At we love data, visualizations and showing complicated data & figures in simple and understandable ways. We have been experimenting with different tools to visually show our extremely detailed location specific Homeowner Insurance data (e.g. See Houston Home Insurance).
Here we have given a detailed step by step guide on how to use Google Fusion Table data, a free service by Google to visualize and represent data on a map.

Step 1: Go to Google Fusion Tables

You must have a Google Account to start using Fusion Tables. If you don’t have a Google Account sign up and go to this link: & then click on Create a Fusion table.

Step 2: Choose Data to Import to Google Fusion Tables

Before we begin, we need to import data into Fusion tables. We have three options 1) Upload a File 2) Import from Google Spreadsheets 3) Update Data from an Empty Table

In this example, we have chosen data from a Google Spreadsheet. Choose the appropriate Google spreadsheet & click Next

Step 3: Make sure the Imported Data is correct

Review the data from the file you imported to make sure everything is correct and click next

Step 4: Describe the Table & Data you are importing

You can give table headings, description, data source & other attribution details to share the data.

Step 5: Give the appropriate column a “Location” type

For Google to appropriately Geocode the data, we need to give them. For example, if the Home Insurance Rates information is from Chicago, then we need let Google Geocode the information to correctly represent it on a map. To do this:

  1. Click on the appropriate column

  2. Then Choose Change

  3. On the Next Page, Choose “Location” for the type

  4. Then hit Save

Step 6: Add Map to show the Data

Click on “Add Map” to show the data on a map. Once you have clicked on Map, it may take some time to Geocode the locations in the given column. After you have done the Geocoding, the data will be shown in the Map

Step 7: Customize the Map & Markers

We can customize various markers to show different data levels. For e.g. We can see show different colors & markers for more expensive Vs cheap home Insurance.  For example, Philadelphia Homeowners Insurance is $695 and is represented in Green because it is in 1 to $700 bucket whereas Austin’s Home Insurance is in red because it is more than $1000

You can see an embedded view of the maps & data below.  You can use Google Fusion tables to quickly & effectively share data & map visualizations within your organization or to the external world.