Cass County Insurance Rates:

Cass County, MI homeowners insurance is about $636 to $868, about $53-$72/month. Our in depth analysis reveals consumers can save upto $300 by getting multiple quotes. Enter your zipcode below and click “GO” to get multiple free quotes.

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Three Ways to Reduce Home Insurance Costs in Cass County, MI

Homeowners insurance is one of the most important types of insurance to have. It protects your home and belongings in a covered disaster like a fire. It also provides liability coverage if someone is injured on your property. When choosing a homeowners insurance policy, it is crucial to consider the value of your home and belongings and the amount of coverage you need. You should also consider the location of your home, as some areas are more prone to natural disasters than others.

In Cass County, MI, the average cost of homeowner's insurance is $763. Your home insurance rates in Cass County, Michigan, can be impacted by a variety of reasons. The age and condition of your house, the quantity of coverage you require, the deductibles you select, your credit score, and your claims history are a few examples of these variables. When determining your rates, insurance companies also consider your neighbourhood's weather and crime statistics. Here are three suggestions to help you save money on Cass County, MI, homeowners insurance.

By choosing a Higher Deductible

Many Cass County, MI, homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their insurance costs. One way to do this is by choosing a higher deductible. A higher deductible means that you will be responsible for a larger portion of any damage to your home. This can save you money on your insurance premiums. Choosing a higher deductible can be a great way to save money on your homeowners insurance. Just make sure that you are comfortable with the amount of the deductible and that you have the financial resources to cover it in an emergency. For instance, homeowners in Cass County, Michigan, pay premiums of $753.84 and $641.99 for deductibles of 500 and 1500, respectively.

By installing Security Features

There are a number of different security features that you can install in your homes, such as security cameras, alarm systems, and motion-sensor lights. By installing these features, you can make your home much less attractive to criminals. In addition, you can also make it more difficult for criminals to break into your home. This can reduce your home insurance costs, as your home will be less likely to be burglarized. In Cass County, MI, homes with deadbolts cost $701.96 for homeowners insurance.

By Maintaining a Zero Claims History

Maintaining a zero claims history is the best way to keep your homeowners insurance costs down in Cass County, MI. This is because insurance companies view homeowners with no claims as less of a risk, charging them lower rates. So if you want to save money on your homeowners insurance, make sure you avoid filing any claims. In Cass County, Michigan, homeowners who have never filed a claim would pay a premium of $663.81. The cost of homeowner's insurance for a residence in Cass County, Michigan, ranges from $831.67 to $862.19 if there are one or two claims.

Cass County, MI Homeowners Insurance By Home Value

Cass County, MI Home Value Total Homes % of Total Average Cass County, MI Homeowners Insurance
Less than $50,000 1,863 12.0% $135
$50,000 to $59,999 575 3.0% $293
$60,000 to $69,999 638 4.0% $360
$70,000 to $79,999 919 6.0% $421
$80,000 to $89,999 1,133 7.0% $473
$90,000 to $99,999 697 4.0% $533
$100,000 to $124,999 1,990 13.0% $616
$125,000 to $149,999 1,388 9.0% $774
$150,000 to $174,999 1,925 12.0% $917
$175,000 to $199,999 840 5.0% $1052
$200,000 to $249,999 1,350 8.0% $1270
$250,000 to $299,999 963 6.0% $1556
$300,000 to $399,999 1,006 6.0% $1977

Top Home Insurance Agents Near Cass County, MI

Home Insurance Company Near Cass County, MI Homeowners Insurance Agency Near Cass County, MI Address
NA Student Athletic Protection Po Box 20237, Kalamazoo, MI, 49019
NA Johnson Insurance Agency, Inc 2726 S Main St, Elkhart, IN, 46517
NA Crowel Agency, Inc. 170 Dunes Plaza Mall Michigan City, Michigan City, IN, 46360
State Farm Jess Neely 19271 Darden Rd, South Bend, IN, 46637-3967
Travelers Tcu Insurance Agency 425 LINCOLN WAY E, MISHAWAKA, IN, 46544

