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Edinburg, TX homeowners insurance is roughly $862 to $1,170, about $71-$97/month. Our exhaustive guide indicates shoppers can save upto $406 by getting many quotes. Enter your zipcode below and click “GO” to get multiple free quotes.

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Latest Home Insurance Reviews

State Farm
I dealt with the claims department recently. Mark was fantastic, great customer service. Sometimes things can take a little bit longer but remember just to remain patient.
American National Insurance
I Am always able to get in contact with my agent and there is no going through three different people to get to him.
State Farm
They also provide me and my domestic partner reduced automotive insurance rates when our two individual policies were bundled together.
We would like to see a better explanation for changes in the policy premium each year. although they list the specific coverages and costs, they don't show how the information has changed each year.
Something thing that i absolutely love about nationwide is how they work with my payments. my insurance is escrowed as part of my monthly mortgage payments.
I don't have anything that I dislike about the company. The website is user-friendly. I haven't had to submit a claim so I don't know if the processes would be difficult or easy.
State Farm
I don't use the app. However, I have used the website for initiate claims. Very easy process. Enter the info and a claims person will respond and send an adjuster out to the home. They then post all info on the website. Slick and easy.
I feel that I have pretty decent premiums compared to a lot of the others I have known them to offer in my area. Especially given the value of the house I'm pretty satisfied with it.
State Farm
I like the fact that the agent came out and took pictures of my property, and discussed any problems he could see with me. And the communication with him was good
State Farm
The website is very easy to use. Clean and easy to understand. I don't use the mobile app for space reasons.
Safeco Insurance
I don't use the company's website or mobile app, I directly communicate with an agent via phone or email and paperwork.
State Farm
The only thing I guess I dislike is the price. Everything can always be lower. However, you do pay for what you get and I can't complain about that.
Other than the frequent website overhauls, there's nothing I dislike. My experiences have been positive and I have been a customer long enough that we have an understanding about not sending me marketing materials.
Alfa Insurance
I pretty much like everything about the company. I have been with them for a long time and never had an issue that wasn't easily explained and fix. Overall a good place to do business with.
I think insurance is a bit of a rip-off, they gather tons of money to distribute on claims but for the most part, I pay more than what I get, even if I have a claim. There needs to be a progressive discount for years not used.
So far there isn't really anything I dislike about my insurance company they have good customer service but I have yet to file a claim
State Farm
I'd recommend State Farm because they're rates are great, they're coverage is comparable to other providers, and their website is easy to navigate. If I ever needed to contact Customer Support, it would be very easy to find their information.
State Farm
I rate USAA insurance offerings a 5. Their coverage options are comparable to other competitors.
I would recommend Nationwide for their excellent customer service. They also have a great website that is easy to use and very helpful.
Nothing really, as I feel I am getting good rates for good coverage and the customer service is excellent. I can't really think of any dislikes.
Blue Cross Blue Shield
I like the way you work, the way you treat clients, the way you are good company and always willing to help
website is outdated, otherwise no issues at all.

Edinburg, TX Homeowners Insurance By Home Value

Edinburg, TX Home Value Total Homes % of Total Average Edinburg, TX Homeowners Insurance
Less than $50,000 6,778 24.0% $264
$50,000 to $59,999 1,573 5.0% $569
$60,000 to $69,999 1,717 6.0% $701
$70,000 to $79,999 1,811 6.0% $813
$80,000 to $89,999 1,869 6.0% $925
$90,000 to $99,999 1,762 6.0% $1027
$100,000 to $124,999 4,056 14.0% $1189
$125,000 to $149,999 2,585 9.0% $1494
$150,000 to $174,999 1,958 6.0% $1769
$175,000 to $199,999 1,313 4.0% $2034
$200,000 to $249,999 1,399 4.0% $2450
$250,000 to $299,999 717 2.0% $3000
$300,000 to $399,999 584 2.0% $3813

Top Home Insurance Agents Near Edinburg, TX

Home Insurance Company Near Edinburg, TX Homeowners Insurance Agency Near Edinburg, TX Address
NA Rj Garza & Co. 3501 Moreland Dr, Weslaco, TX, 78596
Farmers Edwardo Briones 1046 N 77 Sunshinestrip Ste 6, Harlingen, TX, 78550
Allstate R. B. Carter Agency 213 N Broadway, Elsa, TX, 78543
Allstate R. B. Carter Agency 213 N Broadway, Elsa, TX, 78543
Farmers Robert Garza 1109 W Nolana Ave Ste 101, Mcallen, TX, 78504

