Top Alabama Home Insurance Providers Ranked By Homeowners

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Top Alabama Home Insurance Company Reviews & Ratings

Company Market Share (%) Average Rating No of Reviews
State Farm 30.05
Allstate 11.32
Geico -
Progressive -
Liberty Mutual 3.46
Travelers 4.35
Farmer's Insurance -
Nationwide 2.87
MetLife -
National General -
Country Financial 2.23
MAPFRE Insurance -
Westfield Insurance -
Horace Mann Educators Corporation -
American National Property and Casualty Company -
Amica Mutual Insurance -
Encompass Insurance -
Farmers Insurance 5.48
Safeco Insurance -
Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company -
Copeland Group -
USAA 7.15
Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Company -
The Hartford -
American Family -
Motorist Insurance -
American Modern Insurance -
Bristol -

Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Westfield Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like their willingness to communicate at any given time with us to go over anything we need. They gained our trust from day one.

Horace Mann Educators Corporation Home Insurance Reviews

I have been insured with the company for over 10 years. Everything with the company seems to be going well.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

I'm overall satisfied. It's just something we need to do is to pay insurance every year in case of problems like natural disasters or fire. I don't think about it much.

My overall experience with travelers was good. I am satisfied with the coverage I have, and the premium. It is affordable. Customer representatives are great, easy to communicate, and most of all, they speak English well.

Again as I've said the premium is very reasonable and when I needed to submit a claim they didn't make me jump through hoops and actually helped

There isn't anything about the company that I don't like yet. It is a relatively new policy as I have yet to file a claim.

I dislike they're not all that courteous. lack of customer service calling records. a bit slow on the payout

American National Property and Casualty Company Home Insurance Reviews

There really isn't anything yet that I dislike about them but I imagine if I had claims I probably would be disappointed.

Geico Home Insurance Reviews

Claim was handled in a prompt, professional and efficient manner and I had no problems which would lead me to seek changing companies from my current provider to another.

The company is helpful and it is easy to manage my payments. I like that I can bundle with auto insurance for an overall saving.

The customer service is wonderful. If I have any questions about my policies they answered well

I've been with these guys for a very long time and they've never let me down. There's always someone at the other end of the phone line and they are super easy to deal with.

the premium at Geico is very cheap compared to all other insurance companies I have been quoted by.

We like that the company accepts automatic payments and that are annual payment has decreased over the last years past.


Amica Mutual Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Their customer service has always been good, and they are known for it. I have called a couple of times and have never had any issues.

Encompass Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Their premiums are highly competitive for the same amount of coverage other companies have to offer.

Farmers Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

This is the best company there is. I would choose them over any of the other companies. The other companies just don't have what I need from them.

Safeco Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the premium I pay. I think it is lower than most for the amount of coverage I get. I believe I have a great premium.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I think that the company need to offer a better plan for their customers because I see that there are other companies doing more for the same low price.

I have to schedule an appointment to see my agent every 2 yrs to meet face to face to go over my policy. The office has very limited hours so I have to take off work to meet with him. Nothing ever changes. I feel like it is a waste of time.

I like that the policy is fairly simple in its workings but I do not get any information from them during the year. I do not know if that is good or bad.

I have found that Farmers has been able to give me more coverage for less premium than what I was paying with my former insurance carrier.

I have been with this specific company for most of my life, I am extremely comfortable with them. I do think they are more expensive then most companies, but the level of service I have always received from them has made up for most of those costs. On the whole, I am very satisfied with Farmers.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

I like the low cost of the premiums, the handy website, and the great customer service that I get whenever I call.

I think that the premium is same as compared to the premium of other companies. There is no much difference.

I think that the premium charged by the company is a bit higher. The company should try to reduce the overall cost of the premium.

I have never had any problems with their customer service. I have sent an email regarding my policy and they answered my question back within the hour.

That they will be there should something bad happens and we need them. I pay my premiums on time so I would expect should a claim arise they pay the claims timely.

The company is very professional and I'm able to fairly easily manage my contracts for both my home and automobiles.

Country Financial Home Insurance Reviews


I like that my agent is readily available and I do not have to go through machines to get a real person on the phone.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

I like that United P & C offers competitive rates in my market. I live in an area that has been in the path of 2 hurricanes in the past 3-5 years so rates can be pretty high.

Copeland Group Home Insurance Reviews

My roommate flooded the apartment last year they replaced what she claimed without giving her a hard time. They have an online sign-up, so I don't have to be on hold to talk to someone who can't answer my questions. They are easily accessible through live chat. They have won awards in my area. Their plans are affordable with once-a-year renewal.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

I like that they let our bad wiring slip under the radar to give us coverage in case of an emergency.

Overall, Nationwide seems fine. it is a decent price and similar enough coverage so that I have not shopped around in the last 6 months

They have been very helpful in helping us choose a policy that would work for us. They took into account our budget and also our needs. Our agent has always been friendly and professional.

They always answer the phone and connect me with the right person. They get back to me in a timely manner.

USAA Home Insurance Reviews

At times, the payments seem expensive for the amount of coverage. If you are late on payments the rates seem to go higher in price.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

I have only had to file one claim on my home insurance; my house was struck by lightning. However, my experience was a positive one, and it was efficient. I felt taken care of by my insurance company. Payment was quick.

They have been helpful to me with my needs but I haven't had many. They are helpful with keeping the policy as money efficient as possible. Of course, I have to bring this up myself - they do not review it themselves

The prices seem high and go up every year. I wish they were more hands on and would contact me with more discounts.

I like that it is easy to use on the website. I like that the premiums aren't terribly expensive.

What I liked about the company is that they were there when I needed them and they took care of everything for me in a very timely manner.