Cass County, MI Home Insurance Agents for Top Companies

Cost Of Homeowners Insurance By Street Near Cass County, MI

Streets in Cass County Area Homeowners Insurance Cost
Ewing Ct, W Main St, George Dr, Lewis Lake Rd, Kelsey Lake St, W High St, Beckman Ln, Calvin Center Rd, Stevens Forest Lake St, Ford St$749
Chicago, James Rd, Love Ln, Sunset Blvd, Rocking Horse Ln, Holiday Dr, Rose Dr, 96th Ave, Huntly Rd, Wayne St$760
Willard St, Moulder Dr, Circle Dr, Elanor St, Country Trce, M 51 N, Gill St, Arbor St, Osborn Ave, M 152$747
1st St, Terminal Rd, Cannaday St, Indigan Ln, Sodaman Rd, Korn St, Olive St, Gards Prairie Rd, Randall Rd, Windsor Dr$723
State Hwy 51, Hillview Dr, Reynolds Rd, Cass St, Williams St, Potawatami Ln, Brownsville St, E High St, Richey Rd, Cherry St$756
Orchard Dr, Oil City Rd, James St, McPhil Dr, Broad St, Arbor St, Park Shore Dr, David Dr, Maple Island Rd, Melvin Rd$748
Stratford Ct, Corey Lake Rd, Wagon Wheel Ln, Deer Run, Covington Bluff Ln, Island Park Rd, Alman Ave, Welburn Rd, Brownsville Rd, Park St$765
Sommers, Carter Ave, Rudy Rd, Market St, S Disbrow St, M 51, Lewis Rd, Christiana Lake Rd, Old 112, Tuthill St$761
Phillips Rd, Bair Lake St, Harris St, Almaugus Dr, Black St, Deer Path Ct, Gunther St, Peninsula Dr, Sunnyside Dr, New York Ave$760
N Leonard Ct, Fir Rd, Dailey Rd, Brody St, Moorlag Rd, Bonfire Trl, Hoffman Rd, Middle Bay Rd, N East St, Campbelite$745

Cass County, MI Home Insurance Savings For Senior Occupied Homes

PlaceSavings For Senior Occupied Homes
Cass County$112 to $115

Cass County, MI Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts

Place 1 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 2 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 3 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance
Cassopolis village, Michigan $107 $143 $215
LaGrange township, Cass County, Michigan $111 $148 $222
Penn township, Cass County, Michigan $116 $155 $233

Cass County, MI Area Home Insurance as a % of Housing Cost

PlaceHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes with mortgageHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes without mortgage
Cass County, MI5.3%15.7%

Cass County Renters Insurance as a Percentage of Rent

Cass County Home By Monthly Rent Total Homes % of Total Estimated Monthly Income To Afford Rented House Including Renters Insurance
Less than $200 134 4.0% $343
$200 to $299 187 6.0% $793
$300 to $499 319 11.0% $1243
$500 to $749 955 34.0% $1918
$750 to $999 791 28.0% $2668
$1,000 to $1,499 356 12.0% $3793
$1,500 or more 28 1.0% $5443

Latest Home Insurance Reviews

The Hartford
The hartford insurance company provided twenty years of service to my family managing my homeowner's policy since my initial purchase of my home back in the nineties.
Took a while to start getting billed, so i'd get last minute calls payments were due. this was very frustrating.
I like my agent. i meet with my agent about every year and she takes the time to sit down with me and go over my policy and talk about my coverage. i like that my agent is very personable and doesn’t try to pressure me into buying insurance that i don’t need.
Farmer's Insurance
This is the lowest premium we have had in almost ten years. Upon switching insurance companies last year, we lowered our annual premium by $1700.
Farmer's Insurance
Everything was taken care of in a matter of minutes. We have our cars and home bundled together.
Foremost Insurance
There are only a few insurance companies who write policies for mobile homes. Foremost is the best and least hassle. After Hurricane Irma, there were a lot of unhappy people in our park because they were getting about 1/4 of the money to repair their homes. Foremost would cover the damage at a fair market rate, and be depending on your policy, paid all the damage with the exception of the $500 deductible, standard on hurricane coverage. They don't nickel and dime. You get the estimates submit and they pay immediately, or you accept the claim reps amount once he submits the damage assessment. No other company offers the customer service that Foremost delivers to each of their customers. As long as I live in Florida and have a manufactured home, I will never switch!
State Farm
I can't really think of anything that I dislike about State Farm so far. They are the only company I have used before so I can't really compare them to any other company but overall I am happy with my choice.
My company is extremely trustworthy and reliable. It always feels like they are working for me rather than against me/my issues or claims.

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How Much Does Cass County, MI Home Insurance Cost?