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In Oakland, CA homeowners pay an average home insurance rate of $1697. Homeowners in Oakland can use discounts offered by different companies to reduce their rates further. To save money on your monthly payments homeowners can take advantage of discounts offered by some of the leading insurers in town like Nationwide and State Farm for a lower cost than what is currently being charged

Home Insurance Discounts Based on Deductibles 


A newly constructed Oakland home can enjoy $458 off on homeowners insurance. Houses are at their lowest propensity to damage when they're new, which is why companies offer attractive discounts for these homes as well. In contrast, older houses attract higher rates of repair and maintenance costs - a cost that's reflected in the price of your homeowner’s insurance premium and leads them to be charged an additional fee. For instance Oakland homes older than 40 and 50 years receive an additional charge of $44 and $64, respectively, on home insurance.

Homeowners in Oakland can get up to $34 off their insurance premiums by installing a swimming  pool. Installing self-latching and self-closing gates around the pool also benefits your insurance rates and insurance companies provide discounts for the same. Additionally, senior citizens receive discounts on home insurance rates so it is a perk  that a household has at least one person over 50 years old living there.Homeowners who don't smoke or live with smokers may be eligible for an additional discount from certain companies too.

Although most of the factors that determine discounts cannot be controlled by  homeowners, they can benefit most by choosing deductibles to reduce home insurance rates. Homeowners can avail of attractive discounts by opting for higher deductibles. Oakland homeowners paying a high deductible of $2,500 can avail of a discount of $478.55 on homeowners insurance. Homeowners receive discounts of $400.83 and $269.14, respectively, on deductibles of $2,000 and $1,500.

Homeowners in Oakland who have a claims-free history with their home insurance company can receive discounts on their premiums.Homeowners with prior claims can pay more for factors such as the number and type of claims. By providing a history of zero claim, homeowners save money on their premiums in Oakland by $712.74 or $271.52respectively based on two fire damage incidents or water-damage incidents they have experienced previously.