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Homeowners in Lincoln, NE, pay an average home insurance rate of $975 annually. Vhome’s extended analysis reveals that homeowners in Lincoln can save up to $386 by choosing the cheapest home insurance company according to their needs.

Comparing Quotes

The quote provided to Lincoln homeowners varies between one home insurance company to another. Home insurance companies take different features of homes into consideration such as the age of homes, safety features, and distance to public agencies, before deciding on the quote. Lincoln homeowners are recommended to choose the insurance company that provides the cheapest quote.

Lifestyle Choices

Home insurance companies calculate home insurance rates based on the lifestyle choices of homeowners. Vhome’s research shows that Lincoln homes with a swimming pool increase homeowners’ insurance by up to $117. Homeowners who smoke and have dogs also attract additional home insurance rates.

Providing Discounts

Home insurance companies tend to provide discounts to homes, which are less prone to damage and burglaries. Home insurance companies in Lincoln provide discounts of up to $117 based on home construction type. Homes located close to fire stations and police departments earn discounts of $39 and $29, respectively, on homeowners' insurance.

Deductibles vs. Insurance Rates

The home insurance rates vary depending upon the deductibles that homeowners choose to pay on their policies. The percentage of reduction in insurance rates for the same deductible differs between one insurance company to another. Lincoln homeowners are advised to choose the home insurance company that quotes the cheapest insurance rate on their deductible amount.

Post-Claim Insurance Rates

Filling a claim would increase homeowners' insurance significantly. According to a study done by Vhome, home insurance rates in Lincoln increase by up to 44% based on the type and number of claims. We caution Lincoln homeowners to have prior knowledge of the increase in post-claim insurance rates before choosing a home insurance company.