Top Arizona Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Arizona Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
USAA 8.15
State Farm 18.94
Allstate 9.57
Farm Bureau -
Geico -
Progressive -
Liberty Mutual 7.87
American Family 7.96
Travelers 3.31
Allied Insurance -
American Summit Insurance -
Esurance -
Farmer's Insurance -
Country Financial -
American Reliable Insurance Company -
National General -
Century National -
Finance Insurance -
Safeco Insurance -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
American Home Shield -
Lenox Mutual Insurance -
KDW Insurance -
Nationwide -
Farmers Insurance 14.26
MetLife -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

National General Home Insurance Reviews

I honestly don't believe I can say anything negative about the company. They operate a business, which cost the client (myself) money, but if I didn't have them or someone like them, then it would cost me even more money in the event that I had to pay for damages or injury.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

The company is a great one to have insurance products from. They are very friendly to customers and provide a lot of options for review. I can choose to bundle most of my insurance products.

I think they would be better off with including insurance products for family members. There is no discount for having family members.

Century National Home Insurance Reviews

We have not had out home insurance long but so far the company has been amazing, very informative and helpful.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

The premium and ease of using the app are the things I most enjoy about this company. The welcome package they sent me answered most of the my questions and seemed very professional.

The performance of the mobile app could be a lot better. It's slow and laggy. I also don't like how they try and force all communication to go through email by making it hard to find their customer service phone number.

I love how down to earth the people are. We know we can call them whenever we have an issue or to prevent an issue too. They don't give us hassle about changing anything on our policy and they are always ready to explain something if I don't understand it.

Honestly, their rates are a little high but everything else makes up for that fact so I would not change a thing

I really enjoy my home insurance company, they are very professional and have great customer service. I always enjoy talking to the representative when I have any problems.

The only thing I dislike is the price of my insurance sometimes, and my past due bills. I also have another a problem with the automatic pay system. It seems a bit complicated, and not straight forward enough for me.

Their customer service and their email reminders on policy renewals

Finance Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I trust in this company because they provide us very good quality things.I just love this company.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

We switched from State farm to Safeco a few years back. We got a lower premium and an additional umbrella policy. Plus, my state farm agent was incompetent.

Allied Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

What I like most about my insurance company is that they have a local representative. Someone that I know and can speak to face to face. They answer any questions I have ever had, no matter how crazy they may have been. They even send a birthday card on my family members birthdays.

Really it just comes down to the simple facts. Their prices are the best I have found so far and they have never made any mistakes. They do not bother me, all documentation is received when it should be, and I have never been given any reason to dislike them. As long as I have no claims to settle, there really is not much else I can ask for from an insurance company aside from lower rates.

Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

The only thing I dislike is the price I pay for insurance, but I am sure their prices are comparable when you compare their great customer service and claim service.

American Home Shield Home Insurance Reviews

I don't really dislike the company or have any complaints about them. They are an average company to deal with and something I don't really have a choice in doing since it's a part of my mortgage requirements.

Lenox Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

We have only had to contact them once in the past 7 years to file a claim. They did an average job, nothing to write about.

American Summit Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

When I called to make my claim I spoke with a claim representative and gave all the info to them and had an appointment with an adjuster with-in hours. I was contacted by that person and the communication thru the entire process was excellent.

It is quick and easy with all the info I need to manage with my policy.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

It is very much a tech/social/millennium type company. Everything can be done "remotely". Since the day I signed up I have never had to meet with someone or go to an office.

During our second auto accident claim, it did take awhile for them to total out the vehicle. I am no expert, but even the repairman at the dealership said there was no saving it. Other than that I am happy with my company.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

My insurance agent is a good friend of mine. She does a great job of handling problems when it arises.

Their customer service and the speed they handle a claim.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

Despite having a very bad customer service, insurance prices with very accessible, with coverage that meets my needs, so I consider it fair.

I find that my premium falls within the average amount offered by other since it's a familiar company, I stick with them.

The only thing I dislike is that they tend to pay out lower than other companies on claims and be more difficult to work with according to my auto body guy.

Country Financial Home Insurance Reviews

They have been friendly and easy to work with. They don't seem to raise my price which is a big thing for me. They always answer the phone when I call and are easy to talk with and ask questions of. I feel we are getting a good service for a good price with this company.

I don't really have anything negative to say about the company. I guess their online could be more up to date like a lot of other companies are but they are a company that is big on person to person contact which I appreciate and understand.

