Top California Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top California Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 19.53
Allstate 6.4
Mercury 4.58
finance -
USAA 4.67
Geico -
Safeco -
National General -
Travelers 3.1
Lemonade -
21st Century -
Esurance -
Independent Solutions United Insurance -
Liberty Mutual 5.88
Nationwide 4.26
Stillwater insurance Group -
Amica -
Saferoad Insurance -
Progressive -
Fremont home insurance -
Finance Insurance -
Farmer's Insurance -
MetLife -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Mercury Home Insurance Reviews

company is great. it is reliable and they gave us a great price and when comes to claims, they were very efficient.

I like that they are very easy to work with and have a good system for paying bill and for filing claims. They are easy to find via the website.

I see the insurance policy as something that is available to me if I ever need it, but until then they are in the back of my mind. I don't put too much thought towards this policy and the company behind it.

nothing that I dislike about.

The only dislike is it is a very large company so can get lost and everything is based off how long you have been with them and they do not know you personally like smaller companies.

Amica Home Insurance Reviews

good customer service

just the fact that my coverage is so expensive.

Safeco Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, I like the willingness that they have to want to work with me. They don't pass me around or make run around in circles. They help you as best as they can.

There is nothing that I dislike about this company. They have been pretty good to me so far and I appreciate how they work with me.

AAA Home Insurance Reviews

I am overall very satisfied with my home insurance company. I have never not had a claim resolved to my satisfaction, and the people that I have had to interact with have always been pleasant and professional.

I don't really have any complaints or anything that I feel strongly negative about regarding my insurance company. As I mentioned above, I think that their website could be more engaging and robust, but that's a minor complaint.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

They offer a good price and good coverage, I haven't needed to use it yet thought but it is nice to have in case I do.

I can't really think of anything that I really dislike about them. Overall they have been a pleasure to use as my insurers.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I like the response times and personal touch, they know me and I always get good communication when I need it.

I do not know if I can say anything negative, Nationwide has always been an overall good experience as long as I have been a customer.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

I recommend Travelers Insurance to anyone who is looking to lower their annual rates yet still receive great customer service and care from your insurance company. I have referred many people to Travelers Insurance and all have spoken highly of the recommendation.

The app and online website have been down a lot lately which is a pain when trying to make a payment or follow up on an email or claim issue.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

I like that the company is so easy to talk to on the phone and get answers when I need them. They were great about answering questions, and I like that they are tied to the military as well. It makes it feel much more personal to me.

I just love the convenience of having all of my accounts in one place. They understand service member's needs and offer products to benefit our family. They have attractive, if not the best, rates on most services.

The only thing that I really dislike about the insurance company is their login process

I know if I shopped around separately for all of my accounts I could find slightly better rates, specifically on mortgage and home insurance. But I'm not sure it's worth my time to save a small amount. I don't like that mortgages are sold off almost immediately after closing, so they don't actually handle the payments in-house.

Lemonade Home Insurance Reviews

Overall I like this company very much and also I would recommend the same to other people and also to my friends.

Nothing like that. I just have only positive thoughts about the home insurance company.

Stillwater insurance Group Home Insurance Reviews

Considering we were burglarized, Stillwater provided the best rates and beat most quotes we received.

Since we are relatively new to the company, we haven't experienced anything negative so far. So, I can't say that there is anything I dislike about the company.

Independent Solutions United Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The company does what I need it to and I don't have anything to really complain about.

I wished that the company was a little bit more commercial

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, they are a good company because they are well known as a brand and offer good email and phone service.

I just wish they offered a better website so I don't have to deal with them over the phone so much.

I just hate having to deal with insurance companies. I feel like they are just out to take as much money from me as they can and then when I need to claim something - they will not cover it.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The company overall is good and I like having their insurance. I think they are understanding and provide good coverage.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

i love them they had the best rate they were the most friendly they were the clearest they were most professional they were easy to talk to they are calm and cool to me they explain everything they walk through all the paperwork they explain all the disclosures they are always available when i have questions they have a great website they are a respectable company they were the best rate for the coverage offered the app works well the people seem nice the people are well mannered the people are well dressed they make me feel safe they do not spam me which is very important

Overall, I have liked most aspects of the company from the amounts covered, the customer service, my agent, my discounts, and ease of use of the app.

