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Homeowners in Merced, CA, pay an average home insurance rate of $598 annually. Vhome’s extended analysis reveals that homeowners in Merced can save up to $237 by choosing the best home insurance company according to their needs.

Comparing Quotes

The quote provided to homeowners varies between one insurance company to another. Home insurance companies consider the safety features of homes before deciding the insurance costs the homeowners have to pay. In Merced, under similar conditions, for a policy coverage of $200,000, quotes offered by two insurance companies showed a difference of $111. Universal North America quoted $327 in insurance costs annually, whereas, Nationwide quoted $438.

Lifestyle Choices

Home insurance companies calculate home insurance rates based on the lifestyle choices of homeowners. Merced homes with a swimming pool incur additional insurance rates. Homeowners who smoke and have dogs also attract additional home insurance rates. Homeowners are recommended to choose an insurance company that charges less for the lifestyle choices they make.

Add-on Policies

Apart from the basic home insurance coverage, home insurance companies provide add-on policies to homeowners based on their requirements. Home insurance agents will work with homeowners to analyze their needs and provide additional policies such as flood insurance, earthquake insurance, umbrella policy, and liability coverage.

Customer Support

Homeowners are recommended to choose home insurance companies that provide 24/7 customer support. Home insurance companies should be quick to address customer queries and process claims. The law dictates that home insurance companies have 40 days to accept or deny a claim.

Post-Claim Insurance Rates

Home insurance costs in Merced vary by 44% based on the type and number of claims filed. Some home insurance companies also provide discounts if homeowners go without filing any claim for two or more consecutive years. Merced homeowners should be wary of the increase in post-claim insurance rates before choosing a home insurance company.