Edinburg, TX Home Insurance Agents for Top Companies

Cost Of Homeowners Insurance By Street Near Edinburg, TX

Streets in Edinburg Area Homeowners Insurance Cost
Los Aguacates St, Monte Christo St, Popotillo, Baccarette St, Illusivo Ave, Mesa Dr, Bar Mar Ln, Grayson Ave, Easy St, N Sylvia Dr$1,025
E Cano St, Limeade Ave, E Schunior, W Nightingale Ave, Cibolo Dr, Luz Escobado, Chelsea Ln, E Jay Ave, S 6th Ave, Northern Lights Ave$1,056
E Mendoza St, Mina de Oro, San Felipe St, V-W Ct, Ansley Dr, View Point Dr, Lomita St, Seattle Slew, E Duke Ave, English Ave$1,030
Chance Ln, E Xenops Ave, Andrea St, Lake Shore Dr, Joan Dr, Summit Ct, Verbena St, N 33rd Ln, Park Place Dr, S 5th Ave$993
W Fay St, Pelican Rd, Barb Mar Ln, Okeechobee, Duke Ave, Terry Rd, E de la Rosa St, W University Dr, Nava Rd, Gala Ave$999
Corina Dr, Gwin Rd, Opal, Canton Rd, Cll Paris, Stonehill, Cornell Ave, Cambride Ln, N Flipper Dr, Trout Ct$1,006
S Monmack Rd, Diana Dr, N 12th Ave, Cll Divina, Providence Dr, N Big 5 Rd, Valero Ln, Nightingale Ave, San Jacinto Ave, N 1st Lane Ct$1,013
Monte Christo St, S 23rd Ave, Owen Dr, Horizon Trl, S Persimmon Ave, Warbler Ave, Imperial Ln, Val Verde Vista St, W Cano St, Sevilla Dr$1,001
Magnolia Cir, Denton Creek Ave, Mynah, W Jefferson Ave, W Efrain St, Tagle St, W Gyr St, N Benji Cir, Nora Dr, Valencia$1,037
Loyola Ave, Kilgore Ave, Northgate Ln, N 21st Ave, Crystal Falls Ave, N 14th Ave, N Turquoise, E Sevilla Blvd, N Granrey Dr, S Zepher Ave$1,041

Edinburg, TX Home Insurance Savings For Senior Occupied Homes

PlaceSavings For Senior Occupied Homes
Edinburg$152 to $154
Hidalgo County$151

Edinburg, TX Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts

Place 1 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 2 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 3 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance
Doolittle CDP, Texas $149 $198 $297
Faysville CDP, Texas $153 $204 $306
Hidalgo County, Texas $151 $201 $302

Edinburg, TX Area Home Insurance as a % of Housing Cost

PlaceHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes with mortgageHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes without mortgage
Edinburg, TX6.9%23.2%
Hidalgo County7.78%24.18%

Edinburg Renters Insurance as a Percentage of Rent

Edinburg Home By Monthly Rent Total Homes % of Total Estimated Monthly Income To Afford Rented House Including Renters Insurance
Less than $200 189 1.0% $356
$200 to $299 878 6.0% $806
$300 to $499 1,852 14.0% $1256
$500 to $749 6,455 49.0% $1931
$750 to $999 2,838 21.0% $2681
$1,000 to $1,499 701 5.0% $3806
$1,500 or more 155 1.0% $5456

Edinburg, TX Home Insurance Costs With Deductible Scenario

Low DeductibleHigh Deductible
Yearly Edinburg Homeowner Insurance Premium Example $900$700
Out of Pocket Expense During Claim$1,900$2,900
Total Home Insurance Premium for 8 years + Out of Pocket Expense for Claim $9,100$8,500
Net Savings to Edinburg Home Owner from High Deductible Plan $600