When I did have to call the company's customer service they were very helpful.

can be complex can be a long wait the few times they are waits phones can be busy reps sometimes have bad English it is pricey it isn't fun having to deal with the red tape it is a lot of paperwork it is a lot of info covered they didn't tell me about their third party agreements app crashed rude receptionist (once) can be expensive for certain things offices were hard to find long wait inside office wrong paperwork sent to me paperwork sent to wrong address once they are a bit pricey in general they are a huge corporation the auto insurance rates are high (homeowners rates are good though) can be hard to find info on the website

All I dislike, so far, is the amount of the monthly payment, the lack of coverage for earthquake and flood, and the deductible.

No dislikes really other than price. I know they're not the cheapest and you sometimes do get what you pay for. I always compare rates though.

I have not compared the premiums to other insurance companies for the same coverage.

Finance Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like this company overall because everything is being very positive and valuable. I trust this company so much.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I appreciate the responsiveness of the representatives I have worked with and their skill at addressing my needs. I also appreciate the minimum contact that they engage in such as not sending a bunch of spam, mailers, etc. I also appreciate the perceived attention to security that they have by not sending communications with exposed account numbers, etc.

I do wish they offered more discounts or rewarded me for having a policy with them. Additionally, when I have inquired about increasing coverage on my house the cost has been prohibitive and I still have issues with what is potentially covered and not covered in the event of a claim. In terms of the language of my contract, I wish parts of it were easier to read and understand.

finance Home Insurance Reviews

It's a well-known company and the process was fairly simple. I don't ever feel hassled by them to get more money from us. No problems at this point in almost 3 years.

I always feel positive about this company overall because I liked the honesty of this company

I did not dislike this company overall because they provide us good quality things. I liked the company so much

The only thing I can think of is the issue I wrote about above. I wish I could have gotten an online quote instead of having to go through an agent in the first steps. I like to compare without feeling pressure.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

State Farm is a very stable company. Especially for a homeowners policy I have no interest in a fly by night company or anything particularly "innovative".

I personally do not like the company. The only way you can get a good bundle discount is if you have ALL your insurance with State Farm. The company doesn't seem to really care about their clients. They don't go the extra mile and sometimes doesn't even return phone calls.

It’s all about good company. They are good with their policy. I really like their policy.

I think the company is a great one, they seemed eager to help me when I needed help.

Customer service is very good and everyone is very cooperative and helpful. I think they are nice

I only call once a year to see if I can get any discounts...interaction is short and acceptable

The customer service team provides speed and corrective actions very fast and the only problem is getting hold on them.

I really have no complaints. State Farm has been very good to us and their prices are very reasonable for the security and level of service.

Again, same as above, which is why we are switching to USAA and we will bundle with them. I've only had good experiences with USAA.

Nothing really. They seem to be doing really well and I have not had a claim so I cannot comment on that perturb yet.

I don't like dealing with the corporate office, like when I had to get my online access. Their local insurance agents are awesome, but dealing with the head office is annoying. It's a rare occurrence having to go to them since the local agent takes care of most things, but it is annoying.

Their website is a bit tricky to navigate but I combat that by just sending in my bill through the mail or in person.

Our home is manufactured, and when we moved here from our regular home, that was 3 times the size, double the coverage, and 50 years older, our premium went up. I understand that the quality and longevity of a manufactured home is not the same as a regular home, but I still think this difference is ridiculous.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

I wish they would have chat option on their website and offer me a cheaper rate overall on the price. It would be nice to have these options.

AIG Home Insurance Reviews

Well overall i love the company a lot and I would also recommend others to take insurance in the same company as like me.

well when it comes to disadvantages or dislike things about the company, i do not feel much concern in this matter.

21st Century Home Insurance Reviews

Overall I like that it is a trusted insurance company. The company has been around for many years. I also know others who trust this insurance company

The thing I dislike about the company is the online chat services are very limiting and often the webpage won't even load at night. You also have to wait quite a long time to talk to online chat representatives.

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