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Cambridge, MA homeowners insurance is nearly $947 to $1,292, about $78-$107/month. Our exhaustive analysis shows customers can save as much as $447 by comparing many quotes. Enter your zipcode below and click “GO” to get multiple free quotes.

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Latest Home Insurance Reviews

The main reason we chose this company was the premium. We felt that it was the best deal when looking at the overall coverage along with the price tag.
State Farm
because the truth is well are 200 dollars per month, which fits very well to my salary and also give you an extension for when you do not have money you simply pay and follow the account is not necessary to pay at once
I do not have a lot of knowledge about all the types of the insurance company policy offerings since I always try to choose the ones that are the cheapest.
Liberty Mutual
They have been very helpful in getting me the right quotes and allowing me to be flexible with my payment. So far I have not had to make any kind of claim so I cannot comment on that side of the equation
I would recommend this home insurance because their rates are the best in comparison to others and you get the best coverage for your money. Also, their customer service is superb.
The premium and deductible are very reasonable and are on par/better than most other companies in the industry. It made selecting them an easy choice.
Ameriprise Financial
I think since I bundle with my auto insurance that I am getting a reasonable rate. When I have checked with other companies they have been similar. I like the idea of keeping my insurance with one company for convenience.
Home insurance is less expensive when paired with car insurance. I dont really enjoy spending money on home insurance because it doesnt cover everything that I would need in the long run.
I recently was researching different home owner insurance companies as I felt like I was paying too much for my current one. I called Metlife and talked to a representative and they were very informative.
homeowner's insurance policies have a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage. But you should buy at least $300,000—and $500,000 if you can. Liability is the greatest buy in the insurance world, so purchase as much as possible.
Homesite Insurance
We thought we needed to put in a claim for mold in our attic. Someone came out right away to check it out. We didn't need to put in a claim but our insurance walked us through everything.
Homesite Insurance
I've had several quotes and all the insurances companies I looked into have comparable rates and coverage. We go through Geico since we get a bundle discount with our car insurance.
I would recommend our insurance company due to their friendliness and prices. They have always been easy to get in contact with and always answer any questions and help anytime we have had to contact our insurance company.
For the situations in which I needed to use customer service from Ameriprise, I have had a great experience. I have never had to submit a claim. Only requesting quotes and policy changes.I have yet to experience their customer service.
Safety Insurance
The insurance has been a good price. We have not needed to use the insurance.
The same thing doesn't have really anything positive to say about allstate. maybe one or two good moments with them so far
I don't like that my rate is relatively high with allstate. i am looking for cheaper insurance bundles with other insurance companies.
The hassle-free environment is great because when i got my roof redone due to hail, they came and had someone out here to fix it; they were professional and courteous.
State Farm
The website is easy to use and pay premiums on. They provide a simple system to allow payments without needing to recall usernames and passwords. I really like that!
State Farm
I like everything about my insurance company. I've never had a problem with them period. Everything has always gone south when I needed help from them.
Farmer's Insurance
The only thing I dislike about the company is not having the ability to make changes or really shop for options on our homeowners insurance on the website. We live in a day and age where just about everything is done electronically to help save people a lot of time and money, but if we want to do anything with the policy we need to sit and make a phone call for a lengthy amount of time or we need to schedule an appointment to sit with our agent to make any changes. I wish it was more interactive.
Homesite Insurance
Premium is too high; however, I live in the country, where I am not close to a fire hydrant, so they really ding me.
Okay, prices.. though could be better. Customer service and agent are good and never had an issue with them. The one time I had to submit a claim it went without a problem so that is always a plus
Liberty Mutual
This insurance company is new to us as we just bought our first home. I liked that it was easy to set up.
State Farm
I would like if they actually followed up and did what they said they would instead of me having to do it
The reason we switched to our current provider is that we were paying $1600 a year in comparison to the $800 we are paying now. Our policy had gone up $800 in the four years we had owned our house before we switched. No one at that company could explain why.
Ameriprise Financial
The company offers a good product at a great price. I do not trust other insurance companies because of Ameriprise.
All things considered, I think they're relatively good. The customer service is responsive and they did pay out my claim quickly after the inspections were completed.
I think the price is very reasonable and I think that they are at the top of at-home insurance. They are great!
Safety Insurance
The price of the policy is my biggest dislike of current provider
American National Property And Casualty Company
I do not have a home insurance company so i can not share my experience with you about them. I do not have a home insurance company so i can not share my experience with you about them.
They have great rates and exceptional customer service. I have not had to issue a claim, so I cannot back them up on that issue, but everything else I can vouch for.
The people at Progressive work to help you find coverage. They were very accommodating and kind. They understood that we were at a Catch 22...if you haven't had insurance... you can't get insurance!! How then could you possible to that???
Homesite Insurance
I do not recommend this company for home insurance because they have increased my premium so high when we have not even made any claims from them.
Homesite Insurance
Honestly, if someone has Progressive for auto insurance, it seems like a no-brainer to be with Homesite. The better premiums makes it far more attractive.
I really do not have anything bad to say or anything I dislike about the company overall. They have always treated me well and stayed in communication with me.
They have met my needs and covered all claims filed. Coverage is excellent.
At this time, we have not had a negative experience with Ameriprise. The cost of the annual policy is relatively low, they deduct the premium from our account monthly with an autopay, they are good about sending policy updates and I have recommended them to my neighbors.
Marion Mutual
The company is solid. It is more local and state-oriented, understanding the needs of those who live here. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable and wants to help.