1. immediate response from the customer service 2. great summ assured for some good premium 3. easy claim so far i heared

what I like about all state is that they are very professional and understanding about your financial needs and are will to work with you with what you can afford.

The company is a well established company. They are very customer centered. Giving their customers satisfacgory service. Any questions abput the insurance policy are well explained and are well laid out. Overall this company is the best.

I hardly use the website and it functions like a normal website does for any other fortune 1000 companies.

Interaction and communication are very easy these days with their app. It is fast and immediate. very good actually. The texting is much better than phone tag.

Their website and mobile apps could be more user-friendly. They are not counter-intuitive enough, in my humble opinion.

The customer service is probably the best thing about my local Allstate office. Whenever I call, they greet me like they know exactly who I am and are quite efficient and fast.

I like the company website and the easily manageable account features online. Speaking with a representative I was impressed with their knowledge and ability to help me with my questions. I love that our premium is much lower than other insurance companies, as well.

I wish their website and mobile app was a little better, they could use an upgrade but their service is great.

I like that they have the best price around. I like that they have a local agent that I can talk to. I like that they have good commercials and a good reputation.

Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Company Home Insurance Reviews

All communication is strictly through my independent agent and I am very satisfied with the response and service that I receive from them.

MetLife Home Insurance Reviews

I don't use their app, I just go straight to the website online. My phone is already filled with apps and I don't have much room left in memory.

In company's website they were not explaining about the plans. If we want to know the plan then we need to contact respective person

I dislike that their website and app are not that creative or useful. I dislike that there isn't a local representative that I can build a personal relationship with.

The Hartford Home Insurance Reviews

Your large number of offer and responsibility

American Family Home Insurance Reviews

It is a great insurance company because they provide the insurance we need and as much as we need with a reasonable premium.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Overall, I am somewhat satisfied with my insurance company. The cost is average but slightly high. The dealings I have had with them have been pleasant. I have never had a problem with them, which is the largest reason I am still there.

The annual premium has been steadily going up each year for the past few years without offering me any new benefits or services. Eventually, if the price continues to rise, I will have to seriously consider changing companies.

I like that they're a friendly company. They're a large company but are friendly like a small company. The people are always available to assist me in my needs. I'm able to talk to an American who speaks English.

All communication I have had has been quality care, they take great pride in helping me as a customer. I had never had a problem with getting help or getting questions answered.

The website makes it very easy to view my policy details, and I can make payments right on the site. It is also very quick and easy to use.

I don't have anything negative to say about them and they are the best of all of the most important company that has been with me

I like the company because they are one of the major insurers and I know I can always reach a person if I have an issue. They do not try to solicit more services and all of my interactions have been positive.

Motorist Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

They offer good coverage for the price of the premium, and always have given me great customer service when I've needed to ask questions about adding or changing coverage on my policy.

American Modern Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

I like the excellent customer service and the ability to pay my bill online, over the phone or at the office. I believe I am also getting the best deal.

Bristol Home Insurance Reviews

We are very satisfied with the company. We have not had to contact them but they have billed us monthly religiously for all these years. I'd imagine that they would be good to use if something does happen in the near future.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

What I like best about the company is how easy it has been from the start. My questions never got answered and everyone I've had to speak to has always been helpful and kind.

I like that they are prompt. All of my questions get answered. The company does the job that they said that they would do.

I like that I have an agent that is local to me. I like that what I'm spending to keep my house covered, it more than adequate to what any damages that could be done would be played for. I like that I can review my policy at any time, and change it over the phone, or online, or in person.

It is like other companies. They will do the very minimum to maintain their part of the "agreement." They are minimizing costs, making money, and don't care about the customers.

The company is well known and respected. it can deliver some of the best plans available. There are local agents in the area to assists with claims and accept payments.

This company, as well as all others in this industry, is interested in one thing: revenue. They will not allow compassion, obligation, or fairness to interfere with making money.

The claims process is too long and drawn out. The companies work with local contractors who don't always give the best prices. if you don't cooperate you have to find your own contractor who might charge more.

Overall, they make changing policy and paying premiums easy.

For an insurance company, they seem just fine to me. Their rates are decent, and they understand the local area and its hazards. Out of area, internet connected insurance companies seem clueless as to our local hazards and I much prefer to deal locally.

They are a big company but still offer a personal service and do what they can to make me feel valued and respected.

I've always had State Farm. I like their agents. I like their products. I like their online info. I think they are the best of the big providers.

It took them forever to get a claim settled the last time we had one. I had to call continually, and finally, after nagging, they paid.

i like the agent and how they treat me, the coverage is affordable and when I need something, I can just call in, as I do not live in the area of that office anymore, but I keep my coverage with them

I like the pricing offered and the coverage. I also like that it is a locally owned business and located in my town. It is easy to get in contact with someone whether by phone or going to the office.

So far I have not had to worry much about them. They were one of the lower options when I initially quoted and continue to stay relatively around the same price annually. Their payment plan through my home loan carrier makes it easy to maintain. Their online site is user friendly and a representative will every once in a while reach out to ensure I am satisfied or see if there are any discounts we can add.

I would not change companies. Besides, when looking at other companies the amount is higher than I have right now.

The website is easy to use for the most part. When you do run into the happier workers, the overall experience is quiet and easy.

so far no real dislikes. this was the best available and most affordable option available to us and thus far have not been disappointed yet.

Well, I can just add this all together they are an all-around good insurance company with the lowest premiums the best customer service a great site and a great way to file a claim. I recommend this company to all homeowners

I love the customer service. They always try to go above and beyond to help. They are always sincere to my needs. They always try to help the best they can. They are polite and courteous.

They got back to me within 24 hours, let me know they'd be unable to help since I was not living in the home when the damaged had occurred.

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