Top Arizona Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Arizona Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 18.94
Allstate 9.57
Travelers 3.31
USAA 8.15
Esurance -
Geico -
Country Financial -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

The company is a great one to have insurance products from. They are very friendly to customers and provide a lot of options for review. I can choose to bundle most of my insurance products.

I think they would be better off with including insurance products for family members. There is no discount for having family members.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

USAA has always been a good company to work with. They have a variety of products and their customer service is great for military families that face some challenges those not military affiliated may never experience. Their premiums are competitive as well.

I dislike how they will combine accounts when someone gets married - without notifying you, which then muddles up whose account the services are built under.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

It is very much a tech/social/millennium type company. Everything can be done "remotely". Since the day I signed up I have never had to meet with someone or go to an office.

During our second auto accident claim, it did take awhile for them to total out the vehicle. I am no expert, but even the repairman at the dealership said there was no saving it. Other than that I am happy with my company.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

The premium and ease of using the app are the things I most enjoy about this company. The welcome package they sent me answered most of the my questions and seemed very professional.

The performance of the mobile app could be a lot better. It's slow and laggy. I also don't like how they try and force all communication to go through email by making it hard to find their customer service phone number.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

They are a little on the expensive side but you get what you pay for. Their customer service is among the best.

I like the company as a whole in and of itself. The company is very kind, respectable, and efficient, and makes sure their customers are satisfied.

I wish that they were a little more competitive with their pricing or offered more discounts if I don't make a claim.

I cannot think of a single thing about this company that I actually dislike overall. The company has always satisfied my every single need and request.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

They are efficient and fair.

There really isn't much wrong. I am not a fan of the cost and coverage that I receive but that is not much that the company can do about that.

This company gives good prompt service. The representatives are pleasant and agents well informed about product offerings

I like the company because of the customer service and the prices. Also, the website navigation is very good.

They have always been very reliable. I have been with the company for 14 years now. I have had no major issues. They have been helpful with providing services and fixing damages as quickly as possible.

They have been around forever, offices all over, have all the coverages I need and cover my toys at a reasonable price.

I have no complaints about them.

I wish that their operations and decision making was more transparent. It's not a problem for me, but I know some people who have been blindsided by coverage and cost changes

This company can give the illusion of caring but at the same time using the Insurance Commission to offset their risk for offering policies and accepting payments in an area where they know will have risk at some time in the future

There might be better deals out there, I didn't shop around too much. I think that there probably are better prices though.

I really don't have anything I dislike about the company. They have been great.

There is not anything I can think of to say. They have treated me well and premium increases seemed reasonable.

Country Financial Home Insurance Reviews

They have been friendly and easy to work with. They don't seem to raise my price which is a big thing for me. They always answer the phone when I call and are easy to talk with and ask questions of. I feel we are getting a good service for a good price with this company.

I don't really have anything negative to say about the company. I guess their online could be more up to date like a lot of other companies are but they are a company that is big on person to person contact which I appreciate and understand.

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