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Frontline Insurance

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Positive Reviews & Ratings

Positive 5 Star Reviews & Ratings
5 Stars
The agent was easy to work with and helped handle the transfer between companies with my mortgage servicer. The rates were much better and drove me to switch.
5 Stars
I chose Frontline because a friend also has a frontline and they had an issue with a neighbor filing a lawsuit about their dog. The insurance company completely handled the lawsuit.
5 Stars
I like the premium amount, I like the coverage that is offered, I like the website, I like the quick turnaround on getting communication regarding policy updates.
5 Stars
the overall the company insurance is very nice

Negative Reviews & Ratings

Negative 5 Star Reviews & Ratings
5 Stars
I have had no negative experiences with the company. The only improvement I would look for would be to more clearly list their insurance industry financial rating on their website. I had to dig through a third party site for that information.

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