KDW Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I really like their responsiveness to a claim. The people I have spoken with are very knowledgeable and kind. When I've needed to schedule items on my policy, they were very helpful throughout the process.

American Reliable Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

What I like about the company, in general, is that they know confidence and education

What I do not like about the company is that it raises prices very fast and delays

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

Customer service has always been excellent. The few times I've needed to call, they have quickly resolved any issue presented. They are always helpful and friendly.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

USAA has always been a good company to work with. They have a variety of products and their customer service is great for military families that face some challenges those not military affiliated may never experience. Their premiums are competitive as well.

I am extremely satisfied with my coverage and premiums. I have had great experiences with customer service and there mobile app and online options.

Overall I like how easy to navigate is their website. The company also offers an app that can be downloaded to any phone.

I love how easy they are to get in touch with. The prices are great. We generally don't have to wait more than 1-2 minutes to talk to a real person. I also like that we aren't charged more for dogs and livestock.

USAA makes me feel valued and taken care of. Because I use them for so many things over the last 25 years of my life, I feel like there are a mutual respect and trust.

USAA overall is an excellent company, they pride themselves on customer service and showing respect for prior service members and their families. Interactions are completely professional and timely. Claims for things like auto are handled very well and fast. Disputes also handled very well and fast. Couldn't recommend more highly.

I am almost always covered for any damage or peril no matter what. They work to ensure that things are taken care of.

They are the best in the industry and replace roofs and other large items one hundred percent. They are also safe and protect military families from fraud and other negative issues.

I like usaa because their customer service is very helpful in the time of need. they will be there for you in the time of need when you need them and they support our veterans, by giving us a discount.

The fact that they have a good reputation for customer service and quick claim resolution, although I have never filed a claim I am told it is easily and quickly resolved.

The company used to be great, fast claims above average customer interactions that is not the case anymore so it is just a regular insurance company now.

I am satisfied with the services I get from USAA because I feel that my home is covered. The service is not cheap but it covers what I need it to.

They are very good at communicating. They return calls and seem to be available practically any time I call. I have never had trouble getting hold of them.

I like how responsive they are and how good they communicate. I also like how quickly they pay claims and how easy it is to make one.

I don't dislike anything about them yet. I have a friend who has coverage with them, and he says after he filed a claim that they canceled his policy, so we shall see what happens if I have any storm-related damage in the future.

I think we pay a good premium, all things considered. Last time I check it was not worth us switching.

It's easy to use, updates often to stay in optimal performance, and gives me the resources I need.

Compared to other insurance companies, USAA offers a competitive rate to keep my business

I have never used their website. I go through our local insurance broker if I needed to. I have so far not had to use their services because we have had no damage to the home.

They have always been very helpful with everything. We've never had a claim denied or even questioned. And they always pay very quickly.

I do not like the cost of my insurance. I also still need to get referrals for some home repairs that could be done faster if I found my own people.

I like that my company is responsive to my needs. I can get information and questions answered while using their app and it is done in a quick manner.

The cost of my insurance is high. I get very good coverage but I know that it is more than my neighbours pay for theirs. I get a good value but still wish it was cheaper.

I was only disappointed that I was not covered in the flood and only received minimal compensation. They told me when I purchased the home that I did not need flood insurance because I was not in the flood zone

USAA is very catered towards military personnel. They are very friendly and understanding of the unique circumstances involved in a life in the army.

The company meets all of my needs for homeowners, car and valuable property coverage as well as banking services

The only complaint is that they don't have a 24 customer service number and that their customer service is based on the central time zone because they are based in San Antonio, Texas.

So far there's nothing I dislike about the company is genuine and good.

I have been with this company for 20 years and they have always worked with us in our needs and especially when we need help. All our insurance is through them.

For the most part with the car and home insurance, there haven't been that many problems. One surrounded how they handled a car accident but I have no claims on my homeowner's insurance so I can't talk about that.

USAA is a great insurance company. The rates are competitive, the customer service has been excellent, and any issues have been resolved in a timely manner. I would not consider switching anytime soon.

Overall i like this company and I would like to recommend it to others

USAA makes me feel secure. I pay for a service and it will be there when needed. I've never had a bad experience when having to call about a question.

I dislike how they will combine accounts when someone gets married - without notifying you, which then muddles up whose account the services are built under.

