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The average cost of home insurance in Suffolk County is $1,677. Suffolk County homeowners can make use of the available discounts to reduce their home insurance rates. Below are some of the discounts offered to Suffolk County homeowners.

Home insurance companies calculate home insurance rates based on the age of the home. Home insurance rates increase as the age of the home increases due to their propensity for damage. Newly built Suffolk County homes receive discounts of up to $419 on home insurance rates. Homes that are older than 50 years attract an additional cost of $81 on their insurance rates. The average home insurance rates of Suffolk County homes older than 30 years and 40 years are $1,702 and $1,721, respectively.


Homeowners also receive discounts on home insurance rates based on their lifestyle choices. If all the residents of the household are non-smokers, insurance companies offer special discounts on home insurance rates. Suffolk County homeowners who own a swimming pool attract additional insurance rates of up to $101. Installing a fence around the pool with self-latching and self-closing gates will help homeowners get discounts from home insurance companies. Additionally, senior citizens in Suffolk County also receive discounts on home insurance.

Homes that are free from mortgage earn additional discounts on insurance rates. Home insurance companies believe that homeowners feel more responsible for homes that are not under a mortgage. This prompts home insurance companies to provide additional discounts to homes that are free from mortgage.

Homes with enhanced security features are less prone to burglaries and damage. Hence, home insurance companies encourage homeowners to install home safety devices by offering discounts as incentives. Furthermore, homes located in close proximity to public agencies such as fire stations and police departments receive additional discounts on homeowners insurance. Suffolk County homes located near fire stations and police departments can avail of discounts of $50 and $17, respectively, on home insurance rates.

Apart from this, Suffolk County homeowners who have a claim-free history receive additional discounts on home insurance rates. On the other hand, home insurance rates can increase by up to $704, depending upon the type and number of claims filed previously. The increase in the cost of home insurance depends on the nature of the claim.