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Forney, TX Insurance Rates:

The average cost of home insurance in Forney, TX is $1352.25 while the average cost of insurance in the state is $1,709 Home insurance is lower/higher than the average home insurance rates in the state. vHome Insurance stresses the importance of comparing home insurance quotes provided by different insurers. Enter your Zip Code in the banner below to get instant home insurance quotes.

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Average Home Insurance Premium in Forney, TX

National Average Premium State Average Premium Forney Average Premium
$1,438 $1,709 $1,352.25

Top Home Insurance Companies in Forney, TX | Back to Top

The following is a list of home insurance companies that provide the best home insurance quotes in Forney, TX.

Company Name Coverage $70,000 Coverage $150,000 Coverage $200,000 Coverage $350,000
Travelers $1,225 $1,778 $2,084 $3,387
Allied Property And Casualty Insurance Company $903 $1,618 $2,016 $2,830
American Mercury Lloyd's Insurance Company $924 $1,420 $1,637 $2,320
Encompass Insurance $2,963 $4,040 $5,650 $6,731
American Bankers Insurance Company Of Florida $1,484 $2,533 $3,508 $5,488

Forney, TX Homeowners Insurance for Different Coverages | Back to Top

Coverage Type Home Insurance Cost($)
$100,000 To $124,999 662.73
$150,000 To $174,999 1,007.14
$175,000 To $199,999 1,233.41
$200,000 To $249,999 1,347.58
$250,000 To $299,999 2,210.61
$300,000 To $399,999 3,030.35
$400,000 To $499,999 3,686.4
$500,000 To $749,999 4,718.59
$750,000 To $999,999 5,455.87
$1000,000 To $1499,999 6,008.83
$1500,000 To $2000,000 6,451.2

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Top Home Insurance Agents Near Forney, TX | Back to Top

Home Insurance Company Near Forney, TX Homeowners Insurance Agency Near Forney, TX Address
Farmers Andrew "Jack" Fitzpatrick 1320 Greenway Dr Ste 755, Irving, TX, 75038
State Farm Bob Redding 6833 Coit Road, Plano, TX, 75024-5400
Farmers David Morgan 255 E Jefferson, Van Alstyne, TX, 75495
Travelers Street And Associates Insurance Agency Inc 1717 THROWBRIDGE LANE, PLANO, TX, 75023

List of Forney, TX Home Insurance Agents by Companies

Forney, TX Homeowners Insurance Rates Based on Claims Filed | Back to Top

Homeowners in Forney, TX who have no previous history of filing for claims are eligible for a discount of $189.31. Homeowners in Forney, TX who have filed one claim previously have to pay an additional home insurance rate of $68, while homeowners who have filed 2 claims previously have to pay $162 on their home insurance premium.

Type of Claim Homeowners Insurance Cost Increase/Decrease($) Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
No Claim Discount -189 1,163
One Claim +68 1,420
Two Claim +162 1,515

Forney, TX Homeowners Insurance by Zip Code | Back to Top

Zip Code Median Home Value($) Home Insurance Cost($)
75126 156,700 1,370

Factors Affecting Home Insurance Premiums in Forney, TX

Homeowners staying in Forney, TX have to pay an average of $1352.25 as the home insurance cost. There are several factors that affect home insurance premiums in Forney, TX. vHome Insurance lists the factors that could help homeowners lower their homeowners insurance premiums.

Forney, TX Home Insurance Premium Based on the Number of Bedrooms | Back to Top

Bedroom Size Average Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
2 Bedroom 1,087
3 Bedroom 1,707
4 Bedroom 2,483
5 Bedroom 3,492

Forney, TX Home Insurance Premiums for Different Deductibles | Back to Top

Forney, TX homeowners who pay a low deductible rate of $500 pay a higher rate for their home insurance, while Forney, TX homeowners who pay a deductible rate as high as $2500 pay a lower rate as part of their home insurance, as seen in the table below.

Deductible Type Average Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
$500 Deductible 1,336
$1000 Deductible 1,209
$1500 Deductible 1,138
$2000 Deductible 1,033
$2500 Deductible 971

Forney, TX Homeowners Insurance Premium Based on the Age of the Home | Back to Top

Homeowners in Forney, TX pay a much lower home insurance rate if their homes are newly constructed. Homeowners with homes that are older than 50 years pay a much higher rate on their home insurance premium as seen in the table below.

Home Age Homeowners Insurance Cost($)
Newly Constructed Home 1,028
Year 30 Old 1,373
Year 40 Old 1,387
Year 50 Old 1,404
Above Year 50 1,417

Forney, TX Homeowners Insurance Cost Based on the Construction Type of the Home | Back to Top

Construction Type Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Fire Resistive 162 1,190
Masonry 68 1,285
Brick 68 1,285
Superior 135 1,217
Hail Resistant Roof 41 1,312

Top Saving Tips on Forney, TX Homeowners Insurance | Back to Top

Depending upon the construction type and the construction materials of the home, Forney, TX homeowners receive a considerable amount of discounts. Forney, TX homeowners can also make use of bundling discounts to lower home insurance premiums. Furthermore, senior citizens residing in Forney, TX receive additional discounts on their homeowners insurance. Homes installed with security devices are considered a safe bet for home insurers. As a result, home insurance companies tend to offer discounts to Forney, TX homes with enhanced security features.

The tables below contain the complete list of discounts that Forney, TX homeowners can take advantage of to increase their savings.

Forney, TX Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts and Senior Citizen Discounts

Discount Type Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Bundle Discount 257 1,095
Retiree Discount (Senior Citizen Discount) 189 1,542
Newly Constructed Home 325 1,028

Forney, TX Home Insurance Discounts for Home Safety Devices | Back to Top

Home Safety Devices Home Insurance Cost Savings($) Home Insurance Cost($)
Deadbolts 162 1,190
Fire Extinguishers 122 1,231
Smoke Detectors 176 1,176
Sprinkler System 95 1,258
Fire Alarm 108 1,244
Burglar Alarm 122 1,231
Lightning Protection 41 1,312

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