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Gresham, OR homeowners insurance is approximately $380 to $513, about $31-$42/month. Our extensive analysis indicates shoppers can save as much as $178 by getting multiple quotes. Enter your zipcode below and click “GO” to get multiple free quotes.

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Latest Home Insurance Reviews

My deductible with my company was one of the lowest when I shopped around. I am very happy with it. The coverage is good.
Country Financial
Their office is not close to where I am, that's the only issue I have, but don't have to encounter this problem too much.
I really trust and feel safe having nationwide as my insurance whenever natural disasters happen i know everything will be ok in the end.
State Farm
I do not like the price i currently have to pay for my insurance. i feel that the company is very large and has enough customers that the overall prices should be much lower than what they currently are.
The insurance agent is easy to reach, and lives at a short drive from my house if I have to go in and file paperwork. He has a great assistant who is prompt at returning phone calls and getting requested info.
Liberty Mutual
they were helpful and seemed thoughtful and will to help make a plan to cover me
I do not like how their website is not easy to use and their mobile app isn't simple to use and I am very tech savvy so having it on my phone is important.
I dislike my insurance company because I feel that the prices are expensive compared to other companies. I feel that I should get a discount if I do not file a claim and if I refer other people to the company. We should also get yearly free inspections
I like that it exists and is easy to use, I don't need to talk to any actual humans when I have a question.
Country Financial
I like that they have a solid reputation. I don't need to worry about this company not having the funds or failing to provide me with what we've agreed to should there be a need. I also like that it's not difficult to reach someone and I don't need to go through several layers of people to get my agent.
Liberty Mutual
I have not identified any negative aspects of the company that would lead me to dislike them. They have served my purposes effectively and efficiently.
We would recommend because the service is excellent, the website is easy to use, the payments always post perfectly. The rates are the best we found when we compared to others.
Liberty Mutual
As such, it's a good insurance company to consider if you live or work abroad. However, we found that many of the features that other insurance agencies offer individuals, Liberty Mutual only notes in its group policies. ... Liberty Mutual offers three kinds of life insurance plans.
i recommend in home insurance company in my friends, family, relatives.etc so i rating is company in 5
Farmer's Insurance
I feel like they are offering good coverage for a price that is reasonable and fair. I feel like they are straightforward when dealing with customers and don't constantly try to upsell.
I like Allstate insurance company because they are honest, helpful, and caring. They care about their customers and give really good customer service.
Liberty Mutual
In order to stop paying exorbitant fees, I had to have a flood survey done to remove me from the flood zone. While the survey cost me $1000, the annual savings is $995 per year. Over time the survey was a wise investment.

Gresham, OR Homeowners Insurance By Home Value

Gresham, OR Home Value Total Homes % of Total Average Gresham, OR Homeowners Insurance
Less than $50,000 2,316 8.0% $44
$100,000 to $124,999 697 2.0% $214
$125,000 to $149,999 1,234 4.0% $267
$150,000 to $174,999 2,126 7.0% $312
$175,000 to $199,999 2,854 10.0% $361
$200,000 to $249,999 7,312 27.0% $437
$250,000 to $299,999 5,215 19.0% $535
$300,000 to $399,999 4,145 15.0% $677

Top Home Insurance Agents Near Gresham, OR

Home Insurance Company Near Gresham, OR Homeowners Insurance Agency Near Gresham, OR Address
NA Isu Affinity Insurance Group 7650 Sw Beveland Rd Ste 110 Portland, Tigard, OR, 97223
Travelers Bw Insurance Agency Inc 16555 BOONES FERRY RD STE 200, LAKE OSWEGO, OR, 97035
Liberty Mutual Chris Edar-Allred 4949 Sw Meadows Road Ste 650, Lake Oswego, OR, 97035
State Farm Scott Brennan 14475 SW Allen Blvd Suite C, Beaverton, OR, 97005-4418
Farmers Spencer Lund 21901 NE Halsey St Ste 203, Fairview, OR, 97024

Gresham, OR Home Insurance Agents for Top Companies

Cost Of Homeowners Insurance By Street Near Gresham, OR

Streets in Gresham Area Homeowners Insurance Cost
SE Hosner Ter, SW Riverview Way, SE 175th Pl, Albus Ave, SE Main Dr, SE Palmquist Rd, NE 189th Pl, SE 190th Dr, SE 13 Ter, SW 6th St$452
NE 5th St, SE 22nd Ct, SE Condor St, SE 14th Pl, NE 177th Pl, SE Orient Dr, SE 169th Ave, SE 327th Ave, SE 13th Ter, NE 230th Ct$451
SE 223rd Ave, NE Cameron Blvd, NE Clear Creek Way, SE Greenway Dr, NE 172nd Ave, NE 236th Pl, SE 178th Pl, SW Binford Lake Pkwy, SE 199th Ave, NE Clackamas Ct$446
SE Morlan Pl, SE 24th Cir, NE 23rd St, NE 229th Ct, SW Florence Ave, NE San Rafael Dr, SW Mitchell Ave, NE 165th Dr, SW 20th Way, NE 206th Ave$447
SE Hosner Rd, NE Hood Ave, SE Mimosa Dr, SW Brixton Ave, NE Village St, SE Sweetbriar Rd, SW 20th Cir, SE Vista Way, NE 25th St, SE 221st Ave$455
SW Wallula Ave, SW Ava Ave, NW Burnside Rd, SW 3rd Dr, SE 33rd Way, SW 14th St, SW Hope Cir, NE 7th St, SW Eastman Ave, SE 185th Ave$444
SE 29th St, SW Riverview Pl, SE Kane Rd, SE 195th Ave, SE 268th Ave, SE 32nd St, 7th St, SE McKinley Rd, NE Condor Dr, SE Paropa Ave$451
SE Harlow Ave, NE 206th Pl, NE 172nd Pl, NE Wasco Ct, SE Spruce Ave, SE 169th Pl, NE 171st Ave, SW Emerald Ln, NE Liberty Ave, NW Sundial Rd$441
NE 238th Dr, SW Walters Ave, SW 25th St, SE Anderson Ave, SE 292nd Pl, NW 8th Ct, SE 13th St, SE la Mesa Ave, NE Barr Rd, SW Heiney Rd$451
SE McNutt Rd, NW Council Dr, SE Margaret St, SW Mitchell Ct, SW Lillyben Ave, SE Hawthorne Ct, NE 19th St, SE Darling Ave, SE 185th Ave, SW Grant Way$453

