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The average cost of insuring one’s home in King County, WA, can cost around $1,175. This rate can vary depending on numerous factors such as the age of the home, age of its occupants, the neighborhood one lives in, and the rate of deductibles. The above infographic explores the rate of home insurance in various locations in and around King County. Below, vHome Insurance explores factors that influence the cost of home insurance in King County.



An important factor determining the cost of home insurance is the rate of deductibles. Opting for a high deductible on home insurance can lead to a reduction in its cost, while a low deductible leads to more expensive home insurance. For example, paying a low deductible of, say $500, can reduce the cost of home insurance by just $14, while paying a higher deductible, say $2,500 can lead to discounts of up to $331.


The construction type of your house is another important factor in determining the cost of home insurance in King County. Home insurance companies are trying to lend a hand in reducing the carbon footprint by providing discounts to green homes. In King County, homes that have a superior construction type fetch discounts of up to $106, reducing the cost of home insurance to $1,069. A fire-resistive construction type can fetch a discount of up to $153. This reduces the cost of home insurance to $1,022.


Having a swimming pool at home can prove to be expensive in terms of home insurance. The cost of home insurance increases by at least $24 if it has a swimming pool. A swimming pool with a slide or a diving board can further add to your premium. The former leads to an increase of $71, while the latter leads to an increase of $47.


The age of the house also has a direct impact on the cost of home insurance. Home insurance companies provide discounts to newer homes. The cost of insuring a new home can be as low as $1,022 since companies provide discounts of up to $300.