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Top Florida Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
Safeco -
Insurance Company of Florida -
Nationwide -
Progressive 3.54
Travelers -
USAA 4.34
State Farm 6.6
St. Johns Insurance -
Security First -
Geico -
Allstate -
Liberty Mutual -
Safe Point -
Universal Property & Casualty -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Safeco Home Insurance Reviews

I don't know a lot about home insurance, so it's hard to know how good of a job they are doing. But they did a fair job with our claim and gave us a good deal to begin the policy, so overall I am moderately satisfied.

Overall I am moderately satisfied. Safeco seems to really want my business and gave me a military discount. I don't plan on replacing them.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

I like how easy it was to get the quote and purchase the policy online. I love the app and all the things I can do with it. I like the discounts I received because I bundled my home and auto.

I really haven't had any bad experiences or dislikes thus far.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

it is really good

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

Responsive. Easy communication through phone calls. The Website is usually up.

But the price is a little too high. In particular considering I am bundling with automobile policies and should receive a discount. On the contrary, the price for home insurance is actually higher than buying it alone somewhere else. The bundle discount is a total illusion.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

We have an awesome insurance company. I would recommend this company to many people. They are one of the easiest insurers I have ever had to deal with.

Like most companies in general, regardless of the industry, it is the wait time while on hold when calling them. Nor can I stand the stupid elevator music they play.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

I have called and done all my business in person and the customer service is great. They will come to my home and I can come there and speak to someone without an appointment.

I have no dislikes about this company and that is why I have been with them for over 20 years.

St. Johns Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

St John's is a decent company to work with, they didn't low ball us on repairs and the response time was reasonable. The adjusters they sent were also very professional.

The only thing I dislike is the fact that while you are waiting to hear back from the company, that there are no status updates and no one you can contact, aside from calling customer service and going through the whole thing over again.

Security First Home Insurance Reviews

My agent as mentioned already, price, ease and reaction time plus everything else I already started I'm all above previous questions.

The only complaint so far is the amount of depreciation on my claim and only being able to recover it after I am invoiced.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

I am genuinely happy with the overall coverage that I have. I also can't put a price on how comfortable I feel with the company and with how at ease they allow me to feel in knowing that they have my back if something in my house goes wrong.

The only thing I dislike about the company is the insurance prices. I do wish they were a little less. Especially with people like me who have been with the company for as long as I have been. I also wish that the information was more easily accessible on the company website.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

I think they are a very good company, very reputable. They make sure that their clients are taken care of and they try to help in any way they can.

I haven't really found anything that I dislike much about the company. They have always been good to me since I started with them.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

They were much cheaper overall when I initially switched to them years ago.

I really don't have anything I dislike about them.

Safe Point Home Insurance Reviews

The only thing I like about this insurance company is that they agreed to write the insurance policy for us. Most major insurance companies refuse to insure properties in Florida and even fewer would insure our particular property.

The premium we pay for our policy is ridiculous. Additionally, the deductible for hurricane damage (which is the most likely damage situation in this area) is unaffordable despite being the lowest the company offers. The company also excludes damage to our fence and most other things that are likely to need repairs.

ASI Home Insurance Reviews

I had a water damage claim and was serviced immediately with a claim rep, a visit to inspect the damage, a damage mitigation company was hired and scheduled and I had a check in the mail in a few days. BTW, expecting my policy premium to go up the next year and it actually went down a few dollars.

I cannot really say anything bad about the company as I have had no bad experiences with them. The rates are reasonable and they were there when we needed them with no issue on anything at all during the entire claims process. I guess I cannot answer the question as you asked it. I hope this will suffice.

Universal Property & Casualty Home Insurance Reviews

This company, as well as other insurance companies are careless. They just want their payment, nothing else.

I really dislike this company, so next year I am going to change my insurance company.

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