on the individual agent.

Claim filing. A claim should be settled in less than one month. The claim filing process also needs to be streamlined and written in a more comprehensive language.

They're stable and hire good people. I'm happy with the interactions I’ve had with them, and they're not too pushy. I trust my agent, and I like my coverage.

I like that whenever I call someone has the time to talk to me. They are very helpful to explain.

Overall, I am very pleased with the customer service from State Farm. They have thoroughly handled all of my home insurance questions. However, I do not know if I am getting the best deal.

I very much like my company. The customer service, a website all of the company is very awesome. I have more bond with this company.

I love my insurance company for the fact that I have low premiums and the communication is very good / quick.

I like that the company will do what it says when it comes to filing a claim. They do have good associates that will walk you through the forms and what information needs to be included so that the process doesn't take longer than needed.

there is nothing I dislike about this company. they are perfect in every way, my premium could increase and I would stay with them because they provide the best service.

I always have a great interaction with their customer service for over the past 8 months and they always help me with anything i need help with

My local agent spends time with me and explains any changes in detail. The office staff is always friendly and willing to go above and beyond when providing service.

The one thing I did not like was that after purchasing the policy, the agent continued to contact me to see if I wanted to change providers for my car insurance. He emailed me multiple times and called me once about switching.

I like that they are an old company with a good reputation which makes me feel they would be good if I did ever have a claim. I wish, of course, that all home insurance was cheaper.

For all the reasons I have mentioned above. Ease of access, willingness to help, knowledge of what our policy covers, and the sense of knowing they are there to help us if we need help again.

Since the office nearest my house closed, I now have to drive 45 minutes to get to the new office.

The premium is great, and the customer service also is. I can't complain, because I've never had another insurance company, but can bet this one is right up there with the rest of them.

I like the service I have been given all the times I have had to reach out. They are not pushy and do there best to look out for me.

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