Gresham, OR Home Insurance Savings For Senior Occupied Homes

PlaceSavings For Senior Occupied Homes
Gresham$66 to $69
Wood Village$64
Multnomah County$68

Gresham, OR Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts

Place 1 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 2 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 3 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance
Wood Village city, Oregon $64 $85 $128
Troutdale city, Oregon $67 $89 $134
Multnomah County, Oregon $68 $91 $137

Gresham, OR Area Home Insurance as a % of Housing Cost

PlaceHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes with mortgageHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes without mortgage
Gresham, OR2.2%7.2%
Wood Village2.32%5.61%
Multnomah County2.14%6.8%

Gresham Renters Insurance as a Percentage of Rent

Gresham Home By Monthly Rent Total Homes % of Total Estimated Monthly Income To Afford Rented House Including Renters Insurance
$200 to $299 258 1.0% $786
$300 to $499 690 3.0% $1236
$500 to $749 4,601 21.0% $1911
$750 to $999 9,248 42.0% $2661
$1,000 to $1,499 4,916 22.0% $3786
$1,500 or more 1,797 8.0% $5436

Gresham, OR Home Insurance Costs With Home Replacement Value Scenarios

Scenario Gresham, OR Home Replacement Value MORE than Home Value Gresham, OR Home Replacement Value LESS than Home Value
Replacement Value $ $
Insurance Premium based on Replacement Value $ $
Risk Exposure from Under Insuring Coverage Unnecessary Home Insurance Coverage of $ Risk Exposure from Under Insuring Coverage is $
Premium Impact Insurance cheaper by $/year Insurance costlier by $/year

Sample Home Insurance Rates for Gresham, OR from Consumer Reviews & Surveys

Year Built Home Value Roof Type Sqft Number of Bedrooms Deductible Premium Premium Months Siding Type Smoker/Non Smoker
1991 135,000 Slate Shingles Roof 970 2 $1000-$2500 Deductible 210 9 Stucco siding No
2002 205,000 Shingles Roof 1,700 2 $1000-$2500 Deductible 320 8 Stucco siding yes
2011 175,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,230 2 $500- $1000 Deductible 270 8 Fiber-Cement Siding No
1980 160,000 Tile Roof 1,380 3 $1000-$2500 Deductible 40 1 Brick siding yes
1985 275,000 Composition Roof 2,120 3 > $10,000 Deductible 140 5 Vinyl siding No
2008 305,000 Tile Roof 2,160 4 $1000-$2500 Deductible 80 1 Wood siding No
1992 210,000 Membrane Roof 1,730 5 $500 Deductible 40 1 Vinyl siding No
2002 310,000 Metal Roof 2,400 4 $1000-$2500 Deductible 490 5 Wood siding No
1995 430,000 Metal Roof 3,370 4 $1000-$2500 Deductible 170 2 Brick siding yes
2013 355,000 Membrane Roof 3,270 4 $2500-$5000 Deductible 520 7 Stucco siding No
2012 180,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 1,620 2 $500 Deductible 470 12 Brick siding No
1990 165,000 Metal Roof 1,370 2 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 140 5 Stucco siding No
2006 220,000 Shingles Roof 2,000 5 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 120 4 Wood siding No
2004 120,000 Metal Roof 940 2 $1000-$2500 Deductible 140 6 Fiber-Cement Siding No
2011 240,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,660 2 > $10,000 Deductible 110 4 Stucco siding No
1994 225,000 Composition Roof 1,610 4 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 300 8 Stucco siding No
1998 290,000 Membrane Roof 1,920 3 $500- $1000 Deductible 660 10 Stone Siding No
1987 205,000 Membrane Roof 1,630 2 $2500-$5000 Deductible 90 3 Wood siding yes
2009 215,000 Membrane Roof 2,100 3 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 160 5 Brick siding No
1999 240,000 Membrane Roof 2,140 3 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 40 1 Stucco siding yes
2014 390,000 Shingles Roof 3,180 4 $500- $1000 Deductible 370 5 Wood siding yes
2012 410,000 Metal Roof 2,820 4 $500 Deductible 230 3 Stucco siding No
2013 405,000 Shingles Roof 2,890 4 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 630 8 Stucco siding yes
2005 265,000 Wood Shake Roof 1,800 2 $500 Deductible 450 10 Vinyl siding yes
2013 380,000 Metal Roof 2,530 5 > $10,000 Deductible 410 9 Wood siding yes
2012 265,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 2,340 4 $500 Deductible 800 12 Stone Siding yes
2006 215,000 Slate Shingles Roof 2,110 4 $1000-$2500 Deductible 40 1 Fiber-Cement Siding yes
2010 435,000 Metal Roof 3,060 5 $1000-$2500 Deductible 830 7 Stucco siding No
1998 360,000 Tile Roof 3,070 4 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 550 10 Brick siding yes
1974 120,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 871 2 > $10,000 Deductible 90 2 Stone Siding No

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