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The amount of savings one can obtain on home insurance depends on a lot of factors such as the age of the home, the construction material used, and home safety devices that have been installed. The average cost of home insurance in Houston is $1,697, which is way higher than the average cost of home insurance in the state of Texas and the country as a whole. Homeowners can benefit by comparing multiple home insurance quotes before arriving at one that best suits their needs.


Home Safety Devices:

The cost of home insurance can vary from one neighborhood to another based on how prone that neighborhood is to thefts and break-ins. Home insurance companies provide discounts for various home-safety devices, some of which are listed above. Deadbolts garner the most number of discounts at $238, while smoke detectors are not far behind at $221.


Bundling together home, life and auto insurance with the same insurance company can also help in improving savings in Houston. For instance, Allstate offers a discount of up to 10% on auto insurance and 25% off on home premiums when home and auto insurances are bundled together. State Farm, another popular insurer claims that bundling together home and auto insurance with them, can help in improving savings up to $854.

Retiree/Senior-Citizen Discounts:

Home insurance companies also offer discounts to retirees and senior citizens. In Houston, this discount can be anywhere near $238. The cost of home insurance can reduce to as low as $1,935. Further, insurers also offer discounts to newly constructed homes. This can be anywhere near $500.

Construction Type:

Home insurance companies also offer discounts on superior and environment-friendly construction types. With the increasing global temperature, home insurance companies are trying their best to assist homeowners in reducing their carbon footprint by offering discounts on greener homes. In Houston, fire-resistive construction can fetch discounts of up to $170. A superior construction type can also help in improving savings considerably.


Discounts are also offered by home insurance companies if the home is absolutely smoke-free. Being a non-smoker reduces the risk of fire at home. With the advent of cutting-edge technology such as Google homes, home insurers are also providing discounts to homeowners with smart homes.