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The average cost of home insurance in Miami, FL, is $1,523. Homeowners can improve their savings by comparing multiple home insurance quotes from different home insurance companies. The cost of home insurance can vary from one neighborhood to another. It depends on numerous factors such as the age of the house, the rate of deductibles, and the construction type of the house. Below, we explore several factors that will help homeowners in improving their savings.



Equipping your home with the latest home safety devices can help in reducing the cost of home insurance. The above infographic is a clear indicator of the amount of savings that can be obtained using home safety devices in Miami. Sprinkler systems and burglar alarms help in saving up to $198 and $137, respectively.


The most common way of receiving larger and better discounts is by bundling together car and home insurance. Homeowners can save up to $289 by bundling. This would require you to purchase both your car and home insurance from the same insurance company.


The cost of home insurance also depends on the number of times one has filed a claim. A lower number of claims means that the amount of risk being covered by the insurance company is much lower. This is perhaps why home insurance companies offer attractive discounts to those homeowners who have made zero claims.


Homes that are occupied by senior citizens may also make use of discounts. In Miami, senior citizens can save up to $213.


Home safety devices help in reducing the risk undertaken by the home insurance company. Equipping your home with the latest home safety devices can help in attracting discounts. Home insurance companies provide discounts for devices such as burglar alarms, deadbolts, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers.


Home insurance companies also provide discounts to those homes which are completely smoke-free. This reduces the risk of fire, which in turn reduces the amount of risk undertaken by the home insurance company. The percentage of discounts varies from company to company.


Home insurance companies in Miami provide greater discounts to those homes that are new. Older the home, the lesser the amount of discount provided by the insurance company.


The rate of deductibles has a massive impact on the cost of home insurance. Choosing a high deductible will help in reducing the cost of home insurance, while a low deductible will make it more expensive.