I do not like that when we made a claim our rates went up to offset the claim. That seems backward to me. What is the point of having insurance if I have to pay back the claim amount? I should just put my money in the bank if that's the case

I dislike the fact that they do not have an office/base of operations that is closer to me. It would make me feel better if there was a physical place closer by.

They need to be more careful in hiring employees, especially young employees. Sometimes, customers are transferred when they have multiple inquiries.

The claims reps need to do a better job of representing the client. Also, they need to do a better job understanding the claims process. I shouldn't have to submit the same document 3 different ways in order for them to review and process a payout.

Sometimes they treat the wealthier clients with more respect if there is a problem with the account. Other than that they are a good overall company.

I wish that theft was included in my coverage, but that would be my only complaint, god company and when we buy a house we will use them for that.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

They are a little on the expensive side but you get what you pay for. Their customer service is among the best.

I like the company as a whole in and of itself. The company is very kind, respectable, and efficient, and makes sure their customers are satisfied.

Over all i like the company a lot and also i would also recommend this to others

Premium better compared to other companies and major interesting factor is charging the low maintenance charge

There is no personal touch. Seems more like cold corporate business structure. No one from the office ever shows appreciation for the business.

The home premium is okay. The auto seems high to me but I have 2 young drivers (21 and 19 ) and a 1 very expensive car (Jaguar XJL) insured. I am not sure how it compares since I haven't shopped it and overall I am happy with All-State

I like that they are reliable and are a respected and trustworthy company. I like how convenient they make it use their services. The customer service is also good

Great customer service I never had a problem with them. They are very friendly and will help you with whatever you are doing as quickly as they can.

We can make any policy payments, changes or verify the information on our current policy right from the page. We can see other policy add ons or combo packages that can be made instead of what we currently have. It’s easy to navigate.

I like that the company treats you like family, not just another number and that you can actually call to get someone on the phone when you have questions.

I do like the friendliness and helpfulness of the employees in my local office. I have never had to file a claim of any sort, so I don't have any experience with that.

The only complaint that I somewhat have in regards to the Allstate company is that they sometimes make too many phone calls in regards to new policies available and whether or not I am interested in them. I can understand placing one phone call or email to your customer, but four or five phone calls in one day is a bit much.

it has covered everything from flood insurance, to earthquakes and wildfires. i am incredibly satisfied with the level of coverage, and for a reasonable rate, as well.

As stated previously I do not like the short hours. 9-5 Monday to Friday doesn't cut it for me. If they had Saturday hours that would be great.

I wish that they were a little more competitive with their pricing or offered more discounts if I don't make a claim.

I cannot think of a single thing about this company that I actually dislike overall. The company has always satisfied my every single need and request.

I find that Allstate is a very solid insurance company and do not have any complaints about coverage or communications at this time. I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking for homeowners insurance.

often the customer service on the phone is not very good. sometimes i have a hard time getting in touch with personal agent, too -- slow e-mail, slow to return phone call and doesn't text.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the company but, I also think I don't pay enough attention to what other options are out there and I probably should. If I left them it would be a financial decision, not necessarily about anything else as the customer service is good and I have not had experience filing a claim.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

I really can't think of anything bad to say about the company, they've been great so far

American Family Home Insurance Reviews

overall I like the company staffs who are works there because they only doing this in a good manner for the clients so much

I think American Family is a fair company that I don't mind dealing with. I would recommend using this company to other friends and family.

At the moment there are no complaints and dislikes about the company. Maybe in the future problems will arise but for now it is smooth.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

I like that I've never had to use them. I like that I don't need to make any changes to them.

The plan is financial affordable term insurance plan that provide coverage for up to 75 years and also offer an additional accidental cover benefit.

There customer service department is very helpful,I like that I can speak to someone via email or chat instead of having to always call. Very helpful when you need to file a claim, taken care of in a timely manner.

The only thing I didn't like about the insurance was that I had to have my payments setup as autopayments in order to get a lower rate. I don't feel that I need to setup autopayments in order to get a good rate, the rate should go off of your driving record.

Nothing at all. I have never had an issue with progressive and do not foresee one happening anytime soon

Farm Bureau Home Insurance Reviews

I like that I’ve has good people to talk to who act quickly, especially the times that I’ve relocated and needed to act fast.

Farm Bureau is a reliable insurance company, with a long history in my area. The agents are all local people, and their office is in my hometown.

I dislike their website, and how it limits what you can do and can see about your own account. I dislike their customer service. I dislike almost everything about it but I keep them because of their low pricing.

