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The average cost of home insurance in Dallas, TX, is $1,545. This is lower than the average cost of home insurance in Texas but is higher than the average cost of home insurance in the country. Homeowners can save more on home insurance by comparing multiple quotes from different home insurance companies, also, offering a wide array of discounts to choose from. The following are the top 5 home insurance companies in Dallas, based on market share. They provide the best home insurance quotes based on numerous factors that affect its cost.


State Farm:

State Farm has the largest market share in the home insurance market in Dallas. It occupies a market share of 19.55%. It has a massive 1,847,041 direct premiums written, and 1,842,124 direct premiums earned. State Farm was awarded the “better than most” tag by J.D. Power. It rates State Farm quite high in terms of price, interaction with customers, and policy offerings. State Farm also has also received a rating of “A” from A.M. Best.


Allstate is the second-best home insurance company in Dallas. It occupies a market share of 13.08%. It has a massive 1,236,065 direct premiums written, and 1,178,535 direct premiums earned. A.M. Best has given Allstate an “A+” rating, while J.D. Power rates it as “above average”. J.D. Power considers Allstate’s billing policy and policy information to be just above average.


Farmers is third on this list, with a market share of 10.39%. It has 981,914 direct premiums written, and 964,870 direct premiums earned. Farmers has a J.D. Power rating of “above average”. It rates their policy offerings and overall satisfaction as above average. A.M. Best, on the other hand, has given Farmers an “A” rating.


USAA occupies a market share of 9.70% in Dallas. It has 916,464 direct premiums written, and 881,961 direct premiums earned. The company serves millions of military members and their families. It has the best J.D. Power Rating of 5/5. Its pricing, claims, and customer interaction is rated as “among the best” in the state. USAA also has an A.M. Best rating of A++.

Liberty Mutual:

Liberty Mutual has 696,450 direct premiums written, and 706,863 direct premiums earned. It occupies a market share of 7.37%. J.D. Power has given it a rating of 2 out of 5, where only its policy offerings and claims stand above average. A.M. Best has given Liberty Mutual a rating of “A”.