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The average home insurance rates of Brownsville, TX, homeowners is $1011 per annum. Vhome’s analysis reveals that Brownsville homeowners can save as much as $402 by making use of discounts provided by home insurance companies.

The average home insurance rate of a home in Brownsville varies by $657 to $1,060 depending on the age of the home. Newly constructed homes in Brownsville earn a discount of up to $354 on insurance rates. On the other hand, homes older than 50 years attract an additional charge of $49 in insurance rates.

Home insurance companies provide discounts of up to $121 on insurance rates based on home construction type. Brownsville homes constructed using fire-resistant materials and superior materials get discounts of $121 and $111, respectively, on their insurance rates. Masonry and brick homes earn a discount of $61, while homes that have a hail resistant roof get a $30 discount.

Home insurance companies tend to provide discounts for Brownsville homes that are free from mortgage. Home insurance companies believe that homeowners feel more responsible for homes that are not under a mortgage. In Brownsville, homeowners who have their homes under mortgage pay 7.8% of housing costs as home insurance costs.

According to a 2017 FBI report, Texas registered 2,562.6 property crimes for every 100,000 people. Texas also has one of the lowest officer-to-population ratios in the country. Only seven states had lower ratios than Texas last year. Taking these numbers into consideration, home insurance companies offer substantial discounts on insurance rates for homes that are well equipped with safety features.

Homes located close to public service agencies are less prone to thefts and damage during fire breakouts and calamities. Homeowners earn a discount of $40 and $30, respectively, on homes located close to fire stations and police departments.