We never hear from them. When we go in at their location we have to wait for them to notice us to see why we are there. They rush through everything to get us out quickly.

The premium is affordable and I feel that it fits my needs. I believe it's slightly better or equal to what I could have got from other companies for the same coverage.

I like that the website is easy to navigate. I can find information that I'm looking for easily. Paying my bill is easy to figure out. The pages are not cluttered with useless information and ads.

Great customer service. Friendly and always willing to help. They take the time to explain everything to me when I have a question.

The company is easy to reach my agent on the phone instead of talking to just a voice to tell me to press 1 or other numbers. Also, if I need to file a claim, I get a quick assessment and check to fix what is broken.

Only one they do not provide commercial policy and I had no major problems for my provider. Their service is better than any other provider in my scope.

They are higher in price than the competition and don't offer round the clock local coverage. The website could be a little more streamlined, it gets the job done but it a little clunky.

I haven't compared premiums in the last 5 years

Paperwork is clear and easy to understand

I like that my company hasn't increased rates much over the years, they offer us a multi-line discount, have the capabilities to handle several lines of our insurance needs and they are extremely polite.

I can't really say that I did like my company. They are reliable, have good prices, and great customer service.

I believe that the company charges more than they really need to for the coverage. I am not sure they would pay what is expected when the time came to use it.

I have not had a problem with then to have a dislike. I do have a friend who said they are hard to get a hold of on the weekends because they only have a few offices open and not all of them.

I do wish one did not have to pay extra for flood insurance but then, I do not have flooding problems except when my pipe burst but that type of "flooding" was covered.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

They are efficient and fair.

There really isn't much wrong. I am not a fan of the cost and coverage that I receive but that is not much that the company can do about that.

This company gives good prompt service. The representatives are pleasant and agents well informed about product offerings

I like the company because of the customer service and the prices. Also, the website navigation is very good.

They have always been very reliable. I have been with the company for 14 years now. I have had no major issues. They have been helpful with providing services and fixing damages as quickly as possible.

They have been around forever, offices all over, have all the coverages I need and cover my toys at a reasonable price.

They keep raising my premiums. They seem to give good coverage, but maybe more than I need. They should look out better for my finances.

Being with this company since I was 20-years old has allowed me to receive the discounted rate on a bundle I have with the company.

I have nothing to dislike...good prices and nice company and never had a claim

Overall I have been with my current insurance company for over 25 years. I have never had to file a claim but they have been very helpful in answering any questions I've had and their rates are very good.

I like the fact that they bundle my homeowner's insurance with my auto insurance for a better price. They also have other discounts available. The office is convenient and the staff is friendly when I visit.

The company is affordable. They are very helpful and have great customer service. They are very available if you have questions and I would not go with any other service.

I have not used their service as much, so it is really hard to evaluate their service. It may not be that bad.

What I like about State Farm is that I can bundle my policies. They are so helpful with any questions we may have. They offer the best price for our insurances with the best advantages that we found when we searched other companies. I would not go anywhere else unless they can offer me the same payment, services, and quality that we currently are receiving.

It's a well known, national company so I can keep the company if I sell this home and move to a different location.

I like the pricing I compared with other companies they offer better value for the money

The convenience of a visit, the knowledge of the personnel and the fact we're like family to them. Never had any concern for them

I dislike the rate I pay. I also don't like that I cant get info right away online. I would prefer that someone answers the phone when I call instead of an automated answer system

I like the company because they have been friendly to me and understanding.

The claims process is simple and easy and the price of the insurance can't be beaten. I also like my local agent and the amount of coverage he was able to give us for the price.

They're easy to communicate with, the price is reasonable, and I don't have any complaints.

I wish that their operations and decision making was more transparent. It's not a problem for me, but I know some people who have been blindsided by coverage and cost changes

This company can give the illusion of caring but at the same time using the Insurance Commission to offset their risk for offering policies and accepting payments in an area where they know will have risk at some time in the future

There might be better deals out there, I didn't shop around too much. I think that there probably are better prices though.

I really don't have anything I dislike about the company. They have been great.

I have no complaints about them.

There is not anything I can think of to say. They have treated me well and premium increases seemed reasonable.

I do not like the rate for all the coverage. We have been with State Farm for a long time and have not received any special deductions.

Nothing really, only the fact that I heard that sometime they drop customers after a claim which is concerning

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