Cambridge, MA Homeowners Insurance By Home Value

Cambridge, MA Home Value Total Homes % of Total Average Cambridge, MA Homeowners Insurance
Less than $50,000 160 3.0% $44
$100,000 to $124,999 75 1.0% $223
$125,000 to $149,999 65 1.0% $279
$150,000 to $174,999 124 2.0% $324
$175,000 to $199,999 98 2.0% $380
$200,000 to $249,999 425 9.0% $458
$250,000 to $299,999 665 14.0% $559
$300,000 to $399,999 2,871 62.0% $716

Top Home Insurance Agents Near Cambridge, MA

Home Insurance Company Near Cambridge, MA Homeowners Insurance Agency Near Cambridge, MA Address
NA Aaa Insurance Agency Inc 214 Broadway, Saugus, MA, 1906
NA Millenium Insurance Agency 1245 Hancock St #30 , Quincy, MA, 2169
Travelers Chase And Lunt Llc 65 PARKER ST, NEWBURYPORT, MA, 1950
Liberty Mutual Jeannine W Curley 30 Nagog Park, Acton, MA, 1720
Travelers W G Bridges & Sons Insurance 95 Pleasant Street , South Weymouth, MA, 2190

Cambridge, MA Home Insurance Agents for Top Companies

Cost Of Homeowners Insurance By Street Near Cambridge, MA

Streets in Cambridge Area Homeowners Insurance Cost
Walker Street Pl, Max Ave, Brattle Cir, Old Dee Rd, Story St, Vassal Ln, Chapman Pl, Jackson Pl, Appleton Rd, Greenough Blvd$None
Sciarappa St, Agassiz St, Dunster St, Saint Saveur Ct, Aberdeen Way, Riedesel Ave, York St, Churchill Ave, Walnut Ave, Hews St$1,090
Avon Hill St, Hillside Pl, Sellers St, Bates St, Griswold St, Larchwood Dr, Appian Way, Mooney St, Fort Washington Pl, Kirkland St$1,223
Lancaster St, White Street Pl, Newman St, Spring Pl, Ellsworth Ave, Francis Ave, Locust Ter, Rindge Ave, Bishop Richard Allen Dr, Deacon St$1,123
Walbro St, Kinnaird St, Winslow St, Hurlbut St, Seagrave Rd, Avon Hill St, Stinson Ct, Pilgrim St, Eliot Sq, Chetwynd Rd$1,108

Cambridge, MA Home Insurance Savings For Senior Occupied Homes

PlaceSavings For Senior Occupied Homes
Cambridge$166 to $168

Cambridge, MA Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts

Place 1 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 2 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance 3 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance
Somerville city, Massachusetts $163 $217 $326
Watertown Town city, Massachusetts $162 $216 $324
Medford city, Massachusetts $160 $213 $320

Cambridge, MA Area Home Insurance as a % of Housing Cost

PlaceHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes with mortgageHome insurance as a % of housing cost for homes without mortgage
Cambridge, MA3.8%12.3%
Watertown Town3.76%11.05%

Cambridge Renters Insurance as a Percentage of Rent

Cambridge Home By Monthly Rent Total Homes % of Total Estimated Monthly Income To Afford Rented House Including Renters Insurance
Less than $200 544 1.0% $317
$200 to $299 898 3.0% $767
$300 to $499 1,532 5.0% $1217
$500 to $749 1,474 5.0% $1892
$750 to $999 1,759 6.0% $2642
$1,000 to $1,499 6,366 22.0% $3767
$1,500 or more 15,548 55.0% $5417

Cambridge, MA Home Insurance Costs With Deductible Scenario

Low DeductibleHigh Deductible
Yearly Cambridge Homeowner Insurance Premium Example $2,700$2,300
Out of Pocket Expense During Claim$1,800$3,800
Total Home Insurance Premium for 8 years + Out of Pocket Expense for Claim $23,400$22,200
Net Savings to Cambridge Home Owner from High Deductible Plan $1,200

