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Ocala, FL, homeowners pay an average homeowner’s insurance rate of $1135 per annum. Vhome’s in-depth analysis reveals that Ocala homeowners can save as much as $457 by availing discounts from home insurance companies.

Ocala homeowners insurance varies by $863 to $1,189 based on the age of home. Home insurance companies provide discounts of up to $272 on newly constructed Ocala homes. On the other hand, older homes attract additional charges in insurance rates. The insurance rates of Ocala homes older than 50 years can increase insurance prices by up to $54.

Ocala homes earn substantial discounts on homeowners insurance based on their construction type. Ocala homes constructed using fire-resistant materials and superior materials get discounts of $136 and $125, respectively, on their insurance rates. Masonry and brick homes earn a discount of $68, while homes that have a hail resistant roof get a $34 discount.

Senior residents in Ocala can avail discounts of $171-$173 on their homeowner’s insurance. Home insurance companies also tend to provide discounts to active and retired army personnel, federal government employees, and teachers. Ocala households with non-smoking residents also receive considerable discounts on insurance costs.

Ocala has one of the highest property crime rates in the country with a registered property crime rate of 53.68 per 1,000 residents. Ocala has reported 3,173 property crimes. Taking these numbers into consideration, home insurance companies encourage Ocala homeowners to equip their homes with security systems, by providing discounts. Also, Ocala homes located close to fire stations and police departments receive discounts of $45 and $34, respectively, on insurance rates.

Homeowners can also avail discounts on home insurance rates by opting for a high deductible. According to a study done by Vhome, Ocala homeowners can save up to $500 for a lock-in period of 3 years by paying a high deductible of $2,800 in place of $1,800.