Edinburg, TX Home Insurance Costs With Home Replacement Value Scenarios

Scenario Edinburg, TX Home Replacement Value MORE than Home Value Edinburg, TX Home Replacement Value LESS than Home Value
Replacement Value $85,500 $66,500
Insurance Premium based on Replacement Value $675 $525
Risk Exposure from Under Insuring Coverage Unnecessary Home Insurance Coverage of $9,000 Risk Exposure from Under Insuring Coverage is $10,000
Premium Impact Insurance cheaper by $75/year Insurance costlier by $75/year

Example Edinburg Homeowners Insurance Comparison Table to Compare The Cheapest Quotes

Insurance Company State FarmTravelersAmica Mutual Insurance Company
Monthly Premium 7991151
Year Built 201219831991
Home Details 3 Beds, 2 Baths4 Beds, 1 Baths5 Beds, 3 Baths
Coverage Amount $125000-$150000$150000-$175000$250000-$300000
Deductible $500- $1000 Deductible$2500-$5000 Deductible$500- $1000 Deductible

Sample Home Insurance Rates for Edinburg, TX from Consumer Reviews & Surveys

Year Built Home Value Roof Type Sqft Number of Bedrooms Deductible Premium Premium Months Siding Type Smoker/Non Smoker
1983 135,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,980 5 $1000-$2500 Deductible 240 4 Wood siding yes
1999 150,000 Tile Roof 2,290 4 $2500-$5000 Deductible 510 8 Fiber-Cement Siding No
2005 150,000 Metal Roof 2,040 3 $500- $1000 Deductible 190 2 Vinyl siding No
2012 105,000 Membrane Roof 1,300 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 390 7 Vinyl siding yes
2013 120,000 Wood Shake Roof 1,760 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 60 1 Stucco siding yes
2011 345,000 Membrane Roof 4,660 5 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 1450 10 Fiber-Cement Siding yes
2012 145,000 Wood Shake Roof 1,990 3 $1000-$2500 Deductible 560 10 Vinyl siding No
2009 135,000 Composition Roof 1,960 3 $1000-$2500 Deductible 70 1 Vinyl siding No
1996 150,000 Membrane Roof 2,200 4 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 190 2 Stucco siding No
2003 155,000 Membrane Roof 2,710 4 $1000-$2500 Deductible 740 6 Stucco siding No
1989 350,000 Slate Shingles Roof 4,570 5 $500- $1000 Deductible 1750 8 Vinyl siding yes
2012 95,000 Metal Roof 1,730 4 $1000-$2500 Deductible 880 10 Wood siding No
1995 265,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 3,760 5 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 110 1 Stone Siding yes
1994 195,000 Membrane Roof 2,490 5 $500 Deductible 610 5 Vinyl siding yes
1987 190,000 Metal Roof 2,590 5 $2500-$5000 Deductible 820 10 Brick siding yes
2014 225,000 Slate Shingles Roof 3,420 5 $1000-$2500 Deductible 740 5 Stucco siding yes
2008 250,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 4,190 5 $500 Deductible 950 7 Wood siding yes
2011 160,000 Wood Shake Roof 2,200 5 $500 Deductible 610 5 Stucco siding yes
1984 265,000 Shingles Roof 4,420 5 > $10,000 Deductible 560 8 Vinyl siding yes
2002 255,000 Shingles Roof 3,380 5 > $10,000 Deductible 1280 12 Fiber-Cement Siding No
2010 180,000 Tile Roof 2,430 4 $2500-$5000 Deductible 270 3 Vinyl siding No
1985 135,000 Shingles Roof 2,180 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 550 7 Brick siding No
2011 90,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,460 3 $500- $1000 Deductible 320 5 Wood siding yes
1998 130,000 Tile Roof 1,680 4 $1000-$2500 Deductible 570 8 Vinyl siding yes
1983 160,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 2,060 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 500 7 Brick siding No
2006 90,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,530 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 500 9 Fiber-Cement Siding No
2011 125,000 Membrane Roof 2,270 4 $500- $1000 Deductible 450 5 Stucco siding No
1988 230,000 Slate Shingles Roof 2,870 5 > $10,000 Deductible 470 4 Wood siding yes
1989 155,000 Shingles Roof 2,380 3 $1000-$2500 Deductible 190 2 Wood siding yes
1992 150,000 Shingles Roof 1,970 4 $500- $1000 Deductible 570 7 Wood siding No

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