Cambridge, MA Home Insurance Costs With Home Replacement Value Scenarios

Scenario Cambridge, MA Home Replacement Value MORE than Home Value Cambridge, MA Home Replacement Value LESS than Home Value
Replacement Value $1,170,000 $820,000
Insurance Premium based on Replacement Value $8,650 $6,075
Risk Exposure from Under Insuring Coverage Unnecessary Home Insurance Coverage of $180,000 Risk Exposure from Under Insuring Coverage is $170,000
Premium Impact Insurance cheaper by $1,250/year Insurance costlier by $1,325/year

Example Cambridge Homeowners Insurance Comparison Table to Compare The Cheapest Quotes

Insurance Company State FarmAmica Mutual Insurance CompanyAllstate
Monthly Premium 148311236
Year Built 194319431947
Home Details 2 Beds, 1 Baths3 Beds, 2 Baths4 Beds, 2 Baths
Coverage Amount $250000-$300000$500000-$600000$500000-$600000
Deductible $2500-$5000 Deductible$1000-$2500 Deductible$2500-$5000 Deductible

Sample Home Insurance Rates for Cambridge, MA from Consumer Reviews & Surveys

Year Built Home Value Roof Type Sqft Number of Bedrooms Deductible Premium Premium Months Siding Type Smoker/Non Smoker
1944 715,000 Composition Roof 3,120 4 $1000-$2500 Deductible 4610 12 Stucco siding yes
1948 415,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,440 3 > $10,000 Deductible 1960 10 Stucco siding No
1942 210,000 Tile Roof 950 2 $500 Deductible 890 6 Brick siding No
1942 370,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 1,650 2 > $10,000 Deductible 900 8 Brick siding yes
1940 405,000 Metal Roof 1,890 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 970 4 Wood siding No
1941 580,000 Slate Shingles Roof 2,170 4 $2500-$5000 Deductible 1850 6 Brick siding No
1949 465,000 Shingles Roof 1,950 3 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 440 2 Stucco siding yes
1948 585,000 Metal Roof 2,330 3 $1000-$2500 Deductible 4140 12 Stone Siding No
1947 695,000 Composition Roof 2,380 3 > $10,000 Deductible 630 4 Wood siding No
1946 395,000 Metal Roof 1,310 3 > $10,000 Deductible 1210 8 Fiber-Cement Siding No
1948 470,000 Shingles Roof 1,750 2 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 1770 8 Stone Siding No
1949 785,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 2,840 4 $500- $1000 Deductible 520 1 Wood siding No
1943 450,000 Slate Shingles Roof 1,720 2 $2500-$5000 Deductible 760 3 Wood siding No
1947 375,000 Membrane Roof 1,750 3 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 1310 9 Brick siding yes
1943 470,000 Metal Roof 1,790 3 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 940 6 Stone Siding yes
1949 375,000 Membrane Roof 1,440 3 > $10,000 Deductible 850 6 Stucco siding No
1940 475,000 Composition Roof 1,990 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 180 1 Fiber-Cement Siding yes
1942 615,000 Shingles Roof 2,050 3 > $10,000 Deductible 730 4 Fiber-Cement Siding No
1946 415,000 Membrane Roof 1,490 2 $500- $1000 Deductible 630 3 Stucco siding yes
1948 520,000 Membrane Roof 2,130 4 $500- $1000 Deductible 950 3 Brick siding yes
1943 375,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 1,520 3 $2500-$5000 Deductible 1200 7 Vinyl siding yes
1948 230,000 Membrane Roof 900 2 $2500-$5000 Deductible 1130 10 Vinyl siding yes
1940 425,000 Composition Roof 1,540 3 $5000 to $10,000 Deductible 1780 9 Wood siding No
1940 400,000 Membrane Roof 1,920 4 > $10,000 Deductible 660 4 Stone Siding No
1945 255,000 Asphalt Shingles Roof 1,000 2 > $10,000 Deductible 320 4 Brick siding yes
1944 410,000 Composition Roof 1,440 3 $1000-$2500 Deductible 660 3 Stone Siding No
1940 580,000 Tile Roof 2,190 4 $2500-$5000 Deductible 2390 9 Wood siding yes
1949 225,000 Shingles Roof 1,070 2 $1000-$2500 Deductible 530 6 Stucco siding yes
1940 520,000 Metal Roof 2,240 3 $1000-$2500 Deductible 2790 10 Vinyl siding No
1943 440,000 Membrane Roof 1,440 2 > $10,000 Deductible 260 2 Stucco siding yes
1936 855,000 Shingles Roof 1,447 3 > $10,000 Deductible 10120 10 Fiber-Cement Siding No

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